Ürgüp/Nevşehir Province, Turkey

Diary Of A Project Manager Take 6-Turkey

Finally after lots of tea drama managed to have a cup of tea yay. Let me take you back a few days. We went and bought a kettle so we could make sure that everyone could have tea or at least a hot water bottle. Then we had the genius idea to go and buy some milk. So we bought what looked like milk and ventured back to my room for tea. Don't get me wrong I am embracing the culture and having lots of Turkish coffee and apple tea. It is just that in the evening it gets cold and sometimes all you want is a good cuppa. Well we got back to the room and realised we didn't have cups....we managed to get some...then we didn't have a spoon....how much goes into making a cup of tea seriously? Then the 'milk' curdled our hearts were broken. Turns out the 'milk' was out of date. We chalked it up to bad shopping and vowed to buy some and some bigger mugs the next day. We managed to find the Turkish Tesco and buy some mugs and sugar (They sell it in cubes here) and some more 'milk'. Back to the hotel I left Sarah making a cup of tea while I went to remind the group to prepare equipment for the next day. Half way  through a chat with one of the lads Sarah came in looking horrified. The milk had curdled again I dropped to the floor in horror :( Fast forward to today as i was eating my lovely local chicken Kebab that the guides had taken us to eat they gave me a milky drink that looked very familiar. The guides went on to explain that 'Aryan' is a milky drink with salt in that many enjoy in Turkey. The penny dropped. We had not even been buying milk.  No offence Turkey but the drink was grim and made one of the girls sick instantly but one of the boys who is originally from a close by country was scooping up everyone elses as he loved it. Later we went to the local shop and there it was glorious milk erm right next to the Aryan. So now you can see why I am so happy to have a cup of tea as I type this.

Today a different member of the crew was sick so we have now decided it must be a bug. Again loaded up with food, water and a number for the day we ventured out without her. This time it was Sarah my right hand girl. Just before we were about to go I started to feel kind of grimy myself. No choice though but to soldier on. So this time we went to Urgup  town. Again we climbed some steep hills to get to the top of what seemed like a mountain. Here we looked out across the town and had a very surreal moment when there was a broadcast that almost sounded like big brother. It was so strange as it was not the call to prayer and made some very strange noises. At the top of this hill we were told that if you climb it 7 times God will grant you your wishes. Once was enough for me but there was a stunning view. The king had been buried n  tomb on the top where locals come to pray. The king had been poisoned and when he did not die he had been strangled and then later buried in the tomb. Apparently the remains were no longer in the tomb but we managed to go inside.

Last night the team had shown some dedication. Instead of going out on the town they stayed in and helped each other by doing a workshop on the skills that others were weak in. A moment to be proud of them as the next day all the members of the group that had been shying away from the camera were now pulling focus and planning shots they wanted. This is what Global media placement is all about. Getting young people trained and using their new skills on the job in exciting places. Teams were working together a lot better and without any disputes because now everyone understood what they were doing. We went on to taste some wine which was made in a cave which was actually really nice.

A lagging team then plodded on to see some more fairy chimneys this a story of a young couple and a baby who fled from an army and pleaded God to protect them to be turned to stone. I just can't stop taking in the views it is just amazing.

As the group went to film the whirling dirvish show I hot bed as I was feeling a bit peaky so here i am in bed with a hot water bottle and a cuppa. Rock n Roll.


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