3 Things To Improve Your Home For Future Selling

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So you just bought your first house and you either jumped on the property ladder for it to be your forever home or you eventually want to move somewhere bigger when the family grows and you want to make sure that your house is in the best possible shape not only for you to live in but also to make it more attractive to future buyers. Here are three things you should get checked out and make sure they are improved.

If you managed to grab a steal of a house because it needed a lot of updating then windows may seem like a pricey place to start but they can make a huge impact. Click here for all your window needs but remember that good windows can make a huge difference in the heat of your home and keeping it insulated so in the long run will end up saving you so much more money than you spend on them. Big open windows can bring lots of light into the room making your home more welcoming, a lot of houses will already be double glazed but may just need the front and back doors changing.

The roof may also need looking at because lets face it when we go to look around a house we aren't climbing a ladder to ask about it. Make sure you ask questions but when you are doing your repairs it is wise to get a professional roofer to have a look if you need any work doing. It is best to do this ahead of time instead of having to call a roofer in an emergency as it will give you a chance to find out the best price and use the best people. Making sure the roof is safe and well insulated can be a huge selling factor later and add value to your property.

Sometimes people forget that the garden is just as important part of the home as any of the rooms. Whether your garden is huge or tiny making sure you make it look inviting, tidy and clean can make a dramatic difference to any visitors. You don't have to spend a fortune by landscaping it just make sure you look after any grass, plant some pretty flowers and keep any slabs clean. I love plating winter pansies in when it is cold to add a splash of colour to grey days. When it comes to selling your house if your garden looks well looked after front and back it will reflect well on your sales.

What are your tips?


3 Fun Ways To Get More Active

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Lets put the 'New Year , New me' drama aside everyone seems to make this promise to their selves to get more active and look after themselves and one of the most important ways you can self care for you is to work your body that little more day by day just to keep it moving, happy and healthy. This isn't about losing weight or shedding pounds it is about being the best you no matter your size and keeping that heart racing in easy fun ways.

By far the most fun thing you can do is to dance be it jumping around the living room to your favourite tracks, going out and dancing the night away or joining a local dance class. Dancing is not only fun but good for your stress levels and a great easy way to get your blood pumping and heart racing. Every morning I have a dance around to wake me up and put me in a good mood for the day it really helps me shake off the negativity and feel way less worried about the day ahead. There are lots of body positive spaces now where you can go dance safely and happily with your friends or join the new dance craze and meet new friends at a dance class. If you haven't discovered Whitney yet you need to check out her video she is amazing.

I love to walk especially living in the countryside it can be like going on a new adventure. I love tracking my steps with my Fitbit which encourages me to walk those extra few steps every day and you can set yourself goals to get those feet moving little by little every day. Walking the dog, strolling round the shops or cleaning the house the steps all add up and you may be way more active than you even realised. The recommended daily step count is 10000 a day which seems like loads straight away but if you build up to that goal you can be there in no time.

Try some thing new with your friends for a fun day out Chill Factore in Manchester has lots of really fun indoor skiing and snowboarding activities. You can get lessons or just have fun with your mates and bring the alps to the big city and yes it is is a great excuse to go for a hot chocolate after just like if you were skiing in a cold mountain. Most of all try new things that you can have fun doing and yes sometimes they will be a challenge but that is half the fun!

What are your easy tips for getting active?

She DOES Want To Be 'All By Herself'

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When a guy lives alone, he’s a bachelor. He’s cool and trendy, and he’s living the life all men want. Yet, when a woman chooses to live that way, she’s a spinster. It’s tragic. After all, what woman would actually want to live alone?

In truth, quite a few. In fact, nearly as many women live alone as men. And, while it may come as a
shock, many of them do so, because they want to. That’s right; women sometimes choose to be
alone. Look at all the solo travelettes out there, who are reclaiming the power and doing it for
themselves. Living alone is no different. Yet, the stigma surrounding single female living is still
immense. In an attempt to overcome that, we’re going to untangle some of the crossed wires.

