How Quitting Smoking Benefits Your Beauty

For a lot of people, having to quit smoking can be quite a difficult task but for those who are successfully able to leave their bad habit behind, they not only get to enjoy a number of health benefits but become more attractive looking too. A number of toxins that are found in combustible tobacco cigarettes cause the premature aging of the skin by affecting its elasticity. When you stop smoking, your skin starts to recover from the negative effects brought by such toxins which ultimately make you look more attractive. You will also notice your eyes getting brighter, lips getting prettier, nails and hair getting shinier, and life getting better!

Why do we find it hard to quit smoking?
Combustible tobacco smoking is equally a physical and mental addiction. According to a survey, out of 10 people who smoke on a regular basis, 7 are always trying to quit but fail because of their nicotine addiction or the fear that they will not be functioning normally throughout their day. The best way to quit smoking is to reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke per day. A lot of people switch to e-cigarettes which offer varying amount of nicotine that can help a user to cope up with his nicotine addiction while gradually reducing its intake.

Younger and healthier skin
A person’s skin is a mere reflection of his food and beverage consumption. Same effect smoking has on an individual’s skin, hair and teeth. Heavy smokers can be identified by discolored teeth, skin, and nails, and their hairs also seem to be lifeless which make them look a lot older than they actually are. Smoking affects collagen s in the skin that maintain the elasticity of the skin cells, leaving the smokers with an inelastic, saggy, and lifeless skin. Once you quit smoking, your skin starts to freshen up, your complexion improves, and your skin starts to look fresh and healthy because of the proper supply of nutrients and oxygen. A lot of health experts also link heavy smoking to hand eczema and people who are at risk of developing atopic eczema, smoking can have an intense negative effect on their condition.
Brighter and shinier eyes
Heavy tobacco smoking causes the redness of eyes because of the exposure to a number of toxins and irritants. People who suffer conditions like dry eyes, hay fever and other eye allergies should even avoid passive smoking that can badly irritate the external lining of their eyes. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants can replenish the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body whose absorption stops because of heavy smoking.  
No more yellowish teeth
Nicotine that is found in combustible tobacco cigarettes causes the staining and yellowing of the teeth and nails which make a person very unappealing. A number of gum diseases and oral infections are also linked to heavy smoking. Your oral hygiene will improve, and your teeth and gums will become healthier as soon as you’d quit smoking.
Get More Energetic
As soon as you quit smoking, your blood flow starts to improve and so does you lung capacity which increases by 10%. You will be able to breath, walk, and run a lot easier. After 9 months of quitting, the oxygen levels in your blood will be high enough to engage in vigorous activities like playing football. Your performance at work will also increase because of the high supply of oxygen to your brain that improves concentration.
Healthier sex life
A survey that was conducted a couple of years ago indicated that non-smokers are considered to be three times more attractive as compared to people who smoke. You start to look attractive and smell better once you quit smoking. Smoking also affects the sexual organs and quitting can result in stronger erections in men and greater orgasms in women as the sensitivity of their erogenous zones increases. Sperm count in men and fertility in women is also noticed to increase after quitting.
Stronger sense of smell and taste
A number of harmful chemicals that are found in combustible tobacco cigarettes dull the senses of smell and taste in an individual who smokes on a regular basis. Once you’d stop smoking, your sense of smell and taste will start to work as normal and you will be able to enjoy your food a lot better with your improved senses.
Become stress-free
A lot of studies indicated that the stress levels in people drop as soon as they stops smoking because they do not have to cope with nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms. You might feel an instant relief after lighting up another cigarette but you will be having the same feelings of stress and anxiety in a couple of hours.
How to quit fast?
A lot of people who report quitting cigarettes do that by going cold turkey on their bad habit. But sadly, a lot of us fall back into the vicious cycle because of the craving and missing that hand to mouth sensation that you get from smoking. Another great factor that makes it hard to quit is the nicotine dependency that brings us back to our habit, on our knees. Nicotine gums and patches can help with working out the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and another way that a lot of people prefer these days is switching to e cigs which are now dubbed as a healthier alternative to smoking. The users get to enjoy the same hand to mouth sensation along with a variety of flavors they can experiment with. Electronic cigarettes allow the user to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine and ultimately quitting it without having to deal with any withdrawal symptoms.

