Best Foods That Can Kill Pain

Best Foods That Can Kill Pain

Reaching for chemical-based medicines have become the norm for many people across the world.
However, this does not mean that they are the best, healthiest or most effective option. Although
medications can often be very helpful in improving one's health, excessive consumption can cause
serious side effects in the short or long term and provoke additional health complaints.

If living a more natural and healthy lifestyle is the direction you are heading in, and you are looking
to get rid of pain, many highly effective natural painkillers work just as well as synthetic remedies
but do not trigger any dangerous side effects. Continue reading to find out more.

Getting Rid Of Pain Naturally

Managing chronic pain, first and foremost requires a change of diet. Begin by throwing out junk
food, because junk food makes the pain worse. The modern Western diet with highly refined sugar
intake, along with insufficient fruit and vegetables, blocks the possibility of non-pharmaceutical
means to combat pain. For this reason, you will first need to address your diet. When you have
done this, you can then proceed to the many herbs that actually relieve pain. The substances
following foods have been shown to help with mild pain relief.

Red Peppers
Red peppers contain the active ingredient capsaicin. Capsaicin has an analgesic effect on the
organism. This effect of capsaicin is achieved by reducing a substance that sends pain to the
nervous system. This process can take several days but is very effective.

Cannabidiol Oil
CBD oil is obtained by extracting cannabis flowers, preferably from a particular cannabis strain
which is extremely rich in cannabidiol. As a medicinal remedy, it is often mixed with a high-quality
oil such as hemp oil and is effective against a wide range of diseases. Cannabis extract is reputed
to be a natural painkiller without unwanted side effects. View here for more information about CBD.

Ginger root has been used since ancient times to treat, for example, arthritis and joint pain, as it has
an anti-inflammatory effect. This root also has a strong analgesic effect.

Ginger extract is contained in capsules, tinctures, tea, powder, oils. Capsules provide more benefits
than other forms. And to have the most effective form, you have to have the purest ginger. You can
also take the capsules with food because concentrated forms can upset the stomach. Unfortunately,
ginger tea does not offer enough to affect pain and inflammation. Twice a day, a capsule containing
255 mg of ginger should be enough to produce an impact within about six weeks. Remember, do
not take ginger when taking blood thinning medicines.

Chamomile is a popular sedative and analgesic. This medicinal plant has a fever-reducing effect,
against a headache, stomach pain, migraine, toothache, and rheumatoid arthritis. Even if scientific
evidence of the analgesic properties is lacking, moderate consumption can bring good results.

Cayenne Pepper
Spicy herbs have amazing benefits. As a strong natural antibiotic and with good analgesic effects,
cayenne pepper can help with severe headaches, migraines, sinusitis, neuralgia, and toothache. This
is due in particular to the contained capsaicin, which neutralizes the pain.

This delicious fruit also has a strong analgesic effect and can be used for various ailments. Studies
show that cherries are very good against inflammation and swelling. This is due to the contained
anthocyanins, highly effective antioxidants with sedative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Another natural painkiller that also tastes delicious is pineapple. This exotic and very healthy fruit
contains an enzyme called bromelain, which reduces pain, relieves inflammation and bruising, for
example, after a surgical procedure, excessive physical effort, impact, etc.

Valerian Root
Valerian root is an excellent alternative for people who want to treat pain naturally and refrain from
medicines. This medicinal plant is used to treat muscle cramps. It also works well against insomnia,
anxiety and menstrual pain. For premenstrual syndrome, valerian root is often recommended as it
works very strong and is one of the active ingredients is also used for market painkillers.

This spice, which is very popular in various foods worldwide, is also an excellent painkiller to relieve
a headache and toothache. This is due to the chemical called eugenol, which has a soothing and
antibacterial effect, so not only the pain itself but also unpleasant secondary problems can be

Turmeric is very effective against inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, tendinitis and autoimmune
diseases. The recommended daily amount is 400 to 600 mg of turmeric extract in tablet or capsule
form. Both turmeric and curcumin are only well absorbed with black pepper. The full benefits just
become evident after eight weeks.

Frankincense (also called Boswellia) refers to the resin of the frankincense trees. Oil preparations
of frankincense can also be used for pain relief.

