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#FridayFright - Last Fright

It creeped up on you already time for the first installment of #FridayFright

Todaywe are talking about the Last Horror film we watched. If you have been looking at my Instagram feed you will know the answer to this one already. 

Last horror I watched (when we set this topic) was 'ABC Of Death'. Released last year 2013 an American low budget collection of short films. One of the films lets slip that they each had $5000 to film a short horror death with their allocated letter. I really liked the idea of that and my film maker brain starts ticking over with ideas. There is nothing like pushing creativity when you are set a challenge.  So with this film you get 26 films for the price of 1. Now that is value. 

As I said before I am a bit of a gore whore it is all about seeing how creative the death scenes get. SFX is a pure art form and I was now sitting there with at least 26 deaths to evaluate. Morbid right? Come on guys its not real I am not lining up to be the next Dexter. Here is the trailer...

High points for me is the mix of both film and animation which really celebrates the varied talent in horror. There is lots of blood and some super strange deaths. Trust me keep an eye out for F and if you don't find that one strange then I raise an eyebrow at you. I remember seeing the toilet animation a long time ago so was nice to put it into context. There is a healthy mix of serious and fun leaving something for every horror fan
down side for me is sometimes due to all the different film makers the flow was a bit all over the place as some were a little slow paced and yawnsome but worth sticking through for the good ones. I give it a big zombie thumbs up. 
Have you seen it? What was your last horror film? 

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