Monkey Business

About a month ago my lovely bestie asked if I wanted to join her and the little one for a trip to Monkey Forest. Never one to turn down the opportunity to see animals and hang with them I jumped on the offer. I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I had never heard of it before.

It is actually a really cute place. I think i expected to see lots of different monkeys but they just had one kind which i guess makes sense if they are just wandering around. They were Barbary Macaques and at the monkey forest they are committed to protecting their species by raising awareness about them to the general public and allowing them to live in a place similar to their natural habitats.That has got to be better than being in a zoo and they all seemed happy enough. Plus they work on releasing them back into the wild so you have to appreciate the work they are doing. It was really strange seeing a monkey sitting next to a squirrel or chasing a duck.

The staff are really friendly and help make sure you don't miss out on seeing the baby monkey as well as giving you a bit more information about the species.

 It is a lovely little learning experience with little facts dotted around. The actual forest area is really pretty as well but a bit steep for pushchairs and little feet. It is only a little place but when you come out the forest there is a cafe, playground and a little picnic area.

There was also a really cool little bug mansion where there was some information about how they also breed the bugs to feed the monkeys. We thought that was a pretty cool feature to have.

We had a lovely vegan friendly picnic check out this lovely ladies blog if you want vegan recipes her food is yummy! Was a really sweet day out so but you get round the forest really quick so take your time and bring a picnic!


  1. hehe it seems like ages ago we went now! We need a trip to the seaside before the summer is over.

    1. I know it does seem like forever ago! I had the pics on my computer and figured I would use them to get some practice in haha. OMG you know i love the seaside so count me in if you go!! I was looking at the iow photos the other day made me smile xx


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