How To Enjoy Gin This Autumn

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You may be asking yourself "Kelly, is this blog really necessary, no one needs to know how to enjoy gin, Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn" and maybe you are right but never the less, I am going to share some ideas with you about getting your "warm and fuzzies" from gin as the colder temps set in.

Maybe if I paint you a little word picture you will feel better? Okay, it's Friday, it's been a long week.
You just got home, you took your uncomfy shoes off and you took your bra off through your sleeve like the classy badass babe you are. Pjs on, take out ordered, there is perhaps a pair of slipper socks involved, a scented candle or 2, you wanted Anthropologie but you settled for Primark candles, still good enough and you think, " you know what would complete this picture?- Gin".

Got you hooked? Let me reel you in. Any old gin won't do, you have worked hard this week babes, you need
a gin with a little extra flare that creams autumn and makes you feel all happy, warming your cockles as you sit back, relax and enjoy a chilled night in!

There are a couple of awesome ways to enjoy gin in the autumn, warming things up for a start, you don't have to settle for a classic G & T, although that's always welcome, you can also enjoy a hot toddy with a twist! It
might not match your Chinese takeout in terms of flavour but maybe enjoy my recipe with the aforementioned takeout first then move onto one of the other 2 recipes for afters. . .  let's dive in.

The Ultimate G & T- Orginal
What You Need:
- Gin
- Ice
- Lemon Peel or cucumber, depending on the gin
- Tonic

Take a tall glass and pack it full of ice. Take a measure of your favourite gin.
Garnish wise, this depends on the gin and your preference, I recommend a slice of lemon for a gin-like
Gordons or a slice of cucumber of a gin-like Hendricks. Then top this off with a tonic on choice. If you want to elevate the drink, take a lighter to a slice of lemon peel, this releases the oils of the lemon.

Hot Ginger and Cinnamon
What You Need:
- Stem ginger
- Gin
- Water
- Cinnamon stick

Place a measure of gin per person in a saucepan. Then add one ginger (from the stem ginger pot) chopped up into the pan. Add in a tablespoon (per person) on the stem ginger sugar syrup from the pot into the pan too.
Bring everything to simmer then strain to remove the bits of stem ginger.
Serve in a tumbler and garnish with a cinnamon stick and a fresh piece of lemon peel. Delicious, sweet
and heartwarming.

Spiced Cider & Gin
What You Need: Cider
- Cloves
- Cinnamon
- Gin
- Water
- Sugar Syrup

This is a little American meets Britain autumn (or fall) collaboration. Place a cup of cider per person in a pan. Pour in a measure of Gin person. Add in a couple of cinnamon sticks, a couple of cloves, a couple of tablespoons of sugar syrup and a cup of water. Let this all come to simmer. Serve in a tumbler and garnish with a cinnamon stick, sit yourself down, open a good book, sit back and relax.

There you have it, I just planned the perfect Friday night for you. I hope you enjoy sampling the recipes, being experimental and investive yourself, as well as trying new recipes for yourself. Let me know how you get on in the comments section below.

This article was written with my friends at ILoveGin.com, discover all the amazing gins they have and sign up to try different gin samples every month! Perfect for the colder months.  Plus they have some more super delicious Gin recipes and plenty of imaginative ways to enjoy.

There's No Road Trip Like a Horror Movie Road Trip in Vancouver

Hey Cats,

Wes Craven, who was undoubtedly one of the most celebrated writers and producers of horror movies this world had ever seen, once said: “Some people ask why people would go into a dark room to be scared. I say they are already scared, and they need to have that fear manipulated and massaged. I think of horror movies as the disturbed dreams of a society.” 

If you are a die-hard fan of horror movies, you have more than like fantasised about visiting real-life locations where some of your cinematic favourites were filmed. While a road trip to Hollywood might seem like a dream come true, there is another, less obvious destination that has been the filming location of countless horror movies: Vancouver. Affectionately known as ‘Hollywood North’, British Columbia’s most diverse city has been the temporary home of the star-studded casts of countless popular movies, of which the following are just a few examples.

