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A-Z Of Inspirational Women and I is for Inspiration

Hey there my fellow comrades and it is time to celebrate the wonder that is inspirational women.

So we already made it to I. If you haven't checked out the others yet you can click the icon on the left of the screen and catch right up. Today is actually narrowed down to two ladies who look very similar and are in the same scenes but in different roles. First up the beautiful and talented Immodesty Blaize.

This dark haired vixen is a top burlesque dancer, Channelling old school elegance and sex appeal similar to Grace Jones. Starting her burlesque career as a side hobby. Film producer by day and stripping goddess by night. She worked hard and grew in popularity quickly, until she was writing herself. A strong inspired confident woman who oozes sex appeal and glamour. Check her out in action...

The next lady shares a bold streak in her hair which makes me want to run to the hairdressers. Rocking up the charts this Irish charmer has a lot of sass. Imelda May will get you dancing and wanting to rock some of Immodesty's moves. Still bringing the vintage glamour just look at her rock some serious leopard print.

This woman is more than just seriously stylish packing sultry vocals and swinging tunes that she has toured world wide. With quirky videos she will grab your attention as well as having you tap your feet until you just have to jump out of your chair and have a good dance to shake those worries away. Come on lets have a dance...

Can you think of any inspirational I's I have missed out?


  1. Oooh this is amazing! There's so many amazing women, and thanks for showing us yours! Grace Jones is amazing! <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

    1. Thank you so much lovely and I will be checking out your blog x


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