Practical Ways To Overcome Stress & Start Living

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A little stress here and there is healthy, but too much of it can slowly cause your health and wellbeing to deteriorate. Be aware that you don’t have to let anxiety control you and that there are practical ways for overcoming stress so you can start living again.
Your daily habits matter so it’s important to take note of your current lifestyle and what you could possibly be doing differently to improve your situation. While it can be challenging to change your behaviours, it is possible with the right tools in place and willingness to adapt to and accept a new way of life that’s healthier.
Fit in Daily Exercise

One practical way to overcome stress so you can start living again is to fit in daily exercise. Working out gets your blood pumping, boosts your mood and will help you tone and attain the physique you’ve always wanted. Your stress levels will decline, and you’ll have a clear head so you can logically face whatever may come your way next. It’s a great strategy for releasing negative emotions and starting or ending your day so that you feel more balanced overall. Have fun with it and find a class or exercise you truly enjoy doing that makes you happy. Breaking a sweat is one of the best ways to combat stress, feel good about yourself and slow racing thoughts.
Find A Creative Outlet
Release stress by finding a creative outlet such as reading, writing or making films. There is even a programme you sign up for that provides royalty free music for film and allows you to put together a masterpiece with the right soundtrack. Turn your hobby into a side gig either recording videos for weddings or starting your own YouTube channel. These sorts of hobbies and activities will challenge your brain in a positive manner, and you’ll be able to work through your stress without having to turn to self-destructive actions.
Talk about Your Problems

Opening up and talking about your problems is good for you and will allow you to get your feelings off your chest. Overcome stress and start living by being more vulnerable with others and letting them in to what’s happening in your life. This way you’re not carrying around a heavy burden or baggage and having to pretend like all is okay with you when it’s not. Share your life story with people you trust, and you’ll likely receive helpful advice in return that will allow you to move forward in a positive manner. Keep in mind that there’s nothing to be ashamed of because everyone is dealing with problems of their own.
Make More Time for Yourself
Now is a good time to take a good look at your calendar and free up your schedule, so you have more time for you. Self-care activities are extremely important when it comes to being able to manage your stress and have more natural energy. Proactively manage your time and start setting boundaries, so you’re not always being pulled in a lot of different directions and forgetting about your own needs. Use your free time after work and on the weekends to go for a walk, food shop and catch up on your sleep. Remember that it’s all about choices and figuring out what type of balance you need to be able to feel more satisfied overall.
Be Mindful of what You’re Putting in Your Body
It’s important to avoid chemicals and foods such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and sugar when you’re experiencing a lot of stress. These items only exasperate the issue and make you feel worse in the long run. What you should focus on doing instead is cooking healthy meals for yourself and putting nutritious foods in your body such as protein, leafy greens, and fruits. You’re going to feel like a new person when you’re more careful about what you’re eating, and you’ll notice that you’re better able to control your emotions and worries.
Keep A Journal

Beat stress and start living your life by noticing and managing what’s going on in your mind. What will help you the most is keeping a journal so you can write down what you’re thinking and worried about most. You may not even be aware of all you have going on in your head until you get it down on paper and can sort through your feelings. In addition, it’s a wise idea to record down what you do like about yourself, what you’re grateful for and anything you’re looking forward to experiencing in your life to keep this exercise positive and uplifting.
Try Breathing Techniques to Help You Relax
It’s common for your body to get worked up when you’re feeling stressed out. Reduce this reaction by practicing breathing techniques that relax you and put you at ease. The best part is you can do them anywhere without anyone knowing that you’re trying to calm down. Take big, slow deep breaths in, hold it and then little by little release the air and notice how you begin to become less worked up and anxious. It’s a wise idea to avoid reacting to a particular matter you’re facing that has you upset without first getting yourself back in control. It’s even a good idea to walk away and collect yourself and your thoughts before you respond.

A large amount of stress has the potential to cause you a lot of distress and affect the way you function on a daily basis. It’s important to use these tips to help you get it under control so you can live your life to the fullest and not be bogged down by worrisome thoughts. Give them a try and notice what a difference it makes in your days and how much more relaxed you feel tackling your to-do list. Unfortunately, there’s no way around feeling some stress once in a while, so it’s your job to make sure you keep it under control.

