How to survive a 6 hour coach journey

My big brother lives in Cornwall which is a bloody expensive place to get to by train. So since I don't drive I have to opt for coaches. I have done this journey a few times now and already being the Queen of buses you think it would just be super easy. It actually isn't that bad. So lets talk about how to survive.

National express and much more comfortable and have a lot more choice when it comes to what time of day to leave but being the bargain hunter that I am I went for megabus. Mega bus has actually dramatically improved over the last few years. The drivers are super friendly and the coaches are a bit more comfy than they used to be but be warned if you like leg room this is not the journey for you. Although for tickets as cheap as £1.50 you can't really complain.

So to entertain me on the journey I took

  1. Ipod mini loaded with tunes - come on how can you survive anything without music?
  2. Snacks- A girl has gotta eat
  3. 2 books- I get bored of one generally and need to jump between books 
  4. Phone with extra battery
Honestly that is all I need for the journey. It actually luckily didn't get packed but I have to admit I spent the whole time listening to an awesome podcast. 

Cornwall is beautiful though my brother and his girl always pick me up from Plymouth which has a lovely harbour that is lush to sit by on a sunny day.

I am really close with my family so it is always awesome enough just to see them let alone be surrounded by an amazing little village. Full of cute little cottages, vast landscapes and old bridges.
The weekend was full of visiting lots of local pubs. If you like cider then you haven't tired real cider until you have been Cornwall and had some of the locally brewed cider. Although be warned it can get you pretty wasted pretty fast. 

Another thing I love about visiting my brother is as two artists they are always so fun to be around. As a creative person we are always buzzing off new crafts and ideas for creative projects. Putting the world to rights. They had made some amazing flowers and taught me how to make them. 
She also made me this awesome box.
We went to breakfast at an adorable little cafe which has an awesome view from the top of a hill. Even better though they have baby bunnies and chickens....in a pen together. I haven't seen that before and I come from a farm but look how cute they are. 

Ricky and Lou

After i was pulled away from the bunnies we went into town and had a look round the shops. It is so empty though being a small town not many people were about and some of the shops were closed on Saturdays which just seems mental to me coming from Birmingham but makes sense. In the evening we went to see some of Ricky's girls family for a BBQ. By the way we are awful at making BBQ's but we got there in the end and had some awesome peri peri pork and hot dogs. Coach journey back was painless but an awesome weekend was had.
Have you been to Gunnislake before? How do you survive long trips?

Avril Lavigne....Harmless, just good fun or sexist, racist and desperate?

If you haven't seen this cringe worthy video yet I don't know how you have avoided it but here you go...for the rest of us don't put yourself through the pain again.

So now you have watched it where do we start? At first it may seem like a colouful bag on fun until you hit the play button and then you just can't stop watching. The question is did she really think about what she was doing?

Lets break down the problems here. First there is the use of women as props. So many times Asian women get used by pop divas like some playful props. First was Gwen and then Katy Perry. Not to forget Miley using Black women like some promotional tool. Women of any colour are not some kind of doll. She actually has her dancers play emotionless doll like drones which only enforces the image of women being use able. While Avril prances around objectifying herself.

Now lets talk about the lyrics. Never to expect amazing lyrics but come on now Avril do we really need to stoop to fat shaming here too?
With the range of this video it is more than obvious she is marketing this at younger girls who already have enough issues with body image without lyrics to encourage shaming. Hey cupcakes are in so lets jump on the band wagon and try and appeal to the kids that way eh ;)

Avril's response to claims that she is being crazy racist were that she made this video for her Japanese fans. The same fans she objectifies and belittles how interesting. We wont even talk about the awful attempt at dub step sporting a skrillex style look how many wagons are you riding Avril?

I think what makes me saddest is Avril always had her own edgy stamp on post and I really liked some of her other work so there was no reason for this Miley style stunt 

Lets teach people to love themselves and not use their 'friends' like mean girl style tools.