Frankincense inhibits various processes in the human body that can cause or aggravate inflammation,
as multiple studies have shown. In this way, frankincense prevents an overreaction of the immune
system, which is the problem especially in arthritis, since this disease is one of the autoimmune

Probiotics refer to a combination of beneficial intestinal bacteria such as. B. lactobacilli (lactic acid
bacteria). At first glance, it is difficult to understand how a mixture of bacteria, which may be able
to build up the intestinal flora, should be able to relieve pain. The condition of the intestinal flora,
however, has far-reaching influence. If the intestinal flora is disturbed, it can no longer fulfil its
protective function for the intestinal mucosa.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
The human organism cannot produce Omega-3 fatty acids, but they are needed for a wide variety
of processes and functions. Therefore, they must be taken with food or in the form of dietary

On the one hand, Omega-3 fatty acids have a potent antioxidant effect; on the other hand, they
also have an anti-inflammatory effect by blocking the formation of pro-inflammatory tissue
hormones. Both ways reduce inflammation, which can cause pain, as numerous studies prove.
Omega-3 fatty acids have proven to be particularly effective in osteoarthritis treatment: Omega-3
for osteoarthritis.

5 Hidden Gems To Visit In Turkey

Hey Cats,

If there is a country that is full of culture and hidden gems then it has to be Turkey. I have traveled to Turkey for both holidaying and business and always had the most wonderful time. There are so many varied things to see. I wanted to share some of these amazing places that you can see on a short break to get the most impact from your trip. Holidaygems.co.uk have some great deals right now on short breaks for Turkey and after this you may want to book yourself in.

Bodrum Harbour

Bodrum is a great location to if you really want to shop in style. If you want a city break where you can shop till you drop or even take a boat ride then this is the place for you. Packed full of shops and restaurants you will be spoilt for choice on where to go and will never run out of things to do. There are lots of eateries on the harbour bay where you can relax and take in the sun while enjoying the stunning views. I couldn't resist grabbing a frappe in Starbucks and sitting outside where the waves literally crash onto your feet keeping you cool and helping you relax and forget all your worries.

 Turkish baths

You just can't visit Turkey without enjoying a Turkish bath of some form. After spending all day in the sun relaxing in a Turkish bath really is a treat. I loved being pampered and went into a family run bath in Altinkum and got the best treatment by a lovely married couple who had been treating tourists to massages for over 20 years. My friends and I spent some time getting covered in bubbles, splashed with cold water and drinking Turkish teas which may not sound relaxing but once you have experienced it you will be going back for more. The best full body massages or mud treatments are available too and they can be catered to your needs. There are so many places to choose from but I especially appreciate small family run places who give the extra touches.

Temple Of Apollo

One of the most awe inspiring reasons to visit Turkey has to be the historical aspect of the country. There are so many stunning places to visit where you can get a running history lesson. There are many excursions you can go on dotted around the country but when I was visiting Bodrum I went to Didim to visit the Temple of Apollo. The architecture of the remaining pieces is breathtaking and to fund out so much about the past really does leave your brain full of rich information. Holidays shouldn't just be about beaches but about learning too.


You will never go hungry in Turkey with so many places to choose to eat along beaches, harbour bays or even with locals try as many different dishes as you can in the short time you're there. I especially encourage you to check out local day trips as some include visiting with small villages or local places of worship where you can get a real sense of community, home grown and delicious food. We visited a small village and tasted fresh dishes made with chilli's we has picked ourselves and we even got to help prepare the dishes too.


This one may take a short flight but even if you visit for one night it is so worth checking out as you can go on stunning hikes and take hot air balloons over stunning landscapes you didn't even know existed in turkey. If heights aren't your thing but you're an early riser then kick back having a Turkish breakfast watching the sunrise and a sky full of beautiful balloons a moment you won't forget in a hurry.

Have you been to Turkey? What did you enjoy there?


Times we've been invited to brush shoulders with celebrities

Hey Cats

Top times we’ve been invited to hang out with celebrities

The biggest wedding of the year happened at the weekend, and many lucky members of the public were
invited to be a part of it. And, that’s not the only time that we’ve been invited to walk with the rich and
famous. What other occasions have we scrubbed up to walk among A-listers?

Getting married at the Grammy’s

Unlike some of us who want a private affair for their wedding, 33 couples were invited to exchange their
vows on a bigger scale in 2014.
They were asked to marry on stage at the 56th Grammy Awards which were held in Los Angeles. To celebrate
their love and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s single Same Love, heterosexual and homosexual couples were
married on stage. The marriages were officiated by Queen Latifah who was deputised for the day so she was
able to pronounce the couples as married.
The ceremony was a surprise for many — neither the guests or viewers knew what was going to happen.
The idea was decided the year before, and a casting director was hired to gather the happy couples. They
then had to sign contracts and were not allowed to tell anyone about what was going to happen. They had
to attend multiple rehearsals to prepare themselves for the biggest day of their lives!