5 Reasons To Go To Norfolk

Hey Cats,

We all need a break away and if you haven’t managed to get away yet this summer then the perfect
place for you to visit is right here in the UK. Norfolk is right on our lovely east coastline and is packed
full of things to do. I am going to give you five great reasons to visit Norfolk.

Home away from home rent a cottage

Taking the whole family away even the dog sometimes can be an expensive experience but luckily you can rent a cottage. Norfolk cottages have a fantastic range of beautiful cottages to host the whole family. All cottages are family friendly and some places you can even bring the family dog along too. Norfolk cottages understands the importance of having all the comforts of home on holiday. There are a wide range of cottages with something for everyone from luxury stays to one day beach huts. I adore the look and sound of the shepherd huts which are all the glamour of a glamping pod with all the comfort of a cottage and a great way to unwind after exploring the stunning countryside.

The beaches

Norfolk is famous for it's miles of unspoiled coastline, stunning sandy beaches and family frequented
beach resorts like Great Yarmouth. I spent many a happy summer in my childhood paddling in the
sea and building sandcastles. Take the children to explore rock pools or challenge them to build the
biggest sandcastle. with the amazing summer we have had this year this is the perfect place to kick
back and enjoy the sunshine. If you want to make a day of enjoying the beach rent a beach hut they
are packed with great facilities like tea and coffee making facilities and somewhere to sit when you
want to stop for lunch. They also have some great storage if you want to rent them for more than a
day so you can just drop in at the beach and have everything you need for your whole holiday instead
of carrying everything around all the time.

City break

If you like something a little different to the beach then you can take a short city break in Norwich. Enjoy cobble stoned streets and quaint boutiques. If you enjoy your night life Norwich has some great cocktail bars and even a rock club you can take in. Shop by day and dance by night and then walk it off the next day taking in the sites. Norwich is also home to a huge and beautiful cathedral which is worth the visit if you admire stunning architecture. The cathedral alone hosts thousands of visitors through it's doors.

Visit Royal Grounds

Take in some Royalty while in Norfolk by visiting Sandringham house. You can visit the house, museum and gardens and find out lots about the British monarchy. This house has been in the royal ownership for four generations and is the favourite country retreat of Queen Elizabeth II. While in Norfolk you can nip over and although you can't have a brew with the queen you can learn a lot about her from the knowledgeable guides. They will have a wealth of information to share with you and you can enjoy a lovely walk in the gardens.

Great Days Out

There are so many places to choose from to have a day out in Norfolk. You can visit owl sanctuaries and maybe be lucky enough to get up close with one. Check out war museums like the 100th bomb and find out about the history of Norfolk. There is something fro everyone to enjoy and you will not go bored and when you're done kick back at that cottage or head back to the beach.

Have you been to Norfolk?

What did you do?


3 Fun Ways to Break the Pattern and Spend Your Friday Night

Hey Cats

So, the weekend looms large, but you’re just not in the mood for the usual routine. You’ve been clubbing so much, and you’ve spent so much of your time drinking in bars, that it’s all begun to blur together and it feels practically like work. Same hangouts, same ritual, some headache and toasted cheese sandwich in the morning.

This time, you’ve decided, you want to do something different. Something fun, interesting, and even memorable.

Maybe you feel like flying solo and having a good night out by yourself without interacting with too many other people, or then again, maybe you’ve got a special someone, or a few friends, who you want to hang out with.

Whatever the occasion, here are a few ideas of ways you can spend your Friday night that are fun, interesting, and that break the normal weekend routine.

Image via Pixabay

Go see a play at the theatre

These days, pretty much everyone has seen hundreds if not thousands of films by the time they reach adulthood, but it’s entirely possible that you’ve never seen a single play in your life, as of reading this. (School plays and pantomimes not included).

The thing is, the theatre is an ancient and well-respected institution for a reason. Firstly, it was the direct forerunner of the cinema, but it’s also a great way of entertaining yourself, engaging your imagination, and feeling “present” in the action, all at once.