What did you think?

#FridayFright My First Taste Of Horror

Welcome to the party my favourite fiends. Time to push away all the cute and cuddly of Easter bunnies and chicks. Aw look isn't he cute?
It is time for the next instalment of #FridayFright so brush away the cobwebs and take a seat with the zombies we are about to venture back in time. Back to the abyss of childhood. Back to find out what the first horror film was that I watched that would ultimately lead to a lifetime of horror love. Hold on tight it may be a bumpy ride.

 I was a very outdoorsy kid always out at the park outside where we lived with the instruction to "Come back when it got Dark" But aaaa dad that's the best bit! I always had a weird fascination with scaring myself a bit probably just as well with an evil older brother who both fascinated and scared me.He once told me when I stepped on an ant that all the other ants were going to come and get me and would cover my whole body starting at my magic steps and slowly eating me alive. So him telling me if I watched the nightmare on elm street films instead of labyrinth or Garbage pail kids that Freddie would come in my sleep and kill me was enough of the gospel of an older brother to make me avoid that one for a bit.

My dad was dead magical back then like a super hero but mad cooler he had what seemed like a never ending cupboard of films. Way taller and higher than I could ever reach all numbered with a little book listing what each one was. I always managed to find something new to watch and I got the bug for films so when I went to play at my mates one day and we all sat down to watch a film. Me , my mate and her older brother I was not prepared for what I was about to encounter. I must have been about 8 when I watched that big cassette tape and waited as my mates brother sighed at having to rewind his dads scary video. I suddenly thought of the ants but kinda relished in the fear.

For yeas I couldn't remember the film and in fact could only remember my brother coming to get me in the dark and telling him about what I had seen and even he hadn't seen this one. He was actually dead sweet and told me he lied about the ants so not to worry that normal people make these films to scare it and maybe one day we would be making films. I had to enlist my favourite manc handsome horror fiend to help me track down which film it was. It turned out to be.....

Yeah I managed to sneak in a Dario Argento film pretty damn early even I was impressed when I finally tracked down the film. All I could remember we flashing images of this scary kid I didn't even remember that Jennifer Connelly of my beloved Labyrinth was in this.She does get herself into some strange situations.

Now you see the importance of me rambling on about the bugs story as this film was infested with them. Weird because after my bother told me he was lying I was fully cool with huge spiders and even those beloved ants. At this time though the fear grew inside me. The film is debatable between geeks about if it is a horror or a Thriller but ask me back then and you would definitely rate it horror. About a girl who has the ability to control and communicate with insects in a bizarre place where people are dying. Be warned it features the scariest kid I had ever seen I think it even made it into the scariest kids of horror list ha. 

What was your first horror?

Until next #FridayFright watch out for who is behind you

April Glossybox and Discover Box

I swear these subscriptions are addictive. In my last Glossybox post another lovely blogger suggested I try out Discovery box too so I couldn't resist giving it a go. This is what I got in this months boxes.


Emite Make up Lip brush L312 this would usually be £17 so already pays for the box in itself. I have to admit I am a bit of a novice when it comes to using brushes for make up so I guess this is a good place to start. Someone teach me please :P

Monu Spa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil- A full size bottle that retails at £25. Monu are a British brand too so I will be using some of this later so will let you know all about it. 

MeMeMe Costmetics -Beat the blues- Pearl pink-Another full sized item which retails at £5,50 This is a highlighter to use on cheekbones and brow arches. I do love Benefits highlighter so it has that to match up to. 

TRESemme- Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo- Handy travel size retails at £4.99. I am a regular dry shampoo user so more than happy to give this a try. 

He-Shi Professional Tanning- Face & Body Gel - Travel size retails at £7.95. I have to say i am not a tanner and was a little disappointed to see this in my box but with summer coming and my legs being milk bottle white I guess it is a good chance to try it out and see what it is like. 