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Plastic fantastic with Simply plastics

Hey Cats,

When I am talking plastics I am not about to break into a Mean Girls post, instead I want to talk about something far more creative. A service you didn't even know you needed until right now. I was stoked to find out about Simply Plastics and their service of cutting perspex sheets. If you think I am going crazy let me tell you some of the practical and fun things you may need to use this service for,

Cake Decorations that you can use time and time again. These acrylic sheets are a fantastic way to help create a clean finish for frosting and icing. They are totally food safe and easy to clean for continued use.

At the moment we are on a project to make a playhouse for the little one and were excited to find out that we could get the windows cut from Simply plastics. A much safer and child friendly option than glass windows. Durable and safe as it is completely shatterproof and weather resistant.

you can also get your very own sign made which would be fantastic for an event or wedding. We have been to lots of weddings recently and the table decorations have been cute cut out pieces made of wood but plastic would be just as fabulous and could bring a pop of colour to your table.

Another fun thing you could do is make your own jewellery by getting some interesting shapes and having some friends over for some jewellery making fun. I have lots of acrylic jewellery that I love wearing and again the colours always brighten a day.

what would you use this service for?

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Plus Size Rockabilly Cherry Dress From Dolly And Dotty

Hey Cats,

Recently the lovely vintage inspired brand Dolly And Dotty asked me to review one of their dresses. I was super excited because I always gravitate towards a vintage edge. Plus I had a wedding to go to and wanted to rock the perfect outfit. There was so much to choose from on the site ranging from size 6 to 24. Not only that but the prints come in a range of styles. 

The website is fantastic and really easy to navigate which is so important to an online shopper like me. Staff were super helpful when I made enquirers about a dress that was out of stock and I wasn't left waiting long for it to come back in stock at all. I love that you can choose a print like floral, polka dot or cherry to narrow down the dress choices. 

I knew straight off I wanted a cherry dress and had at least 6 different styles to choose from all with a classic vintage edge. In the end I chose the cherry Sophie as I just adore the halter style with  a sweetheart neckline and a full skirt. The print was vibrant and pretty and everything I had been looking for after lusting after a cherry dress. I sized down to a 20 as this dress comes with the elastic backing panel which means it actually has lots of room. Dare I say I could even have sized down again but the fit was totally comfortable. So I do think that ladies above a 24 would be able to wear this style dress. 

The dress is fantastic quality for the price tag of just £29.99 and I have washed and worn it several times with no colour run or fade. 

I felt like a vintage queen when I rocked up to the wedding and even though I was in the dress all day I wasn't in a rush to get out of it when I got home. Often when I wear halternecks because of my ample bosom I find that I can end up with a sore neck but the tie fabric was soft and wide so didn't rub or pull in any way. 

The skirt is very full and would look gorgeous with a black or red petticoat but is still full and glamorous without. I want to get my hands on a red petticoat to rock with it next. Dolly and Dotty do stock petticoats and even hair accessories too. I have my eye on some hairbands and another dress that I may treat myself to in pay day. 

Have you bought anything from Dolly and Dotty? 

September Degustabox unboxing

Hey Cats,

Time for another Degustabox unboxing!


Here is what we thought of the items...

Hartleys single jelly pots these are super handy for packed lunches not just for little ones but big kids too. I love jelly and these are full of flavour and just the right amount. I can't wait to try more flavours and add them into my lunches.

Metcalfe's Popcorn Thins were so tasty. Very much like rice cakes but with more flavour a little popcorn and a lovely milk chocolate topping. I have already spotted these in my local supermarket and had to pick up more as a tasty healthy snack.

Chia Seeds we are yet to try but I am planning on making some overnight oats and adding them into that. I have seen lots of yummy recipes and am always saving them over on my Pinterest!

