Travel Tips For The Luxury Lover!

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As you may know I have a huge passion for travel and am always looking forward to the next trip I can manage to squeeze in. Sometimes travelling can be tents and backpacking but there are times when a holiday needs to be relaxing and you need to have more luxury retreats that can be vacation homes in Barbados or a high class hotel. Lets talk about ways you can travel with style and really get the most out of that trip.

One of the things I love doing when I am not already travelling is finding out about new places and all the best things to do as I like to cram as much as I can into my travels. When I go somewhere it is like a learning experience I want to see and do everything so I always do my research by checking out places like wiki, and even Buzzfeed have some great top lists of where your next adventure can take you. By putting in that research you can find out about local events. When I went to Cappadocia in Turkey we found out you could go on a hot air balloon across the beautiful canyons. It was worth getting up early just to see a beautiful sunrise as the balloons filled the sky. Experiences like this are the ones that take your breath away and leave you wistfully thinking how worth it was getting on that plane.

I get a buzz when I do a bit of the tourist site seeing too going to historic buildings and places always fills me with awe and you can do this in real style by making sure you know who the best tour people are and booking ahead as you can see reviews and pictures from other people, where as when you book on the spot while you are away you take a gamble and trust me I have some tour disaster stories from doing just that.

Another great way to find out what to see is to talk to as many people as possible. Don't be shy even if there is a language barrier take the time to try and get to know people. Local people will know all the best places that even the travel experts have missed. You can find out more about the culture and traditions of the country. I love finding out about local history and trade, where to shop and what the average person does in their time off. I have found out about some of the best spas and even got great deals just by taking the time to chat to someone. It isn't just the locals who hold the knowledge talk to your fellow travel enthusiasts as they may have found a hidden gem or something that suits your style. When I went to Berlin I was all about art and seeing the beautiful street art. 

Shopping around for the right place is also important. You need to know what you want if you want luxury then a 3* hotel just isn't going to cut it! Especially when travelling remember the rating is dramatically different to a hotel of the same calibre here in the UK. Having a sound base for your travels where you feel comfortable and stress free is half the battle. Sure you can save a lot of money by booking things separately and  searching the net for deals but you can still bag a deal to somewhere with those added comforts. Luxury retreats is a great place to start as they put in all the work for you and you Can just book a villa and away you go. There are some stunning sea view properties or if you're a keen cyclist you can stay by a stunning lake. Plus having your own space by booking a villa you can have so much fun just in the villa itself. If I want comfort I prefer this method of booking as you also have someone to go to if the place isn't what it seemed when you book blindly you take that gamble alone.

Immerse yourself in the culture you will be surprised what luxuries that will bring. So many other countries realise the importance of taking care of yourself and really looking after those you love.  Especially in hot countries the importance of a pamper session after being in the hot sun is vital. Getting a body scrub can really help your tired skin and a massage will help you unwind after exploring and shopping, two of my favourite things! Some of the best messages I have got have been when I have been on holiday. If a massage isn't your thing get a facial and kick back at the beach but remember to cover up and be safe. 

Treat yourself to delicious food because that can be a whole new adventure on it's own. I had never tasted Sri Lankan food before and I was blown away by all the beautiful flavours when I visited and whenever I am by the sea I have to have some fresh sea food. So many people warn you not to have sea food when on holiday but if you dine in the right restaurants you will have no problem. We stopped at a beautiful sea view restaurant which was candle lit with beautiful music and the sound of the waves crashing and it is a memory that will stay with me. The best thing is you can take a walk on the beach as the sun sets and really take in the world. 

What are your luxury travel tips?  share them in the comments I love reading all about your adventures too! 


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