Swanky Swans Mini Haul and Review

Hey Cats,

I was contacted by the lovely people over at Swanky Swans and asked if I would like to review a few products. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of choice available. Swanky Swans is a fast growing indie business that sell fun accessories and have some stunning bands. They stock a range of make up, bags, scarves and more.

Over the weekend I had my work party quickly approaching so I chose two make up items. The range of cosmetics is really good you could shop for palettes, eyeliner and highlighter all in one place. I knew there would be dancing at my party so picked the W7 fixing spray. I used this on Friday and was really impressed with how well it kept my make up in place all night for such a small price. My eyeliner didn’t budge at all, it did go n very wet and I had a panic I would have to restart my make up but it set super quick and didn’t disturb my fresh make up at all. It is small enough to fit in your bag too but I didn’t need to reuse it at all.

A party isn’t a party unless there is shimmer so I picked out a mini highlight and blush pallet from technic. This strobe kit has a cream blusher and highlighter and a powder version of both also, it is a really affordable little quad and the shimmer is beautiful. I didn’t feel like it was massively pigmented but for the price you can just use more to get your desired shimmer. I am definitely more of a fan of the powder over cream it just seems easier to work with.

The last item I picked out had to be a handbag as that’s where Swanky Swans built their business and my Ursula tote that I use for work every day was slowly dying on me. When I saw the Bonn Cosmo shoulder bag in mustard I just knew I had to have it. Keeping me warm daily this winter has been a trusty mustard duffle from George I picked up from a local charity shop.

Finding a lovely bag to match is always dreamy and this bag has heaps of space too. Two pockets at the front which will be handy for keeping my bus pass and receipts through the day in. Then the main bag is split into three compartments. The main middle which has plenty of room and zip pockets to store important things but is easy to access and then a front and back zipped compartment to store your important things like purse and planner. If you would like to see what kinds of things I keep in my bag daily let me know in the comments below and I will do a what’s in my bag video. The quality of the bag is really lovely and the strap makes it wearable every day for me.

have you tried anything from swanky Swans yet?

What Is Romance?

Hey Cats,

The lovely people over at We Love Dates asked me what I think of Romance. You can find lots of lovely local dating sites through them such as Isle of man dating, Linconshire dating, and Berkshire dating.

Romance is such a funny thing, we see it in films and books depicted as being these huge gestures like filling a house with flowers or announcing love in the sky but who really needs thousands of pounds worth of flowers? So it got me thinking about what real romance is like and the things that really make my heart feel like it is going to burst out my chest. Sure I love getting flowers especially when it’s just for no reason but huge bouquets of flowers are surely the easy way and only really personal when they are unexpected and of course your favourite kind. I love wild flowers so I am a real cheap date whilst roses are beautiful I find wild flowers to represent adventures and real beauty everywhere.

Love letters always get me swooning from the get go of our relationship me and the Mr have always passed little notes back and forward from anything as simple as I love you in a lunch box to coming home to a wax sealed poem. If you need inspiration Buzzfeed covered some famous love letters.  I got home the other day to find a poem and I had had the worst day at work, got soaked in the snow but to come in and read it made me so happy I think I even did a little happy cry.

These moments are special and if your like me you end up keeping it in your purse until it falls apart but is always a great pick me up when you need it. A lot of people find this idea strange as why would you leave a note to tell someone you love them when you tell them every day? It is just the little surprise for me and knowing he took the time to really sit down and write something and proves that your other half is always thinking of you even when you think they aren't.

Romance is knowing your partner has been at work all day and when they get home you treat them to dinner and run them a huge candlelit bubble bath so they can relax from the stress of the day. It is such a simple thing but so thoughtful and sweet and you really feel pampered as long as they let you throw in your favourite bath bomb or even better if they got it for you then that is extra points. I am all about bubble baths.

I am a big believer in romance being in the little things. Small little acts of kindness and love will let your partner know they are appreciated. Don't forget you can check out some of We love dates sites like Nottinghamshire singles and Oxfordshire singles.

What is your idea of Romance?


How To Stay Out Of Debt This Christmas

Hey Cats,

Christmas is a magical time of year but it can also be really stressful as it revolves around spending money. So I am going to give you some tips on how to stay out of debt this Christmas. I am all about money saving especially with saving for a wedding.

Set A budget

We spoke about budgeting the other day and ways you can make sure you stay within that. Make a list of all the people you want to buy for and I am sure it would be super long. Then look at the list again and think about who you really need to buy for? So many people go crazy buying presents for people that genuinely don't expect anything and you can still get then something little with just as much impact. Use this list to set a budget for each person on the list with a budget in mind it is fun to see how creative you can get and you're less likely to go off track and spend more then you should.

