Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Courtney Love Comes To Birmingham

I have squealed over my teenage love for Courtney before in this blog. So it should come of no surprise that when she announced a tour I was on Ticketmaster quicker than lightening. I have seen her last time in her Hole tour and she was so awesome that I was never going to miss this gig but it felt like it took forever to arrive. If you want to see what I wore check out my previous post where I went full on riot grrrl. I went with my lovely friend Rachel who I have known for almost as long as I have been listening to Hole we always get our dance on to Hole when we are out (if the DJ bloody plays it)

I was actually really surprised that the gig was in the small room at the 02 in Birmingham but was pretty happy as it meant it would be way more intimate. I know Nine Inch Nails were in Birmingham on the same night so maybe that is why there weren't as many people as when she played in Hole but that just worked out better for me.

Only one support act and they were practically on 2 minutes after we walked through the door. White Miles are a two piece who reminded me of L7 meets Juliette and the licks with a splash of dare I say it Lunachicks. Just drums, guitar and heaps of attitude. The lead singer came out in tight trousers, and a denim waistcoat over her bra and I felt like I was in blasted into the home of riot grrrl. The drummer was a cute dude with a heap of energy but it was cool to see the drums near the front of the stage Drummers don't get nearly enough credit and so it was nice to actually see them properly. I will be grabbing their album and they will totally be rocking my headphones. I wanted to grab the album at the gig as they were hanging out at merch but silly me didn't take much cash with me.
The crowd was a really nice mix both young and older. Next to be was some really old guy who looked a bit like father Jack but we had some solidarity for the gig.  Courtney appeared in a sheer shirt, a short frilled skirt, big hair and red lips just as I pictured her she looks way better than pictures have been making her look recently. She threw roses out into the crowd of screaming ladies and gentlemen she really knows how to work a room.  I was right at the front, I wanted to take pictures but I was just too caught in the moment and the fact that she was almost within touching distance.I hate when people stop just enjoying a moment and watching it through a lens. Ironic coming from a film maker I know I did manage to find this picture though.
.Courtney is just effortlessly cool cracking jokes about the spaghetti junction, Black Sabbath and Tequila. So cool she even had Ginger from The Wildhearts on guitar. Although it was her gig would have been awesome if they had a little more banter and maybe did a Wildheats song but then I am a fan so I am just being greedy. I genuinely felt like I had been blasted into the past and was 15 all over again.I am not afraid to admit I was a little consumed with awe and blown away by the set. Courtney played an  mix of old and new pleasing the crowd with all the classics. I was stoked to hear 'Jennifes body', 'Pretty On The Inside', 'Plump', 'Northern Star', 'Miss World' and so much more. She kept the crowd wanting more demanding we make more noise. Courtney makes a great effort with the crowd when flower crowns were thrown on stage she wore them but says she just wanted to say she thinks they have been done so you heard it here Wont stop me wearing them. She read out fans banners and really made everyone feel a part of the gig rather than a spectator.
Coutney came back out for an encore in a beautiful red dress throwing out more roses. Half of the encore she did acoustically saving 'celebrity Skin' and 'violet' right to the end to go out on a bang. I can genuinely say that Courtney Love still has it She is still ballsy, talented and an inspiration for all. I will be going to see Hole when they have their reunion tour and I suggest you do too. Did you catch Courtney? I would love to know yourr fav song.


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