Classic plays like The Phantom of the Opera will give you a dose of gothic-horror-meets-drama that will send shivers up your spine, while Aladdin is a family-friendly option, and The Book of Mormon will meet all of your irreverent comedic needs.

Pick a play, find an accessible theatre where it’s running, and pay a visit. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Go to a museum late night opening

Some people love museums; others are a bit ambivalent about them. One modern trend that might turn the museum experience into a great Friday-night hang-out, for you, however, is the phenomenon of museum late nights.

These have spread like wildfire in parts of the UK, US, and abroad, and will typically involve special interactive events, film screenings, food and drink, and more.

Although you might not be expecting it, a major, respectable museum in your area could be running a silent disco, dinosaur exhibit, and film-night, all on the same night, sometime this month.

Go to an outdoor cinema

Drive-in cinemas aren’t really commonplace these days, but they were once a major cultural institution, as documented in films like Grease.

Nonetheless, you can still find a few scattered around, but more likely you’ll be able to find various other forms of artsy outdoor cinema, which will allow you to spread out a blanket, or sink into a comfortable seat on a warm summer’s evening, and watch a film while enjoying the perfect mix of ambiance and cool breeze.

The UK’s moving Luna Cinema, for example, allows you to relax and watch a film in the grounds of various historical hotspots, with bar, restaurant, and toilet services included.

Dressing smart casual with chums

Hey Cats,

The rules of fashion are constantly changing and everyone always gets a little confused when the dress code shouts out for smart casual. Smart casual is the best kind as you get to look swish but be comfy at the same time. We all hate work days when we have to wear a stiff uniform but are there any rules to what you can and can't wear for smart casual? The basic premise is that you look tidy, well presented but with a more relaxed edge think shirt no tie. Chums challenged me to break it down into two outfit styles for ladies and gents.


Chinos and a plaid shirt with a nice classic pair of boots can look really smart and still on trend. The relaxed fit of the chino make them more comfortable than a regular slacks but look smarter than a jean. If you are stuck with only jeans go for a darker colour like a deep navy blue or even black as the lighter the jean the more casual your outfit will appear.

Shirts are a great way to play with the smart casual look and the sleeves can be turned up to create a relaxed look. A clean ironed shirt can have a great impact on making an impression and can create a flattering fit. The pattern in the plaid also can help create a sleeker look and the splash of colour makes the outfit more fun. Polo shirts also look great with this kind of outfit a more fitted variety looks much smarter.

Smart shoes or boots can really finish this look off to give that smart but cool edge. Go for a classic Chelsea or brogue boot. These kind of boots are timeless and look great in black or brown. Boots can be a huge confidence kick as well and help you create a suave relaxed and confident look.


This look can have a real vintage twist if worn right. The mix of red and blue creates a nautical feel and you should never be afraid to experiment with colour. The great thing about separates is you can create a capsule wardrobe that you can wear over and over again in a number of different ways. This would look great with a cute cardigan or red scarf or even with a Cami underneath and the shirt unbuttoned part of the way.

I often think it can be easier for a woman to dress smart casual as so many outfits can be dressed up or down with a change of shoes, hair and make up. This would look great with a quiff and red headscarf or in a cute ponytail giving the look a more sassy feel,

Casual footwear is more about being comfortable be that open toed to show a flash of painted toenails or flat and comfortable. Wear what you feel most relaxed in as smart casual is about being comfortable,

What do you think of these outfits? Have you checked out Chums?


The Benefits of Spur of the Moment Travel

Hey Cats,

When you want to see the world and travel to places that you’ve never been to before, what’s the best way to go about it? Well, more and more people are finding that they prefer to do it by travelling in a spur of the moment kind of way. This is when they travel at the last minute and don’t spend much time planning or preparing for it. So why do people like this kind of travel and what are the key benefits of it? That’s what we’re going to discover now, so read on.

It’s an Adventure

Being able to decide where you're going and heading there at the very last minute is a lot of fun because it’s a real adventure, and who doesn’t enjoy going on adventures? There’s a childlike wonder and discovery to that kind of activity, and it’s something that you should really embrace. You don’t know what’s going to happen, but you’re fully invested in the journey.