Try Handmade

With Pinterest there is a world of ideas you can try out for the ones you love and sometimes we all have hidden skills. If you are a baker make little cake snack packs or trifle jars, you can make them look so pretty and nobody will be disappointed with cake at Christmas. You will find them asking you for the recipe in no time. Other things you could make are your own jams or biscuits or if you are more of a crafter make something useful they can use every day. If you have never tried making anything in your life just remember to keep it simple and you will get amazing results plus you can turn it into a family activity and get everyone involved. Handmade gifts show that person you took the time to make something just for them and that adds a lovely personal touch. Good housekeeping also have a huge list of easy DIY Christmas ideas you can check out.

Spend Within Limits 

A lot of people take out a loan around the holiday season and there is no problem with that as long as you make sure you shop around for the best deals and follow an affordable payment plan. You can find lots of personal loans online with really fair repayment schedules and if you want to improve your credit rating this can be a great way to build it. Make sure you only borrow what you need and can pay back and spend it within your limits.

Pay Your Bills First

This may seem like an obvious one but Christmas is a time when people choose to skip out on bills to pay for presents and this is not the way to do it. Pay all your bills first even the ones that don't seem that important or you will end up in financial trouble in January. Your family and friends will understand if you can't afford to buy presents and that is OK!  Look at what you have left and use that to set your budgets you will be surprised what you can do with so little.

Shop Around

Keeping those budgets in mind the smaller and bigger ones always shop around and find out if there are any current deals on. I always use sites like Topcashback and actually get money back on what your buying. Most retailers even Etsy and Ebay are on there. You can also find some amazing bargains in discount stores they have really upped their game and you can buy the perfect little things to make a hamper. Look online to see what the prices are like even if you're going actual shopping because it will not also save you time but money too.

What are your money saving tips this Christmas?


Cleanse That Dating Profile

Hey Cats,

It is almost the end of the year where we get all reflective and start setting goals and cleansing our lives. So why should our dating lives be any different? A common mistake many online daters make is to set up their profile and then just leave it at that. Seriously though we add our favourite films, and music but surely these things are constantly evolving just like our profile should be.

One of the most important things is to keep your pictures up to date, sure it is tempting to use a picture from a few years ago that still looks like you but is it a true representation? I am constantly changing my hair or my style and it is good to change your pictures every now and again especially your main one as you may capture someone else’s eye or a quiet admirer may get the confidence to drop you a message. Also try and have a good range of pictures at least 5 is great as it can show lots about you and give a little insight to the things you like to do.


Change around the wording every now and again like when you were in school and you had to reassess drafts of your work take a look to see if you are including enough to make someone want to message you. Always leave the reader wanting more though as if you include everything about your life then it can put some people off as they can be a bit intimidated and have no idea what to talk to you about. Plus that guy at Starbucks might suddenly know your life story. Keep your information up to date and fresh because a lot of dating sites boost you on the searches when you update any of your profile.

Reassess your filters like your age range and distance because that perfect partner could be just a mile out of the radius you set or maybe a year out of your bracket. By having a look at the restrictions you set you may find fresh people to chat to. If you feel like your filters are too wide and your getting attention from people too young or too old then maybe bring them in a bit and the selection of matches may become more compatible. Quality matches are important and although you should try and talk to a diverse range of people if you’re just not that interested move on and talk to the ones you are interested in. I made some lovely friends through chatting away but after a certain amount of time you have to be clear about your intentions so they don’t feel led on but if they are on the same page then awesome.


If you’re still finding that you’re not getting the right kind of matches then maybe it isn’t the right kind of dating site for you. There are so many to choose from now so you can always try new sites. Sometimes trying sites that are location based like Cumbria dating, Hampshire dating, Suffolk datingOxfordshire dating and Glasgow dating have the best impact in finding you dates on your doorstep.

How do you keep your dating profile fresh?


Sparkle This Christmas With Quiz

Hey Cats,

It seems like forever since I have talked fashion and that is something we need to rectify. The lovely people over at Quiz asked me if I would like to try an outfit from their Christmas sequin dresses and I jumped at the chance to try something new and have a stylist pick me an outfit. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out that Quiz had a plus size range as I always thought they were only stocked up to a 16 but there was actually lots to choose from. So I handed over my sizing to the stylist and waited eagerly to see what they picked out for me.

They picked me out a very sparkly number which is so pretty when the light captures this dress it give off a rainbow of sparkle which you just can't capture in pictures head over to my Instagram and I will see if I can capture this amazing sparkle in a video clip. I have nothing like this in my wardrobe so was excited to give it a try and even more excited that the stylist didn't shy away from a fitted bodycon dress for a plus size lady like myself because we don't always want to hide those curves even the VBO. 

