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#Alternativecurves - 90s Mall Witch

Hey Batlings,

It's that time again for Alternative Curves and this time we go 90s Mall Witch. I am thinking craft right like in my head when I think of what that could possibly mean....I think of girls who loved The Craft way too much and had to bring it's realness to the mall.

So on a rare blistering hot summer day in the UK....don't faint now it happens sometimes. I channelled my blackest soul. To me the clash was all about lots of black, black clothes, dark hair, dark make up and big shoes. If you follow me on Instagram you will already know I am horrified they are remaking it, Like come on you will never find a Nancy as good as Fairuza Balk! Why were there no 90s mall witches in Birmingham....OK we didn't have a mall but I dressed in black many a time while hanging out in my local horror shop. Birmingham people who remembers House of Horrors? Can we have that place back please but in my house. 

I have been sitting on this dress for a while now it was last season simply be and I love the mesh griding. It is so light and easy to wear perfect for trudging round the mall looking fro spell books. This dress was super popular among bloggers last autumn but being the thrifty witchling I am I waited it out until it dropped in price. It gives the little black dress a new lease of life. The lining is a light jersey material which has stretch in it so even though the dress is true to size if you spot it at a bargain price a size smaller nab that sucker. 

I teamed it with some black leggings big chunky shoes which have huge buckles on them and make me feel like Frankie's monster. These were a bargain for just £10 in Primark a few months back and are really easy to walk in. The hat was the real bargain though as I picked this baby up from eBay for a cheap and cheerful £3. Bargain hunt necromancers because you never know what you will find!

I am all about clashing so rocking purple eyes and green lips. The lipstick is Make up Revolution which I picked up around Halloween but this needs to be worn all year round. You may remember me gushing over this colour back in one of my you tube videos. I picked up a ton of purples and greens and am always lusting after a darker lip. 

Dress - Simply Be
Leggings- Primark 
Shoes- Primark
Hat- EBay 

What do you think of 90s Mall witch? Check our the rest of the coven on the link below...


  1. So, I'm Deffo heading on over to eBay to grab one of those hats!

  2. Love that dress, it looks great on you! x

  3. Nice outfit. I can't believe you got hat for just £3. Bargain.

  4. Love this dress, it looks lovely on you and the whole outfit is very Craft like x

  5. OHHH, loving that sheer grid pattern on the dress!!! <3

  6. You cutie-patootie head!! The dress is fab, and I FEEL YOU on the purple and green combo!! And I agree - there will NEVER be a better Nancy. They should just back the fuck off!!

  7. Dress is a beauty!

    C xx

  8. You look amazing! I LOVE this look. xx


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