The Cabin in the Woods

The 2012 classic horror which revolves around the misadventures of five college friends at a remote forest cabin managed to make $66.5 million at the box office and was deemed a cult-classic by many a horror movie fundi. The film, which stars big names such as Chris Hemsworth, Jesse Williams, and Kristen Connolly was filmed, you guessed it, in and around Vancouver! 

Popular sets include the outside of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (Aerospace Technology Campus), Dana’s apartment (an apartment complex situated at Trafalgar and 5th Avenue) and, of course, the film’s mysterious ‘sacrifice facility’. You will also recognize many familiar landmarks from the movie as you make your way through one of Canada’s most sought-after filming locations.

Final Destination

No classic horror movie collection will be complete without the inclusion of the Final Destination series. Likewise, no horror movie inspired road trip will be complete without visiting the filming locations of some of the series’ most iconic scenes, all of which were shot in and around Vancouver (with the exception of the first movie which was filmed in New Orleans). When planning your road trip, be sure to include stops such as the Plaza of Nations (Tim’s death and the Ellis Medical Complex), Vancouver College (McKinley High School), and 4840 Delta Street (Terry’s Death and the Coffee Beanery).

The Twilight Saga

Technically Twilight is not a horror but whether you were a fan of the vampire-franchise or not, no trip to Vancouver would be complete without visiting a few of the locations that featured in the immensely-popular movie series. Popular locales include a private residence in Coquitlam which was used for the scenes of Jacob & Billy Black’s home, yet another private home located at 118 Stevens Drive in West Vancouver that was used as the Cullen house in both New Moon & Eclipse, and the Ridge Theatre which was the location used for the indoor movie scene that featured Bella, Mike Newton, and Jacob. In fact, by just driving through Vancouver you will sport many more sites that were used in the movies that collectively earned a whopping $3,317,470,739 at the box office. 

Make the most of your movie-inspired road trip

Road trips are undoubtedly fun but if you want to avoid being stranded in a unknown territory, possibly awaiting the same fate as some of your favourite horror movie characters, you need to ensure that you are prepared for the trip. Ensure that the vehicle you are travelling in is safe, has up-to-date insurance, and has undergone a check to make sure that everything from the windows and tires to the brakes and oil are as they should be. Always pack warm clothes in case of a sudden weather change and ensure you have some bottled water and a basic first aid kit on standby should the need for them arise.

Vancouver is without a doubt one of the best road trip destinations for anyone in search of some horror movie-inspired adventure. If you haven’t yet started drawing up your itinerary what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your bags, and get ready for what is bound to be a very exciting and memorable ghoulish adventure.

Where is your favourite horror road trip?

Cotton Underwear: The New Sexy

Hey Cats,

There’s nothing sexier than comfort. You don’t have to wear silk or satin panties to feel sexy. In fact,
if you enjoy lounging in your skivvies, choose comfort over style, and you’ll feel so much more like
yourself. You’ll be healthier, too. Cotton is breathable, so it doesn’t trap moisture, leaving your...ahem...area free from bacteria and other things that cause UTIs and yeast infections.

Choose cotton underwear over the alternative every day of the week to keep yourself happy, healthy, and sexy.

Athletic Wear

Breathable cotton athletic wear like yoga pants and sports bras can help wick away moisture and keep your skin dry as you work out. Wearing cotton workout clothing prevents chafing and rashes so you can continue to work out more comfortably day after day.


If you prefer the less-is-more idea, you probably wear thongs more often than not. They don’t show
underwear lines, and they don’t bunch. But you may have heard how bad they are for your lady

If they fit correctly and are made of the correct material, this isn’t necessarily true. Cotton is by far
the best material for thongs because of its softness and breathability in the areas where you need it

Lace, Silk, or Satin

If you do like a little flair, choose cotton underwear with lace edges. Frills, bows, ribbons, and other
materials are all ok as long as they don’t comprise the entire thing and don’t contribute to trapped
moisture and the spreading of bacteria. Cotton underwear can still be really sexy and if your
comfortable you will feel a lot more confident.

