Honey The Natural Beauty Product and Ways to Use it!

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I am working hard to use more ethical products and in doing so you find out that there are so many
hidden ingredients in products. There are also tons of amazing natural ingredients that you can just
cut out all the other ingredients and go straight to the raw source. Honey is the best example of this,
something that so many of us already have in our cupboards.

When picking your honey make sure you pick a good quality one. Lifeplan has great ethics and
respects the natural sources and bees who make them. They also test their rain forest honey to
make sure it is packed full of the best antibacterial properties and has a biopotency of 10+.
The brand also has great ethics when it comes to waste with a zero to landfill promise.

These amazing natural properties in honey mean it is the perfect natural ingredient to use within or
even straight as a beauty product, but how?

Face Mask

I love using honey as a face mask, it can be pretty sticky on it's own but with how soft it leaves your
skin it makes it worth it. Mixed with other simple ingredients it can also have other great benefits.
If you mix 3 spoons of honey and half a spoon of cinnamon is great for acne. They both have
fantastic anti-bacterial properties. For dry skin mash an avocado, mix with a few tablespoons of
natural yogurt and a teaspoon of honey and the mask will help sooth and moisturise your skin. If
you simply mix with lemon the properties from the lemon will help reduce dark spots or scars while
the honey works it's natural magic.

Bath Soak

Add a few spoonfuls of honey to a warm bath and you can kick back and relax while your skin gets
a great treat. How many products do we see for bath time that have honey in them and it is because
it is fantastic at naturally smoothing and softening skin. If you’re nervous about adding honey to
your bath try in a bowl first and give your hands or feet a soak and you will see it isn’t stick at all.
Alternatively look for products that are natural and have honey in them like bath bombs.

Alleviate Skin Conditions

Honey is fantastic to use for dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Spread a spoonful onto
the dry skin let sit for a little and then wash away if you mix with aloe Vera gel as well it is a great
skin treatment for sensitive skin.

If you don’t fancy using honey to your beauty routine then add it to tea for a natural sweetener.

How do you use your honey?

You Feta Believe These Are Some Of The Best Greek Islands To Visit

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If you’re missing the heatwave, or you’re just craving a change of scene; it could be time to hop online and satiate your
wanderlust by booking some flights. Getting away from it all for a week or so, can do wonders for your your health and
well being, and travel is always something to look forward to (and get your through a week at work in a sweaty office).

Greece offers those who need a break plenty of island destinations that will make the ideal place to relax, soak up some
history and culture, and enjoy some delicious fresh food (and the odd cocktail, obviously). The only issue is knowing which
one to visit and where to book. Therefore, the following are some ideas and inspiration for those who fancy
a Greek island getaway, and can’t quite decide which one to visit.


It’s worth looking into car rental in Crete Heraklion/Rethymno airport so that you can really make the most of Greece’s
largest island. Known for its varying terrain, Crete is an island that offers each visitor plenty to explore. There are gorges,
mountains, ruins, and beaches galore, so you’ll be able to tick a view sights and famous places off your bucket list.
There’s also the option to relax in a boat in the bright blue waters, but, why would you when you can go and explore the
birthplace of Zeus.


For a more laid back, pretty, and traditional escape; Santorini could be just what you’re looking for. After being devastated
by a volcano in the 16th century, the island has traditional properties built atop of cliff edges, meaning there are plenty of
place to eat and drink, with a magical view. If you want whitewashed buildings with crystal blue waters as a backdrop for
your Instagram feed; Santorini will be your perfect holiday destination.


Now, if you need something more lively, and want to enjoy vibrant clubs, bars, and beach parties; Mykonos might be right
for you. There’ll be beats and music, and plenty of special offers on drinks around each corner so that party animals can
have the best time. Whether you’re heading there with your besties or your partner, be prepared to dance the day and
night away, with a beautiful beach backdrop. Even though there are sights to be seen, like the 16th century windmills; if
you’re after quiet and culture, this island shouldn’t be your first choice.


For a great mix of ancient ruins and swanky beach resorts; Rhodes is an ideal choice for those who want a bit of
everything from their Greek getaway. You’ll find old, medieval towns to explore (no stilettos here), coupled with museums
and galleries (for those who are craving culture in an air-conditioned space). Once you’ve walked and explored all day,
there arec an array of luxury beachside hotels to enjoy a delicious meal and watch the sunset over the water with cocktail
in hand. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to both relax and stay active, making it a great choice for couples and solo

Have you been to Greece?

Keep Your Camping Trip Cosy With These 5 Tips

Hey Cats,

Camping season is upon us! whether you're winging you're way to a festival or taking a lovely family trip under the stars these are my top 5 tips to have a more comfortable trip. Leaky tents and uncomfortable bedding can ruin a camping trip. Here are some tips for keeping your camping trip cosy and stress-free.