Overall I have to admit when I first opened the box I was a little disappointed  but when I really looked at the products although they are not all things I use much they are a good chance for me to try something different and step out of my beauty comfort zone. Which is the whole point in getting these boxes right? 

This is a much cheaper box and the products are organic and natural. Plus you get to chose 2 of your products and the rest are a few added bonuses. At a super cheap £6.95 including postage it is a bargain must have to at least try. 

There are lots of good quality products to choose from. As I joined later in the month sadly a lot of the best ones were already out of stock but there was still plenty left to choose from. So the items are chose were as follows. 

Essential Care- Creamy Coconut Cleaner- I love coconut and this has won an award from Beauty Bible. 

FOM- Contouring Body serum- I had wanted to try a body serum so perfect chance to do so and this one is all natural as well which is an added bonus. 

The extras in the box were 

9 bar- I took this seeded chocolate covered snack with me on my trip to Cornwall and it kept me from feeling peckish. I actually thought it was really nice and would consider swapping chocolate for this yummy healthy snack. 

Anti intoxicant face cream- A small sample but worth trying out 

Overall you beauty is  good value for money and I am looking forward to seeing what I get in next months box. 

Have you had any beauty boxes this month or tried any of these products before?

ilumi- "Delicious Foods For Pleasure And Well Being" @ilumiworld

I was contacted by the lovely people from Ilumi to sample some of their meals and let the world know what I think of them.

So who are Ilumi? I had never heard of them either but when I was told their food was not only quick and easy to prepare but also offering a much healthier alternative to ready made meals that are out there on the market I figured I would give it a taste. That and I am a sucker for a good name.

Ilumi have a team of nutritionists and chefs who have been cooking up a nut-glutten- and milk free storm for almost 10 years and  now they want to share this food with you all. Check out this video from the team to hear a little more.

I was gifted* samples from the new Chinese range. This range was created with the help of celebrity chef Tom Kime who is well known for his love of authentic Asian flavour.

So lets get down to what you all want to know about. The food right? First meal I tried was the Pork in sweet five spice and chilli sauce.

The packaging is simple and easy like the microwaveable rice packets you can get. Simple and easy to use is just what you need in the kitchen.

The packet does suggest that to have as a full meal you should add rice. The consistency is slightly runny as it can be enjoyed as a soup or casserole also so I added some mixed vegetables (healthy I know ;) ) and rice. I have to admit I wasn't expecting much of a meal that I could prepare so quickly. Usually these type of ready meals lack a lot in flavour. Ilumi nailed it tho there was lots of flavour and a really filling portion size. The meat in the Pork in Sweet five spice and chilli sauce was really nice and there was a decent amount. I would definitely think of getting this one again and maybe taking it for lunch at work or for a super quick meal after a busy day in the studio.

The second was Northern Chinese Style chicken and mushroom. I had high hopes after the other dish had been so yummy but have to admit I found this one to be not as exciting. It does however have tons more flavour and taste than other quick meals and with it being allergen free is still a big winner.

You can check out more about Ilumi on their website here.
Twitter Here
Facebook Here

They can be delivered right to your door and are reasonably priced. I can honesty say I will be putting in an order.

 Have you tried them before? Isn't it great a company is giving great taste back to allergy sufferers?

*I was unpaid for this post but gifted the meals. All opinions are honest and my own.

Bloggers do bargains better #Bloggersdoitbetter

It is that time again for #Bloggersdoitbetter this time Bloggers do Bargains better!

If you missed my last post check it out here

I am a sucker for a good bargain. Recently I have scored some serious bargains on Ebay which is ironic as only yesterday I was posting about de cluttering and selling my things on Ebay haha. So I guess this is a bit of a bargain haul post. 

I am a sucker for hair bows and am a horror fiend so when I saw these bows I snapped them up!
Misfits laces, hello kitty headband, studded headband, bandanas, swalloe clips and more
Creepy cute I just love fiendish fashion
Then I also snapped up some horrifically awesome necklaces already been wearing these 

I love creepers and got thise TUK ones for a bargain fiver

This super cute Tiki style dress <3

Beth Ditto is high on my idols list I am just finishing up this book and will review it for you all. 

