Berlin, Germany

Exploring An Abandoned Ice Factory In Berlin

I can't believe it has almost been a year since I went to Berlin now. I still dearly feel as though "I Left My Heart In Berlin" and long to go back. While I was over there I went exploring an old abandoned Ice factory. It is really easy to get to as it is literally just around the corner from the Berlin wall and people will be happy to point the way. Although the building is semi occupied by squatters they are really friendly and just ask you do not go into the bottom floor where they live or disturb the community who live in tepees outside the building. Otherwise they are more than happy to allow guests to respectfully explore and marvel over the beautiful graffiti inside. It is also down by the river

I am a big fan of urban exploring and the decay of buildings that were once a pillar of the community. I feel as though the squatters bring a sense of that community back to the building. You don't have to climb any fences or sneak away from any security guards to get in but it was slippy and snowy when we went so just be careful if when you visit Berlin there is bad weather. Don't go alone and best to go in the day so you can really appreciate the art work. 

Some of the old machinery from the factory still remains

This was a long drop down so again be careful and go in the day

You can get right up onto the roof and see across the river

Tepee community 


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