Steps to a More Fulfilled Life

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There is no secret ingredient to the abstract feeling of fulfilment. For different people, this concept
can mean fulfilment in the workplace, acceptance of ones flaws, the experience of loving someone
or even simply having a little corner of the world to call ones own. In general, though, fulfilment
boils down to comfort in ourselves achieved through the overcoming of personal challenges. Here
are some steps youll take in your life that will help you feel fulfilled in whichever area you place
particular importance on.

Accepting You

By far the most important piece of advice and, indeed, the one which unites all others, is the quest
to accept and love oneself, including all the flaws, idiosyncrasies, weird thoughts and odd
behaviours that make you ‘you.’ It’s a long journey that involves a fair amount of reflection,
self-criticism, self-improvement and, eventually, the zen ability to simply be happy existing in the
world without living up to anybody elses expectations or standards. You have the right to dictate
how you act and, once you can with ease, youll find all else falls into place around the authentic
person youre able to be.

Being Brutal

This step takes many forms but unites under the banner of being harsh when it comes to those life
choices that matter. For instance, making the decision to drastically change your living situation,
leaving behind a relationship, a group of friends, a lifestyle or a place thats dragging you down,
requires a level of brutal realism. In a quite distinct way, being brutal with yourself by recognising
destructive habits like addiction is the best path to feeling more fulfilled.
Alcohol rehab in Rancho Cucamonga CA will help those looking to remove an addiction to leave the
path to happiness clear.

Setting and Achieving Goals

While at school, our goals are clear: turn up to school and get good grades. As we progress through
life, though, these clear institutionally-set paths melt away, leaving us with a lack of direction if we
dont fill the void with our own self-imposed set of goals, whether that entails climbing a mountain
or buying a property. Self-discipline in achieving these goals provides a great deal of quiet
confidence in life, which in turn is a catalyst for feeling happier and more fulfilled. Make a short list
of things youve meant to do, and devote your energies to getting there. Youll reap the benefits
down the line.

Choosing Your Path

While small goals will take you some way to actualising all that which youve dreamed of doing,
these are unlikely to hit on the path to true fulfilment that encapsulates everything from the way
you choose to earn money through to the attitude to take in your day-to-day routine. Only you
can discover what this means and how you can get there, but finding a path and sticking to it feels
a whole lot better than casting around in the dark, so spend some time ruminating on this if you feel
wayward and desirous of a centring goal in life.

Feel more fulfilled by fully considering these four tips thatll help you get to where youd like to be in life.

How to plan a surprise anniversary party for your parents

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An anniversary is a very special event, and if there is such a date coming up soon for your own parents, it is
understandable that you may wish to celebrate it in the finest style.
A surprise anniversary party can be a great way to not only toast your parents’ everlasting union, but also
signal your appreciation for them as a couple, in the company of a wider circle of family and friends. So, how
can you organise such a party to be a success?
Establish a date and time
The obvious advice is to organise the party to take place on the anniversary itself. However, your parents may
have already devised their own plans for how to spend this special day, or have pre-existing family or work
commitments that would prevent their attendance of your surprise party.
That’s why you’ll need to make sure your parents will be available for the planned festivities, in addition to the
family and friends that you are most likely to wish to invite. After all, many of them may have to travel a long
distance to the venue.
You may simply go as far as telling your parents that you’ll have a surprise for them on a certain date near their
anniversary, without telling them – just yet – about the exact nature or location of the party.

What about selecting an appropriate venue?
If the party is to be relatively casual and informal, you might consider starting the organisation process just a
few weeks in advance of the date, and holding it in your parents’ house.
It’s possible, though, that your parents’ anniversary will be an especially significant one – such as their 25th or
50th – in which case, you may desire a slightly more luxurious, extravagant and resplendent venue.
That’s why many people investigate the possibility of chateau rental in France, for example. This isn’t as distant
a fantasy as you might imagine it to be, with many suitable venues – such as the charming and aristocratic
Château Bouffémont – offering reasonably priced packages for a private event such as an anniversary party,
while also making plenty of other practical sense.
The aforementioned Château Bouffémont, for instance, is situated in an extraordinary setting of sprawling
manicured French gardens, but is also a mere 20-minute journey from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 30
kilometres from central Paris.

