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The Magic Of Washing Machines

Today I am going to talk to you lovely readers about something a little different. Sometimes when we constantly talk about pretty dresses and fashion in general it is can be easy to forget what keeps them staying fresh. A decent washing machine is so important with all the clothes that get worn in my household.

In the UK we take it for granted that every home has a washing machine, It really is a luxury, just imagine have to sit in a laundrette with Dot Cotton folding our draws or jump even further back in time to scrubbing bras in a bath tub,

So when something goes wrong with our machines suddenly we realise just how important they are. Trust me my dryer recently broke down and sent me into a panic. Living in a flat drying washing is just impossible. It got me to thinking what would happen if my washing machine broke down too?

If you are like me when it comes to spending on a big item I really shop around first but I do always go with a brand that I can trust and know well. Panasonic washing machines have a lot to offer and are from a well known brand who in my experience have always delivered on their promises. You can guarantee that you will get great customer service and a warranty if anything does go wrong.  I love the look of the new NA-147BB5 (Pictured below) not only does it look stylish easily fitting with any kitchen but is also energy efficient. 

One of the features that I really dig is the super big and wide door and a big drum. There is nothing worse than trying to squeeze a big load into a little door in a hurry. Being able to get a big wash done all at once and efficiently wins in my book. Doing one wash or using the Eco speed function to do a small quick wash also really helps the environment,,,,not to mention your electricity bill! Saving where we can right now is so important. So if you are thinking of buying a new washing machine check out the website and give Panasonic a go.

Have you got a Panasonic washing machine? What do you think of it?

*This post was in conjunction with Panasonic but all views are my own


  1. We always used to get zanuzzi washers but I don't even know what make our current one is! How quick is the quick wash? I think ours is still almost an hour x

  2. We had to replace a boiler and a washing machine at the same time once! Oh the horror! I really like the design of the Panasonic washing machine but lets just hope I won't have to replace mine for some time now! Haha

    Dash x
    Mode Lily


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