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Cupcakes And Coffee With Lady V

Hey Loves,

I bought this beaut of a dress way back in the new year and I had it stuck in the back of my wardrobe! A crime I know so I am doing a bit of a shop my wardrobe post today as it would be terrible not to show you this dress. This is actually my first Lady Vintage buy, I did also buy another birdcage mint dress but didn't like how it fit on me so sent it back sadly. This dress was a supper hit among bloggers and what is not to love with all these cupcakes!

This is no longer available on the site but they have since launched a plus size range called Lady Voluptuous. That range actually goes up to a size 32 and has a range of designs from body con to classic vintage style with lots of pretty patterns. This dress came in black or cream in the Estrella range or Hepburn. I opted for a little bit of cleavage as this one had been raved about. The pattern was a super cute cupcakes and tea cups with some polka dots and cherries for good measure.  The print is amazing and can be seen below,

The fabric is thick without being heavy and is excellent quality. However I am not a big fan of the overlapping bust and would love to have seen this with a sweetheart neckline instead. It just makes me feel like I don't have much of a bust but for ladies who are extra blessed this has been a blessing. 

I chose to team the dress with a petticoat and the super cute gingerbread man bag I picked up in an Asos sale which I showed you in a haul a while back. I am a sucker for novelty bags and for a clutch this one is roomy and cute. A zip up fastening and even a little handy makes it super usable day to day.

What do you think of this dress?


  1. I have this dress in Estrella in both colours and love it :)

  2. This is great on you. I have it in two colour ways (review on my blog - one is maroon with a spot and the other black with big pink roses all over it) and I am so gutted I didn't get this one as well. It's so lovely! You look super cute!

  3. OMG that dress is stunning, you look so happy in it and so you should be, you look bloody gorgeous!


    Em’s Mixed Bag…..

  4. That dress is so cute! It really suits you! I love Lady V stuff, it's awesome.

  5. I miss these dresses. 😓 They were my favourite! I have this one and 3 others and I always get compliments on them.

  6. I do love these dresses. :) The cupcake one is so cute on you :) I kind of wish I had bought it now. :) You look adorable :)

  7. The dress is awesome & you look fab in it. xx

  8. Perfect outfit! Super-cute and you look SO happy!

    Daisy xxx

  9. Looks really great on you. Super-cute!

    C xx

  10. I'm so gutted that I got into blogging only recently and as such...didn't know about this dress till last month! I'm sad they don't have it on their site anymore, I think if I ever get a chance to buy it, I'll move heaven and hell to have it in my wardrobe!
    It looks so amazing on you aswell, so cute!


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