Harry and Meghan’s wedding

From weddings on the Grammys to Harry and Meghan’s special day at Windsor Castle — this was another
event that the public were invited to be a part of.
Lord Lieutenant offices chose members of the public to invite to the big day. These individuals were able to
see the royals arrive at the chapel and see the procession in their chosen carriage after the ceremony.
The newlyweds stated that those who are invited should be from a range of backgrounds and those who
have “shown strong leadership and those who have served their communities” should also be selected.
The stories of some of the chosen guests were then told through the Kensington Palace Twitter page.
Those who did attend the wedding got to brush shoulders with the likes of the Beckhams, Selena Williams
and George Clooney.

Keeping up with Kim

The dreams of Kardashian super-fans all came true when a selected few were invited to have brunch with
Kim in 2015.
It was in celebration of her 35th birthday, and Kim invited people that she follows on social media to meet
up with her in Los Angeles. The meeting took place at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village and guests
enjoyed food and drinks, took photos with the reality star and got their phone cases signed.
As an added surprise, her husband Kanye turned up with daughter North. After the event, Kim said on
Twitter "I love you guys so much and am so grateful to have met you guys today!" and sent personalised
thank-you cards to those who were invited.

Listening to music with Taylor

Superstar-singer, Taylor Swift has been known to connect with her fans on numerous occasions. One
Christmas, she personally wrapped gifts for her supporters for a festive treat. She’s also been known to
invite her super-fans for secret listening sessions ahead of a couple of her albums.
Ahead of the release of her 1989 album, the singer requested the company of some of her fans at her
home. She served them pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that she’d personally baked and gave everyone
free album merchandise. Guests got photos with the superstar, held her awards and even listened to her
talking about her relationship with ex-One Direction star, Harry Styles.
She hosted a similar event in 2017. This time, she invited fans to a listening party in London to hear her
sixth studio album, Reputation. Taylor handpicked 100 fans to attend the event and they enjoyed chicken
nuggets, M&Ms and Reputation-themed cookies.

Helping Chrissy make banana bread

Fans of Chrissy Teigen were invited to help make her the perfect banana bread loaf. When she needed six
brown bananas for her baking, she invited her followers for help.
In exchange for their help, Chrissy offered fans a signed cookbook, a pair of her husband John’s underwear
and a Becca make-up palette. Photos were posted on social media of Chrissy’s assistant picking up the
bananas and of course, her cooking the bread.  

These aren’t the only times that we’ve been invited to hang with celebrities either. Always be prepared,
as it could be you next!


4 Ways to Make the Family Holiday Way More Fun

Hey Cats,

The idea of taking a much-deserved holiday should be appealing to everyone. Yet, a holiday with
your family is quite different from jetting off on a trip with your SO or friends - and it can quickly
become slightly exhausting if you’re unprepared. Luckily, there are a few ways to ensure the kind
of relaxation and serenity you had in mind.

Image link: Pexels

Here are a few excellent tips on how to make sure the family holiday is fun for everyone and not
even half as tiring as you might fear.

#1 Talk about the holiday

Everyone knows that half of the fun comes from looking forward to doing something exciting,
anticipating the trip, and planning what you’re all going to do. Make sure that the whole family is
a part of the planning process, first of all, and include your children when selecting activities and
build excitement by showing them pictures of where you’re going.

Although you’re probably looking forward to slouching on the beach or just going for a walkabout
without a care in the world, your kids will most certainly want to be active. Talk with them about
what they’re looking to get out of the holiday and what you would like to do as well - that way,
you’re all included and up to date.

#2 You don’t have to go somewhere exotic

Sure, when you and your friends plan a holiday, you’d probably want to slide down the canals
of Venice or ride a camel through the desert, but it’s not actually necessary for children to go
somewhere super-exotic. It’s actually all about finding the balance between a place that is
recognisable but still a bit different - like the cottage you visit once a year, for example.

They prefer the familiar and will have just as much fun on a family trip in the UK as they would
have in Indonesia - plus, it saves you a lot of holiday stress as you won’t have to get everybody’s
passports ready and rush off to catch a flight.

#3 Tune into holiday-mode

It can be difficult to leave your work mind behind when you’re off, but it’s important to take time
to enjoy yourself and forget about the stress. Make sure you’re ready to be on holiday as soon
as you lock the front door; it will make it a lot nicer for both you and your kids.

One way to do this is to reduce every stress factor that you might encounter during your time off.
Clear all of your work tasks before taking time off and think about other things that might make
you snap out of holiday-mode.

If you’re concerned about spending too much money, try to reduce the costs by staying
somewhere you’re able to cook for yourself - or, similarly, set aside some money to spend on
eating out if the thought of cooking on holiday puts you off. Start by having a look at these
serviced apartments in Birmingham if you’re searching for something that offers both cooking
facilities and restaurants. That way, you’ll be able to save money when you need it and eat out
when you need a break.