It Can Often be Cheaper

This is something that many people don’t even realise, but it really can b cheaper to travel at the last minute. When companies are trying to sell last minute deals and time is running out, they often cut the costs. And there are companies like Jack's Flight Club that can help you with finding these cheap deals too. You might actually save a lot of money on travel this way.

You’ll Live in the Moment

Living in the moment is something that more of us need to learn how to do. When you allow yourself to get too caught up in planning and thinking ahead, it can become that little bit harder to live in them moment and appreciate things as they come along. You’ll be stuck to your pre-planned route rather than alert to all the new things going on around you.

You’ll Avoid Over-Planning

Over-planning is something that can really ruin travel because no matter how much you think you know about a place before you head there, it will always surprise you in unexpected ways. If you try to plan things out too much, you won’t be able to take those detours and follow the little strands of the city or location that you’re discovering for the first time.

There’s a Feeling of Freedom

The feeling of freedom that comes with travelling in a spur of the moment kind of way can be intoxicating in the best possible way. You feel free to explore and grab the bull by the horns as you travel. There’s nothing quite like it, and it’s not hard to see why people do fall in love with that feeling.

Spur of the moment travel might not be for everyone, but there are clear benefits for many people that shouldn’t be simply ignored. If you can embrace this kind of travel and take the benefits while dealing with the drawbacks, it might be a form of travel that really works out well for you.

Honey The Natural Beauty Product and Ways to Use it!

Hey Cats,

I am working hard to use more ethical products and in doing so you find out that there are so many
hidden ingredients in products. There are also tons of amazing natural ingredients that you can just
cut out all the other ingredients and go straight to the raw source. Honey is the best example of this,
something that so many of us already have in our cupboards.

When picking your honey make sure you pick a good quality one. Lifeplan has great ethics and
respects the natural sources and bees who make them. They also test their rain forest honey to
make sure it is packed full of the best antibacterial properties and has a biopotency of 10+.
The brand also has great ethics when it comes to waste with a zero to landfill promise.

These amazing natural properties in honey mean it is the perfect natural ingredient to use within or
even straight as a beauty product, but how?

Face Mask

I love using honey as a face mask, it can be pretty sticky on it's own but with how soft it leaves your
skin it makes it worth it. Mixed with other simple ingredients it can also have other great benefits.
If you mix 3 spoons of honey and half a spoon of cinnamon is great for acne. They both have
fantastic anti-bacterial properties. For dry skin mash an avocado, mix with a few tablespoons of
natural yogurt and a teaspoon of honey and the mask will help sooth and moisturise your skin. If
you simply mix with lemon the properties from the lemon will help reduce dark spots or scars while
the honey works it's natural magic.

Bath Soak

Add a few spoonfuls of honey to a warm bath and you can kick back and relax while your skin gets
a great treat. How many products do we see for bath time that have honey in them and it is because
it is fantastic at naturally smoothing and softening skin. If you’re nervous about adding honey to
your bath try in a bowl first and give your hands or feet a soak and you will see it isn’t stick at all.
Alternatively look for products that are natural and have honey in them like bath bombs.

Alleviate Skin Conditions

Honey is fantastic to use for dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Spread a spoonful onto
the dry skin let sit for a little and then wash away if you mix with aloe Vera gel as well it is a great
skin treatment for sensitive skin.

If you don’t fancy using honey to your beauty routine then add it to tea for a natural sweetener.

How do you use your honey?

You Feta Believe These Are Some Of The Best Greek Islands To Visit

Hey Cats,

If you’re missing the heatwave, or you’re just craving a change of scene; it could be time to hop online and satiate your
wanderlust by booking some flights. Getting away from it all for a week or so, can do wonders for your your health and
well being, and travel is always something to look forward to (and get your through a week at work in a sweaty office).

Greece offers those who need a break plenty of island destinations that will make the ideal place to relax, soak up some
history and culture, and enjoy some delicious fresh food (and the odd cocktail, obviously). The only issue is knowing which
one to visit and where to book. Therefore, the following are some ideas and inspiration for those who fancy
a Greek island getaway, and can’t quite decide which one to visit.


