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#FridayFright My First Taste Of Horror

Welcome to the party my favourite fiends. Time to push away all the cute and cuddly of Easter bunnies and chicks. Aw look isn't he cute?
It is time for the next instalment of #FridayFright so brush away the cobwebs and take a seat with the zombies we are about to venture back in time. Back to the abyss of childhood. Back to find out what the first horror film was that I watched that would ultimately lead to a lifetime of horror love. Hold on tight it may be a bumpy ride.

 I was a very outdoorsy kid always out at the park outside where we lived with the instruction to "Come back when it got Dark" But aaaa dad that's the best bit! I always had a weird fascination with scaring myself a bit probably just as well with an evil older brother who both fascinated and scared me.He once told me when I stepped on an ant that all the other ants were going to come and get me and would cover my whole body starting at my magic steps and slowly eating me alive. So him telling me if I watched the nightmare on elm street films instead of labyrinth or Garbage pail kids that Freddie would come in my sleep and kill me was enough of the gospel of an older brother to make me avoid that one for a bit.

My dad was dead magical back then like a super hero but mad cooler he had what seemed like a never ending cupboard of films. Way taller and higher than I could ever reach all numbered with a little book listing what each one was. I always managed to find something new to watch and I got the bug for films so when I went to play at my mates one day and we all sat down to watch a film. Me , my mate and her older brother I was not prepared for what I was about to encounter. I must have been about 8 when I watched that big cassette tape and waited as my mates brother sighed at having to rewind his dads scary video. I suddenly thought of the ants but kinda relished in the fear.

For yeas I couldn't remember the film and in fact could only remember my brother coming to get me in the dark and telling him about what I had seen and even he hadn't seen this one. He was actually dead sweet and told me he lied about the ants so not to worry that normal people make these films to scare it and maybe one day we would be making films. I had to enlist my favourite manc handsome horror fiend to help me track down which film it was. It turned out to be.....

Yeah I managed to sneak in a Dario Argento film pretty damn early even I was impressed when I finally tracked down the film. All I could remember we flashing images of this scary kid I didn't even remember that Jennifer Connelly of my beloved Labyrinth was in this.She does get herself into some strange situations.

Now you see the importance of me rambling on about the bugs story as this film was infested with them. Weird because after my bother told me he was lying I was fully cool with huge spiders and even those beloved ants. At this time though the fear grew inside me. The film is debatable between geeks about if it is a horror or a Thriller but ask me back then and you would definitely rate it horror. About a girl who has the ability to control and communicate with insects in a bizarre place where people are dying. Be warned it features the scariest kid I had ever seen I think it even made it into the scariest kids of horror list ha. 

What was your first horror?

Until next #FridayFright watch out for who is behind you


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