Date Ideas For The Summer

Hey Cats,

Summer is here and it is a great time to be dating the sunshine on our side means we can get outdoors and really enjoy the days and what better way to do it than with someone you like. Fear not if your single match me happy has you covered. Meeting people through free dating sites is the norm now and so many people meet this way. If you already have a partner then let me know what great dates you like to go on in the summer in the comments below.

Explore Nature

When the sun is shining everywhere is so much happier and more inviting and there are great places you can go. I am lucky enough to live in the Peak district so we can have busy sunny walks or lazy days by the river when the sun is out. Getting out and exploring nature is a lovely day out you can pack a picnic and go for an adventure in a woods or walk round a beautiful lake any chance to hold hands and really enjoy each others company. If you live in the city and the parks are busy then a national trust membership is a great way to take in some stunning sites and historical houses they can get busy but with so much to explore you can find some quiet spots and everyone visiting is much more respectful. A day out in nature together can be really calming and is great for your creativity too.

Get To The Beach

Beaches in the UK can be great places to visit we have the sandy beaches or Cornwall or the pebble beaches of Brighton with so many to choose from with so many different attractions. We actually got engaged in Blackpool which may not be the most beautiful of beaches but we had a ton of fun playing on arcades, going through haunted houses and drinking cocktails by the seafront. With each beachfront offering different things maybe suggest a beach tour with your other half you could visit a new beach every week and find your favourite. I love Cornwall and exploring little shops and then settling down to eat an ice cream on the sand watching the waves. Shops on the sea front are always quirky and fun so you can get a lovely token of your day out or challenge each other in the arcades.

Outdoor Music

The great thing about summer is that there is always music playing somewhere of course you can embrace this fully and visit one of the any festivals as it seems like there is a new one to visit almost every year. However there are lots of open air music events that you can visit for the day or pubs who have all day music events so you can take in the sunshine and discover some new bands. This is a great way to support local bands have a dance and a little tipple of your choice. Local to me lots of pubs work together and have a day of music where they collaborate to have a band on in each pub so you almost have a mini pub crawl at the same time. These kinds of things can get a bit messy but you don't have to drink you can just sit back and enjoy the music or have some lovely food along the way. 

Open Air Cinema

Local parks, rooftops and beaches are having pop events where you can watch new and classic films out in the open. These actually go on all year around but in the summer when the weather is on our side is the best time to take these in on a warm summer evening with a blanket and some snacks you can snuggle up and take in a film. I adore open air cinemas and wish we had drive ins like the states do cinemas can be a bit stuffy and there is something so romantic about watching an amazing film under the stars. You can bring your own snacks, chairs or sometimes even cars. These kind of nights out have something for everyone from horror marathons to sing a long musicals so keep an eye out for your local open air cinema events and get your popcorn at the ready. 

What do you like to do with the one you love on a summers day? Have you tried any of these days out which was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below


Staying At The Full Moon Hostel Bristol

Hey Cats,

If you keep a close eye on my Instagram then recently you would have noticed me and Mr Kaos took a trip to Bristol to see an awesome band play. We love Bristol as a place and always enjoy taking the trip to check out some of our favourite acts when they perform. The Mr had never stayed in a hostel before and since we were only going to be there for one night then I thought now was the chance to convince him that hostels can be awesome places to stay. When I saw the street art clad Full Moon I knew it was the place for us.

Where is it?

Featured in the heart of Bristol city centre in walking distance from lots of restaurants, venues, shops and the train station. Really easy to get to on foot it took us about 15 minutes from the train station or you could jump in a cab and it won't cost you a fortune as you will be in it for 2 minutes. You can't miss it as it is a beautiful colourful building covered in a landscape of galaxy.

What was the room like?

