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Indulging With Monu-spa Review

I just finished  Monuspa warming ginger massage & body oil. This came in my Glossybox back in April. A 30ml  sample the full 100ml retails at £26. 30ml doesn't sound like a lot but with this oil a little does go a long way so it gave me a good chance to get to know the product.  There is nothing more I love that a big hot bath to relax. So lets break out the candles and really relax.
The packaging is nice and simple which means the product will be doing the talking for itself. I am a fan of ginger in both flavour and smell so I couldn't wait to open it up. First impressions of the smell was that although yes it did have a warming effect ultimately it was a very fresh as it also has hints or orange and lemongrass leaving a refreshing scent.

You use the product by either warming in your hands, massaging into your body and jumping in the shower or you can simply add to your bath.I added a small amount to my bath and was instantly hit by the beautiful smell. While in the bath the mix of warming ginger and citrus helped me relax. If you are not a fan of ginger then you may not like this product but they do also retail this in a relaxing Bali or vanilla which sound beautiful. After the bath my skin felt moisturised and silky and smelled beautiful. The smell that stays is more of a citrus than the ginger I think but as I said it leaves you feeling fresh and relaxed.

Overall I really enjoyed using this product and although the full version is pricey I would consider buying it. I was delighted to hear that Monu are a British brand who work with skin care professionals and are environmentally conscious. To find out more about them check out the website here. 


  1. I like the sound of rubbing the oil in and then showering. I wonder if it makes the surface underfoot slippery though.

    1. oooo gosh i hope not haha thats what bath mats are for tho....even tho they look hideous x


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