5 Ways To Improve Your Home Film Watching Experience

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We all know I love my films! Especially horror films and these days we can't always get to the cinema to check out the latest movie. If you're like me then you have to watch at least a film a day and that just isn't possible at the cinema just imagine my bank balance. Although when I was in university we did get to have our film lessons in a cinema and lessons were watching films ....I do miss those days. So how can you bring the cinema to your home?


Everyone has their favourite cinema snacks and lets face it wouldn't it be criminal to go to the movies without some delicious food to accompany the film. I have always been a popcorn grrrl and the best thing is it is so easy to make at home and you get to experiment with different flavours. I adore cinnamon or even a spicy flavour like chilli. You can have lots of fun with your friends and family experimenting with popcorn and making up exciting new flavours. I know a popcorn machine is on my Christmas wish list for sure!

If popcorn isn't your jam then you can make the ultimate nacho and hot dog platter and don't forget to keep that ice cream chilled in the freezer ready for afters. We even like to break out the cocktails extra points if you can theme them along with your movie like we do.


If you have ever visited a fancy cinema lately you get to sit on sofas and reclining chairs but you can make your own sofa super comfy. Splash out on a fluffy throw and some cozy cushions and you can snuggle up with your loved one. You could even throw a blanket on the floor with cushions to sit on and have a cosy indoor picnic. This is my households favourite thing to do and it makes sharing nachos easier and a lot more fun.


One of the things that makes a cinema so atmospheric for watching films is the sound! The sound of a film can change everything. Just imagine watching a scary movie with the sound coming from right behind you. Well you can if you get something like the Panasonic Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker you will be jumping into each others laps every time there is a jump scare.

Picture Qulaity

Invest in a decent TV! It isn't always about having a huge TV but a good quality picture will really enhance the viewing pleasure. If you have never watched a blu ray compared to a regular DVD then take the step to check it out especially if you have chosen to watch something with epic depth like King Kong or Avatar. Those kind of movies are made to be bold and bright and really can help transport you into a whole new world.


So you have your snacks, the film is loaded up ready to go and you have the sound ready too....just one more thing you need to do! Dim those lights down maybe light a candle or two and snuggle down in the dark to immerse yourself in a new adventure!

How do you bring the cinema into your home?


Stay Safe On Long Journeys #CarSafetyChecklist

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My little brother is currently learning to drive and recently has someone go into the back of his car on a lesson, It really got me to thinking about car safety and the importance because although this was not his fault I suddenly got worried about all the other dangers cars could have for him. He does have to go to some physio but when he is back on his feet hopefully he will fight back by passing his test and then driving to see me of course.

Now we live a long way from each other as I moved from Birmingham to Derbyshire last year so there is so much more you need to think about before hitting the motorway. Kwik fit asked me to share some of my safety check tips with you guys

Make sure car is within MOT

Making sure your car is in tip top shape ensures you will be in for a much safer journey. You should keep your MOT up to date as it isn't just a chore MOTs were put in place to make sure drivers are safer and your car is working at top performance.  The guys and gals at kwik-fit.com have you covered for this one but if you are running out of MOT get down there and get the car checked over. They are always really friendly and helpful not to mention have some great deals on.


It is so important to have a mini tool kit available for minor mishaps you may have along the way. Pack things such as a spare fan belt, a bottle of water in case your car overheats a jack and spare tyre so you don't end up stranded or having to call roadside assistant for something you can fix quickly and be on your way. What kind of things do you keep in your essential toolkit? Let us know in the comments below.

Check Tyres

Although it is handy to keep a spare you should always check your tyres tread and pressure before you hit the motorway.  You can fill your tyres and check the pressure at most petrol stations and lets face it you will need to make sure you are topped up before you head our so add this to the list. This can help avoid needing that important spare tyre and wont leave you sulking at the roadside.

Winder wiper Check

England is known for its unreliable weather and you may just end up caught in the rain...a lot of rain and what worse than if your wipers suddenly packed up on you. Make sure you check they are working and ready to combat any downfall that may try and interrupt your mission.

#21SelfloveChallenge Let's Do This!

Hey Cats,

You know when something comes into your life and it's like wow this couldn't have come at a better time? That's exactly what happened to me the other day. Lately I have been feeling a bit lost a little misplaced and unsure of who I am and where I am headed. Let me tell you why! 

I have always been secretly shy and massively socially awkward. If you asked anyone they would think you were joking as I have always pushed myself to be louder and funnier but this doesn't always mean that the person who laughs the loudest in the room is the most confident. 

I really felt like I found a place when I started blogging there were lots of amazing Plus Size confident women who looked just like my chubby curves and dressed to kill. I stepped up and pushed myself to share myself more but over the past year I have kind of digressed and  instead found myself sharing less pictures of amazing outfits because well I haven't been wearing them. 