We kind of cheated on the whole hostel experience in that we booked a private room but purely because we are a couple and want to be able to cuddle up. The private room we had was the mushroom room named so because the art in the room is like a mushroom garden. Designed by the artist Scribs taking you into a Forest wonderland with cute woodland style curtains to match and a beautiful full moon on the ceiling. We had a great view of an Alice in wonderland style sculpture and the garden. In the room we had a double bunk bed which means that the room can sleep up to 3 people which is great value as the room only cost £40 a night. The bed is basic but it is somewhere to get your head down and sleep for the night and serves it's purpose I had a great nights sleep after a good night out. The room also has a TV , desk with chair, reading light and full length mirror which is all we really needed.

Other rooms are available which sleep dorm style which is great if there is a group travelling together or if you don't mind sharing and want to meet new people. There is also another private room available but these do go fast.

What about the facilities?

Toilets and showers aren't in the room but don't let that put you off they are close by there are plenty and they are clean with plenty of privacy. The showers are cubicles so stop with the flashbacks to PE showers at school. In fact every time I went to the loo or for my shower I didn't bump into anyone. Obviously there will be busy times like close to check out. You can rent towels for £1 or just bring your own and primark is stone throw away so if you want to buy one it isn't that hard.

There is also a huge kitchen with fridges and cookers so if you are staying for a week or more you can save cash eating out and cook your dinners there. I loved that there was a free food box which anyone who was leaving popped things in we left some snacks and pop as we were going as rather than carry them we wanted them to go to good use.

Next to the kitchen is a common room with a big seating area where you can watch TV, one of the many DVDs or kick back with a book from the book swapping case. A great place to meet other people who are also staying. There is also a dining area and a place to either hook up laptops or computers to use. If you are worried about valuables there are lockers which are better if you're staying in the dorm style rooms but our room was lockable with only us in them anyway.

The Bar and Venue

The great thing about the Full Moon is that it is also a bar and venue. The hostel is situated above the bar so be warned it can be a bit noisy especially on weekends but on the night we stayed it was silent by midnight I imagine on weekends it is a bit later but if you are there to have a good time join in and have some fun. Everyone in the bar was really friendly and welcoming as were the hostel staff and the bar has some great drinks we had a lovely pink rhubarb cider that was almost to easy to drink. There is a noodle bar and pizzas that look crazy good which sadly as we were only there for one night we didn't get a chance to try but were told by locals are the best in Bristol. You can even have a photo in the photo booth.

We really enjoyed our stay and will definitely return if we have anymore gigs in Bristol cheap and cheerful but with so much packed in for your money. If you want to try a hostel this s a great place to start best I have stayed in. 

have you stayed at the Full moon?

Going Bananas With Body Shop

Hey Cats,

I can't believe summer is already here and in the blink of an eye it will be over! I am so excited to enjoy as much of the sunshine as I possibly can and as I am not going on holiday this year I am eager to transport myself to that tropical place. You can just imagine how excited I was to hear about the launch of the limited edition Body shop Banana body range. I recently became a Body Shop at home consultant and I am loving every minute of it so far. I love the cruelty free ethics and if your vegan then the great news is that this new range is also 100% suitable for vegan use!

The best thing about Ethical products is being able to know the grass roots of where the ingredients truly came from. The new Banana range features banana puree which was sourced through fair trade in Ecuador. Banana farming is fighting to stay fair trade to make sure they produce quality products at a fair price and wage for the workers. Body shop have been working together in the communities of Ecuador to help encourage organic fair farming. Through this work they have been able to improve living standards, develop education in the villages and even encourage farming to be inclusive of women too. To help reduce waste the misshape bananas which are still packed with fantastic proprieties are used instead of getting thrown. All this with one ingredient how beautiful is that?

The banana products feature a lovely light exotic fragrance of banana and coconut. This perfect harmony not only transport you to a tropical place but they are also full of nourishing and moisturising properties that are fantastic for your skin. I am already addicted to the body yogurt and the scent takes me back to foamy banana sweets with a grown up twist.

