Dates For Over 50s

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If you have caught my last few posts about dating then you may be enjoying fun places to go out all over the UK. I am all up for a bit of exploring and not all dates have to be a wild one in fact these days people are dating older and I think that is awesome. In the age of divorce and people living independent lives for longer the taboo of older dating is no more. Lets talk about lovely places you can take a date when you're over 50.


Being a Welsh girl I love Cardiff the people are always so warm and friendly and there are lots of lush things to do. So what can you do if you met your match on over 50s dating Cardiff ? I love a romantic walk around the pier, There are lots of places you can rest your feet if you feel giddy with love from pubs to eateries and even shops in the day time but the most romantic is at night when you can hold hands and watch the sun set over this beautiful Welsh city!


Now if you found a date on over 50s dating Merseyside I have a bit of a cultured yet free date for you! Liverpool has some amazing Museums and if you go to the museum of Liverpool it is completely free and you can spend hours walking round chatting about the interesting art work around you. You never know your new date may be a budding artist for me I think art opens up all kinds of interesting conversation. After you have wowed your date with your conversation skills take them for a coffee and a cake because everyone loves a good cake.


I just love Cornwall it is such a breath taking place to visit. My brother lives down there not far from a beautiful sea side town of Looe so for all those who met on a Cornwall dating site  this could be just the place for you. Looe has a host of little shops you can visit and maybe buy a little trinket for your new love. Personally I would be on the beach with a Cornish ice cream letting the sea help wow my date into a sneaky kiss. A really quaint little place full of natural beauty and lovely local people. If you're lucky maybe you could even go on a little boat trip and check out the open sea.


Off to sunny Scotland and if you have been looking for love you may have checked out the Strathclyde dating site. Now you just need somewhere exciting to woo your date. Well how about you get those hearts fluttering with a cheeky day out at the races. You don't have to be a big gambler a day at Hamilton park racecourse can actually be pretty glam you can treat your date to a bet and then  get a spot to eat. Who knows you may win more than just a bit of money and then you can make a pact with them to go to ascot. Ladies grab those huge hats and a bottle of fizz what is not to love?

So dating over 50 doesn't have to be scary it can be a lot of fun just find out what your date enjoys and go on a little adventure. Where would you go?


5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Lending Money!

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It is that time of year where if you haven't already been on Holiday and broke your bank then you're most likely saving for one. Maybe the bills have just been piling up or you want to get a head start on Christmas, It is important to know what lending options are available to you but always make sure before you do lend you do a little research on the company. Cash Lady are a lender with a difference because they care about your money journey and want you to be well informed. Lets talk about all the things you need to check out before you lend from anyone. 

What Do You Know About The Company?

The best thing to do with any company be it to buy a product or lend money I think it is vital to do a bit of research.These becomes even more important when it comes to lending money or any other financial products as there can often be some dishonest or hidden information. Cash Lady are a family founded business who have sourced the rest if their staff to ensure they share the same ethics and values. They look after customers and remain open and honest about any fees from the lenders but they do all this for free. Making an application will cost you nothing as Cash Lady act as an agent to source the most compatible short term loan for you. 

Do You Understand?

Sometimes lending money can be really confusing and often terms and conditions or even terminology used may baffle your brain. Make sure you ask lots of questions and don't sign up for anything you are not 100% sure of. Cash Lady are a really friendly team and as they are helping source the right lender for you then you can ask as many questions as you need to instead of hitting google talk to a real person who can explain the ins and outs of what is expected of you for how long. That way you have no hidden secrets and no nasty surprises jumping up on you and hopefully keep your bank healthy at the same time. 

What Rate Has Been Set?

Depending on how long you want to lend the money over and how much there may be different types of interest from each company. Cash Lady will let you know how much money you will be getting and exactly how much you will pay back as well as what interest. There are lots of lenders about with shocking interest which can make lending money scary which is why companies who source loans for you can be really helpful as they understand the terms better and can make sure you get a reasonable rate for the money you have coming in, helping you stay debt free and on top of the finances you already have. 

Can You Afford To Pay Them Back? 

