The Versatile Jumper Dress Featuring George

Hey Cats,

If you're like me when it comes to the winter months your number one priority is keeping warm. Here in Birmingham it has been rainy and cold so there have been a lot of days spent home just feeling cosy. When George got in touch and asked if I wanted to try one of their jumper dresses I leaped at the chance. A jumper dress should be a stable in any woman's wardrobe and it wouldn't be the first time I have posted about them. Remember that time I rocked wellies? Just to prove how versatile a jumper dress can be I want to show you two looks.

Homely Grrrl

I chose this jumper dress because it was diverse in colours and size that anyone could look good in. The two tone element draws emphasis to killer curves, The dress is true to size but with plenty of stretch so you can feel cosy at the same time but due to the fabric it can have a cling to it. I loved bouncing round the house watching Netflix and wrapping pressies over Christmas. The long sleeve means I can snuggle up and not have to wear too many layers at home,

Working Grrrl

Sometimes though you need a little more glam to your day and you can dress up a jumper dress for your working day or just to feel a bit smarter for an important occasion. I did this by adding this gorgeous burgundy faux fur boyfriend coat and some accessories, The coat is so beautiful and makes me feel so glamorous. The red and black tones compliment the dress and give it a pop of colour to make everyones head turn.

I also added a cheeky bedazzled collar which has some luscious jewelled detailing for the inner working diva, It can easily be added to any low cut dress or under a jumper to give it some added class.

How would you rock a jumper dress this season?

*This was a post in collaboration with George

December Blogger #OOTD inspiration

Hey Cats,

This month I have been oggling other amazing outfits from bloggers again. So here are my top 5 outfits from other bloggers this month.

First up the beautiful Curvy Girl Thin. How amazing does she look in this gold dress? The sexy split giving that super glam feel to the outfit. This woman has bags of class and sex appeal and always looks so put together. She is also super sweet and awesome so go check her out.

Bringing glamour again is Curves and Curl. Rocking this Scarlett and Jo Velvet fishtail dress Hayley just oozes confidence. I adore the green and the cut of this dress is just divine,

Another sophisticated outfit choice comes from Be A Goddess who wears the most beautiful dresses and makes me feel like I am in the 50s. This outfit screams Rich 50s housewife in all the best ways.

If you like your glamour with a bit more edge then Feeling Flabulous is the place to be. Sam always looks flawless and quirky cool just how I like my fashion. This 20's inspired outfit rocks my world and makes me long for a turban and pearls.

Last but not least is BeautifulYouniverse with this gorgeous skirt from Lane Bryant. I just adore how this has been styled looking elegant yet wearable,

A few days ago the lovely Busy Little Fee put together a fantastic hashtag which celebrated outfits from the year and sharing fellow bloggers. It was fantastic jump onto social media and check out #lookinggood2015 make sure you spread some love to and share your favourite outfits of the year.

A Year Of #OOTD

Hey Cats,

It's that time of year again to do an outfit round up of 2015! You can check out last years here. You can jump straight to the blog posts underneath if you missed out!

          Rebel Grrrl                                   Marisota Work Wear                       Penny- Voodoo Vixen

            Purple Leopard                           Hell Bunny-Forever Dead            Black Lipstick inspired 

         Hatchet Face                                         Mall Witch                                  Cupcakes

               Style XL                                            Diva in black                   Voodoo Vixen Connie

        Capsule Wardrobe                                Co ordinate                                  Mix n match

The year isn't even up yet and hopefully I can squeeze in some more outfit posts! Which was your favourite post or outfit?

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Oxfam Unwrapped Bloggers Against Poverty- Make A Difference With Oxfam Unwrapped.

Hey Cats,

We all know that Christmas is a time for giving, but it is also so important to remember that not everyone will be getting a heap of fancy gifts this Christmas. So today I wanted to put the spotlight on Oxfam. Now before you click the big red X just give me a little of your time to see how you can make a difference with Oxfam Unwrapped, You have probably had clipboard people try to stop you when you're busy in the street a million times. I am not about to ask you to empty your purse, awareness is priceless. Even if you just share this post to spread the word.

I think the problem that always hits home most for me is that people around the world still do not have access to clean water. Something so simple we take for granted. We can just walk up to a tap and voila clean safe water. I think this impacts me more because I have seen this issue with my own eyes and the idea of a mother having to choose if she should let her small child go thirsty or let them drink dirty water and risk getting ill is just so traumatic. 1,400 children die from diarrhoea each year through unsanitary conditions.Something as insignificant as a bar of soap can help prevent these deaths.