The other key factors to consider
Wedding anniversaries have famously long been known by various themes and symbols, ranging from silver
for a 25th anniversary, right through to gold for a 50th anniversary and platinum for a 70th anniversary. Along
the way, such materials as paper (1st), tin (10th), china (20th) and emerald (55th) are also represented,
as listed in greater detail on the Hitched website.
Alternatively, you may have a quirkier wedding anniversary theme in mind, perhaps based on the shared
hobbies or interests of your parents, or even – to some extent – the venue. Indeed, it’s wise to decide on the
theme as early as possible, as this will inform so many other aspects of the planning of the wedding
anniversary, including the invitations, decorations, food and drink and more.
The above is not an all-exhaustive list of the many elements that you will need to think about when organising
the most special anniversary party for your parents. Nonetheless, these tips should provide a powerful starting
point for ensuring such a celebration is only remembered for all of the best reasons.

Do you have any planning tips?

Mistakes You're Making Trying To Get Fit

Hey Cats

Losing weight and getting fit are challenging tasks, and many people give up quite easily because of
how much work it takes to transform your body. What could be holding you back from greatness is
the fact that you’re making several mistakes when it comes to you trying to get in shape and remain
Fixing a few of your habits may be all it takes for you to start seeing results and feeling good about
yourself. It’s time to stop comparing your progress to others and start focusing in on what you could
bedoing to improve. If you’re going to put in the time and energy to try and get fit, you may as well
do it the right way.
Not Setting Goals
You can think about how much you want to lose weight and be in shape, but that’s not going to help
you experience the outcome you desire. What you need to do is set goals, write them down and
review each one daily. This is the only way you’re going to stay on track and not let other obligations
and distractions get in your way. Be specific and record what days and times you’ll be working out
and how much weight you want to drop.  

Failing to Mix up your Workouts
You’ll get bored with your workout routine real quick if you’re always performing the same exercises.
Instead, dabble in a wide variety of activities and switch up your schedule once in a while.
For example, take a kickboxing class or start learning how to wrestle in your free time. If this is what
you choose to do, then research the best wrestling shoes and make sure you have the right equipment
with you before starting your new classes.
Too Many Cheat Days
While it’s okay to have a cheat day once in a while, you don’t want this to become a habit. If you do,
you’ll begin to head into a downward spiral where you eventually aren’t doing much to stay healthy
and will end up putting on weight, rather than losing it. Pick a day or meal and designate it as your
time off from being healthy, but then get back on track right away after your break. Your cheat days
can include eating what you want and not working out if that’s what you prefer. The key is not to
deprive yourself, but also not to let these occasional indulgences turn into bad habits.

Forgetting to Pay Attention to what you Eat
Getting fit isn’t only about working out, and you’ll be more successful if you have the right mindset
and eat nutritious foods. Your body and mind need healthy meals for fuel and to keep your energy
levels up, especially when you’re putting in long, hard workouts. Exercising a lot and eating poorly will
typically work against each other and you’ll find the scale comes to a standstill and you feel stuck. Pay
attention to what you eat and notice a boost in your well being.

These are a few reasons why you may not be witnessing the physical results you desire while trying to
get in shape. All it takes is adjustments here and there, and before you know it, you’ll be back on track
to feeling wonderful. Remember to have fun with it and celebrate your successes throughout your

Were you making any of these mistakes?

Laser hair removal for unwanted hair

Hey Cats,

If like me you suffer with Poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) then excess hair can sometimes get you down in the dumps. I am all for women who rock body hair but for me I just can't find a place of love in the chin hair that makes me feel sad so my personal preference is to remove the hair. 

There are so many ways you can go about removing hair from wax, shave, thread and I have been even known to pluck (ouch and long). Something that I have been exploring as an option is Laser hair removal. Pulse light clinic got in touch to tell me all about it and I want to share that knowledge with you.

A fantastic way to kick off is by checking out this really informative and thought provoking video that tells you first hand from some customers what they thought of the treatments and how it went for them.