A single woman must be in want of a man

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any women living alone must be in want of a man.
Okay, that’s not quite how Pride and Prejudice begins. But, you get the idea. When a man lives
alone, people accept it’s through choice. But, they have a harder time accepting a woman would
choose the same. All women need men around the place. Who else can take out the trash and
tackle the more challenging aspects of home life? She may be good at decorating, but there’s SO
much more to think about.

Okay, things aren’t quite that bad anymore. But, ‘spinsters’ are still seen as tragic. No matter what
they say, everyone assumes they wish they had a family. In some cases that’s true, but as many
bachelors probably wish the same. Other times, though, women choose to live alone because they
want to. The peace which comes with solo living is precisely what they’re after. Accept it!

Woman can’t pay the bills

We've come a long way with regards to women’s rights, but people still hold pretty ancient beliefs in
some respects. And, money is one of them. Any woman will tell you that she faces money prejudice
on a daily basis. On the whole, people still struggle to accept women as the primary earners in
households, for example. And, when women live alone, people still hold a secret belief that they’ll
never be able to pay the bills.

In truth, single living is expensive no matter your sex. Men across the country throw themselves into
poverty to meet the costs of single living. And, yes, women do the same. But, that’s more to do with
unaffordable housing than anything else. In truth, plenty of bachelors also have no choice but to take
out micro loans to cover monthly costs. Instead of dwelling on the gender divide, these troubles
suggest we should take a closer look at society as a whole.

In reality, it’s time we stopped pitying women who go it alone and gave them the respect they
deserve. Most are fully aware of the above prejudices, but they do it anyway. That’s conviction worth

Mother Of The Bride Outfit Must Haves

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We can't talk about weddings without talking about the mother of the bride and must haves for their outfit. Why is her outfit so important? She needs to be able to stand out not only so everyone knows who she is to congratulate and of course buy lots of drinks but also so the bride herself can quickly spot mom through teary eyes in the crowd because knowing she is there makes it all so much easier.

I don't know about you but my mom is very fashion forward and loves wearing fashionable clothes and she looks bloody good in them too. Wedding outfits for mother of the bride can be so varied and just like in real fashion they need to feel like a million bucks on the big day too and most of all be super comfy.

Classic cuts are very classy and elegant so teaming this with a colour theme can really make mom stand out. Some Mothers of the bride like to dress to the colour theme of the wedding to be part of the congregation. Others like a more muted colour and in some traditions it isn't unusual for the Mother of the bride to wear a similar colour to the bride. Remember ultimately it is your wedding though and if you want a colour theme for guests make sure that you make your mom feel special and included. Personally I know my Mom loves blue and it really is her colour so I would let her wear what she likes.

A jacket or bolero can make a simply classic dress have a new dynamic and make an outfit much smarter if the wedding is a super formal style. This also helps Mom stay warm while she runs round helping with the forgotten bouquet or stopping the flower girl from crying. Lets face it she will want to be right by your side and she can keep tissues in her pocket to wipe away the tears.

In England the biggest tradition is how the mother of the bride accessories, it is all about the hat! There are two places women get to rock stunning hats and that's weddings and ascot. A good hat can scream glamour and really finish that outfit off with a statement. At a traditional English wedding most people will expect to see the mother of the bride wearing a hat. With an extravagant hat a simple outfit can look sleek and sophisticated.

Most of all wear something you're comfortable in weddings can be a long day and you want to be able to enjoy it.

What will your mother be wearing to your wedding?


Stay Safe On Long Journeys #Cars.com#AD

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Hey Cats,

My little brother is currently learning to drive and recently has someone go into the back of his car on a lesson, It really got me to thinking about car safety and the importance because although this was not his fault I suddenly got worried about all the other dangers cars could have for him. He does have to go to some physio for some back problems and he also suffered from whiplash but when he is back on his feet hopefully he will fight back by passing his test and then driving to see me of course.

