#Alternativecurves - 90s Mall Witch

Hey Batlings,

It's that time again for Alternative Curves and this time we go 90s Mall Witch. I am thinking craft right like in my head when I think of what that could possibly mean....I think of girls who loved The Craft way too much and had to bring it's realness to the mall.

So on a rare blistering hot summer day in the UK....don't faint now it happens sometimes. I channelled my blackest soul. To me the clash was all about lots of black, black clothes, dark hair, dark make up and big shoes. If you follow me on Instagram you will already know I am horrified they are remaking it, Like come on you will never find a Nancy as good as Fairuza Balk! Why were there no 90s mall witches in Birmingham....OK we didn't have a mall but I dressed in black many a time while hanging out in my local horror shop. Birmingham people who remembers House of Horrors? Can we have that place back please but in my house. 

I have been sitting on this dress for a while now it was last season simply be and I love the mesh griding. It is so light and easy to wear perfect for trudging round the mall looking fro spell books. This dress was super popular among bloggers last autumn but being the thrifty witchling I am I waited it out until it dropped in price. It gives the little black dress a new lease of life. The lining is a light jersey material which has stretch in it so even though the dress is true to size if you spot it at a bargain price a size smaller nab that sucker. 

I teamed it with some black leggings big chunky shoes which have huge buckles on them and make me feel like Frankie's monster. These were a bargain for just £10 in Primark a few months back and are really easy to walk in. The hat was the real bargain though as I picked this baby up from eBay for a cheap and cheerful £3. Bargain hunt necromancers because you never know what you will find!

I am all about clashing so rocking purple eyes and green lips. The lipstick is Make up Revolution which I picked up around Halloween but this needs to be worn all year round. You may remember me gushing over this colour back in one of my you tube videos. I picked up a ton of purples and greens and am always lusting after a darker lip. 

Dress - Simply Be
Leggings- Primark 
Shoes- Primark
Hat- EBay 

What do you think of 90s Mall witch? Check our the rest of the coven on the link below...

Unboxing Skincare

Hey Lovelies

I am taking a mini break at the moment but blogging will be back to normal soon, I got a box full of goodies to review this morning and you can join me in unboxing them.

What would you like to see more videos of?

Cupcakes And Coffee With Lady V

Hey Loves,

I bought this beaut of a dress way back in the new year and I had it stuck in the back of my wardrobe! A crime I know so I am doing a bit of a shop my wardrobe post today as it would be terrible not to show you this dress. This is actually my first Lady Vintage buy, I did also buy another birdcage mint dress but didn't like how it fit on me so sent it back sadly. This dress was a supper hit among bloggers and what is not to love with all these cupcakes!

This is no longer available on the site but they have since launched a plus size range called Lady Voluptuous. That range actually goes up to a size 32 and has a range of designs from body con to classic vintage style with lots of pretty patterns. This dress came in black or cream in the Estrella range or Hepburn. I opted for a little bit of cleavage as this one had been raved about. The pattern was a super cute cupcakes and tea cups with some polka dots and cherries for good measure.  The print is amazing and can be seen below,

The fabric is thick without being heavy and is excellent quality. However I am not a big fan of the overlapping bust and would love to have seen this with a sweetheart neckline instead. It just makes me feel like I don't have much of a bust but for ladies who are extra blessed this has been a blessing. 

I chose to team the dress with a petticoat and the super cute gingerbread man bag I picked up in an Asos sale which I showed you in a haul a while back. I am a sucker for novelty bags and for a clutch this one is roomy and cute. A zip up fastening and even a little handy makes it super usable day to day.

What do you think of this dress?

What's In My Ears?

Hey Cats,

It has been a while since I did an update on what I am listening to lately so I figured I would update you wonderful lot. There have been lots of new releases which has been exciting. 

So first up Bad Cop Bad Cop have a new album out which is pretty awesome and still proves they are kick ass. Check out the opening track here, 

I am still waiting to these these bad ass babes on tour and keeping my eyes on the Fat Wreck website all the time,A band who are touring pretty soon are Teenage bottle rocket and they also have a new album out. I have to admit I have only just started listening to them after Mr Kaos recommended but I really dig this video.

