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Ani Difranco Glee Club Birmingham

After squealing about how excited I was to see Courtney Love a month or so again the opportunity to please my teenage self came up when I saw that Ani Difranco was touring. I literally screamed the house down with joy and snapped up tickets straight away. I have been listening to Difranco since way back when I was in school. She is one of my all time inspiring musicians as you may have noticed from her making it into the A-Z of inspirational women.

So last Wednesday the day finally came my tummy turning with excitement and full of delicious bubble tea, I waited in the que for Glee club. Yep, you read that right Ani Difranco was playing a tiny venue. The show could almost have been missed if I had not randomly looked to see who Glee club had on comedy wise, I am a lil ashamed to admit that I didn't even know Glee club hosted live music despite it being on my doorstep.

As the venue is so small you are literally an arms reach away from the performers, While I was standing front row eagerly waiting, the support band hit the stage. 2 awesome women from London who had been lucky enough to accompany Difranco in her European tour. A very sharply dressed cello player who had the coolest hair and oozed talent by the name of Mikatsiu. Vocals and guitar came in the form of a witty and funny Shabsi Mann. I only wish I had picked up the EP as they are not plastered all over you tube which in some ways is refreshing, but now I can't listen to the experimental/folky/rock stylings. Two tracks really stuck out to me one being about being so broke all you have to give someone is your time and another about a road in London featuring Kangaroos. Both were really up beat and it was really awesome to hear the combo of cello and guitar with no drums. Shabsi handled a cheeky guy in the crowd who thought it would be funny to try and hold a conversation, she was polite and engaging with a smile on her face and a wink in her eye, I really recommend checking out these kick ass babes at a place near you.

Thanks to Jerry Turner for this picture

Ani came on to stage with the biggest smile on her face and it didn't leave at all she just radiates happiness and seemed just thrilled to be in our company, As we were all so close it just felt so much more like we were hanging out and she was really talking straight to us. A bundle of energy from start to finish playing an amazing hour and a half set. In true rock star style she changed guitar almost every song for the first 6 songs but was so humble and real that it didn't feel pretentious at all. With an amazing bass player who treated us to an extraordinary solo on his double bass and a cool cat for a drummer, you could feel the real passion for their music seeping off the stage and into our ears. At several points in the show Ani even super glued her actual nails back on. Not complaining just making a joke about the joys of being a plucker, That there ladies and gents is a real musician.

One of the things I love about Ani is she says it like it is and it isn't about how she looks or what she is wearing. She looked effortlessly beautiful in no make up and comfortable clothes. A real feminist icon chanted about slut pride and just exploring who you are as a person without the guilt society implies you should have. Difranco is not only funny and warm but a fierce fireball of bouncing energy. Comparing herself to a chipmunk playing a mix of old and new tracks. My only regret is not being able to stick around to try and say hi due to having to leg it for the last bus. In all it was an beautifully intimate but energetic show that surpassed my expectations despite them already being massively high. Ani please come back to the UK soon and when she does if you miss her you are a fool

Check out some footage taken by a fellow fan <3
What gig blew you away lately?


  1. There's nothing quite like music to take you back down Memory Lane. And to see one of your teen idols in a small gig venue makes it extra special. Tx

  2. It was really awesome - thank you so much lovely for letting me tag along with you. Bubble tea date very soon!!!

    1. Most def that bubble tea was amaaaazing plus we need to sample those cakes xx


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