Now we live a long way from each other as I moved from Birmingham to Derbyshire last year so there is so much more you need to think about before hitting the motorway. Cars.com asked me to share some of my safety check tips with you guys

Make sure car is within MOT

Making sure your car is in tip top shape ensures you will be in for a much safer journey. You should keep your MOT up to date as it isn't just a chore MOTs were put in place to make sure drivers are safer and your car is working at top performance.  The guys and gals at kwik-fit.com have you covered for this one but if you are running out of MOT get down there and get the car checked over. They are always really friendly and helpful not to mention have some great deals on.


It is so important to have a mini tool kit available for minor mishaps you may have along the way. Pack things such as a spare fan belt, a bottle of water in case your car overheats a jack and spare tyre so you don't end up stranded or having to call roadside assistant for something you can fix quickly and be on your way. What kind of things do you keep in your essential toolkit? Let us know in the comments below.

Check Tyres

Although it is handy to keep a spare you should always check your tyres tread and pressure before you hit the motorway.  You can fill your tyres and check the pressure at most petrol stations and lets face it you will need to make sure you are topped up before you head our so add this to the list. This can help avoid needing that important spare tyre and wont leave you sulking at the roadside.

Winder wiper Check

England is known for its unreliable weather and you may just end up caught in the rain...a lot of rain and what worse than if your wipers suddenly packed up on you. Make sure you check they are working and ready to combat any downfall that may try and interrupt your mission.

Do you have any car safety tips?

The Best Destinations For Solo Travelettes

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Traveling on your own might not seem so appealing when you first think about it. You might worry about getting bored or about some of the safety implications that come with solo travel. But, as long as you plan your trip well and use all of your common sense, there is usually nothing to worry about when it comes to your solo travel adventures. In fact, you might have more fun than if you went traveling with all of your friends as you can do whatever you want and go anywhere you want to go.

Of course, there are some destinations that are better for solo travelers than others. You want to try to stick to the safest destinations out there so that you don’t have to always be on your guard when you are traveling. So, ready to book your next adventure as a solo travelette? Here are some fab ideas.

Jakarta, Indonesia

If you fancy seeing the best of Indonesia, then it’s worth finding a holiday rental on https://rumahdijual.com/jakarta-timur/ so that you can stay in the country’s capital city. The city center is known for its bustling streets and big crowds but it’s possible to escape all the hectic city life if you are prepared to explore a little. The best area to head to is the southern end of the city where you will find the historic sector. There are also some great locations for hiking in and around Jakarta as well. For instance, you’ll find a pretty square at Silang Merdeka Tenggara which is known for all its deer. This is the perfect place for a leisurely afternoon walk. Hostels are very cheap in Indonesia still and these are the perfect places to make lots of travel buddies!

Paris, France

One of the worst things about traveling with all of your friends is that you might have to make some serious compromises while you are exploring. For example, not everyone might be interested in wandering around museums and galleries all day! If that sounds like your favorite holiday pastime but your mates aren’t keen, it’s worth booking a solo adventure to Paris. The city is packed full of famous museums and galleries, all of which are perfect for wandering around at your own pace - you don’t have to worry about being rushed out of them when you don’t have your friends in tow! Make sure you check out The Louvre as well as some of the great ones mentioned at https://theculturetrip.com/.

Bangkok, Thailand

No matter what type of holiday you want, whether you would rather lounge on a beach all day or head to a city for some culture, Bangkok will definitely have plenty to entertain you. There’s also a really great bar scene, too. So, make sure you make some friends at your hostel and then hit Bangkok! If you want to hit the beach, the beautiful Hua Hin is just a couple of hours’ drive out of the city. If you’d rather soak up some history, you can take a tour around the Grand Palace or the sacred shrine at Wat Phra Kaew.