Photo Credit: Sam Tarling
So simple right? With the support of people like yourself last year Oxfam were able to improve the sanitation conditions for 1.25 million people! Giving them access to hand washing facilities they were able to reduce the risk of disease which will help end children dying from something that can easily be stopped. As well as the physical act of giving soap Oxfam also educates communities and families on the importance of doing the little things like washing hands to keep them and their children safe. Ladies like Binta in Niger have now been given the knowledge and support they need.

"Today my little girl is well. I’m really pleased with what I learned about hygiene and nutrition. I learned to wash my child, to wash her hands every day. The conditions here have really improved. I’m able to work again.” 
Binta Boukary.

Photo Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith

Now how can you help? First you can simply raise awareness but you can also buy the gift of some soap. A lifesaving soap gift is just £5 and this also goes to helping the Oxfam water aid project which helps provide safe clean water for all! There are lot of  unwrapped gifts to choose from let Archie tell you a little more.

Get involved!

A - Z Of Inspirational Women - L is for ....

Hey Grrrls,

It is time to celebrate fierce women again and this time we are on to the letter L. The most obvious choice for me straight off the bat would be Lunachicks but I will save that for a whole other post as they are a huge influence for me but I would be kidding myself if I didn't at least give you a soundtrack to this post to kick you off.

Another fierce musician that took the world by storm and certainly created discussion is the ever talented and glamorous Lady Gaga. You either love her or hate her but even if you do hate her you still want to know what she is up to. Actress, performance artist and singer she can turn her hand to many talents, A huge following of monster fans who feel their awkwardness finally has a home. If you have been watching American Horror Story Hotel you will have a whole new love affair with Gaga. Just watching her hold herself so high in super power outfits completely empowers me,

A step back into the past for an instillation artist who explored sexuality, death and the body,
Louise Bourgeois' work explores bodies and their isolation from the outside world and the domestication of women. Although not associated with feminist art her work certainly makes a huge statement. One of her most famous pieces was Maman.  A huge spider like creature that represented the strength and protection of mothers,

Lily Allen is the personality the UK mainstream charts needed. Gobby and outspoken in all the good ways and she certainly channels that into her music .She is funny and rocks that London cheek. After having success in the charts herself she launched her own record label and supports other artists. With creative videos and bags of style not bad for someone who dropped out of school at 15. She stands up for what she believes in even if it means speaking out to the houses of parliament. Also famous for making trainers and dresses cool showing you can be a tom boy and still look bitching in a dress.

Did I miss anyone? Who would you have picked?

What To Wear To Your Holiday Party

The bells are ringing, carollers are singing and holiday parties are popping up like crazy! It’s officially the most wonderful time of year, and as you all know, the holiday season brings all kinds of exciting events begging for brand-new outfits and Instagram-ready style. While all of this is enough reason to start perfecting your eggnog recipe and practising conversation starters, it’s also a bit nerve-racking to have to pick out festive outfits that not only make you look your best, but make you feel your best, too. And in the season when clingy sweater dresses and bulky fabrics are king, it can be difficult for full-bodied females to find the best-fitting fashions for the celebratory season.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been anticipating this season ever since the leaves starting turning brown. So I’ve been stalking some fashion websites and garnering inspiration from passersby—whether in a coffee house or just walking down the street. Looking at what other people choose to wear for similar body types makes it easier to look for styles to suit your own frame. After all my "stalking," I came up with some outfit ideas for three types of holiday engagements this season.

For The Office Party

Working in an office, it’s likely you’re sick of the pantsuits and stuffy garb. So play up your feminine side at the office holiday party by wearing a belted midi sweater dress made for your frame. It’s an appropriate length but shows your coworkers you’ve got a killer sense of style to go along with your great ideas. Sometimes, you can even find style partnerships to fit this need and give you a truly killer look. That includes a sweater dress from Woman Within that Glamour had a hand in creating, so you know your best interest was in mind (and that you'll look damn good).

For Your Family Shindig

It’s time for you to revisit with your aunts and uncles and all the rest of your extended family. Show them you’re put-together with a chic slim pant, like Refinery29 suggests. And then, pair the pants with an extremely over sized tunic, playing with proportions “in a more editorial way.” A sleek outfit like this will show your family you’re doing it right!