#4 Relax the rules a little

A part of leaving work busy work-mind behind means that you should also try to leave your busy
parent-mind behind slightly. Of course, you’re still the parent and in charge regardless of any
holidays, but it’s good for everyone to feel that the rules are a bit more flexible once in a while.

Allow your children to go to bed a little bit later, for example, let them have that extra ice cream if
they want it, and try to wake up in the morning without having an agenda for the day. It gives you
that sense of freedom you crave in your everyday-lives and makes the whole holiday-vibe a lot
nicer. Wake up a bit later, spend the entire day by the pool and go to bed a few hours later than
usual - it will make it feel a lot more like a holiday.

Family vacations are much more fun when everyone is in on it; from children being allowed to
have a say in the planning process to parents being able to leave work at home and let their fun
side shine a bit brighter. You’ll, hopefully, be able to return to work and home with newfound
energy and happy children.

What are your tips?

How to Achieve Your Goals in Life

Hey Cats,

Sometimes you can go through your life following what you think is a natural path with a job, family,
and perhaps kids. You might think that this is what you want, but then one day you realise that you
have had goals in your life that you wanted to achieve. If you haven’t managed to achieve any of
them yet, don’t worry, there is always an opportunity to do the things you want, but you need to
believe in yourself and be determined to succeed.
Be Clear About What Your Goals Are
To succeed in achieving your goals, you need to be sure you know what they are. You might have
many things that you would like to do in your life, but these may be things that are not goals, but
wishes. Goals are things that will change your life or help you to take another path, such as getting
a degree or landing your dream job. Sit down and list all of the things you think are your life goals.
It doesn’t matter if you think they are achievable or not, you still need to list them. You then have a
clear idea what you want and what you need to do to achieve them.
Come Up with a Plan

Some of your life goals might be more complicated than others, so you need to develop a plan of
action for each one. Go through them one at a time and think about a natural route to achieving it.
For example, if you have always wanted to be a vet, then you know that you need to take certain
courses and get work experience to achieve it. You can then cross off each step until you finally
reach your goal and then you can move on to the next one.
Visualise Yourself Achieving Your Goals
One of the greatest barriers to you achieving what you want in life is your own mind. If you think
that you cannot do something, then you won’t have the motivation to move forward. The trick is
to visualise yourself achieving the goal you want, think about getting that job and how you will be
working in your dream environment. You can even think about the things you will do or the heights
you can reach once you’re there. It is this visualisation that many of the most successful people use
to get what they want.
Actively Seek Solutions
You are unlikely to achieve any of your goals just by waiting and seeing what will happen. To make
progress, you need to actively seek out opportunities and solutions to getting you closer to the
goal. For example, if you are looking at attaining a certain job, then you need to find out how you
can get it. It might mean that you have to change your job and work in a different environment or
wait for the job to become available so that you can apply. If that’s the case, then in the meantime,
look at the attributes they want and make sure you gain that experience. Then, when the job becomes
available, you will already have a good chance of success.
Alter Your Existing Lifestyle
There are some goals which may need you to alter your existing lifestyle to achieve it. These goals
can often be the hardest to achieve because you might need to make big changes to get what you
want. If you want to visit a particular country, then it might mean you need to organise your budget
to make it easier to save the money to go. Dealing with financial issues can take a long time, you
might need to repay some debt, or consider loans from this website to help you clear up your debts.
Visiting another country is one thing, but if your goal is to live in another country, then this will take
a lot more work to achieve.
Seek Help and Advice

In some cases, the road to your goal might not seem that clear to you. There may be hurdles that
you can’t overcome or requirements that you don’t know how to meet. It is at this point that you
should seek some help and advice from someone who knows what you are looking to achieve. It
might be a friend who has already reached the same goal, or it might be a professional that can
offer some advice or an opinion on the best path to take. Check to see if there is any help online
that might be useful, perhaps there is a blog or a forum where others like you are trying to achieve
the same thing.
Remove Negativity
It might sound harsh, but to get where you need to be, it is important that you are positive and
determined. You need people around you that are going to support and help you to achieve your
goals. If there are people in your life that are negative, then this can impact on your self-belief. Try
to distance yourself from these types of people and negative situations that way you can
concentrate on the positive things.
Achieving your goals is not something that will always be easy, in fact, they might all be hard work.
However, the most important part of achieving your goals is to be determined to succeed. You may
well come across barriers or disappointments along the way, but if you can stay positive and keep
focusing on what you want, then you can achieve anything. Many people who are now living their
dream life have had to work hard to get where they are. It makes the achievement when you get
there even more important.

With the world now full of opportunities that were never available before, there has never been a
better time for you to go after what you want from life. All you need is determination, organisation,
and perseverance; then you will be on your way to meeting your life goals.