New Zealand

Want to go off traveling for a month or longer? If so, then it’s worth considering traveling around New Zealand. There is so much to see on the country’s two islands, and it is a popular destination with expats so you should find it easy to make plenty of new friends on your travels. The best place to start your New Zealand adventure is Wellington, the capital city. It’s worth spending some time in Te Papa, the national museum. You’ll be able to find out plenty about New Zealand’s maori culture here and will also be able to see some great artworks from lots of local artists. Once you have fully explored Wellington, there are so many places you could head to - how about Auckland, Christchurch, or Hamilton?

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is another great destination for solo female travelers. All of the different hostels throughout the city have lots of social events for people who are traveling on their own, you will be able to make friends really easily. And then once you’ve got a gang together, you will be able to head off to take in some of the city’s famous sights and attractions. Take a trip out to the Pyramid of the Sun for some great holiday photos. The National Museum of Anthropology features some really great examples of Mayan artifacts. It’s the largest museum in the whole of Mexico, so there will be plenty to keep you entertained for a whole day!

Take A Road Trip, United States

Want to spend some time traveling around the USA? If so, why not think about planning a road trip for yourself. As long as you can drive and can get your hands on a rental car, the whole of the States is your oyster. Where do you want to go? Do you want to get the most of city life in New York City or chill out on Los Angeles’ many beaches? You might prefer to head down to the deep south to sample some Creole culture. One popular road trip is driving from Miami to Los Angeles. From Miami, you can head across the country for a few nights in New Orleans. After you’ve soaked up all of New Orlean’s great music scene, you can travel through Texas to say hello to all the cowboys. After Texas, you’ll drive through New Mexico and Arizona until you finally make it to California. And then you can celebrate the end of your epic road trip with a few cocktails on the beach!

So, as you can see, there are quite a few really cool destinations that are perfect for the solo female traveler. You’ll have fun no matter where you go as long as you are sensible and keep your wits about you.

Where will you go and visit on your first trip as a solo travelette?!

PalmistryHD an App That Sees The Future?

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If you have ever been strolling along a British sea side town or even some city centres lately then a lady will usually try and coax you into having your palm read. You may be sceptical or even a little scared but there is no need to be palmistry has been part of many cultures around the world for a very long time. The roots of this ancient art come from Hindu astrology so stem from India, Palestine, Tibet and more. Personally I am fascinated by the idea that the lines on our hands can tell us about our past or future. Our hands are so intricate and individual so why would it seem so strange that maybe things can be mapped out?

However sometimes you should just have a bit of fun with things like this and see them as something interesting to take with a pinch of salt. Now on your phone or Ipad you can get a cool new app that tells you more so if you just want to dip your toe into the astro world this could be the perfect way. PalmistryHD offers you a palm reading with insight into your future as well as daily horoscopes.

I was so interested to find out about the different lines of the hand and what they mean as well as what the different fingers represent. I have always had an interest in palms from a young age as my family tree stems back to travellers and for many this is a part of their culture and life. I remember my Nana talking to me about my palm and how hands held so many tales and she even got me a tiny little book to read up. I was so sad when I lost it and finding this app brought back a lot of found memories for me. 

The app is really easy to use, I downloaded it on my ipad so I could enjoy the full HD and see it on a bigger screen. It is also available on your phone or also on Android too. The way it works is using your camera on your chosen device you take a picture of your palm and then the app converts this into a reading which is then broken down into different sections such as love, health, and more. You get access to a fair amount on the free version of the app allowing you to get an overall reading which even if you don't believe can be very motivational to read because lets face ti when someone is telling you that you're awesome how can that not be good.