As you know I love Masked Intruder and when we went to see them play they cover a song that just stuck in our heads and we had to hunt it down. If this song doesn't get stuck in your head then I am very impressed!

What are you listening to lately?

#FridayFright- It Follows

Hey Horror Lovers,

Back by popular demand is Friday Fright! I have missed writing these posts too so am stoked to bring this series back. Where I will be bringing you film reviews, interviews and more.

Last night I watched a film which I can honestly say gave me the creeps and that really does take a lot. 'It Follows' was released last year and I have only just around to watching it. Tucked up under a duvet with the lights dimmed I went in blind with no idea what the film was about.

The clue is in the title. Have you ever been walking down the street at night and someone is walking towards you but not just walking past but walking right at you. Your palms get sweaty, your heart rate rises and you see your life flash before your eyes. Now think about the perfect date that leads to a force giving you that constant feeling. That is exactly what happens to our teenage protagonist.

After a sexual encounter with a new guy in her life Jay's simple life of school and fun weekends turns into a constant fear of being caught by the supernatural force that is following her. Trying to convince her close friends that she isn't crazy while trying to dodge death.

I know I would roll my eyes too at that concept but honestly this is done so well you truly find yourself freaking out and swearing never to have sex in your life. They should play this film in sex education lessons and teenage pregnancies would be a thing of the past.

The framing of shots and the locations are beautifully presented and that alone is worth giving this film a watch. It wasn't nominated at Cannes film festival for nothing, so is not your average Thriller/Horror. The beautiful filming style gives all the jumps in the right places and builds up suspense for the most avid viewer. This is complimented by the dark and minimalist soundtrack, no songs just atmosphere at it's darkest.

My only fault in the film is sometimes character relationships got a little sloppy and confusing but you soon come up to speed as the plot isn't too complex. Overall a smart, dark psychological play on emotions rather than all out blood guts and gore. So perfect if your sick of all the throw blood at the screen horrors that have been churned out recently.

A big 4.5 / 5 from team Kaos.

Have you seen 'It Follows'? What was the last film you watched that scared you?

The Wanderlust Bucket List

I really love travelling and seeing new places it can be so eye opening. So far I have been lucky enough to have been able to travel a fair bit in my last job some of my favourite places that I have been are Sri Lanka, Berlin and USA. After you have been out of the country once you definitely get wanderlust. How can you not when there are still so many places left in the world to explore? So today I want to talk to you about the top 5 countries (In no order) on my wish list to visit. So grab your passports and lets go on an adventure together...

First stop Mexico! A country rich in culture and food.... so much food. Mexican is way too popular in our household me and the Mr love hot sauces, tacos and tequila. It is never enough though we want the real thing. Sipping tequila while the sun beams down on us looking out onto the ocean sounds heavenly doesn't it? Mexico holds so much more than a boozy, beach holiday though there is so much more to explore. If you are a regular reader you will know of my love for Frida Khalo you can find out more about here here. Mexico was the home to such a talented and inspiring woman and you can literally visit where she once lived and see some of her art work for real. For my Top 5 reasons to go to Mexico check out my post HERE.

Lets hop back on the plane next stop Australia! Are we sensing a sunny theme here? Lets face it the UK has us hungry for real sunshine. A country that offers beautiful beaches and rustic outback experiences. I can't do full on beach holidays because I have a thirst for so much more, and can't sit still long enough to catch a sun tan.  Australia has so many beautiful places to visit like the Great barrier reef or trekking through the outback and is home to many an awesome musicians like C W Stoneking. Beware Australia is not for the squeamish as a lot of the wildlife although beautiful are deadly just check out this Buzzfeed article, Still it is well worth it as our Aussie cousins are notorious for being warm and welcoming and ready to party. Plus who doesn't want to hang out with the every awesome Kobi from Horror Kitsch Bitch.

Typically the plane is delayed! We could fall asleep on this uncomfortable chair but I say lets hit the bar grab an overpriced airport drink and look at our holiday snaps. Before we know it we are flying off to South Africa. Now we are on the plane there is no letting up because we are off to somewhere who will encourage you to ride an ostrich, kayak with crocodiles, and dive with great whites. Another sunny place with beautiful beaches and lots of culture. I have to admit that thing that draws me to this place is the magical wildlife. The number one place in the world to see animals in a more natural setting from the safety of a jeep, safari so goodie lets jump on a boat next. South Africa is one of the best places for shark fans. If you are brave enough you can jump in a cage but if not you can see this beautiful creature leap through the air while you stand in total awe trying not to get sea sick.

