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Maybelline Hot Plum 906 Lipstick For The Pink Lady

Is it just me or do you get in a make up funk sometimes? I find myself sometimes using the same old products. When I put my awesome pink dreads in for Boomtown festival it gave me an excuse to try out a new lipstick. I have always been a red lips kind of grrrl so I jumped out of my comfort zone after trying the magic lipstick by Barry M and thought lets go brighter.I picked super fast and just went on colour alone. I picked out Maybelline Hot Plum 906.

The packaging is a lovely red and silver and I like the fact that the lipstick container is squared. It makes it really easy to find in my make up bag and stays looking clean. If you are really stuck the top if the lid is mirrored so can be used to apply lipstick if you can't get to a mirror. Genius idea for checking after meals or drinks.

This range is called the colour sensational vivid lipsticks. Named so because of the vivid colour pigmentation. The colour is so bright but in a beautiful way rather than being too in your face which some lipsticks can come off as. The colour stays bright too and doesn't fade through the day. i did find that as with most lipsticks I had to re apply after food.

My only issue that even though it stays on it can start to feel a bit dry through the day so best applied with a lip primer. If you don't have any use a little bit of foundation. They claim that honey extracts keep lips nourished but I think it drys my lips a bit so use a good lip scrub or balm after wearing for the day but I am not much of a day to day lipstick wearer.

Overall I was really pleased with the colour and I don't mind that it needs a top up in the day if I can get great colour. I am tempted to get some more of their lovely range of colours. They are buy one get second half price at Superdrug at the moment. Bargain calls. 


  1. I love the colour, it's perfect for Autumn/Winter. Maybelline are a great make too

    1. I seem to accidently always gravitate towards their products x

  2. Blimey, what a bright lippie! I used to be a scarlet red lipstick only person but now prefer the more subdued hues and sheer lipbalms in particular. I certainly agree that a lipstick can change the way you feel, totally! Tx

  3. I love red lipstick! I do need to try some mroe natural colours too though x


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