Once you have had your reading you can read more in depth profiles and then if you are willing to pay for the full app you Can open it up to learn more about palmistry and what your hand says about you such as what children may be in your future and the love that will come to you. However if you want to try it out for free first you still get access to a fair amount of readings plus a daily horoscope and if you don't take it too seriously then this app can be a lot of fun. I love the design and colours which make it easy to read day or night and I find the layout really relaxing and calming. My readings pretty much read like a giant pep talk and I read that so even if they aren't your thing give it a go just for a little motivation.

Have you tried this app or anything similar?

What To Expect When Dating An Independent Woman

Hey Cats,

As an independent woman some men or even ladies can find it pretty intimidating but it can actually be pretty awesome. There is nothing to be scared of when dating a woman who knows what she wants in life. Maybe you have just jumped on the online dating game by exploring sites like Bristol dating sites, Aberdeen dating sites, Hertfordshire singles, single men Plymouth, or dating Sheffield. Perhaps you have been admiring her from a far now you are in need of some tips. Some independent ladies are comfortable with adult dating too it is all about consent.

It is a total myth that independent women are not into a man being chivalrous. Dude it is totally manners to hold open doors and be polite so still be kind just because a woman knows her mind and has confidence doesn't mean she deserves any less respect than you would usually give to any lady.  Just don't assume that you should place orders for her unless she asks you to surprise her.

No messing around an independent lady needs her space too which is great because you get your own time to see your friends and still date an awesome woman. Lets be honest the stringer relationships are the ones that know how to have space apart from each other and it makes you really appreciate the time you do have. Not living in each others pockets is a great thing for both of you as you grow and develop encouraging each other.

She will know what she wants and be open about it too. Being able to speak her mind is important and it lets you know where you stand instead of playing mind games this grrrl aint got time for that so if she wants you to call you will know about it and if she doesn't well you will be hearing that too! When I went on dates I wasn't scared to let a guy know when I liked him and instead of waiting for him to ask me on the next date I was more than happy to ask him.

You aren't expected to always pay for everything as independent woman not only work to earn some cash but also know where they want to go and spend it too. Most likely she will offer to split the bill and if you want to offer that is still cool too mostly the rule here is be adults and discuss it without making it weird.

In short be yourself, be respectful and just let her do her thing and you will get on awesome.

Have you dated an independent woman?


Wedding Favour Wishlist

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One of the things that always amazes me and makes me feel like a special part of a wedding is the efforts put in by the bride and groom to make you feel included and special. After all it is their day yet so many happy couples go that extra mile to personalise your spot at the table to let you know they love you and appreciate you being there. Lots of handmade gifts or sweet notes go a long way but wedding planning can be hard work so if it is within budget sometimes it is easier to buy the favours in and personalise them. When I found Confetti shop I just fell in love with so many of theirs so here are some of my favourites and how you could make them special.

I adore these glass bell jars even on their own they are really pretty but they are also big enough to fit in a cupcake, a small terrarium, a little personalise gift or even a scroll with a lovely message and a flower. Brides can get super creative with these to match the theme of the wedding or even make each one different for the person. I adore this terrarium design for a spring or fall wedding. I can just picture an amazing forest themed wedding or even an Alice in wonderland vibe if you go with cupcakes or drinks.

Weddings are about having fun and celebrating and old or young nobody can resist bubbles. Create that magical environment on your special day with bubbled flying through the air catching the sunlight and in these beautiful bottles even the most stylish of friends will be impressed. I would want to keep these in my handbag and take them everywhere and equally when they look at them they will remember your beautiful day.

You can get a range of these stunning frames from big for the table to small for individuals. This is a great gift for budding artists who want to spoil their guests with their art work and fear not if you can't even draw a stick man any guest would well up to a special note or a picture of you and them together. Photos are a great way to get the table talking about the memories you share together and you could even have pictures of lost ones who couldn't make it.

If you are having more of a rustic theme then these type writer style love magnets are so pretty. I have received a few fridge magnets at weddings and found them so handy and lovely. These will wow any vintage fan and come in a lovely box.