For A Romantic Date Night

Dating during the holidays is one of the most romantic and magical things to experience. There’s just something about the lights adorning the trees and buildings that make a date just that much more special. Play up the romanticism with your go-to A-line Little Black Dress, and style it with a sexy pair of red heels to amp up the wow-factor, as PopSugar shows us.

No matter what the occasion during the holiday season, there are plenty of plus-size styles that are ready for whatever you get into. Whether you want to impress your coworkers or your family, or you want to look your best for that special someone, these three outfit ideas are the perfect inspiration to get you started in putting together an ensemble. Just remember: it’s not so much about what you’re wearing, it’s about who’s wearing it! As long as you radiate confidence and flash a smile, you’ll have your hottest holiday yet.

*This is a guest post from the lovely Alisha Curtis

Putting The Spotlight On Black Heart Creatives

Hey Cats,

I am a huge believer in supporting independent businesses. There are so many talented people making amazing products that don't get nearly enough credit for their hard work. I want to use this part of my blog to introduce you to independent artists and creatives, Today I want to put the spotlight on Black Heart Creatives. This wouldn't be the first time that I have raved about their amazing work and they are a firm favourite in the blogging community.

Quirk, fun accessories and  jewellery with something for everyone, Who doesn't love pizza, Prince and cats? From intricate celebrity designs to simply cute cats there really is something for everyone. Great presents for Christmas too. You may have spotted the limited edition Halloween range and now the new Christmas line is out too!

You can customise ideas! You should also go check out the blog as this lady is definitely my style sister, If you want to see which Items I bought from the Halloween range check out this unboxing.

Which items are your favourite?

Vlogmas Update Colds, biscuits and Christmas trees

Birmingham The Changing City

Birmingham is a place overflowing with culture, music, industry and most of all change. Over the years I have seen so many changes to the second city, especially in the architecture. The city is always evolving to tempt more people to come and visit. The now famous spaceship like Bullring shopping centre and the tourist attraction of a library coax people through the doors. The most recent being A new train station which welcomes visitors with a whole host of eatery's and shops. Round some corners you can see beautiful views of ultra sleek modern buildings right next to beautiful historically rich establishments the best example being The Bullring and St Martins.

I have a confession...at first I really didn't like the Bullring. I thought it was strange and my nostalgic heart ached for the 70s markets that lived there before this strange wonder. I remember hanging out in a really cool little shop called 'The house of horrors' which had piranhas, punk wear and horror film props. Making friends with people and swapping mix tapes of our favourite bands. I was scared that the changes to the city would mean less people connecting but instead it meant more people visiting for us to share our beautiful city with.

Another place that I would spend hours in is Birmingham Library. A book worm to the core I loved taking out books and getting lost in information. The new library brings secret rooftop gardens, study areas and wide open spaces. You can get right to the top in a glass elevator and look out across Birmingham City centre.

The latest of changes comes with a brand new station which opened just under a month ago! You can now shop while you wait for your train or pick up sushi to go. Not to mention have a browse of John Lewis.

Travelodge have launched an exciting new web page about Evolving Cities and you can go look at the differences in Birmingham in the past and present as well as find out some exciting facts that even I didn't know about Birmingham. It is really easy and fun to use and a great way of preserving memories and seeing how far cities have come,

What is your favourite memory in your city?

*This post was in collaboration with Travelodge however all thoughts and opinions are my own 

Outfit Inspiration Of The Month

Hey Lovely!

I wanted to share a round up of awesome outfits I have seen through out the month and some fabulous bloggers that are rocking them.

First up I adore this tulle skirt and crop top combo from Lottie. This girl has some serious style chic with just the right amount of edgy sass. It makes me scream for tutu skirts in my life,

I have been an avid reader of the ever beautiful Leah. This amazing lady not only brings wise words, ballsy advice and rock chic glamour but also breaks out gems like this beautiful rose gold dress leaving the plus community drooling and checking their bank accounts,

Stephanie always looks flawless and is creative with her fashion from cute and girly to edgy and cool. She also fights for diversity and is open and outspoken, all the qualities an inspirational lady needs, This outfit is super classy and shows crop tops are for everyone.

Next up is a lady who always blows my mind with her fabulous style from cat eyed glasses and quirky prints to some serious vintage glamour, Lolly was recently on TV too talking about plus size brides and is showcasing them right now on her blog so go check that out,

Another lady who is no stranger to a killer outfit is Nancy. Bringing some Christmas sparkle and in this beautiful dress and I am loving the new hair. Nancy always looks flawless.