The most important thing to think about before you even think of lending money is can you pay it back if you lend it? Cash lady will have a look at your incoming and outgoings but they can only work with what you tell them so make sure you're honest with them and yourself. If you really can't afford the payments over the amount of time set make sure you do not commit to lending the money. It sounds so simple but too many people get trapped in a web of thinking they have it sorted and end up in more debt. 

Do You Need The Money?

Payday loans and similar financial products are designed to help with emergencies, one off luxuries or even to improve your credit score but they are not a long term thing that you should use all the time. Make sure you have asked all the right questions and you can easily pay the loan back. If you find yourself struggling with money regularly maybe it is time to get some financial advice to help you. 

What questions do you ask?


Flying Solo? Tips For Making That Holiday Worthwhile

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Travelling as a singleton is nothing unusual these days, and certainly isn’t something to be ashamed of. We see more and more people take time off from their studies or career breaks to go travelling for months at a time, but yet travelling on your own for just a short holiday isn’t done as often as it perhaps should be. Maybe people are worried about what others think, which is definitely not a reason to listen to. Perhaps some people are concerned about what they would do once they arrive, after all, a holiday is different from travelling. You are staying in the one location and supposedly relaxing and enjoying the surroundings, rather than heading off to different places all the time. Which is why I thought it was about time to share with you some of the tips that could help a solo trip be far more worthwhile.


Consider the location

The location you choose to travel to is important when travelling alone. You need to consider what you want to do and where you want to go. Think about the accommodation. You may find that it is better to be in a hotel environment rather than completely alone in an apartment or villa. Of course, that all depends on you. But it could be easier to be surrounded by people so that you have that familiar interaction, even if it is when ordering a drink at the hotel bar. This also could give you the chance to escape your own thoughts for a while, and people watch, or simply enjoy the views.

Plan ahead

Planning is key for a trip alone to ensure that you fill the time you do have. It might also be worth letting friends and family know any itinerary plans you might have, it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is your chance to enjoy trips and excursions that perhaps friends or partners may not have enjoyed.

Book as part of a group

If you are a little unsure about going solo completely, you could consider travelling as part of a group of fellow singletons. A little research online with identify travel groups for singles and provide you with an opportunity to not only travel alone but a chance to meet someone new and make a few new friends in the process. This option could give you the best of both worlds.

Don’t let your emotions and feelings take over

It can be hard to not let your feelings and emotions take over. Feeling alone can make you feel down at times. Even if it was your choice to make. Try and ensure that you stay calm and collected and remind yourself as to why you decided to travel solo in the first place. Enjoy getting to know yourself and being comfortable in your own skin.

Be friendly

Finally, be friendly and smile to other holidaymakers in the place you are staying. Chat to staff or people next to you on the sunbeds. Just because you have travelled alone, it doesn't mean you don’t want a friendly conversation at some point. Again this could provide a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and meet new and interesting people.

Q is for Revolutionary Qiu Jin

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It has been a while since we celebrated the awesome women in the world and we are all the way up to Q. I bet you thought I was stumped and couldn't think of anyone but with all the amazing women in the world it is never hard to think how amazing and inspirational anyone is. I think when we end this series it will evolve into inspirational women as I want to celebrate and learn about all the woman I can from history to now and help build woman of the future. Every single day we should celebrate how amazing woman are and I love finding out the paths that have lead us to the lives we now have.

I actually had a few woman to talk about today but the more I learnt about in in particular I thought she deserved the post all to herself because I couldn't possibly stick to one paragraph. This woman is Qiu Jin. Let me take you on a history lesson back to China in 1975-1907 a female revolutionary was standing up and being heard. An unhappy marriage was the catalyst for Qiu Jin from which she fled from China to Japan and took up Marshall arts and get an education. Whilst in Japan she wrote for a revolutionary publication speaking out to the woman of China bout women's rights not to bound their feet, marry who and when they choose. She spoke about these oppression from personal experience and was speaking out to women for a better future.

Qiu Jin was also a very talented writer and poet going by the pen name of 'Jianhu Nüxia' which in translation means 'woman knight of mirror lake' with a powerful name like this she lived up to it in the poetry she wrote which speaks volumes about how outspoken about the oppression of women. Let us enjoy one together. 