Invest in a good tent

Forget taking your parent’s old tent to save money – things will be a lot cosier in a newer tent that you know is in good condition. Many modern tents are more waterproof and have greater ventilation. You could even consider a swag with in-built bedding – you can see this page for details on these types of tent. Try putting up the tent before you go to ensure that it hasn’t got any problems.

Get seasonal with your sleeping bag

Did you know that you can buy separate winter sleeping bags and summer sleeping bags? Relying on these sleeping bags rather than a generic sleeping bag will ensure that you don’t get too hot or cold. Summer sleeping bags tend to be lighter and more compact whilst winter sleeping bags are bulkier and heavier so bear this is mind when packing.

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Don’t camp under a tree

The shade of a tree might seem like the perfect place to pitch up on a hot day, but there are various downsides to camping under a tree that make it generally unfavourable. Whilst branches above may provide some shelter from the rain, once the shower is over you’ll likely get water continuing to drip down onto you for a while after. There’s also the high likeliness of birds doing their business on your tent. On top of this, you’re more at risk of falling branches, which could potentially cause an injury. All in all, you’re better off camping under an open sky.

Bring lots of plastic bags

It’s worth bringing a load of plastic bags with you, not in case you go shopping but for storage reasons. You can use a plastic bag to store rubbish, another one to store dirty laundry, another one for keeping muddy shoes in and another wet clothing. All this can help to keep the inside of your tent clean and organised. You could even consider ziploc bags for toiletries and make-up.

Pack some duct tape

Duct tape is another item that come in useful for making DIY repairs. If the tent gets ripped, duct tape will allow you to seal up the hole so that you don’t have to deal with a leaky tent. Duct tape can also be handy for making emergency repairs to shoes, strapping items such as lanterns to your tent and fixing items such as broken chairs or ripped sleeping bags.

Staying Cool This Summer With Body Shop Face Mists review

Hey Cats,

This heatwave in the UK has been both beautiful and insane and I have truly felt like a melting ice cream cone. Especially when a big part of my job is having a hot steamer on at work phew fans have not been able to work hard enough. Other than making sure that I have been using a great SPF to keep my skin protected from the rays I have also been using a miracle product in the form of a face mist or many face mists.

As you know I have become a Body shop at home consultant and have been having so much fun exploring the products and the face mists have quickly become a daily favourite in the heat. I have always been a fan of using face mists to help cool down having a blast of refreshing spray on your face can really help from plain water ones to mists that have great benefits for the skin. There are five face mists to choose from and they all have different benefits. You can choose from mint, coconut, mandarin, rose or strawberry they all smell good enough to eat.

Why Use A Face Mist?

Every day elements on your skin can impact on your skins health and especially in the heat we have to work that little bit harder to keep our skin nourished from the sun. Using a face mist in your skin and make up routine can help add moisture back into your skin and Body shop have gone the extra mile to add individual benefits to each mist These mists are make up friendly you can use them underneath or over make up and work as a great setting spray too! Keeping cool and keeping my make up intact in this heat is a winner in my books. 

Mint Mattifying

First up and one of the most popular is Mint Mattifying this mist is aimed at adding a matte finish to your make up or reducing shine on your skin. In this heat I definitely find myself getting shiny and it can be super embarrassing so this little heaven in a bottle has been amazing for helping reduce this. As with all Body shop products this is packed full of fair trade community supporting ingredients that bring extra benefits for your skin. This particular face mist is enriched with mint from Nicaragua, Seaweed extract from Ireland and Kaolin powder from right here in sunny England. The Kaolin powder is a special ingredient which helps to give that amazing matte finish to your skin without doing any harm and protecting your skin. As this is a powder it is recommended to give this mist a good shake up before using as it can settle to the bottom sometimes and gives the mist a cloudy look so don't worry that's just the magic ingredient. This spray is lovely and minty but in a refreshing subtle way so fear not you will not be walking round smelling like a stick of gum. The mint gives this mist an extra refreshing feel. 

Coco calming

The coco calming mist is great for sensitive skin and is packed with natural coconut water, Bisabolol an oil found in chamomile and aloe vera. These lovely ingredients work to help calm, sooth and smooth the skin. As the coconut comes from coconut water this is a very delicate coconut smell and not as strong as say our lovely body butter but as a mist I find that perfect as you want a light scent that isn't going to be super noticeable.

Mandarin Energising

This face mist will put a zing back in your step for a refreshing kick start the mandarin energising has caffeine, camu camu berry, mandarin extract and maca root carrot. This mist helps not only soften and nourish your skin but refresh and liven up dull tired skin. The fresh fruity orange smell helps lift your spirits and wake you up.