Who has been your outfit inspiration this month?

#ootd - Sunshine On a Rainy Day

Hey Kittens,

Still going string on the 30 X 30 challenge and this time I want to talk about coordinates. I have been loving all the great coordinates springing up in the plus size fashion world. I have to say that Missguided are really leading this ball game though, If like me at first you sat and marvelled at how pretty they were but were scared of the crop tops, I urge you to push your fears aside and give it a try. I waited so long I missed out on the paint effect set until the amazing Toodaloo Katie had hers up for sale and I just knew I had to give it at least a try.

The crop top isn't too short and meets up with a beautiful full skirt. The material is scuba effect so falls just right and is so warm and comfortable even in this blustery weather. I love rocking bold colours on a cold day to bring a ray of sunshine to Birmingham streets. I also teamed it with my new cardigan which I featured earlier last week in this post. As the crop top started to rise I didn't care. Yes my flesh was on show and you know what? The world didn't fall apart and I never had any negative comments, I pushed myself out of that comfort zone and it felt amazing and I actually felt pretty damn powerful,

Later in the month I wore the skirt separately with a plain vest top and a little cardigan for a more demure. Keep an eye out to see how I restyled the crop top too,

 Do not be afraid to rock bright colours in the rain or push your own boundaries, I will definitely be snapping up some more crop tops and coordinates when I see them,

Have you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone lately?

Learn more about the 30 x 30 challenge and follow the other ladies here.

#FridayFright- Ash Vs Evil Dead

Welcome Back Horror Heads,

Finally the day has come when Ash has returned to grace our screens, When I first heard they were making Ash Vs Evil Dead into a series I was both excited and nervous. Would they do it justice? Who would play Ash? I mean it wasn't a remake but a whole new adventure and that was something all dead heads had been dreaming of, Since the movies we have been having to get out fix in comics and other classic Bruce Campbell films like 'My name is Bruce' and 'Bubba Ho-Tep',  Whilst amazing films nothing quite hits the spot like some Evil dead action, Hearing that Both Sam Raimi and Bruce were on board meant the series could only be awesome...or had Raimi gone soft with all these Spiderman blockbusters he had been churning out? Then the trailer dropped...

The internet went crazy and horror fans all over the world connected in their excitement for the return of a legend, The series is almost on the fourth episode now and the reopening of the necronomicon was not in vain. The tongue in cheek humour of Ash will have you roaring with laughter. The heavy influence of 3 stooge jokes from the original films also trickles into the series with slap stick comedy that has kept audience weeping with laughter for generations,

There are plenty of scares and menacing evil jumping out through the show and each episode is jam packed with action. An introduction of new characters keeps the story fresh and brings a new element. The only downfall I can see thus far is that a mere 30 minutes once a week is far to cruel to avid fans of the genre who are left on the edge of their seats thirsty for more, I am excited to see where the journey takes us, roll on next episode,

Have you checked out Ash Vs Evil Dead yet? What did you think?

#ootd - Cute Skater Skirt - Capsule Wardrobe

Hey Sweethearts,

30 x 30 challenge is still going strong and I will give you a new mass outfit update very soon but until then I wanted to share about one of my favourite skirts. This is probably one of the skirts that gets rocked the most for me. A leather look skater skirt I picked up from Yours Clothing last year but being black is wearable in so many ways.

Here I teamed the skirt with leopard leggings, a lovely shoulder detailed top from forever 21 and a faux fur hat and muff both last year New look

If like me you have voluptuous hips the. Skater skirts are great. They flare out over  your hips and nip in at the waist enhancing those curves. Although booty babes beware they can come up a lot shorter which is why I usually sport mine with leggings.

For this look I sassed it up with some vintage inspiration a cute little polka dot top from Primark, Black cardigan also Primark but flowers in the hair, camera bag and necklace change the look up.

A good versatile skirt in your wardrobe can really diversify your wardrobe. Step away from the cozy jeans or easy to throw on dresses and once you find your perfect skirt you can rock it with different tops and accessories for a different feel to your look. You also would have seen me sport this skirt before on this style xl vlog.

Here I teamed the skirt with trusty leggings, Vans trainers, a lace peter pan collared top from Primark, The cardigan is Collectif gifted by a lovely friend and I flower crowned it up. 

As you can see I am really putting this skirt to full use for the 30 x 30 challenge. Teaming with 9 of my other items (including footwear). Do you have a favourite skirt?

Thanks for stopping by and don't be a stranger my sweets!