Men in the group can often seem hard to buy favours for as they may not appreciate lovely magnets as much as the ladies and I just adore this antler bottle opener. Useful , delicate and stunning. I love that it doesn't immediately look like a bottle opener so can blend into a theme seamlessly but still keep even the most laddest of guys happy.

Another for the young (at heart) ones there are a range of super cute bubble gum dispensers which would look amazing on a colourful retro spread. Super cute and fun too. 

My last one now are salt and pepper pots there are so many to choose from but I loved these adorable bears. Not only are they super cute but their cool crisp white colouring means they would look great in a shabby chic style wedding.

What are your favourite favours?


Shy Dating And How To Overcome it

Hey Cats,

With all our talk of dating one boundary we haven't faced yet is what to do if you're painfully shy. So many people out there are just to shy to talk to people they like or even to other people and that can really put a stopper on dating sometimes. When you're shy the world can be a scarier place and I am going to give you some tips on how you can jump that hurdle and find yourself a lovely understanding date who will give you time to move at your own pace.

Try Online

Online dating is a fantastic place to dip your toe into the dating scene and from behind your chosen device you have no reason to be shy. It is a fab way to get used to chatting to lots of different kinds of people and will help grow your confidence massively. Getting to know people online first can often help make you feel more comfortable about possibly meeting them online but make sure you go at your own pace and build it up for example try talking online first then try Skype or and video chats. I would avoid giving out your number straight away it is easier to talk to people online at a slower pace because they can only chat to you when you're logged in so then you have plenty of time to have your own space and then jump back in. Some great sites you could try are West Midlands dating site, single women in Highlands, Dorset singles, Hertfordshire dating sites or dating Suffolk. There are thousands of dating sites to choose from now so you can even find them for specialised interests too and finding people who love the same things as you will help you feel more comfortable,

Fake it to make it 

When I used to run confidence classes the thing I found worked the best for the shyest people in the room was the mantra of 'fake it to make it'. This in no way means change who you are or be dishonest but more a mindset of if you push yourself to do things out of your comfort zone and tell yourself your not scared the person you just walked up to and said hi to will have no idea that you're shy at all and the more you do things that aren't in your comfort zone the more you will believe in yourself and suddenly you will have made it and you wont even feel too shy anymore, It sounds like a huge hurdle right now if you're super shy right? Nobody expects you to suddenly run up to that person at work you have a crush on it is all about baby steps. Try saying hi to the post man or thank you a little louder to the bus driver the more you talk to people the easier it gets I can promise you that.

Be You

You may be shy but that isn't who you are and doesn't define you. It is OK to be shy and be proud of that but aside from that you are so much more so simply just be yourself. Talk about the things you love and don't try too hard to be someone you think that person wants you to be. Often if you are honest and open you will meet someone who doesn't mind that your shy you can even tell them so and if they are willing to wait and take the time then they are worth it but just make sure you meet them halfway and don't let being shy stop them from getting to meet your awesome self for a date.

For all those who aren't shy there are lots of no strings dating options too.

Are you shy do you have any advice?


Making The Most Of Rainy Days!

Hey Cats,

I always remember rainy days at school being my favourite purely because we got to turn the classroom into a lovely creative playground. So when you have a day off work and a rainy day hits and you really don't fancy splashing in any puddles (because we shouldn't let rain get in the way of going out) and you fancy a home day. Sometimes especially when home alone you can suddenly have all this time on your hands and not know what to do with it.


One of my favourite things to do in any spare time I get is to get reading more. Rainy days are the perfect time to snuggle up with a book, a blanket and a cup of tea. I love hearing the rain against the window while I get immersed in another world and this can keep me busy for hours on end.


Dig out those cook books, try to recreate a recipe from one of your favourite blogs or even just make it up as you go along. If you are a frugal fan then you could even use the time to do a spot of batch cooking. I love trying out new recipes or making a huge pot of soup so I can freeze some for lunches later in the week. You can even surprise someone close to you by baking a lovely cake or getting together a meal.