Rose Dewy Glow

This one has lived in my handbag constantly the only time I have taken it out is to pop it in the fridge to get it lovely and cool for that extra refreshing impact. You can store them anywhere I just like the cooling effect when they are chilled. The rose essence comes from right here in England which works in harmony with raspberry essence and cherry water. I love the dewy finish this gives my skin it gives a fresh glow which helps awaken your skin.   

Strawberry Smoothing

This is by far my favourite scent out of all of them it smells so fresh and lovely but isn't over powering. This mist features strawberry and guava from Brazil which helps smooth the skin to give a more balanced complexion. This helps by giving a slight tighten to your skin and is great under or over make up. 

These all smell lush and I love that each spray has added benefits to them. My favourites have been the Rose dewy glow ans the strawberry smoothing but I have been addicted to them all. They are currently £6.00 but if you join Body Shop At Home With Kitty Kelly over on Facebook I have some exclusive discounts. All this and cruelty free too! 

Which Face mist would you try?

Getting back into dating after divorce

Hey Cats,

So marriage didn't go your way the first time but don't let that put you off love and your happiness. There are lots of great ways after divorce you can get yourself ready to get back on the dating scene and finding love or companionship again.

Are you ready?

Before you jump head first into the dating game take some time out for yourself as a break up and a divorce can be a very stressful experience. Spending some time on you will give you time to heal and get to know what life outside marriage is like. This can be a very powerful experience push your own boundaries and take yourself out before you go looking for love as that old saying of you have to love yourself first is so important and how can you love yourself if you never spend time on you. Try having a weekend away on your own from exploring a new walking place or going on a planned expedition. Travelling alone can be an enlightening experience and will give you so much more confidence.  

Why is this relevant to dating I hear you cry? Building your confidence and finding out more about what YOU want for life will ensure you attract the right people to you when you do get back on the dating scene instead of rushing into relationships because you're lonely. Learning to spend time with yourself will mean you can take your time to find the right person. 

Try Online

A great low committed way to start dipping your toe into the dating world is to try online dating there are so many dating websites out there from Sugar mummy dating site to just senior dating. There is a dating site for everyone to try including even uniform dating if you like a man or lady in uniform. I suggest trying free dating sites first get chatting to as many different people as you can and then maybe try a more serious paid site where people are a little more committed to the idea of taking the dating further. You may get lucky and find that person on the free one anyway but there are lots of local dating sites you can use to get to know more local people even if they end up just being friends. 

Online dating doesn't have to be a scary experience, its a low impact safe and easy way to chat to different people while still carrying on with your busy daily life. How many times can you say you can meet new people while in the bath drinking a glass of wine? If you want to find someone who understands your situation there are even dating sites aimed at divorced singles who will know what it is like to have been married and then moved on to find love. This can be a great place to find like minded people. 

Talk To People

The key to any dating or friendships is to be open minded and talk to as many different people as possible. Don't worry if the bloke that is chatting you up is 5 years younger or the lady you had your eye on has never been married. You need to let go of restrictions and open your mind to new people talking to varied people opens up all kinds of possibilities. Of course you can have your own values and keep those intact all I am suggesting is to get chatting to as many different kinds of people as possible in as many places as possible and if nothing else you will find yourself having interesting and diverse conversations. This in itself can help you explore who you are and develop your own sense of self and may even encourage you to try new things. You may talk to someone who went backpacking and find yourself with a sense of wanderlust or you could talk to someone who throws dinner parties and end up cooking for all your friends. New experiences are a great thing that keep life fun and inspiring. 

Go On Dates

This one may seem glaringly obvious that to get back into dating you should go on dates but how many of us are guilty of meeting someone and not really going on many dates before we fall into a relationships and then dates becoming a thing of the past? So make sure you do go on dates and if you find yourself falling for someone then make sure you have at least a monthly date night just the two of you spending one on one time going out to do something fun. This is the secret to long and happy relationships having fun together. It also gives you an excuse to dress up and show each other how much you mean to each other. When it comes to dating in general different dates really do help build your confidence to find the right person for you so get out there on those dates but most of all enjoy yourself.

How did you get back into dating after divorce?


Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hey Cats

Life isn’t always easy, and at times it can truly make you feel frustrated and like you want to fold. However, you can’t let every little occurrence get you down. You have to get back up and keepfighting and trying your best.
There are a few ways for how you can make your life easier on yourself that you’ll likely find interesting and helpful. Sit down and review how you’re currently functioning and living and what areas are causing you the most stress. You’ll likely find the following ideas to be a lifesaver and that your days become a lot more seamless when making these couple of adjustments.
Follow A Schedule
Schedules and routines are nice because you don’t have to think so hard when you’re going
through with them. They’re especially helpful in the morning when you’re trying to get out the door or in the evening when you want to unwind before bed. While you don’t want your life to become monotonous and should always be on your toes, following a general schedule will help you to stay sane when life gets busy.
Get Back On Track Financially
Stop stressing about your finances and instead make the decision to apply for a personal loan to cover any bills or expenses that have been weighing on you. Spend some time checking out the sofi personal loan application process to see if you qualify. Your life will become easier when the funds you need are at your fingertips. You can sleep sound at night knowing you’re not going to have to scramble to come up with a certain amount of money you require to keep in good financial standing.