If you do wear something other than cotton, wear it sparingly and always switch it out with cotton on the day after you wear it to give your skin a break. Bonds has cotton underwear of all types to keep you comfortable and healthy.

What kind of underwear do you prefer?


What makes A GREAT product manual?

Hey Cats,

As a consumer of so many diverse products something we never really stop to think about is the product manuals themselves. Like just imagine where you would be with building that bookshelf sans instructions or getting to know that new bit of tech without any kind of knowledge of even how to turn it on. So I got to thinking about the importance of manuals and the work that goes into creating an understandable piece of information for us the consumer. Here are a few must haves in my opinion.


The manual itself has to be clear from the font to the instruction. Many people do not realise the importance of a decent font in any kind of directive writing. When reading a manual the user is already confused and looking for direction therefore being able to pick up the writing quickly and clearly is vital.. Keeping sentences to the point and with great direction is also important as manuals are often read in a rush as users we are so excited to try a product we want to be able to use it fast and skip the learning process.

Being able to convey a lot of information in a short space is really useful as well as using basic language so many different abilities are able to understand the context of the directions. Spacing out the wording can also help with allowing users to speed read the information, bullet points can often be handy or even numbering each step. This can also help if the user has to pick up and put down the manual several times.


Visual manuals are also a great way to aid the consumer in using the product manual. Diagrams and pictures with a clear labelled system are more important than you may realise. For example when being told to bleed a radiator you may read an accurate description of how to do so. However if there is a picture and visuals of the tools to use and how to carry out the task at hand then it will take even less time as sometimes it is easy to miss what is right in front of you. With some products it is even more important to get this on point so not to damage the item or even worse come to any harm yourself. 


English is not the first language for everyone and in reality products are marketed all over the world. If the first two steps are followed correctly then multilingual manuals can easily be created. Interactive user manuals in many languages mean you open up a diverse audience and opens up a bigger market for your goods. In mist cases where possible it is great if the country you are marketing to is first on the manual but this can become costly in adapting the manual so many times. This can also be done through having an English manual but then creating a website where other languages can be downloaded. There is nothing worse than getting a product and having no idea how to use it because the instructions are in a different language.

What do you think makes a great product manual?


How To Get A Stylish Bathroom?

Hey Cats,

If you grew up in the 80s you just couldn’t escape the craze of dusky pink or a avocado green bathroom suites and some houses are still rocking them to this day. Gone are those days now we want not just a functional space but a stylish retreat where we can unwind after a long day. Let’s explore how you can create that space and have the bathroom of your dreams.


If you still have carpet in your bathroom then….rip it out. It is important to have a floor that is easy to clean and looks great too. Make sure you choose a material that you can mop and maintain easily. This doesn’t mean settling for dated lino you can create a rustic look with a varnish wooden flooring or a sleek stylish finish with stunning tiling. Just ensure whichever you choose they have been treated for waterproofing as bathrooms are high moisture environments.


The options and range of tiles available these days is mind boggling you can have glitter finish to vintage prints. Whatever your theme there’s a tile to suit your tastes. Natural stone tiles are not only hard wearing but have that spa and natural feel. I love a bathroom that brings nature and tranquility in and any excuse to get some plants by me. Harrogate bathrooms has some stunning tile choices to suit all.

Bath or shower

The age old debate do you prefer a bath or a shower? You may want to create a wet room or have the deepest bath you can it is completely down to personal taste.  Personally I need both in my life to me a bath is a very personal special time where you take some real time out for yourself so well worth the investment. Get the bath that you gives you space and looks fantastic so while you’re kicking back with those bubbles flowing you are comfortable and relaxed. My dream is to have a stunning vintage style bathroom with a claw bath they are deep and chic.

Overall finish

It is important when planning your bathroom you think about the overall style you want. I prefer a much more traditional chic styled bathroom in crisp colours but with a natural flair with plants to help me relax. However some people like modern and futuristic gadget filled bathrooms. I must admit I wouldn’t say no to a waterfall style shower that would just be heaven.

What are your bathroom preferences?


