Uçhisar/Nevşehir Province, Turkey

Diary Of A Project Manager In Turkey Take 11

Dear Reader,

I think I think I may have seen the most beautiful thing eve this morning. We woke up super early to try and capture the sunrise. We decided as a team that we really wanted to see it happen in Uchisar by the castle over pigeon Valley. Luck was on our side as balloons were also flying. It was pure awesome.

As the sun began to rise over the beautiful valleys more and more balloons took to the sky. Not just one or tow but 30 or 40. The view was phenomenal. It almost made up for the fact I didn't get to go on a hot air balloon this trip. (Note to self bring more money next time). I forgot about he freezing cold numbing my fingers and toes,or the 3 dogs running around me in circles. I was just mesmerised by what was in front of me. The early bird team managed to get some time lapse footage which I can not wait to see. 

Right by our hotel is a beautiful mosque. We went to see and somehow places of worship just always give me a warm safe feeling. The chandlers and decoration was amazing. We went to see another mayor who told us about a mosque in a village that was once a mosque and a church combined where Christians and Muslims prayed next to each other.

The wifi has been acting crazy so the next post will probably be a round up of the rest of the trip since it is almost time to go home. I hope you have been enjoying reading about this trip.


Kitty <3


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