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Big Beautiful Birmingham.......Library

Being a total book worm I am no stranger to Birmingham Library.The now old building was a steady visit for me over the years and I almost feel I could have read every book there cover to cover I think the old 1970s crude design of the building is kind of endearing in its own way especially since they painted some lovely birds on the sides. Now I have heard a rumour they are planning on knocking down the building but I thought it was listed? It may not be the prettiest but it is still a slice of 70s history. There is such great space it can be used for public services or even rented out as offices. So many exciting and innovative things can be done with such a prime space.

So I have to say with the whopping £189 million price tag the library comes with it is no wonder it induced the public with both tears of outrage and joy. Many are upset that in a financial crisis so much money has been spent on the new library. I will throw my hands up and say at first I was one of those people. After the bullring designs I lost a little faith in Birmingham's judgements but even I can't moan at the amount of people it attracts from tourists to price tag popping shoppers. I think the designs have even grown on me a little seeing a skyline of mixed old and futuristic buildings. I just beg you Birmingham please keep some old buildings just as they are.

 I really liked the design of the library from the start. The big circles and almost stacked layers really
appealed to me as I marched passed the builders on my daily commute. The library created many building jobs and apprenticeships and it is great that some young people have the chance to look at it and tell their mates "I helped make that".

I have been twice now once with my Mama who is still raving about it and another with a German exchange student who went 6 times on her 3 week visit. Both times I went the library was packed full of people. Just how a library should be. I love the starlight effect on the roof of the entrance and really need to take a proper look at it in the night time which will soon happen with winter upon us.The inside of the building is grand and spacious. There are lots of little nooks and crannies to hide away and read a book. The study area gets so much light I wish it had been around when I was cramming for my exams.
The best bits for me though (other than the books of course) are the little garden areas. There is one half way up and one even higher which you can magically get to via a glass elevator. Be warned you will be crammed in though with the amount of people longing to get to the top but there are regular lifts or even stairs if you feel like a bit of exercise. The rewards are amazing though.Being able to look at a skyline of Birmingham with lovely Garden areas which will be lush in the summer time. Lots of older gentlemen and ladies looked out onto the skyline and I could hear them all telling each other tales about how long they have lived in Birmingham which I think is a treasure in itself.

In conclusion I think with how full it has been maybe the money was just worth it. Now tourists will want to look at this great place, bring money to Birmingham, young people will have somewhere to hang out that isn't the streets, more art will get appreciate and most of all hopefully people will READ MORE.


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