Dating in the winter

Hey Cats,

As the colder nights draw in we want to spend more time indoors or at home. That can have an impact on our dating because going out to the clubs when there’s rain and snow out just doesn’t appeal. There are still lots of treat things you can do indoors for dating and finding love.

Try online

Why not try browsing online dating sites and chatting with new people from the comfort of your sofa in your pjs. What can sound more appealing that being toasty and warm sipping on hot coco late while still being able to chat with new people. There are some great online sites like Surrey dating site , or dating sites in Surrey and Senior dating sites . There are also lots of great apps you can try there really is something for everyone to try.

Online dating is low pressure as you can chat and get to know someone and see if you click. I do advise you meet as soon as possible so you can see if you click in real life too but you can chat on the phone or even over FaceTime first so that you don’t feel like you’re meeting up with a complete stranger.

Go Shopping

So another task that needs doing in the winter is shopping. So many birthday and not to mention Christmas to pay for and with the rise of inside shopping centres right here in the UK you can stay dry and warm while shopping till you drop. Lots of people come out shopping in the winter and you may find yourself making small talk in a que with a hottie. If you do you could even rock up on your first date right there as most of these places also have cinemas and lots of fun places to go out and eat.

Hanging out with friends in fun places like this even just getting out for food once a week will open up your circle to more people. Who knows if that barman at that trendy wine bar is single or if a great band are playing in a local venue.

Say Yes To Local Events

This time of year is also buzzing with lots of local events from parades to Christmas fares and it is a time people come out with their family. Often people who may usually spend a lot of time at work or even just at home will venture out and about and even if you don’t meet a new love you may see lots of old friends or even make new ones.

Just think of Bridget Jones when she bumped into her love for the first time in a hideous Christmas jumper at a family party. So just say yes to those invites and get yourself out more and just have fun. It will be in the least expected places that you can meet new people or maybe even see that old flame that you lost touch with.

How do you find dates this winter?


Explore and find love this autumn

Hey Cats,

The season is upon us when we celebrate with family and loved ones and this time of year can already be awesome but when you find someone to share with it just takes it to the next level. If you're at the point in your life where you feel ready to share then exploring online dating could be for you explore great sites like Jersey dating site, dating sites in jersey or if you're a little older then you can find a site like senior dating really useful.

Although it is really important to have your own independence and be able to appreciate alone time some things are best enjoyed shared with others. I am going to share a few of my own favourite shared intimate moments that can be enjoyed with new or established love.


There is nothing like discovering new places with someone from Vegas to Blackpool little trips near and far always create memories and fun times. I have had some fantastic times exploring new places alone but always feel I enjoy it so much more when with someone else because you push each other to explore different things , try new foods and even if the place you found was a complete dive having someone to laugh that off with. Often those are the best memories when your bed broke or camping was a flop. You really don't have to travel far to explore maybe you have always wondered where a certain trail goes or what the new Italian restaurant in town is like.


Dining out new places for me is a dream I am such a foodie and so any date night for me revolves around some kind of food. I am a sharer and think its a great bond when you can share food and really enjoy different dishes together. When you have got bored of eating out and that bond is there then why not take it into your own kitchen and cook together. Creating dishes you love together can help a relationship blossom and make an evening fun. Put on some music, make your own recipes and get adventurous in the kitchen.

Movie nights

The best bit about new love is sharing all your favourite things from that band you love to your all time best films and in the process finding some together. Laughing at bad films and crying at sad films together any chance to snuggle up and break out the popcorn. Netflix and chill didn't get it's name straight from the gutter there are so many series you can enjoy watching together hold onto those guilty pleasures until you know each other a little more that secret crush on Gordon Ramsey can wait until your comfortable laughing at each other.


Money should never be an issue when it comes to dating from city to countryside there is always a walk you can take together. Get your scarf out take a walk in the crisp autumn air through the golden leaves and get those hearts pumping in more ways than one. The joy of holding hands and exploring nature together is beautiful.

What do you love to do?