Break out the PlayStation or Xbox and get playing your favourite games. If gaming isn't really your thing but you like online games you could even try a bit of a flutter with some online gaming there is so much to choose from and you can even win a little side cash sometimes. Plus there are lots of fun chat rooms where you can have a chat with other gamers if you are getting bored home alone. You also can't beat a bit of Tetris now and again or if you have friends over why not dig out a board game and make a day of it.


Finally try out some of those Pinterest tutorials you have been pinning for the longest time, even if you fail it takes practise and you may discover a hidden talent. Crafting is so much fun be it putting together a photo album or making wedding centrepieces there are so many different crafts you can try from the comfort of your sofa. I am always looking to try new things and I love little craft kits, half the fun is having a go no matter how it turns out.


If all else fails then hit up some trashy day time TV, I can lose hours to Gordon Ramsey or Come dine with me or if you want something a bit classier then binge watch some classics from Netflix. Lately I am re watching Twin Peaks and X files both old classics that I have seen a million times but they are still great to watch.

What do you do on rainy days?

Employment Suitability Screening Using Social Media

Hey Cats,

When you visit a coffee shop, fast food restaurant, or any popular hangout, you'll likely find people
taking selfies, browsing through social media applications, and anything and everything else related
to social media use. 

It seems like everyone has a social media account, if not multiple. Just as Facebook, YouTube,
Instagram, Snapchat and company are popular among individuals, these platforms are all but
worldwide in the collective hands of businesses and organizations. 

Entities utilize social media to provide consumers with customer service, to advertise their offerings
and brand names, and - although this lattermost utilization is the least common of the three - screen
employment candidates using their social media presences.

Let's touch over several positives and downsides of social media screening, as well as things
employers should be mindful of prior to hiring or firing candidates through social media platforms. 

Background Checks Through Social Media Are Far Cheaper Than Traditional Means

Many employers, especially those that ask financial or social responsibilities of their employees,
request background checks on applicants on a regular basis. Even employees that don't have direct
responsibilities of taking care of money or children, like janitors, for example, are asked to submit to
background checks if they work in government buildings, on city- or state-owned campuses, or even
remotely near children, or physically or mentally disabled individuals. 

While it's never a good idea to replace full-fledged, trustworthy background checks with less
-comprehensive social media checks, uncovering proverbial dirt on such candidates' social media
profiles can effectively save employers money by not having to jump directly to expensive background

Even if your business trusts professional social media screening service providers like Fama, for
example, you'll save loads of money in comparison to relying only on professional, full-fledged
background checks. 

Social Media Screens Provide Employers with Glimpses of Their Informal, Non-Official Lives

Background checks, resumes, and employer references only provide employers with tastes of their
professional lives, not who they are outside of the workplace. By looking to applicants' social media
profiles, employers are able to uncover personal information that would never turn up on background
checks, self-submitted resumes, or through asking previous employers of applicants' behaviors and
actions in the workplace. 

Attempting to follow people in real life isn't only highly inappropriate, but provides such followers
with limited, restricted views of who applicants really are. Looking to social media platforms to
dig up information about individuals your company is interested in is likely to provide you with
unfiltered piles of information that's not restricted.

Just think - whenever people interact with others in real life, there's never any records of such
interactions outside of closed circuit television networks, for example, which can't be accessed by
persons other than police officers. Social media, fortunately, does provide employers with potentially
lengthy records of who they are on a personal level.

Unfortunately, One Downside of Social Media Screening Is Finding Inconsistent Profiles Of

Proverbial flies on walls are exposed to individuals' true behaviors and personalities, as those
individuals aren't focused on filtering their actions or communications to please others. 

When social media is concerned, most people are actively aware of the potential for anybody on
planet Earth to uncover information about those individuals. As such, they tend to post on social
platforms with mental filters as to best please others.