Due to the snow I wasn't able to give you the most glam of photo shoots but keep an eye on Instagram as I will be rocking this outfit again soon. I went for a size 20 and think this was pretty true to size although this dress did have stretch which is what I like in a bodycon as I find it makes it more comfortable to wear. I love that it is long sleeve and there is a really flattering wrap detailing which just makes the dress have more of a classy feel. 
I adore the pop of red colour from the bag and shoes which are so cute and really good quality. The shoes are so lovely and soft hence why I didn't want to brave the snow in them for fear of ruining them but they also have a really pretty gold detailing that compliments the sparkle of the dress. I had to keep my leggings on because it was so cold but this dress would look even more killer with bare legs and then these shoes would make your legs look banging. The bag also has a lovely gold chain that you can wrap aroound your wrist and has plenty of room for a good night out. 

Overall I was really impressed with the quality for a cheaper party dress option and will definetly be rocking this dress over the festive season and enjoying a little more sparkle in my life.

Have you tried anything from quiz?


Date ideas For The Mature Dater Around The UK

hey Cats,

Love is for everyone and I am a firm believer that you’re never too old to fall in love or even just enjoy meeting people and indulging in some Senior dating sites. Online dating is a fantastic way to chat to new people outside of your circle. Once you have met them you may be wondering what could make a great date. The secret to dating is to already do the things you enjoy and discover new things you never knew that you could enjoy.

Go Walking 

Where I am from in Derbyshire walking is super popular because our countryside is so beautiful and there is so much to see that it would be criminal not to enjoy it. There are all kinds of trails you can go on for different abilities and some that have plenty of tea rooms along the way because after all that walking tea and cake is essential. Surrey dating is perfect for this as there are some stunning walks you can go on and while your walking you get to talk and spend time with this interesting new person.

A Day At The Beach

Another great place to go if you love walking but maybe are not much of a country walks kind of person. Going to the sea is always so uplifting and beautiful plus the perfect excuse to have fish and chips. There are always lots of lovely shops to visit and Devon dating is the best place for seaside trips as it hosts beautiful beaches and friendly environments just try and pick a day when the sun is shining.

Try Dancing

What more a classic date than going dancing and there are so many styles to choose from salsa to ballroom. There are lots of dance classes that are even tailored to senior dating such as tea dances. Even if you have two left feet it can be a lot of fun just trying and if your date isn’t too serious you can have a real giggle with each other because laughter is so important in love and everyone feels amazing and de-stressed after a real good dance.

Explore Culture

The are so many free museums around the country that have lots of new art displays to see and you don't have to be an art fan as sometimes they are based around music or TV and things that everyone enjoys in their life. You could also explore theatre as an option as well even local theatres like the one close to those who are Surrey dating have some fantastic shows to take in. From musicals to drama or a spot of comedy and having someone to share that with is what it is all about because who likes going to the theatre alone?

Go Out To Dinner

Sometimes the classic dates are the best ones and taking your date out to dinner gives you both a chance to get dressed to impress and try some lovely foods. You can even make it a regular things and work your way around the worlds cuisine. Those of you who are Edinburgh dating have so much to choose from with plenty of fine dining restaurants to whisk you off your feet.

What are your dating tips?


Tips For Decorating This Christmas On A Budget

Hey Cats,

The best thing about Christmas besides sharing time with the ones you love is getting your house all festive and pretty. It can cost a fortune if you let it but it really doesn’t have to. I love doing a bit of diy to just add those little touches to your home and the best thing is you can get the whole family in on it from anything as simple as making salt dough decorations to choosing a simple theme together. So many people go all out every year buying new decorations and changing the colour theme. This can cost you thousands if you let it. Festive lights have some great tips you can also check out which inspired this post.

Re use last years decorations or shop for new ones that fit the same theme in cheaper shops. Poundland and George have really upped their Christmas game and you can still get great quality items for a cheaper price tag. My moms tree is beautiful with an all white theme and she picked these decorations up from places like Wilko and George and then filled in with some cheaper decorations on the same theme and the impact is just beautiful with the right lights too my tree already has lights on so there is no getting tangled up or arguing over the best positioning.

Try making your own unique decorations it can be so simple. For work our Christmas window has to be done on a budget to create the most impact so we got some clear baubles which you can pick up from places like eBay and amazon and we added in just a simple bit of confetti and then hung them on invisible thread. With the light hitting off the baubles the confetti sparkles and give a really classy finish to the look. You can add your own spin to this by adding names or even turning them into a gift by filling them with sweets or small treats adding a bow and it looks cute with minimal effort so even those of you who are beginners to DIY decorations can jump on board with this.

Make your own wreath by using things you find naturally. If you have a holly bush locally or even pine cones or just want to use up some old baubles you can make a super impressive wreath to hang on your door which will have all your neighbours amazed at not only how festive your house looks but how awesome your skills are.

Keep it minimal just some pretty lights and a small tree can brighten up any house plus once all the presents are under the tree you can use cute wrapping paper or even make your own in line with your theme. Plus the less decorations you use the easier it is to put away after Christmas as I always ended up with the tree landing on me somehow.

What are your tips for easy decorating?