Capping Rhymes With Sir Shih Ching From Sun’s Root Land
Don’t tell me women
are not the stuff of heroes,
I alone rode over the East Sea’s
winds for ten thousand leagues.
My poetic thoughts ever expand,
like a sail between ocean and heaven.
I dreamed of your three islands,
all gems, all dazzling with moonlight.
I grieve to think of the bronze camels,
guardians of China, lost in thorns.
Ashamed, I have done nothing;
not one victory to my name.
I simply make my war horse sweat.
Grieving over my native land
hurts my heart. So tell me;
how can I spend these days here?
A guest enjoying your spring winds?
Powerful words I am sure you agree even for those who do not read poetry. Her work caught a lot of attention many were outraged by this cross dressing outspoken woman but many were touched by her words and even more so her actions. Along with female poet Qiu Jin founded a radical women's publication named 'China women's world news' over two issues she spoke openly about freedom to marry, education and more before the Chinese government shut the publication down. 

Qiu Jin went on to become the head teacher of a girls school which in itself is noble it was here where the government marched in and questioned and tortured Qiu Jon. Qiu had been part of many revolutionary groups and had become part of a group that were planning a an uprising. Eventually after long torture Qiu Jon didn't speak a word of her part in the uprising but when her things were searched some documents relating to the uprising were found and later Qiu was taken to her home town and publicly beheaded.

To this day Qiu Jin is celebrated as a national heroine in China. A woman not afraid to speak her mind and live her short life to the fullest.

Had You heard of Qiu Jin?

5 Places To Take A Date

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Back with some fab places to go on a date again. I can't stress how much fun it is visiting new places so even if these are targeted at specific areas if you like the sound of it why not grab your boo and jump in the car or on a train and check them out. Day trips with your partner can be so much fun or even stay over and make a weekend of it. So lets jump straight in with 5 new places to go on a date. 


Gloucester may not be the first place that jumps to mind when you think of places to go on a date but don't overlook places when planning that date. Gloucester dating can be a lot of fun depending on your interests, if you are visiting the city you will be amazed by the Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Personally I would happily wonder round looking at the cathedral, I just love Gothic buildings. However if you are looking for something a bit more special or even celebrating an anniversary then you can take a hot air balloon ride with complimentary champagne just imagine how romantic it would be watching the sun rise or set as you sip away holding hands with the one you love or are just trying to woo. I know I would be giddy with excitement in fact I may have to book one of these trips myself. 

Ballooning in Gloucestershire / Image: Joe Thomissen

Maybe you could even get them to drop you off in Scotland for a spot of Galloway dating. Now if you time your visit just right lets say in the August you can check out the award winning Galloway county fair. Living in a village I love a good local fair, you get ti find out so much about the place in one day and even meet locals which if your visiting gives you a chance to find out more or who knows if your from Galloway maybe you can find someone who blows your wellies off right there. The fair takes place at the amazing Drumlarig castle grounds so you can even soak in a bit of history while you're there There is drink, food and local exhibits so you wont go bored at all. If you have never been to a county fair before then you may as well pop that cherry with an award winning one. Just look at that beautiful castle. 


York is another beautiful city which hosts a stunning Gothic cathedral with medieval stained glass and even 2 bell towers but enough geeking on my side. You want to know about York dating right? This time I think we should stick to the roots of the amazing history of York but throw in a bit of fun and maybe even get that date jumping into your arms. I love attractions that throw in a bit of tongue in the cheek fun and you have just got to try York Dungeon, Some may find it super cheesy but that is half the fun right? A great way to learn about the dark history of the past and be scared to death by some of the talented actors. You will be trembling and laughing all at the same time and if it's a first date it is a great way to see if your date will be running for the hills or laughing by your side plus you will have plenty to talk about after over food and drinks. If they run for the hills maybe one of the actors will wow you so much you want to visit twice.


Keeping with the theme of fabulous Gothic places then Sussex has some amazing places you can go for a nice walk and take some amazing photographs. Maybe the person you met through Sussex dating is a budding photographer so you could wow them with a more than Instagram worthy place to take some snaps.  West Sussex has a beautiful place to visit Arundel's castle and garden is stunning with nearly 1000 years worth of history in one place there will be heaps to learn and there are plenty of grounds to explore. If you plan your trip carefully there are lots of events at the grounds that you can also attend such as Shakespeare themed days and even days with knights roaming the ground.