Have you had any ebay bargains?

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Shop Your Stash :)

So many times us bloggers feel pressured to buy new things to tell the lovely world about which can be an expensive game The beautiful Hollie over at Pretty Big Butterflies came up with this awesome challenge.

Welcome to the Shop Your Stash Challenge. This is all about finding a gem in what you already own and creating a blog post on it. This is to let go a little of the stress that comes with being a blogger - even if it is just once a month. Rummage through your beauty products and climb through those clothes draws. You might surprise yourself!

It is spring so I have been spring cleaning and having a massive clear out. I really want to go to Boomtown fair festival in the summer and pennies are short. This bloggers challenge had me hunting through my wardrobe and realising that I had way too many things I never wear. This is what I found 

A huge pile of dresses, jeans and even a onesie that go unworn mostly due to being to small for me :( So what better way to get some cash by listing them all on ebay. (misskittykaos).  Even though writing out the listing is the most boring thing in the world! Although what I gained most from this challenge this month is that it is so important to appreciate what you already have I found plenty of great stuff I can review in future posts and I look forward to telling you all about it 

Have you had a declutter lately? what did you find? A big happy Easter everyone.

#100happydays update #4

 Check out the other updates here #1 #2 #3

Day 32
Looking out of work to see 2 big beautiful horses. Me and Sarah ran down to have a look at them. He has a beautiful mane. Put a big smile on my face for the day

Day 33
I just really like this dress it was a bargain fiver a few years ago and always makes me feel happy when I wear it.

Day 34
No chocolate beats Easter egg chocolate. Shared this with my Mama who bought them for us as an early surprise.
Day 35
Micro pigs and cats. I need these in my life.

Day 36 - fleetwood mac and American Horror story
Day 37
Went round to visit my family and my little bro made me this amazing hot chocolate complete with cream and marshmallows in my favourite mug <3
Day 38
Rushing through the city in a hurry scrunching up my nose with irritation when I see this on the side of a bin. Lisk bots work always makes me smile and this is an awesome collaboration with Lazy Orbit. Keep an eye out for some more of my Brum street art posts.
Day 39
This little cutie walked into my Mama's garden and was such a fuss pot he was real sweet but Mr Theo Noir went in a major sulk. I nicknamed this one MewMew.
Day 40
Awesome gig awesome band Red Fang were amazing and if you paid attention you read my review ;) Was a lovely date too but once again nothing really came of it....doooomed haha.
Day 41
This was my 31st birthday I have known this lovely lady since I was 15 I am blessed with some awesome friends who danced the night away with me.
Day 42
Hangovers are so worth it when I get to snuggle with this cutie.
Day 43
This question blew my mind for a bit. My answer was Tom Waits <3

What makes you happy? Are you doing the challenge?

I Feel Good #3

I still love this challenge and if you haven't already read the lovely Vicky's blog please do as she writes about awesome things and is a feminist like me. So check her out at The Curved Opinion. I have to admit I haven't been feeling that great lately so this time it was a bit of a challenge for me but last week I was meeting friends after work. You lovely lot must be fed up of this glasses and hat combo by now but really love them. I miss wearing glasses so they give me my fix.

These ladies are feeling good too and so they should they are awesome 

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Oh Wow My 100th Post

Wow that came around quick! So I have officially reached my 100th post! Not only that but I have almost hit 100 followers on bloglovin too. How exciting :)

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for reading, commenting and sticking with me I appreciate you all and make sure you do chat with me either in comments, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. I want to get to know you all. It also still amazes me how supportive and lovely the blogging community are both readers and other bloggers <3

Now is your chance to check out some of my older posts that I really enjoyed writing...

Here is to many more posts and I hope you guys stick with me. I promise to bring you a giveaway in the future too ;)