As me and the Mr took the step to become engaged talks of our future and family moved forward including wanting a family and a strong stable home for our children to come. I suffer from Poly cystic ovary syndrome and that means conceiving has been very difficult and meant I took the steps to join slimming world in which I lost 2 and a half stone so far. Amazing right but instead of celebrating I kind of felt like I had to hide it from the blogging world I love. My PCOS symptoms have improved and hopefully we are improving our chances for our future but most importantly I do feel more myself again. 

I have also neglected you guys my readers and not been sharing and blogging enough as I have been focused on my job and not thinking of my career in the bigger picture.

So what happened? I got invited to join a really exciting challenge the #21selflovechallenge from Warren 'Inspire' Ryan an international motivational coach. At first I just thought it would be a list of emails telling me to love myself and that would be it but after only one session so far I am completely blown away. This really is a challenge with a difference the sense of community and involvement is already blowing my mind. There are lots of people taking the same journey and we have been teamed up to help us keep on track. 

We have affirmations to say and tasks to do every day and I am committing myself whole hearted so I can tell you guys if it really makes a difference. 

I will be sharing my journey on my social media and especially Instagram stories. Keep an eye out and join me! 

Have you heard of Warren Inspire Ryan before?

Rocking The New Retro Look: The Essentials

Hey Cats, 

Are your a retro rockin’ kitty? If so, you may find yourself drawn to the old school 50’s rockabilly look, complete with victory rolls and red lips. But are you getting it right? Keep reading to find out.


Make up

Of course, you need to give any look a bit of your own personality so don't feel like you have to keep to this guide to rigidly. It's just here to help you bring that look together before you give it your own spin.

Now, makeup is a big part of the retro look, it should include a good full coverage foundation that smooth things out and gives you an even base to work with. Then make a big deal of the eyes by following a tutorial like this that includes a good liquid eyeliner flick and some shaded-in brows. Lastly, you don't want to forget a nice bold lip. Red being the traditional choice, but of course feel free to play with the look a little for a more modern twist and by using brighter or more outlandish colour like silver or orange.



Getting the hair right is also essential to this look. Luckily, there are plenty of online tutorials to show you how to get a faux bumper bangs al la Bettie Page, or even victory rolls. If you are truly rubbish at hair and want to attempt this look, there are even products out there like this that make doing the whole thing super easy. Just remember that to get it to last and achieve the volume that you need you will need to use a strong hairspray and plenty of back combing. Only smoothing over the top to get a neat finish.


Your outfit is also something that needs careful considering when you are rocking the retro look too. You can plump for something super traditional like a -line petticoat skirt and cardigan ensemble. Or, why not rock a modern twist by combining skinny jeans and a retro print halter? Just remember to choose something that makes you feel gorgeous, and you can't go wrong really.



It's not just your outfit that matters either, but how you accessorise it.  Classic retro looks often include a cute set of pearl earrings, as well as wicker or wooden bag to set them off. Luckily, the very 50s vibe seems to be pretty popular at the moment, so there are plenty of places you can get a retro styled bags online. Unless you want to go for an original vintage piece and then it's best to check out sites like eBay and Etsy.


Lastly, you need the right shoe to complete your outfit. Aspiring pin-ups will desire nothing less than some killer stiletto heels to give them that va va voom shape and height, but don't freak out if you are more of a flats girl instead. As a pair of ballet pumps with some cropped jeans or even a petticoat skirt will give the look just the right amount of cuteness as well as comfort so you can wear them all day.

What are your favourite retro must haves?

Quick Ways To Spice Up Your Look

Hey Cats,

Who doesn’t love to discover new ways to improve their look? If you sometimes feel as if you are running low on those, you might start to wonder where to look. The truth is that there are always things you can do to give your look a new lease on life, and most of them are extremely straightforward. But don’t let that fool you - being easy does not mean that they are not effective, and they are always worth taking on board at any time. Without further ado, here are some of the best and quickest ways to give your look a little something else today.

Find A New Scent

One of the easiest ways to improve your look has nothing to do with your look at all! It is often surprising how easily people completely forget about the importance of scent, but it actually happens to be one of the most useful things you can do. If you want to give yourself a new sense of having an upgraded look, it is amazing how much treating yourself to a new scent can help. Spend your time, try and find one that really suits you. Not only does it make a huge difference to how you feel, but it subtly affects the way that others feel around you too. This can add to a look greatly, so it is well worth considering next time you want to give yourself an easy and quick boost. See http://www.sheknows.com/beauty-and-style/articles/842255/4-fun-easy-ways-to-spice-up-your-look-this-season for more on this.

Take A Look At Your Nails

Whether or not you are aware of it, your nails can say a lot about you. Few people remember to consider their nails when they are trying to improve their look, but it is actually one of the best ways to do so. Part of the fun of nails is that you can do literally anything you want with them in order to improve their appearance. It might mean choosing a funky new design like the ones at http://www.msmee.com/nail-art-designs/oval-nails, or it could mean just painting them for the first time in years. Whatever you do, paying some attention to the nails can help to really finish a look, and it’s worth bearing in mind if you are at something of a loose end.


