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A to Z Of Inspirational Women E is for Empowerment

Stats like the ones above are just another reason why we all need empowering women in our lives. Working our way through the alphabet and on to E we go. 

Lets kick this off with a woman who has inspired me from the day I knew she ever graced our earth. Emmeline Pankhurst is who all us women in Britain need to thank for winning the right to vote. It is women like Emmeline that inspire me to stand up for what I believe in and fight for not only my own rights but those of others too. Dedicating her life to protesting for women's rights after seeing the poor conditions women were made to work in with no say in who leads the country. Women were granted the right to vote if over 30! Emmeline didn't give up the good fight she kept on going and died just a week before the age was lowered to 21. Emmeline and the other women who went out there to get women heard is the reason I make sure I am always at the polling station on voting day! Use that right ladies.

You may well be familiar with Eve Ensler from The Vagina Monologues. Reconnecting women with their own vagina and stepping out to tell us it is important to talk about being a woman and that includes our vagina. Outspoken, passionate, intelligent and pro active Eve is so much more than a vagina empower er. She has used the success of her books and plays to go on and help women who suffer violence. A true activist funds raised from the annual Vday go on to create safe houses for women all over the world. Devoting her life to activism for gender equality, creating movements such as One billion rising which both men and women come together to raise awareness and fight for equality. Read her books, see her plays or even just watch The Vagina Monologues but definitely get a bit of Eve in your life.

Elizabeth Taylor says it all in the picture to the left. Be ambitious and open as many doors as possible. 
Although Elizabeth worked hard at an acting career form a young age, she is most famous for her glamourous adult roles. Although she screams sex appeal that isn't why she makes this list. Elizabeth also worked very hard off screen as an activist. She set up foundation in the early 80s for the research of Aids and HIV. She was the first to host a fundraiser in LA to promote awareness and tackle. She also did a lot of work for Jewish causes after she converted to the faith. So she was much more than just a gorgeous woman. Those eyes though <3

From one Elizabeth to another. My Elizabeth my mama. We have had our ups and downs, lord knows I have been a handful but my mama inspires me everyday.

I know to work hard and if you want something it is not going to just be handed to you on a plate you need to work for it. She has sacrificed and worked her whole life to give me and my brothers good chances in life and is always supportive when I need her You only get one mother so cherish her. Mine is funny, creative, generous and big hearted. Empowerment needs to start at home so to all you mothers out there a big thank you for inspiring us every day.

In case you haven't already noticed from previous posts I am heavily influenced by music. Therefore it would be crazy of me to mention some amazing musical artists who have empowered the industry. It was really hard but I narrowed it down to two artist that I love.

Ella Fitzgerald reflects my love of blues and jazz. Songs fuelled by passion a woman who worked hard to get to the top. This is my Favourite Ella track.

Last but not least for empowering women beginning with E is Edith Piaf. Whenever I listen to her music I am always moved at how beautiful it sounds. Edith like most of the women I admire was a rebel of her time. She was an active member of the french resistance. In this song released during WWII Edith sings a tale of a prostitute who uses music to escape. The song was written and composed by a Jewish composer who she helps flew the clutches of the Nazis.

Any Empowering E's you think I missed? Check out the others A, B, C, D


  1. Brilliant post and how lovely to recognise your mum too! I would include Emily Davison who died after stepping out in front of the Kings Horse, she was a suffragette too!

    1. That is brilliant! I think all the Suffragettes need a nod when I reach s xx

  2. I loved reading your inspiring post. All those women were fantastic--not the least of whom is your mother. So beautiful. We should thank our mothers more when they're alive. If only I could speak to my mother again and tell her how much I appreciate her.

    1. aw thank your for reading and I so agree about mothers x

  3. This reminds me of the 'like a girl' video that's been on youtube, I don't know if you've seen it but it's here if you want to check it out:

    Corinne x

    1. I love that video young girls need encouragement! xx


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