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#FridayFright - Friday 13th

BOO! You wasn't expecting this eh? You lucky fiends get an extra #FridayFright since it is Friday 13th. So watch your step. Instead of being unlucky today, why not call in sick and tuck up with Jason for a Friday 13th marathon? I have always had a little bit of a soft spot for poor misunderstood Jason Voorhees.
I am all about 'Friday The 13th VIII-Jason Takes Manhattan'. When I think of Jason I think of this film. It is the one that sticks out to me the most. Released in 1989 it oozes with that 80s hitting into 90s dodgy fashion, high permed ponytails and shell suits should be in all horror films. Plus "DAMN! we made it we are in New York!" Jason is on holiday this time his victims are a cruise ship full of high school graduates.After killing off a few on the ship he takes chase into Manhattan. 
Setting the film in Manhattan gives it so much flavour and attitude making the characters a lot rounder than in most of the Friday 13th films. You almost find yourself half routing for some of the characters. Lets face it usually in a slasher flick you are just waiting for the dull teenagers to just get picked off. I loved JJ the guitar clad wannabe rock star who is out to make her first music video. She reminds me of something from my all time favourite cartoon Jem
I also totally lost my head for Julius when he has the balls to face up to a one on one fight with Jason himself. See what I mean by attitude? This film has bags of it. 
Jason having Manhattan as his playground makes death scenes much more creative and as a city kid makes the film a lot more relateable. The body count is high coming in at 20 if you include a few suspect deaths which was the highest up until Jason X. This would have been 21 to include a dog being fatally kicked by Jason but the actor refused to do the scene so it was pulled from the script. Even Jason has boundaries. He also has personality letting a cheeky gang of flick knife wielding gang go after they break out with "You're dead meat slimebag" he just flashes under the mask and walks on. Proof that Jason is rocking a cocky sense of humour. 
Another geeky fact watch out for the man in the diner getting attacked. It is actually Ken Kirzinger who is a stunt for Jason in a few of the scenes but you will know him better as Jason in 'Freddy Vz Jason'. In all it is fast paced, full of energy and just makes me feel gooey inside. High death counts and decent gore will keep any horror fan throwing the zombie thumbs up. 

 It's like this... We live in claustrophobia, the land of steel & concrete. Trapped by dark waters. There is no escape. Nor do we want it. We've come to thrive on it and each other. You can't get the adrenaline pumpin' without the terror, good people... I love this town.

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