Bringing A Room Together With Feature Walls

Hey Cats,

When it comes to decorating a house the easiest way to make a room is to have a Feature wall. It can really make rooms look a lot bigger then they are are most people do the other three walls light and neutral and then have one main feature wall that draws the eyes in. I still think this is a classic and quick way to get the best from a room. It can do wonders for small rooms keeping them cosy but really creating the illusion of larger spaces.

The classic way to have a feature wall is to have a bright colour on one or even just to wallpaper one with a fun print. I miss my old bedroom which had a lovely loud leopard print wall but had the leopard been on all the walls not only would you have a weird psychedelic headache but the room would just close in around you and become very claustrophobic. Limiting loud prints means they have more of an impact and you really get the detailing of a stunning wall paper when it is matched with a neutral wall. You can then liven the room up with lots of cute accessories any excuse to get lots of lovely candles or prints to make a room more you.

Another great way to bring a feature wall into your home is by exposing some brick work. It is best to get a professional to help with this as they can make sure the room still stays well insulated and that the brick work has been protected. Sometimes it is better to use a professional who is able to create a stylish piece for you which looks like exposed brick but has actually been created which also then gives you more freedom to choose the kind of look you want do you want a traditional red brick look or a sandy stone? 

These can be created with brick slips which is a kind of tile that you can use on your wall to create the illusion of brick. They still look and feel like brick work and will give that rustic feel you want for a fraction of the price of unearthing your real brickwork, You can order samples and play around before committing and getting an idea of what you want. They are also a lot slimmer than real bricks so won't bulk up the room anymore than normal. If you have a log burner they are also heat resistant and just think of that stunning finish you will have right in your home bringing the fire and brick together has that real rustic edge.

The great thing about brick slips is that they can be used outside too if you want to have a brick finish outside. If you get the right kind then they are weather protected as they are made from coloured concrete.

Have you heard of brick slips before? What kind of brick look would you bring into your home?


Updating Your Skirting Boards

Hey Cats,

Often when we think about home improvement we think of all beautiful colours we want to paint the walls or all the new furniture we need. The last thing we think of is the little things that make a huge difference in the home like our skirting boards and door frames. You probably think I am crazy talking about this but you can have a lovely house but if you don't look after the basics then it can literally fall apart or just look really unfinished.

Take a good look at your skirting boards, doors and door frames and check if they are in good standing. Have they become warped, chipped or damaged in any other way? Paying attention to your doors and skirting can tell you about problems you may be having with your home. If they seem to have ballooned out or become warped then there could be a problem with damp in your home. Get this checked out and make sure you keep your home well ventilated and a great airflow going around especially in stuffy rooms that you may not use much. Any problems like this may mean you need to replace them.

Keeping your skirting well maintained is easy and important. Remember to work cleaning skirting boards and door frames into your cleaning routine. Just give them a quick hoover when you're doing a room and a wipe down with your favourite cleaning products to keep the room fresh. It is also advised to give them a fresh paint every now and again to keep them looking clean and giving your room that extra finish. I prefer to keep my skirting white but you can work them into your colour scheme if you prefer. Just remember whichever colour you choose to go more neutral and use a paint that is friendly with cleaning that you can wipe down easily. This is important for when you want to clean them and help keep them in good condition between painting.

The same goes for door frames and picking the right doors for your home. Getting the correct measurements is important as doors come in a variety of sizing. In the same way make sure you work them into your cleaning routine too. Invest in an extendable duster that you can reach high spaces easily with. Choose a nice natural wooden finish for a more rustic feel and less upkeep just ensure to seal so they are easy to keep clean.

When you do invest in new Skirting and doors it is important that not only do you know what sizing and style you want but also which materials. I suggest you go for water resistant products which are an upgrade on old ones in most homes which have possibly been there since they were first built. Investing in new skirting can usually come with a long guarantee and you won't have to do often if you choose wisely and get them fitted professionally.

Have you updated your skirting or doors recently?


Fun With Children In The Garden

Hey Cats,

After living in a flat for years I now feel spoiled having a huge beautiful garden. Gardens are such an important playground for children You can use your garden as both a fun and educational place for your children. Alice Garden have some fantastic additions to any garden and today we are going to explore how to make your garden fun for children but still your zen paradise.