Another cathedral city can have you walking round looking at stunning buildings again for a bit of Worcestershire dating. There is lots for the average dater to do in Worcestershire including visiting big complexes which have all the perfect date activities like cinema, bowling and more but now we want something a little different that allows you to take in the sites of Worcester. What better way to do that than a boat ride? Taking in the beautiful natural sites and wildlife You can even treat your date to tea, coffee and a cake or even something a bit harder if you prefer but don't have many or you may be needing your date to rescue you from the waters. If you really want to impress your date you could hire a row boat but the Worcestershire river boat seems much more relaxing to me.

Have you been on fun dates in any of these places?


#HospitalHelpingHand - 5 Tips For Being a Hospital Vistor

Hey Cats,

Sadly at some point of our lives someone we love or even ourselves will end up on a hospital ward. In the UK we are so lucky to have the NHS which means that these short or long hospital visits then don't become even worse by leaving the poor patient in debt. I than my lucky stars for this amazing service every day. Over the last 5 years my Dad's health has dramatically decreased and in waves he has to have long spells in hospital which fortunately get him back on track to a more comfortable lifestyle for his illness. This has meant many a visit to the hospital to see him and make sure he knows he is loved and make sure he is being looked after. Slater and Gordon asked for my tips and I want to share them with you.

Check Visiting Times and Limits

Hospitals are very busy important places with lots of schedules in place for patients including your loved one and there will be a number of treatments they need ti have during certain hours. This is why Hospitals set specific times for families and friends to visit their loved ones. Make sure you know what these times are as different Hospitals and sometimes even wards can vary. Make sure you stick to these times. There will also be a limit set for how many people can be at one bedside. So speak to family and find out who wants to visit and when. I know that not all families get along but try and keep drama away from the Hospital it's the last thing the patient, staff and others need in a time when they need peace and rest. If it isn't always possible to make arrangements with others be respectful and wait. Most wards are allowed 2 to 3 people and there will be two visit slots a day and although it may be hard leaving them be assured they need rest and so do you.

Respect Privacy

Most of the time when you visit a hospital the person your visiting may be on a ward with several other people. Make sure you are always respectful to other people so don't invade their space or break the visit rules. Equally if your loved one asks you not to visit for a session then respect their right to this privacy. Little things such as using the visiting toilet and not a patients toilet can be a way of making sure privacy is kept. The last few times my father has been admitted to hospital he has been lucky enough to have a room to himself but many a time he has been on a ward and I have ended up bringing things for other people as well as him. Make sure you acknowledge the other people that are present. Be polite and keep your conversations quiet as some may even be sleeping or may not have visitors of their own.

Take The Right Gifts


I remember back in the day hospitals used to sell lucozade all wrapped up like a gift. Everyone seems to go for grapes and flowers when visiting but did you know a lot of hospital wards do not actually allow flowers due to allergy issues. Sometimes the best thing to do is ask your loved one what they want. It may be something as silly as comfy warm sock, an extra blanket or some little snacky items. Remember there is limited space for storing your gifts so keep that in mind. My Dad always asks us to bring entertainment and cordial so he can drink something nice with his water and with his laptop he can watch films and play games to help pass the time. He loves listening to books too on his headphones when his eyes are too tired to read and it helps him forget he is in hospital for a little bit. You can purchase TV and entertainment at the hospital but it is very pricey and when we all in this day have laptops and tablets then you may be able to get away with using wifi and Netflix still load some back up films and music onto a device.

Be Positive and Put Them First

It can be absolutely heartbreaking having a close one lying in a hospital bed almost half the person you know but you have to be strong for them. In times like this they need your strength and positivity to help them through because if you think it's a bad situation for you then just imagine how they must feel. So go in with positive thoughts and words help make them comfortable and don't let the only conversation be about he hospital. I always try and make my dad laugh and tell him about what the the family dog is up to and silly things like that or even ask him what he is having for dinner. Positive attitude will help them through this very lonely time and just knowing they are loved and can get through can help a lot.

Ask Questions

The most important of all my tips is to make sure if you get the chance to speak to staff. Ask questions as sometimes the patient may not be able to ask themselves or might not have understood something they were told. It is important if you don't understand jargon to ask for it to be explained. Be friendly with staff and they will be friendly back answering your questions. Don't jump to conclusions if for example you see a bruise on an arm because it could be from taking blood for tests that maybe the patient didn't remember. Doctors and nurses work very hard so make sure you give them respect but equally make sure you have a clear idea what is going on and let the patient know.

