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Love Every Body- Body Positivity Workshop Assignment 2

To learn all about this Fab challenge check out Just Me Leah's original post . Also check out my first assignment a letter to my body

Jan 2014 Assignment #2 - From the neck up. Talk about everything north of the neck and all it encompasses - face shape, facial features, voice, freckles, dimples, teeth, hair, and also our brains, the things that make us US. What do you love about this area of your body? What are you complimented on most? 

I have to admit I am a little behind as the other ladies are well onto the fourth post but I didn't want to rush this workshop to make sure it has the full impact. So here we go this is an easy one. From the neck up. 

I actually really like my face and would go as far as to say I think I am pretty. The older I get the more I grow to look like my mother and Nana when they were younger and this consumes me with the warmest feeling. So much so when I curl my hair my family embrace me because it reminds them so much of my passed Nana it makes them feel happy. I have always been complimented on my face even if sometimes it is a backhanded "you have such a pretty face if only you would lose weight". Well I always felt like screaming "You could have such a pretty heart if you stopped putting everyone down". 

So I really like my eyes even though I have been in and out of hospital with them I can still see and every day I am thankful for being able to enjoy the beauty of the world through them. I am blessed with pretty eyes they change colour and this fascinates people around me. 

My nose is small and cute and I am growing to slowly love the small bump that I have from an accident sometime ago. My mouth and tongue give me the freedom to speak my mind and use it to communicate and educate. It allows me to taste and kiss. Most of all my cheeky grin gets me in and out of trouble all the time. 

I have had piercings in the past and have 2 little scars. One from my lip piercing and one from a Madonna but I love them they remind me of being green haired and crazy fun times. I also have a few freckles which I have a love hate relationship with.

My hair is so long at the moment I think I could give repunzal a run for her money. I love having long hair though and I do dye my hair and have probably been doing it for way too long but I like having a change every now and again. I have been lusting after purple hair lately. Lastly my neck it holds up my big head which is would seem I have after such a long post ;) 

Check out the other ladies in the workshop but also let me know how you feel about yourself from the neck up? Do you rock a cheeky grin too? Do you have dimples if so pure envy :)

If I missed you let me know <3


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