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#AlternativeCurves Do Fairy Tales.... Who Am I?

So my beautiful horror sister Kobi invited me to be part of an awesome new movement and fashion challenge. Together with the fierce Margot Meanie who put together the #AlternativeCurves on Instagram the most amazing babes were brought together to push theirs boundaries with some new topics which we need to work our magic on. Today we are serving Alternative fairy tales. I have always been a mega 'Alice In Wonderland' fan but while all the other girls longed to be Alice my heart was won by another ;)

Dress- George
Tights-simply be
Socks-Ann summers
Shoes-Charity Shop
Faux fur shawl- Vintage shop
Head piece- DIY

You got it the one and only Queen Of Hearts <3 I got this dress last Christmas from George they also had it in black but this burgundy Red is just lush. It makes me feel like an alternative princess, so was the only dress fitting to be worn for a fairy tale challenge.

The headpiece is some serious DIY work. Check out the other babes by clicking on this link...


  1. What a gorgeous outfit! I love the dress and the fascinator, and those star tights are amazing.

  2. You look amazing!!! x #ukbloggers

  3. Gorgeous!! I love that dress, George do some seriously amazing stuff! x

  4. You look amazing! Love the headpiece.

  5. Your fascinator is darling and I love this dress!! Let;s hear a big WHOPP WHOOP for the Queen of Hearts!


    1. *blush* thank you for letting me join an awesome team xx

  6. HOLY MOLY IT'S AWESOME!!!! You look SO fantastic!!! The dress is divine, but the HEADPIECE is the clincher for me!! You're such an epic and talented babe, i'm so glad you made it in time!! xx

    1. woop thank you i made that bitch its all hot glue and velvet haha made me realise how easy headpieces are to make! This is an epic challenge xx


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