Sour cream and Onion toasted bread chips were super tasty and were lush dipped in hummus but really didn't need it, They didn't last very long in our house.

Banana Crisps were a tasty alternative to crisps. I love bananas and these were just lush.

Get Fruity another great addition to any lunch box.

We  used the Cirio Beans in a chilli and on some nachos and they added that extra punch in flavour we have already ordered some more of these. They also go great with the Crumbles pasta in sauce.

We love getting drinks in our Degustabox and the Peach and Lychee was my favourite Cape drinks come in really nice flavours and have just the right amount of fizz. I loved the packaging to the squash drink but was expecting a bit more exitment.

Did you know you can get money off your first Degustbox order by using the code BLDEG15 you can get a massive £7.00 discount and it really is worth it.

Have you tried any of these products?

Autumnal inspired interiors

Hey Cats,

Autumn can have some of the richest and warmest interiors of any season. When I think of autumn I envisage the gradual turning of the leaves from grassy greens to soft hues of yellow then into burnt oranges. Not to mention two of my favourite festivities, Halloween and bonfire night!
‘Tis the season to bring out the chunky knit blankets, and warm the spiced mulled wine on the stove. I want to inspire you below with some great autumnal interior ideas that I just adore!
It’s surprising what a fresh lick of paint can do to the look and feel of your home this autumn, and all these looks can be achieved by just that and they all come from Dulux Decorator Centre.
Go Grey
Charcoal grey can be a great deep shade that has an air of coolness to emulate the grey night sky, as the nights draw in more and more. I think it can look really effective on a textured wall, or even say wood like the image below.
Add a burst of burnt orange accessories for depth of contrast and great autumnal warmth. This can be a great look for a number of spaces in the home, from your bedroom to the hallway as you walk in. Check out the look below with Dulux paint Bowler Hat;
Warm up with Magnolia
So in contrast to the cooler grey, the next look is with the primary use of magnolia for warmth that runs through your living area. This warmer tone can create a really cosy look and works really well in contrast against some natural wood furniture.
The neutral shade is really great to add any other colour scheme in your furnishings and accessories. Get the look with Dulux paint Lemon Spirit, which although sounds more lemony, it can still be the perfect colour to achieve this look.
autumn | fall | autumn interior | cosy | fireplace | winter | autumn 2013 | autumn decorations:
Orange Statement
And last but not least has to be the quintessentially autumnal shade of orange. This spicy sandalwood shade from Dulux paint is everything I love about the autumn. It’s warm, it’s spicy and it adds so much character to a room if you pair it with the right furnishings and colour scheme.
Some people see this colour as a bit daring, and I can see why, but I think if you get the right inspiration and pair with the right accompaniments this can be a really great autumn look.
tangerine orange living room with white furniture, love the use of color!:  :
So if you’re ready to take the plunge into one of my favourite seasons, then fully immerse yourself in the festivities and add a fresh lick of paint to your home this autumn.
For further inspiration Dulux Decorator Centre’s Instagram and Pinterest is a great place to head! Happy decorating.

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5 Reasons To Play Pokemon Go

Hey Cats,

Unless you have been hiding on a desert island then you wouldn't have been able to miss the new craze that has taken the world by storm.....POKEMON GO. You either love it or hate it or like to moan about it and secretly play it.

1. Finding new areas

For someone like me who is brand new to an area the game is an awesome way to find new places whilst exploring. Just the other day me and the lil one went Pokemon hunting and found a whole new park we had never seen before completely with duck pond, war memorial, playground and lots of poke stops! We spent loads of time exploring and playing and even adding a cheeky lure module to a poke stop and catching lots of new Pokemon.

2. Makes Journeys More Interesting 

If you have a short attention span on trains, buses or even in the car then the game can make the journey all that more fun. Not to mention help keep little ones quiet and awake the whole way. 