As you can see I love my banana yogurt and am already half way through I have been addicted

In the new range there is a new body yogurt a light formula means it is super easy and quick to use and is dry in seconds. I love how fast this is to apply when in a hurry and it actually keeps you moisturised for up to 48 hours. A little of the product goes a long way and absorbs beautifully with no mess.

If you are a fan of a creamier texture with more time to have a pamper then the body butter is thick and creamy with 24 hour moisture. This comes in two sizes the mini put and classic size and would make great gifts for tropical loving friends.

In this heat showers are working overtime to keep us nice and cool and the banana range has you covered for your hair too recently the banana conditioner was launched to couple with the banana shampoo and they are a huge hit. If you don't want to wash your hair every time then the limited edition banana shower cap is a must. There is even a luxurious creamy body wash so there is a banana product for everyone.

If you would like to find out more about any of the Body shop products and have a chance to win prizes and get exclusive discounts then join my group.

Have you tried the Banana range yet?

Ways To Cherish Your Wedding Day

Hey Cats,

The things most brides will tell you about their big wedding day is that it was all over so fast. So much planning and thought goes into a day which lasts what seems like a heartbeat which is why so many brides get post wedding blues and almost miss making all those table centrepieces...you just wouldn’t believe that would you? When your life is kind of consumed with something for a long time and then it is suddenly over then it is natural to feel a little bit odd. There are lots of things you can do to really relive and cherish the day to help keep those blues at bay.

Memory box

Memory boxes are a great way to keep on those newly learnt crafts going and turning little bits from your beautiful day into an easy to look at keep sake. Some brides even keep their wedding dresses in beautiful boxes to keep them safe and fresh. You could even incorporate the two by making the box from the actual memories like adding the photos to the box. A great memory box could feature a copy of the vows, a wedding DVD, your favourite photos of the day or even a flash drive with the photos on, confetti and any other little bits that you collected at the end of the day to help you keep on remembering how stunning the special day was. This is a great way to keep the memories safe to show future children or bring out at anniversaries.

Photo Sharing

Sure having a professional around to take photos is a great thing but the best way to catch those unplanned and the best pictures from the day is to let all your guests go crazy taking pictures. You can request they don't share them on social media until you're ready but be careful and make sure they do know that they can take pictures share a great wedding photo sharing website loads before during and after the big day and you will have hours of fun howling at pictures of your dad dancing like nobody is watching or your selfies with your bestie. The great thing is so many people will suddenly remember days or even weeks later that they took photos so you will get to see new ones too. Having a photo booth on the day is a great way to get people taking more photos and you can share them on these websites too and capture more of your favourite moments.

Wedding DVD

You may not think having video of your wedding is important but as it goes by so quickly and being able to see those loved ones we lose over time enjoying and sharing your happiness is priceless. Also being able to show your kids and well just everyone you know who will watch it can be amazing too. There will always be people who can't make it for whatever reason and I am sure they would love to see how it went, when you stumbled over your vows, put your waterproof mascara to the test and managed not to spill wine all down yourself. Take the step to get a video even if it is just a little one.

How do you remember your wedding day?

Get More Vitamins This Summer

Hey Cats,

Summer is here and damn is it HOT and it's great to be taking in all the lovely vitamin D from the sunshine. We need all those vital vitamins to keep our bodies active, healthy and happy. A great way to stay hydrate and get more of those essential vitamins and minerals is to make your own juices, don't panic I am not talking about the crazy juicing fad diets that expect you to only drink juice but to just have at least one glass of fresh juice a day.

There are lots of benefits to making your own juices as a lot of the supermarket ones are processed and contain so many different ingredients at home you will know exactly what is in your juice and it can be a great way to get more fruits and vegetables into your daily lifestyle. Just make sure you're aware that fruits are high in sugar naturally so they won't always be instantly healthy. Try and do some research on great combinations and what works for you.

We all know that fruit and vegetable are great for us and it is because they hold vital vitamins and minerals that can help our digestion and immune system and when our bodies are working well then we feel better and more at ease too. Meaning we can get great sleep and find ourselves with more energy.

