A to Z of inspirational women .....A is for

After writing about the strong female icons of cartoons that inspired me a few posts ago it got my mind ticking about women in general that I have been influenced by or really admire. There are so many I decided to make this into an A to Z regular post until we get to Z. I am going to do this by first names or if they are in a band the bands name especially if there is more than one inspiring woman.

A is for

How did I write about spoken word before and not mention the ever inspiring, strong and beautiful Ani di Franco? She is an amazing poet and has a beautiful way with words that are not only inspiring for women but everyone out there. She talks honestly and isn't consumed in a world of fashion. She inspires me to want to write and try my own hand at spoken word. I was introduced to Ani by an old friend when I was about 15 and have been listening to her ever since. If I am ever having a bad day her words lift me up and put a smile back on my face. She also created her own record label Righteous Babe in able to allow creative freedom.  This is one of my favourite tracks but she has so many amazing songs/poems so really explore her work and lets all hope she comes to the UK soon!

Amanda Palmer should be a name that is no stranger to you dear reader as she has been all over the news recently. If you missed the news about how she raised to fame through kickstarter and taking her career into her own hands then you wouldn't have missed the nipple slip that made the daily mail. She made an awesome come back to the idiots that are the daily mail that you may still be able to find on you tube. I wish I had a chance to see her when she toured last so fingers crossed I will catch her next time. Did you go? I hate you a little bit right now ;) If you have a little time on your hands then watch this Ted talks and if she doesn't inspire you then you must be made of stone dear reader. She is very funny, witty, and talented. I keep raving on at her to my boss as justification for how we should run some of our projects.

The Color Purple still remains a firm favourite on my bookshelf. Alice walker is a very talented writer who paints a heart wrenching tale. If you have only seen the film take a moment to read the book as it will break your heart and inspire you twice as much as the film did. Alice's books and poetry sent my imagination so wild it really inspired me to want to write. Not only is Alice an amazing writer but she also practise what she preaches. She has been very active in the activist scene in particular around issues for women.

Adele may come as a surprise to some people. I think she is really under valued and it is funny how people
turn their back on musicians when they become popular. Like it is uncool to say you dig Adele because everyone and their mom seems to like her now. I don't care I love her. She is outspoken, beautiful, curvy and wooooi can she sing! She has had to put up with so much stick for being the 'big' girl in the charts and she has taken it so well. So many other stars like the girl from lil mix would have run off and dieted like crazy. I always look forward to seeing and reading her interviews. She is a Strong advocate against the over sexualisation of women in music which is something that I am currently researching for work and it is awesome to have a positive role model out there in the mainstream modern music industry voicing a disagreement with this!

Angelina Jolie makes my list. Not because of her acting. I appreciate she is beautiful and a great actress but what impresses me more is her humanitarian work. Angelina has done a lot of work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Donating millions to help with their work but not in a blind donation to feel like she is doing her part she actually has been to meet lots of refugees first hand and I loved when I heard her say that she wanted to achieve "Awareness of the plight of these people. I think they should be commended for what they have survived, not looked down upon". 

Have I missed any inspiring ladies beginning with A that you admire? Tell me about them in the comments


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