Learn to Let go
Hanging on to negative emotions is only going to hurt you in the long run and make your life harder. Learn to let go and not carry so much baggage around with you if you want to truly be set free each day. Stop worrying about what other people think of you and live your life how you choose to and notice how much happier you become. Keep your mind focused on all the positives and blessings that surround you and find healthy ways to release and manage any toxic feelings you’re dealing with.
Prepare Meals in Advance
One major stressor that everyone must deal with is trying to feed yourself healthy meals and get food on the table each day for your family. What will help is if you grocery shop on the weekends and prepare meals in advance on Sunday. Pull out the slow cooker during the week or freeze meals to help you feed everyone no matter how busy your schedule. You’ll notice how much more time you have back in your days when you follow through with this tip.


Life doesn’t have to be as hectic and worrisome as you’re making it. Use these ideas to help ease the pain and get through your to-do list effortlessly. Hopefully doing so will also allow you to have more time for taking care of yourself so you can exude more energy and patience overall.

Staying Safe When Exploring No String Sex

Hey Cats,

It is crazy how much attitudes towards sex has changed over time as a generation it is the norm to be able to talk openly about sex and desires without being ashamed but not so long ago this was shunned upon and in fact in many cultures still is. Yes sex can be a very intimate and sacred thing and sharing your body with someone is a very personal experience but that is the point really isn't it that it is your body, therefore your choice who you share it with?

In some respects we are leaps ahead that we can meet people from sex dating sites for no strings dating and in other ways we have only just legalised gay marriage recognising that love is stronger than hate. Thank goodness we finally have and now we can move forward and start working more on peoples attitudes towards sex instead of getting hung up on who people love. Sex education in school should be a powerful experience that teaches both girls and boys to be open to experience but most of all to ensure they are being safe and that's what I want to talk about safety when you decide to have no strings sexual relationships. Protecting yourself and others is the most important thing no matter how you approach a sexual connection.

No strings sex can come in many forms from meeting someone in a nightclub and having a one night stand to meeting someone online and arranging to meet up exclusively for sex. Some people create an on going thing with one person and others prefer to sleep with lots of different and varied people. The most important thing is however you decide to do this make sure you do this in a safe way.

If you're open to new experiences there are lots of gatherings and club nights that cater to people meeting sexual encounters in different forms you can meet for group sex or private but this is a safe place where you can meet someone and explore your kinks and then leave without worrying. These places can be very open or discreet and can be a great place to start your journey by meeting and chatting to people about their experiences. You are in control of your body and people will only expect to have sex with you in if you consent but lots of people chat and are open to sharing their experiences. Just because you're in a club that people openly have sex in doesn't mean you have to take part if you don't feel comfortable.

Get to know your own sexual limits and explore these because sometimes talking about something and experiencing it can be a very different thing. So many people after reading 50 shades of gray wanted to jump on the BDSM waggon and that is fine but be sure to know your limits within your exploring it is okay to say No if you feel uncomfortable make sure that you discuss your boundaries before and have a safe word if you need a time out or want to stop completely. Remember you are the one that is control of your body at all times.

Contraception is important and making sure you get tested between partners at sexual health clinics there are lots of amazing resources available. So many people will forget a condom or tell you they are allergic or even funnier that they just can't find them to fit trust me some people will try anything as sure condomless sex feels much better but safety is much more important when you don't know someones sexual history. Carry condoms and take contraception yourself you can get these for free at sexual health clinics with lots of advice on different contraception you can try and find out which is best for you. If you do go without condoms or femidoms make sure you're not ashamed to go get tested too because this is important. Getting tested may sound scary but it is really easy and it is empowering knowing that you are safe and it is respectful when entering any kind of sexual encounter to know. If anything does happen don't worry it can be treated and you will not have to worry.

In conclusion yes be free explore sex and kinks and your own body don't be scared to indulge in lots of self love getting yourself off will massively improve your sexual experiences as you will know exactly what you like and what works for you and sometimes you may even find that is enough for you but then when you do next have sex you can make sure you get what you need as well as pleasing whoever you are with. Be safe and don't be afraid to be vocal about contraception and boundaries but most of all have fun! Explore yourself and enjoy the journey.

Be safe!