Buckle up, have a rest while your heart rate slows down, catch some sleep on the plane for the next adventure. Since the sky is our limit and we are totally greedy lets road trip across the USA. I have been to the USA a fair few times but have only really been to Florida. You guessed it pure Disney adventures but I feel like I want to see the rest of the USA now. New Orleans with it's deep south cuisine and music scene. Not to mention the crazy party atmosphere that comes around there.  I would have to stop by Olympia  home of riot grrrl and hopefully check out a local band. My lovely friend January would kick my ass if I didn't visit Portland and get my cider on with her. Dance round the streets of Baltimore and pretend I am in every John Waters film ever. A drive round South California blasting some punk tunes. Shopping in New York and BBQ in Texas. Lets catch a show in Las Vegas and then head for the plane again.

Coming a little bit closer to home, somewhere I instantly fell in love with is the amazing Germany. Good beer, good bratwursts and such friendly people. I went to Berlin some time ago and enjoyed exploring the graffiti streets and bumping into The hoff. I would love to go back to Berlin for some more crazy bar crawls and awesome art. I also want to see even more of Germany and long to go to Munich to see the breath taking mountains. Always a festival going on in Germany with psychobilly fests, beer festivals and more so lets party it up before we head home.

Phew what a trip! How was it for you? Where did we miss?


Hey sweethearts,

10 days into blog every day in June and you guys have been awesomely supportive! I hope you have checked out all the other awesome women taking part too.

I was tagged a long time ago to do the Plus size fashion tag and I figured it was time I got around to actually filming it. Please like and subscribe to my channel and if you are a vlogger leave me your link too.

I tag all of you fierce plus size babes to do this tag too xx

#OOTD Get Nautical Because Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Hey Sweethearts,

It feels like ages since I did an outfit post when really it was only the other week. Still I have lots to show you that I bought a month or so ago and have been waiting for some sun to break it out. If you want to see a haul of the goodies keep an eye on my you tube where I will bring you a plus size clothing haul soon. Deal? Awesome,

I have always been a fan of the nautical look so I was stoked to see it coming back this spring/summer. In fact I am really impressed with the current trends not only have we got nautical but 90s goth too. It is rare I really get on board with a trend until it is dust. Simply Be had some super cute things in the sale that I had to snap up and create a cheeky look for you all, As I have been speaking about body positivity lately it is time for me to break some rules.

This polka dot shirt doesn't look that exciting on the website but it is really light and air for the summer and looks super cute tied up vintage style or tucked in to a cute skirt. I always avoid shirts because I am never sure about them but this beaut was in the sale and I needed it.

The denim skater skirt is really good quality and comes in about mid thigh on me with my big bum and I'm 5'6. I tend to find that skater skirts can come up a bit short but this one is lovely although I did have to send back the black acid wash skater skirt for being beyond too short. There is a zip and button fasten at the back but I think it is very true to size as it sits on your waist.

Boxy Shirt- Simply Be
Cardigan- New look (old)
Denim Skater skirt- Simply Be
Leggings- Primark
Wedges- Primark (Old)
Bag- Primark

The shirt has a nice length sleeve but I was tempted to roll them up for this style which could give the shirt a new look. Although if it does get chilly you could always team it with a pattern clashing stripe. I had these nautical wedges from Primark which I picked up for a bargain £2 last year and the little bag was also from Primark and was a steal at just a few quid.

Turning the shirt into a bit of a crop top was out of my comfort zone but I love how it looked with the skirt and I felt killer in it!

Are you rocking nautical? How have you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?

Fight The Chub Rub and Giveaway

Hey Dolls,

Summer is getting closer by the day and here in Birmingham we have been getting some lovely sunny days. I love sunny mornings and light evenings but heat also means wearing less. If your thighs touch then you may be well aware of the friction that can build up especially in the summer which has affectionately been dubbed chub rub.