My Juicer UK have some fantastic easy to use juicers that will have you wanting to just play with them and experiment with different combinations. Who knew carrot juice was so yummy? Am I the only one that is like a big kid and actually looks forward to chucking in a different combination every time to see what works? They also have a great range of blenders and dehydrators if you want to explore different ways of getting the best from fruit and veg.

Have you tried making your own juices? What did you make?


Tips For Dating Over The Summer

Hey Cats,

Chances are if you have stumbled upon this post then you're looking for love this summer. The sun is out and it is a great chance to meet some new people but where do you get started right? I am here with a few tips of places you can find someone to share the summer with. The best advice I can give you is that when it comes to dating have an open mind and no expectations then you're not letting yourself and ideals get in the way of something that can be awesome.

Try Online

These days it is the norm to meet people on a dating website . Technology is a huge part of our lives so naturally online dating is on the rise and everyone is doing it. The best thing is summer is about enjoying yourself and exploring and when you use online dating you can change the location even when you go on holiday and who knows who you will meet on your travels. It is a great way to meet new people when you don't get the chance to get outside of your social circle or live in a place where everyone knows everyone and nobody new ever moves to the village. The love of your life may have been a village over all this time and now you have the chance to meet them.

Go New Places

Like I said summer is about getting out there and having adventures and going out and exploring new places even if it is just trying a new bar or getting out in the beer garden in the sun. This can increase your chances of meeting new people even if you just make new friends you can never have to many! Over the summer there are even more events from festivals to local carnivals people who usually wouldn't go out make the effort to get out and about and enjoy the sun and that gives you a chance to meet lots of new faces. Festivals are a fab way to have a lot of fun and meet literally hundreds of people in one weekend. Plus how cool a story down the line if you met at your favourite festival. Even if you don't find love you will look back on a killer summer where you went to new places and had a lot of fun.

Dress to Impress

Personally I think everyone looks the best in the summer it is when all the bright and lovely colours come out and all the cute clothes get a chance to be worn. Get out on a shopping spree with your mates and get yourself some clothes that make you feel confident and empowered and then even if you don't feel it inside you will ooze that confident look and that will naturally have people wanting to chat to you and get to know the awesome person you are. No matter your body shape don't hide away under lots of layers if you want to wear shorts break out those legs. If you want to wear a bikini on the beach go for it loving your body will help you in any relationship and when you are really loving you that's when they start lining up.

Have you got any tips for dating this summer?


Office Items You Need for Colour Lovers

Hey Cats,

Whether you’re a Small business owner or an avid blogger and you want to have practical but fun ways to stay organised and manage your business you may have thought about setting up a small office and you may need some practical supplies. Teacher boards have some fantastic products and I wanted to share my top three.

Rainbow Board

What a lovely name and these notice boards really do come In a rainbow of colours meaning you can literally brighten up your office and have somewhere to put all those important reminders or even use for photography backgrounds if you love a splash of colour. As these are used commercially in schools they are also fire certified so safety isn’t a worry. I love the pink with beech trim it just looks effortlessly cool and I would look forward to checking it every day for a to do list or mind map project.

Bean Bag

Office chairs can sometimes be so boring even if we still need them sometime soon it’s great to create a corner where you can go to just relax and take some t8me away from the screen. The most fun way to do this is to kick back on a bean bag. Sinking into this bright delight may just get those much needed creative juices flowing to keep you motivated and working productively. There are lots to choose from and if your a mommy blogger you can get these in mini too so maybe a great place to park the toddler with some colouring while you get working.

Wooden Standing Desk

Sometimes standing can really work well so this standing desk is a great way of working and standing at the same time. This helps keep you active and productive, however I also think it makes a great pop up desk that can be used on the go or to help create more room to read and write at the same time. I love the wooden finish and the fact it is easy to assemble and store.

What are your practical office must haves?