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Hey Cats,

Everyone is spinning and fidgeting all over the place and it is down to a new craze that has taken everyone by storm! Fidget toys are suddenly everywhere. You can get cubes with buttons to click but the most popular seems to be the finger fidget spinners. Cute little handheld toys that are so simple yet so much fun.

These toys have actually been around since 1990s and a lot of people don't actually know the history. They were originally invented to aid people who have trouble focusing or with fidgeting and have been used to help support people with ADHD and anxiety. Having something like a small toy to focus on can actually help focus in other areas, Fidget spinners have also been used in therapy to help distract and detach from harmful things someone is dealing with so they are more than just a silly little phase.

Now the toys have been picked up by the mainstream and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and have a go myself. The three bearing has been the most popular as there is more to spin. I can see how they have become a must have in every household. They are really fun to play with and I think could be really handy for car journeys or even flights to help keep boredom at bay or even give you something to focus on other than the journey. I may have to put this to the test on the next train trip I take.

Do you want one of your own? Win this fidget spinner by just clicking the image and going over to Simply E liquids to enter the competition as there are lots on offer and you could get your hands on one of your very own.

What do you think of fidget spinners?

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