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#BEDM - Bloggers I Love

Hey loves

If you are reading this then you appreciate how awesome blogs can be. So today I wanted to hook you up with some awesome bloggers you should be following. It was too hard to narrow down I discover new blogs that are oozing style and fierce words every day.

The Alternative curve crew
Here are a few of my main babes but as the challenge grows so does the amount of people taking part so make sure you check out our linky tools at the end of posts.

            Kobi                       Miss Meanie        Jacqueline                  Laura                           Stina

The PSblogger Crew
You will have seen links to some of these ladies before when we join up for collaborations and I have been lucky enough to even meet a few of these dolls. Again there are sooo many but I particularly love these ladies.

            Katt                        Scorn French             Hannah                     Leah                      Mookie

           Lucia                        Debz                          Sam                         Sarah                      Diana

There are obviously zillions of bloggers out there and I honestly read so many.

Have you got any suggestions for me?


  1. I love finding new bloggers! And your plus size picks are great. That pic of Sam in the blue stripes and yellow is magnificent - SO copying that look!

    1. Thank you there are just so many amazing bloggers out there x

  2. Yay!! Thanks for including me in this. We love the same bloggers too x 😉

  3. Some ace blog tips here, I'll need to get reading!

  4. Aww thank you sweet
    Youre totally one of my faves too <3

    1. I bet you say that to all the bloggers *blush* x


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