This can be uncomfortable and sore and even prevents ladies with larger thighs wearing dresses without some kind of leggings or shorts. There are a few other ways to avoid this little problem. Vevina contacted me and asked me to try out their 'Friction Protection Cream'*. I have never used one of these creams before and have always been a bit cautious about them but thought I would give it a try. They kindly have offered to give 5 of you lovely readers some to try out too!

The way the cream works is to act as a barrier between skin on skin or clothes on skin which helps reduce friction. The bottle is a handy handbag size so can be kept in your bag for an emergency which is what I did. The cream itself is a white, unscented cream with the same consistency as a normal moisturiser. I applied the cream to my inner thighs and used about a pea size amount, Making sure it is all rubbed in and off I went walking all day.

I actually feel like it did make a difference. I walked around without leggings all day in the lovely sun and it felt amazing to bare my milk bottle legs to the world. For me however I feel like halfway through the day I had to reapply but that was after a good 6 hours. So that really isn't bad at all 6 hours of protection is worth reapplying. Just think of those floaty maxi dresses without leggings or that summer dress!

Fancy trying some? I have 5 brand new tubes to give away all you need to do is comment below and let me know you want to try some. 

May Empties and What I Really Think!

Hey Loves,

 I hope you are enjoying blog everyday in June and have shown the other fab ladies some love. You can find their links HERE. I keep straying away from the topics but that is just me. Today I wanted to come at you with another video. Show me some you tube love by liking and subscribing it would mean a lot to me.

 Have you used any of these products? Let me know if you are enjoying videos and if you would like to see a regular video a week?

My Favourite You Tubers

Hey Sweets,

Last month I shared some of my favourite bloggers with you lovely lot. Lately I am totally addicted to You Tube as you may have notice by me posting videos more regularly. If you haven't checked out my channel yet pop over and subscribe it would mean the world to me! I follow lots of awesome varied people on You tube and am always looking for more recommendations.

Rob Dyke is a big favourite in my household. If you are fascinated with weird and wonderful tales or want to see some Internet fails then this is the man for you. He updates regular and has a very polished finish.

If adventure if more your thing and you often get filled with wanderlust Fun For Louis will have you planning trips faster than you can finish one of his videos. Trust me when I say you will see things you never even knew existed. Check out the time lapse on this video.

If you want honest down to earth beauty advice Miss Budget Beauty not only has gorgeous hair but is also really easy to watch/

Another open and honest Vlogger I look forward to watching is a fellow psblogger Call Me Kim. I always really enjoy watching her Vlogs and haul posts, I now lust after polish cherry flavour vodka!

A lady who makes me want to buy everything and has the ultimate make up collection has to be Leah Xl. A mix of hauls, beauty and lifestyle but be warned she will make you want to buy so many lovely things.

That is plenty to keep you going and I am on the look out for more You Tubers to watch especially if you have any alternative suggestions then send them my way.

Mystery Box Swap Unboxing

Hey Sweets,

I am soooo excited today I got my Joyful June box swap. If you remember the Christmas swap then you will get the jist but for everyone else Joyful June is a PSblogger gift swap where we have a £10 budget and get some gifts for another bloggers we are given at random. I have done this a few times now and it is so much fun to do and to also receive. I thought it would be more fun for you to open the box with me so check out the video and don't forget to like and subscribe.

Great box eh? This is the picture as promised don't look if you haven't seen the video yet and want to be surprised with me!

What do you think of this gifted box? A big thank you to my gifter x

#HeresWhatIWouldHaveASpent River Island

Hey Loves,

Remember when I lusted after items in #HereswhatIwouldhavespent a while back? This time we are talking about River Island and the lovely items they have that had they put them in a plus size range I would be emptying my bank account for. So lets kick start it.

I love the colour of this classically cut dress which would glide down my curves and show them off. As you can tell I dig the off the shoulder look at the moment and how cute is this play suit and polka dot dress.

I may not be going on holiday this year but if I was this mesh panel swimsuit is too damn cute paired with one of these awesome kimonos. I barely see Kimonos that I like but I managed to find 4 on the River Island website which would make me feel like a total glamour puss.

If I am honest there were so many lovely pieces including summer dresses and crop tops which if River Island offered in plus size I am sure that I would not be the only one that would be spending 100s of pounds. Check out what the other bloggers would have bought....

