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My Favourite You Tubers

Hey Sweets,

Last month I shared some of my favourite bloggers with you lovely lot. Lately I am totally addicted to You Tube as you may have notice by me posting videos more regularly. If you haven't checked out my channel yet pop over and subscribe it would mean the world to me! I follow lots of awesome varied people on You tube and am always looking for more recommendations.

Rob Dyke is a big favourite in my household. If you are fascinated with weird and wonderful tales or want to see some Internet fails then this is the man for you. He updates regular and has a very polished finish.

If adventure if more your thing and you often get filled with wanderlust Fun For Louis will have you planning trips faster than you can finish one of his videos. Trust me when I say you will see things you never even knew existed. Check out the time lapse on this video.

If you want honest down to earth beauty advice Miss Budget Beauty not only has gorgeous hair but is also really easy to watch/

Another open and honest Vlogger I look forward to watching is a fellow psblogger Call Me Kim. I always really enjoy watching her Vlogs and haul posts, I now lust after polish cherry flavour vodka!

A lady who makes me want to buy everything and has the ultimate make up collection has to be Leah Xl. A mix of hauls, beauty and lifestyle but be warned she will make you want to buy so many lovely things.

That is plenty to keep you going and I am on the look out for more You Tubers to watch especially if you have any alternative suggestions then send them my way.


  1. I've only recently developed a love of youtube, as my partner always has it on in the background. I adore Good Mythical Morning but thanks for giving me some more feminine vloggers to have a gander at!

    1. I will totally have too check out Good mythical morning x

  2. I am not much of one for vloggers - just never really got into them. But this is a good list to get me on my way. Thanks hon :)

    1. I used to not dig it but it can get addictive x

  3. Interesting videos I'll have to check them out


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