A shed can be your best friend for keeping your garden clutter free all those bikes and little toys not being played with. It can be cute too you don't have to settle for boring brown get some paint out and make it pretty and vibrant. You can all sit down together in the garden and draw some ideas of what the best shed can look like and try and bring those ideas together in a fun way that makes your garden a colourful and fun place to be in. If you really want to add a person touch you can even get the children to help you paint some but if you want a more polished finish maybe best to set them their own painting task in painting their favourite things about the garden.

If a shed is not your jam and you already have somewhere to store those toys then a great educational vice for children can be a greenhouse. Potting plants and learning about the growth of nature or fruits and vegetables is not only a great way to learn about nature but also to encourage healthy eating. I remember growing potato, peas and carrots with my Nana when I was little and being so excited to try them at dinner time knowing that we had grown them ourselves. You can then bring the garden into the kitchen by creating fun friendly recipes you can make together. Try out different seasonal flowers and vegetables and explore which ones they prefer. This can be a great way to keep the garden looking pretty ad colourful while having fun with learning. 

A garden tool that is often overlooked is a great table and chairs set not only is this great for you to kick back with a glass of wine on a sunny day but a place for all the family. You can dine outside a picnic without having to leave home or set outside fun activities with the children. A great activity you can do this autumn is collecting your favourite leaf and doing a crayon rubbing of them or drawing some great pictures. Bug hunts have always been popular in our household and adding a bug house and a bird feeder have helped encourage nature in the garden. We love monitoring the different insects and animals we see in the garden. So far we have been graced with cats, squirrels, foxes, birds and lots of interesting bugs. Spending time in the garden actually helped my step son get over a fear of bees as the more he learnt about them the more he understood they weren't out to hurt him. 

What do you have in your garden?


Where do I find Paid blog posts?

Hey Cats,

The biggest question I get asked is how to make money from your blog! You are already writing great posts so why not make some money from them right? First thing first you need to really have your own domain before you start searching for paid work. Your domain authority helps build the rank of your blog and the higher you can get this the wider your audience and paid work offers will span. Make sure you have a clear contact form on your blog where people can reach you if they want to work with you. Now you have that sussed people know how to reach you but you have to go out and find some work too! Let me tell you some great places to get started.

Get blogged

Get blogged have great blogger outreach services with a really easy to use website where you can find great blog opportunities for any DA as little as 5! Their blogger outreach strategy  is really inclusive and even gives you points for every post you do and every person or brand you refer to them. The work is getting more varied the more they grow and they are really easy to work with and pay super quick straight into your Paypal. You can write about anything from dating to blogging and join a fun community.

Facebook Groups

There are lots of dedicated blogger related Facebook groups that you can join which can share tips and advice with you and also point you in the direction of some paid or gifted work. There are some dedicated just to sharing opportunities needed. There is a great group you can join called Bloggers on thin ice or UK bloggers if you're a plus blogger then you can join mine too over at Plus size blogger babes . You can find paid work in these groups as well as lots of tips on where to find more work or ways to adapt your blog to make it more marketable.


Twitter is another great place to find shout outs for blog collaborations. You can follow hashtags like #bloggersrequired or #bloggerswanted and lots will pop up asking for your links. Also just by being active and sharing your blog posts regularly you will get approached.  Remember you can share old posts too if they are relevant the best way to do this is to use a scheduling app and just load up some posts through the week to shout out at different times to reach a wider audience. Make sure that your feed is more than just blog posts though or your followers may get a little bored and could consider it to be a bit spammy.


When you're contacted by a PR representative make sure you keep that relationship going. I always save my contacts to recontact later in the year to see if they have any other great collaborations to work on again. Building relationships is very important make sure you deliver and are always polite and approachable. I have made some great relationships with some love PR reps who have come back to me to work together numerous times and I hope to keep those relationships going. Make sure not to spam them monthly only request new work a few times a year as different PR agents work in different ways.

Where do you find your blog posts?