Growing Older Gracefully

We live in a nation that fears age. With lotions and potions and procedures to make people look younger and younger around we seem to fight kicking and screaming because we see old as being boring and a time when people just give up being who they are. Is this really the case though? Just because we get a bit older doesn't mean we need to give up caring about ourselves or give up being confident in how we look. We are beautiful it is society that has a warped sense of what is good looking. Recently I wrote about body confidence and I genuinely think this is something that shouldn't stop with age. (check it out here)

My Mama and me share different opinions of age. My Nana (her mother) was always beautiful and I loved every wrinkle and every grey hair that woman had. I genuinely think they tell a story of a life lived. Where my Mama longs for botox and hates on herself because she feels age creeping in. I am not going to sit here and tell you lies dear reader I am a little horrified at the increasing lines creeping in on my forehead and have thought of rushing out to get creams but I like to think I wouldn't go as far as botox. There is nothing wrong with making an effort and making yourself feel better if that's new clothes or big eyelashes then do what works for you that helps you keeps you feeling like a million quid.

This is why I loved a recent documentary that was featured on channel 4. Fabulous Fashionistas features some older ladies who refuse to let age mean they feel badly about who they are. Each woman is inspiring in their own ways but they all share that they know how to make the most of life and refuse to let age get in the way of them living their lives.

If you haven't watched the documentary already check it out because it will really make you smile. Although it made me realise I don't value myself as much as these ladies and I need to take a leaf out of their books I hope that when I am 80 I can still be flipping the bird, making art, advocating for equal rights for all and wearing awesome clothes.


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