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#FridayFright- *Sigh*

Welcome back to your fortnightly #FridayFright if you have been missing them you better go back track right now...Go on....I'm waiting...*folds arms*....Ah your back now lets get started. So let me set the scene. You watched that oh so amazing classic trilogy and marvelled over the inspiration and impact the films had on the horror world. Bowing down to the director as one of the greats. Then suddenly he announces there will be another in the series. Instant adrenalin rush your mind is racing with ideas and gore of what would be to come. Teasing hints are dropped forever and then finally you are sat in the cinema popcorn at the ready thinking you will just burst with excitement and just feel like demanding your money back. That's right George Romero I'm Not Angry you just broke my bloody heart. We are talking about sheer disappointment. 'Land Of The Dead' was lined up to be nothing short of amazing and just didn't seem to make it.

Released in 2005 a whole 20 years after the last of the original trilogy the pressure was always going to be on. Film making had come so far in this time and Romero would be working with a budget he could only have dreamt of when he first released films back in the 60s. Maybe that is exactly what killed it.When films get these crazy budgets they just go way off track. It felt like a set to me. I didn't feel like this was a real experience people were going through and to be honest there was so many action style moves I expected a white vest clad Bruce Willis to appear. You missed a trick there Georgie boy.

I am just too much of a geek I had been checking out the comics for some time and the concept in the comics is just phenomenal. The idea behind the film is genius it just didn't seem to come across as powerful as it could have. The comic does go way over the top with the idea of the redevelopment of zombies and where that would lead but in a comic that can be forgiven. The graphics are beautiful your eyes will given a goresome treat but we are talking about the film

Some of the zombie characters are pretty cool the lead guy has a lot of charm to him. The art of creative zombies was still there with band, cheerleaders and workers dotted about. Everyone loved Bub in 'Day Of The Dead' and that was always going to be hard to top but the idea that zombies start to recognise moments from their lives and can communicate with each other was always going to outrage some zombie lovers. I was totally on board with this idea I loved the thought that zombies were not mindless souls gone forever but the charm was lost amongst scantily clad women and bad acting.
Can we talk characterisation? Have you seen it? Did you relate to any of the survivors? Nope? Didn't think so and that is all down to sloppy character work. Yes we all route for the zombies in these films but there is always an element of relatability from the survivors that you connect with them and can almost put yourself in their shoes. With an all star cast like Asia Argento, John Luguiziamo and Dennis Hopper I guess relatability was going to be a challenge but I felt we didn't learn enough about the character. The ideas were there it all just seemed a bit rushed and sudden. Dennis Hopper's character was pretty rad too they could have done a lot with him and Asia Argento had a lot of potential it just seems like it never arrived. I just couldn't connect with this film I watched it this week to try and be fair but I struggled to give it my attention. The tailor looks awesome as always watch the film and I would love to hear your thoughts

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