It’s worth looking into car rental in Crete Heraklion/Rethymno airport so that you can really make the most of Greece’s
largest island. Known for its varying terrain, Crete is an island that offers each visitor plenty to explore. There are gorges,
mountains, ruins, and beaches galore, so you’ll be able to tick a view sights and famous places off your bucket list.
There’s also the option to relax in a boat in the bright blue waters, but, why would you when you can go and explore the
birthplace of Zeus.


For a more laid back, pretty, and traditional escape; Santorini could be just what you’re looking for. After being devastated
by a volcano in the 16th century, the island has traditional properties built atop of cliff edges, meaning there are plenty of
place to eat and drink, with a magical view. If you want whitewashed buildings with crystal blue waters as a backdrop for
your Instagram feed; Santorini will be your perfect holiday destination.


Now, if you need something more lively, and want to enjoy vibrant clubs, bars, and beach parties; Mykonos might be right
for you. There’ll be beats and music, and plenty of special offers on drinks around each corner so that party animals can
have the best time. Whether you’re heading there with your besties or your partner, be prepared to dance the day and
night away, with a beautiful beach backdrop. Even though there are sights to be seen, like the 16th century windmills; if
you’re after quiet and culture, this island shouldn’t be your first choice.


For a great mix of ancient ruins and swanky beach resorts; Rhodes is an ideal choice for those who want a bit of
everything from their Greek getaway. You’ll find old, medieval towns to explore (no stilettos here), coupled with museums
and galleries (for those who are craving culture in an air-conditioned space). Once you’ve walked and explored all day,
there arec an array of luxury beachside hotels to enjoy a delicious meal and watch the sunset over the water with cocktail
in hand. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to both relax and stay active, making it a great choice for couples and solo

Have you been to Greece?

Keep Your Camping Trip Cosy With These 5 Tips

Hey Cats,

Camping season is upon us! whether you're winging you're way to a festival or taking a lovely family trip under the stars these are my top 5 tips to have a more comfortable trip. Leaky tents and uncomfortable bedding can ruin a camping trip. Here are some tips for keeping your camping trip cosy and stress-free.

Invest in a good tent

Forget taking your parent’s old tent to save money – things will be a lot cosier in a newer tent that you know is in good condition. Many modern tents are more waterproof and have greater ventilation. You could even consider a swag with in-built bedding – you can see this page for details on these types of tent. Try putting up the tent before you go to ensure that it hasn’t got any problems.

Get seasonal with your sleeping bag

Did you know that you can buy separate winter sleeping bags and summer sleeping bags? Relying on these sleeping bags rather than a generic sleeping bag will ensure that you don’t get too hot or cold. Summer sleeping bags tend to be lighter and more compact whilst winter sleeping bags are bulkier and heavier so bear this is mind when packing.

Image Source

Don’t camp under a tree

The shade of a tree might seem like the perfect place to pitch up on a hot day, but there are various downsides to camping under a tree that make it generally unfavourable. Whilst branches above may provide some shelter from the rain, once the shower is over you’ll likely get water continuing to drip down onto you for a while after. There’s also the high likeliness of birds doing their business on your tent. On top of this, you’re more at risk of falling branches, which could potentially cause an injury. All in all, you’re better off camping under an open sky.

Bring lots of plastic bags

It’s worth bringing a load of plastic bags with you, not in case you go shopping but for storage reasons. You can use a plastic bag to store rubbish, another one to store dirty laundry, another one for keeping muddy shoes in and another wet clothing. All this can help to keep the inside of your tent clean and organised. You could even consider ziploc bags for toiletries and make-up.

Pack some duct tape

Duct tape is another item that come in useful for making DIY repairs. If the tent gets ripped, duct tape will allow you to seal up the hole so that you don’t have to deal with a leaky tent. Duct tape can also be handy for making emergency repairs to shoes, strapping items such as lanterns to your tent and fixing items such as broken chairs or ripped sleeping bags.