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Love Every Body- Chest and Tummy

I know I am way behind with this challenge but I am taking it at my own pace. I am going to do a double whammy here and talk about two posts worth. Which may make it easier to write about the one I want to avoid the most.

My chest there are a million great things I can say about it. I have always been blessed with big boobs which I have always been happy with. Yes sometimes it makes it a bit difficult to be taken seriously when people only want to talk to your chest but then those aren't the people I need to impress. I have a few freckles and a light birth mark on my boob and I love them. They make me unique and special. They remind me of my womanhood everyday a curve I love to play upon when dressing up and down.

However there is one curve on my body I really do not embrace. It makes me cringe and honestly sad. Like most women yes it is my stomach. I know the point of this exercise is for me to look at different parts of my body positively but I can honestly say I find it really hard in this case. I don't lust for a flat stomach like most women I don't mind having a little extra. Lately though I have piled on some extra which makes me feel really uncomfortable to the point I try to hide it in the hopes nobody notices. Above is a picture of me wearing something you can clearly see my stomach in and I hated it. I also have to admit that I feel more comfortable in my skin 2 stone lighter so I will be making an effort to lose that so that I do not have to look at myself with hate all the time. I thought it was best to be honest and open than just pretend that I am cool with every part of myself so sorry for the negative post but thank you for reading.

How do you feel about your chest and stomach?


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