Nevşehir/Nevşehir Province, Turkey

Diary Of A Project Manager Take 4-Turkey

Sleepy eyed I am waiting for the team to come back from visiting Turkish Families. They all chipped together to buy their hosts for the night some lovely cake. I thought this was a really sweet gesture from the team which just shows we really do have a lovely group of young people on this trip. I stayed behind as one of the participants is feeling poorly so has been in bed. I wanted to be around to help her in case she needed a bit of extra help. I think she has food poisoning which is such a shame as she is one of the team leaders and has been really gaining a lot from this experience. Hopefully she will feel better in the morning and be able to eat something. She was put to bed with plenty of water and a hot water bottle. Who said the kettle wouldn't come in handy? It is 10.40pm and now I know how it feels to wonder and worry where people are. I know they are very responsible and in good hands but it is always good to know that they are safe and sound.

Today has been a long but productive day. Day 1 of actual shooting. Oh boy did they get thrown in at the deep end. Our host had arranged for us to meet with the mayor in which both teams would get a chance to interview him. When we arrived we soon found out that the team only had 10 minutes each with him. So in a mad rush of setting up equipment while the other team practiced questions outside team 1 launched into action. The team was well prepared and managed to hide their nerves well. The mayor doesn't speak any English so our tour guide promised to translate later to save us some time.

Group 2 did just as well with their presenter lead style. Emma the girl who is the presenter for this group is just amazing. She is just as good if not better than any TV presenter I have seen. She is very pretty, has a lot of character and most of all is a very sweet genuine person. After both the groups seemed a bit surprised at how fast they were expected to be but personally I think the best way to learn anything is to make the mistakes doing it. I someone lays it out on the table for you how are you ever truly going to learn. Filming is a practical skill and if you want to get better at it you need to be out there doing it. Make mistakes just learn how to fix them in the future. Sometimes you never know a mistake may turn out in your favour.

With a hunger we gobbled our cheese sandwiches which injured Sarahs Lip. Bread is dangerous out here it is everywhere I feel like Violet Blueberry and fear they will have to roll me onto the plane.

Climbing to the top of castles made of stone and caves is really hard work but so worth it, We all hiked to the top of Uchisar Castle after buying cool things from locals. There is a little man serving drinks at the top and I was amazed at how cheap he actually was as he could have charged me 234 TL and I would have paid it haha....ok maybe not but if that had been Dudley zoo they would have charged £3 for a can of coke. The team got some beautiful shots.

Having seen lots of empty caves we loved the experience of going to see an amazing spa resort built in the caves. CCR hotel has huge rooms with luxurious beds, they offer fancy spa treatments I had never even heard of and have the most amazing rain forest shower. I may have to put a strobe in my bathroom and stick a plant to the wall as at 1000 euros a night that is the closest I will get. The YTV team were treated to a tour and managed to do some filming as well as getting an interview. The night view of the hotel as we were driving away was stunning.

Now the team are off visiting Turkish Families and interviewing them. I am looking forward to seeing how they get on.


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