Debz - www.wannabeprincess.co.uk
Mookie - http://www.mookieslife.com/
Steph - Seeingspots.co.uk
Toni - Www.theleftofperfect.blogspot.co.uk
Kitty - www.Adventuresofariotgrrrl.com
Vicky - http://thecurvedopinion.com
Sarah - www.plussizeproud.co.uk
Daisy - https://iwillnotwrapmyselfinsmocksandapologies.wordpress.com/
Katt - www.acurvycupcake.com
Abi - aisforabi.blogspot.co.uk
Lisa Marie - www.diaryofasize22.wordpress.com
Kathryn - http://murderofgoths.co.uk

What would you have bought?

June Targets And Beating The Blues

Hey Loves,

I have been feeling so frustrated lately. I feel like I am going round in circles and not really getting ahead which has put me in a real funk and is really having and impact on my mental health. So what to do? I have decided to set myself some challenges to try and get my mind back into gear. 

First thing is to make an effort to blog every day in June. I failed at May but realised how organised blogging every day really means you have to be. To get me into the swing of organisation a lovely blogger Lisa from My Big Fat blog invited bloggers to join her to blog every day in June. So hold tight and look forward to some varied content coming your way! 

The next is to make real use of my Fitbit (which I spoke about to you lovely lot before) and walk 10000 steps a day for the whole of June.

Getting out and about is important to keep your mind fresh and hopefully this crazy weather will stop and we can have some sunshine! I love taking long walks and getting lost sometimes and it is fun finding new ways to hit 10000 steps like dancing round the living room to Cd's you forgot about or finding out where that road goes that you always wondered about.

To be frank I have been feeling down in the dumps lately and it is nothing to do with health, walking can really help with depression and so much more. Just check out this cool little picture to the left that tells you some of the other benefits of taking a stroll,

Read, create and discover is my last challenge. I love reading and each new books sends my imagination of a journey or fills me with motivation. Reading can also keep your mind active and keep from the dreaded over thinking that I am super guilty of.

Creating is another great way to get your mind ticking. I joined an awesome craft challenge and will hopefully be sharing the fun with you too.

Last one is super easy and one of my favs. I love finding new blogs, new music and going to new places. Tell me about the books you love, or that hidden band that gets you dancing!

Do you ever set yourself little targets just because? How do you beat the blues? 

What Is Riot Grrrl?

Hey Grrrls,

As you know this delightful blog that I bring to you kick ass readers is named 'Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl', but what is riot Grrrl? My fellow 90s teenagers raise you chipper fingernailed hands and let's do some good old fashioned schooling. If you are a regular reader you would have kicked back with me on some nostalgia back in 'I will always be a rebel Grrrl' or even caught my Alt curves fashion post. 

I first discovered Riot Grrrl back when I was a teen hanging out in pigeon park in Birmingham when someone made me a mix tape. Yep a good old cassette because that's what we used to do swap tapes. When I put that tape in my little beaten boom box I had got for my 13th birthday and hit the play button my mind was well and truly blown.  I had heard bands like hole with their screamy vocals and angsty fierceness before but Bikini Kill and Lunachicks brought a whole new dimension to my musical world. Women singing about things that spoke out to me. They weren't taking any shit and they definitely were not afraid to tell you so. 

Riot Grrrl was birthed in Washington USA, Olympia would soon become many a girls haven. Underground feminist punk bands full of women. Women who were fed up of being treated like a second rate citizen. The third wave of feminism was on the rise and Riot Grrrl brought us ballsy protest songs that spoke about issues that were going ignored. Songs about rape, cat calling, domestic abuse, sexuality and empowering women to speak out stand proud and be awesome.    Some awesome bands for you to check out are Bikini Kill, Lunachicks, Bratmobile and more. I have even left you an awesome playlist at the end of the post. 

Riot Grrrl is so much more than just a collection of brilliant bands. It is a whole social movement that despite what others may stay is still going strong. Girls in their bedrooms making music or fanzines spreading words of body positivity, activism and DIY craft tips. Why sit around and settle for the norm, when you can cover everything in leopard print and glitter and make it fabulous while empowering yourselves and others around you.

You will hear so much more about riot grrrl if you keep reading this blog but for now I will leave you with an awesome playlist.

Who was your favourite riot grrrl  band?