Brand New Hairstyle

When was the last time you really changed your hair? A lot of people get stuck into certain hairstyles for years sometimes, and it can be hard to be brave enough to get out of that cycle. It is surprising what an effort it takes, but it just might be the best move you have made in ages if you really want to give your look a new lease on life. Of course, you don’t want to rush into a completely new hairstyle, but as long as you take your time and find just the right one, it should really help to make you feel like a new person.


Go Exploring On Your Next Date

Hey Cats.

Love is in the air once again I love writing these posts about fun places to take or even met your partner. I feel like I get to explore the UK and find some amazing places right on our very doorstep without even having to leave the country. So even if you're not looking for love keep reading as you may find a hot spot to visit.


Kent isn't just a place for the young singletons the young at heart can also find love on over 50s dating Kent. Kent is a very popular destination for people all over the UK so if you're lucky enough to live there then there are plenty of places to choose from to take a date or maybe even meet one. There are 2 castles to choose from with beautiful grounds to explore. I love the look of Dover castle with it's stories of history to tell you can even catch weekends where there are live events on in which you can meet characters and feel like you have been truly jumped in a time machine.


Jersey is a stunning place and for all those who met on a Jersey dating site I have one for a few dates in. I say a few dates in as you will be asking your date to meet you after dark so you may have to gain their trust first or even if you have been dating all day and want to carry on the romance. After dark you can go exploring something magical with a moonlight walk along the sea line to and be in awe of the bioluminescence of the marine life. This is so magical I would be well and truly wooed if this was a date I had been taken on.

Photo by Phil Harper

Find love on a Surrey Dating Site  and you may feel inspired to take them for a drink but instead of taking the conventional route of a bar why not be a bit different and take them for a sophisticated day trip to Denbies wine estate. Not only will you get to taste wines but learn all about them from professionals who have been making wine since 1984. You can explore the vineyards and then have a taster as well as get schooled on the best cheese to go with your wines. Cheese and wine sounds just heavenly to me,

Bournemouth dating

I already know exactly what I would want to do for some Bournemouth dating. If you haven't seen Russell Coates museum and art gallery yet then then you must. If not just to see how beautiful the Victorian building is. Located on the cliffs with stunning views and you can take in some culture at the same time. Learn about history while you make your own lasting memories that hopefully will become your lifelong partner.


When you think of Oxford dating isn't the first thing that comes to mind. I instantly think of university and education but what can be more attractive than knowledge? Walk around this historic city and work up a romantic heat so you have an excuse to visit George and Davis ice cream cafe because ice cream is too lush to pass up. There is plenty to choose from and I love the aesthetic of the place and int he UK we don't have nearly enough places to go out for ice cream!

Have you been to any of these places?


Missguided Barbie Plus Size Range

Hey Cats,

I may be 34 years old but I am always down for some 90s dream fashion and some hardcore nostalgia so when I heard that there was going to be a plus Barbie range from Missguided I was stoked. I am not usually one who waits for something to hit the fashion world as I have been digging my charity shop finds more than anything lately but this one definitely got my attention. When I think Barbie it screams pink kitsch fashion. I just want to dance around in pink clad glamour to Barbie girl by Aqua and like many of my fellow fatties I was waiting for this Missguided collaboration to hit the website this morning.

Yet my childhood dream to wear the clothes Barbie would rock was shattered when as always the plus Barbie range wasn't an extension of the amazing under a size 16 range. The size 4 to 16 range had over 50 items to choose from with even some of those stopping at a 14! The items in this collection were more the kind of thing I lusted after with mesh bodysuits, cool crop tops, fun colours and a pretty awesome denim jacket complete with Barbie emblazed across the back. I got super excited thinking hey even if it isn't all of them the plus range will still be as fun and stylish with fun colours and patterns and be an extension of the range right?....ERRRRM NO! Had they been available in my size these are the items I would have picked for sure!

It is amazing that brands are starting to become more inclusive on sizing and yes it is awesome that some of the items are available up to a 24 (we keep fighting for higher) but why oh why does it have to be in boring drab colours with baggy fits instead of all the rad body hugging, tie dyed and mesh amazingness? Us plus size babes need colour and fit our lives too and sure some people may not buy the range but it is all about having the choice available to at least browse. Having a range of amazing clothes to choose from helps develop a better body image and a chance to create the most important thing in fashion...an identity. Plus size fashion has come a long way with less plus size people having to all wear the same things all the time. So lets take a look at some of the items we were offered.

These same items are available in non plus as well but it just seems like the edgy femme style has been stripped here and looks like more casual gym wear. I do dig the Bye Ken T shirt and can see it being cute styled the right way but I want to see it as part of a more interesting and inspiring range. I am hoping that Missguided are teasing us and will drop more items onto the site as a surprise but when you take to social media you can already feel the heart ache and disappointment already caused. Bring out the straight range in plus and people will be throwing money at it!

What do you think of the Barbie range?