3. Encourages people to get outside 

Sometimes going for A walk doesn't appeal to a lot of people but when there's a purpose or something fun to motivate you it's easy to get outside. Lots of people who would usually stay indoors glued to the TV have been taking advantage of the great weather and getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and surroundings. Yes some people are a bit glued to their phones but in large I find I don't look at my phone that often unless it buzzes and a Pokemon had popped up. It is always important to remember to stay safe when playing as they can pop up anywhere.

4. Expands imagination 

I spent hours with the little one talking about different kinds of Pokemon and where they could possibly live and what they would evolve into and then making up and drawing our own  including special powers and funny names. There are so many options with Pokemon that it doesn't have to be about just playing the game on your phone. We also spent a lot of time reading a book that told you about every Pokemon you could catch so in all it encourages both children and adults to do creative things. Even playing the game on my own I become inspired by the world around me and pushed myself to explore more. 

5. It's fun

The best reason of it all. No matter how many people make fun of something you enjoy doing you should keep on doing it because if you find it fun then that is all that matters. I am a 33 year old woman and still take great delight in seeing a squirtle pop up in my living room or getting a super potion from a pokestop. So many people on social media were quick to roll eyes at how much fun everyone was having playing Pokemon but then they were there to roll their eyes at kids going to school and people taking selfies so don't take much credit in the people who like to hate on others.

Have you played? Which is your favourite Pokemon so far?

Blackpool Short Break and Big Surprise

Hey Cats,

One boozy night in March we were talking about Mr Kaos' birthday and what he wanted to do. Turning the big 3 0 it was a big one and I wanted to make it one he would remember. You may remember I went to Berlin for my 30th. After ideas of parties and trips he decided all he wanted to do was have a cheap and cheerful trip to the seaside. As we didn't have a lot of money it sounded like the perfect chance to get away and Neil had already seen the coolest little bed and breakfast. So it was decided Blackpool would be our destination. I hadn't been to Blackpool since I was 5 years old and all I could remember was a scary haunted house where goblins peaked from behind curtains and going for a ride on a donkey along the beach.

We jumped on booking.com and chose our rock and roll B&B right on the prom. I love using their site as you can just book your room and pay later, Months went by and with moving house and starting new jobs time flew by and just a few weeks ago we had our little trip away. We chose to stay at the hotel connected to Morgans Rock N roll diner because we just loved the 50's/60's feel of the place and it looked like a lot of fun. We were lucky enough to get a sea view room and kept our window opwn all night so we could heae the waves crashing to shore.

Being right on the seafront was s handy we were in the middle of everything which meant it was all within walking distance. We walked a lor but there was so much to see. We had many a cocktail the best being in the hotel bar or the Yates speciality. There are so many bars to choose from with cheap and cheerful places like Wetherspoons, horror themed bars who play Katy Perry and family friendly spots. There was so much to do as well. We opted to not do pleasure beach this time round as we didn't want to do all the roller coasters and rides we wanted a nice relaxing trip and were still spoilt for choice, We love arcade machines and tried our luck on claw machines, 2p machines and a gangster themed shooting game that I was awful at. We also went to Ripley's believe it or not and the scariest and fun horror walk through.

Then on the Saturday morning the most exciting thing happened. We went for a walk along the pier and then the beach it was such a lovely sunny day and being early the beach was ours for the taking and we hugged together and took in the sea, Some find Blackpool to be an ugly sea front but its actually pretty and you still get filled with wonder as you look out to the sea. Then it happened WE GOT ENGAGED! I was so surprised and excited I almost cried, The ring is just beautiful and so perfect I am so happy he picked silver over gold and it was so me the sneaky boy had been planning this for months,

To top things off after we went to celebrate with a Mojito Royal our kind of cocktail mixing the classic mojito with prosecco and the babe even won me a Harley Quinn from the grab machine, We spent the rest of the day strolling around with huge smiles and the trip couldn't have been better. Go to Blackpool it's fun and there is so much to do be it spending the day on roller coasters, drinking with friends or taking the little ones to build sandcastles,

Have you been to Blackpool recently?