I hope you will not have to use these tips often. Do you have any of your own?


Fun Dates In The City

Hey Cats,

It seems like a lifetime ago I met the Mr and I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect for me. (pass the sick bags eh) It is true though and I am such a believer of moving with the times when it comes to dating and jumping on technology to meet new people. If you're  new to online dating you can follow my 5 Tips For Dating Online. Set yourself some clear boundaries but remember you must be prepared to meet up or the date will never become more than a penpal. So you have found the person for you or just someone you may be looking to for a bit of adult dating fun but where are the best places to go on a date in the city? I got you covered!


Regular readers will know I am bias when it comes to this beautifully diverse city. You may have caught my post about my own Date nights with the Mr. There are so many places to go with your potential match from poetry readings to rock clubs to calming walks along the canal because after all Birmingham has more canals than Venice. You can meet fellow brummies on  a Birmingham dating site  and then the best bit begins...planning a date in Birmingham of course. One of my favourite places to go in Birmingham is Ikon Gallery there is always lots of varied and interesting art pieces from Video instillation to interactive art. Even if you're not a massive art fan it is a great first date as you get to walk around have a talking point (even if you're bonding over not liking anything), awkward silences aren't so awkward because you can pretend you are lost in thought about a particular piece. The building itself is beautiful and if the date is going well a short walk from bars and eateries and if it isn't going so great your a 5 min run from the bus stop.


Lets set the picture, So you met your match on a Manchester dating site  and neither of you can decide on the best place to meet up. Manchester is brimming with amazing restaurants and cocktail bars and can be a really diverse and fun night out. What is the point in drinking cocktails if you don't know what goes into them. A cocktail masterclass at Revolution De Cuba will have you mixing up a storm in no time. You can learn a lot about someone in a fun situation like this like how well they listen and how they handle pressure. For bonus points make a mental note of their fav drinks for future dates and if it isn't the person for you the you have picked up some awesome skills and can show them off on your next date.


Nottingham for me is all about those uni years, I went to Nottingham Trent university and it is a very fun city to have a night out in or even a shopping day. As I mostly know the night life then lets focus on that for all you who met on a Nottinghamshire dating site. Lets keep it classy though and you can really impress your date with a bit of culture or even a bit of panto by taking them to the theatre. Everyone likes to have a classy night out now and again and either laughing your heads off at a comedy or brooding over a romance could bring a real spark to the date as well. There is a bar you can hit as well and the surroundings are just stunning. Then you are a short hop from more bars, restaurants or even clubs you can hop. Plus it is a 5 minute walk from the legendary alternative night club Rick City or Rescue rooms if a bit of live music is what you're longing for.


So you have been on an Edinburgh dating site and you have net a Scottish match now where to go? I haven't been to Edinburgh but I have heard of some of the coolest places to go. Too many people avoid eating on the first date. We went out for a huge burger and I knew I was comfortable with him when I could just shove the burger in my face without any worries. If the food and company is good then romance will flow naturally. Lebowski's have an amazing menu packed with milkshakes, burgers and cocktails to keep any foodies happy. Share a love of your favourite foods and make sure you save room for desert.


I am yet to visit Belfast it is on my list of places I must go and I already know exactly where I want to drag the Mr when we do get the chance to go there. So for Belfast dating if like us you are a total movie geek then I have just the place you need to visit and the best excuse is a date right? I love a good film but cinemas have a bad rap for first dates everyone thinks they are a bit of a boring one...well you guys have all been going to the wrong kind of cinemas. I love an independent branch instead of a huge boring complex and Belfast has the amazing Queens Film Theatre. Founded in 1968 GFT specialises in independent film, world cinema and you may even catch your fav films on the big screen. There is also a fully licenced bar packed with fab drinks you can enjoy while kicking back and enjoying a film and hopefully a snuggle with your match. I can't wait to visit and whats even better is the GFT does lots of community work so do your research before you go and you can wow your date with your community knowledge. Who knows you may even be back for your wedding night.

Have you been on dates in any of these cities? Where did you go?