I think the video was important as it showed different skin types and tones and the impact laser hair removal has and how the needs can differ from person to person. I never even thought about the difference in the pigmentation or growth of hair follicles. That's why it is really important to make sure you have a consultation with a well informed clinic and know up front what sort of costs you will be looking at for the results that you want. One session isn't going to eliminate hair forever and something else you need to consider is how big a patch is covered in each session as some clinics charge more for smaller areas. Be up front ask lots of questions, honestly don't be scared to find out the things you really want to know as a good consultant will be open and happy to answer anything you ask. 

I was really interested to find out that it isn't a painful process because for me this was one of the biggest fears and one of the things that puts me off waxing. Laser hair removal works by targeting the root of a hair with a laser light beam that is powerful enough to destroy the hair but with out damaging the actual skin or follicle. Keeping the skin tissues safe and protected but banishing the unwanted hair for your targeted area. 

Have you ever considered hair removal or have you tried it yourself? Let me know in the comments what you thought!


The Best Architectural Hotspots In Europe

Hey Cats,

Everybody loves to travel for different reasons. Some people are just looking to get away from the
hustle and bustle of modern life so they’ll head to countries with hot sun and sandy beaches. Other
people like to travel to places where they can find amazing food and drink or experience new cultures
that are wildly different to our own. Some like activity packed adventure holidays or countries filled
with natural beauty spots. But some people find joy in wandering around a city filled with beautiful
architecture and taking it all in. If that sounds like your perfect idea of a holiday,
Europe has some amazing destinations for you. These are the best European destinations where
you can find some of the most incredible architecture in the world.


You probably haven’t even considered any of the cities right here at home but it’s worth keeping in
mind if you’re on a budget. The history of the entire continent is played out in
the architecture of our capital city and if you haven’t taken much notice of it before, it’s worth visiting
again. Amongst all of the modern skyscrapers you can find examples of Gothic, medieval,
Renaissance and restoration era buildings. As a native, we don’t often think of the tourist attractions
like the Tower of London or the Houses of Parliament in architectural terms but it’s worth taking a
proper look and appreciating them next time you’re in London.


Athens is often the first European destination that comes to mind when you’re looking for
a city with great architecture. The Greeks created modern civilisation as we know it and you can see
this rich history and heritage in the buildings that remain. There are so many amazing religious
buildings and the site of some of the biggest events in Greek history. While you’re there, make sure
to visit the Parthenon, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Greek Parliament, and the Theatre of
Dionysus. These relics are the first examples of buildings on this scale and, considering when they
were built, they’re incredibly impressive. Athens is an absolute must for anybody that is passionate
about architecture.


Paris is known for its quaint cafes, rich art scene and amazing food but it’s also home to some
incredible architecture as well. The Eiffel tower is, of course, worth visiting but that’s only the tip of
the iceberg. The Latin quarter is one of the best places to stay in Paris if you want to see some
amazing architecture. The area is a throwback to the days of the Roman Empire and all of those
beautiful historical buildings have been brilliantly preserved. There you’ll find a Roman amphitheatre,
the ruins of the world famous Roman baths and the impressive University of Paris built in the middle
ages. The area itself has a very vibrant nightlife and is popular with students so if you’re looking for
some excitement alongside the architectural sights, the Latin quarter in Paris is the perfect place for


If you want to find architecture that pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and breaks outside
the mould of conventional building, Barcelona is the best European destination for you. Modernists
like Gaudi have put their own unique stamp on the city’s architecture, creating a beautiful artistic
reflection of the ideals of freedom and creative expression that are central to the character of the city.
One of the best ways to introduce yourself to the architecture of Barcelona is to
take a tour of the buildings designed by Gaudi himself. There are some incredible buildings along the
route, the most famous being La Sagrada Familia; the awe inspiring church that started construction
in 1892 and is still not finished. You can get a great view of the city if you climb the long staircase up
one of the towers. There’s no better way to see Barcelona than from the top of La Sagrada Familia.


So much of Europe was destroyed during the Second World War so a lot of the incredible historical
buildings were lost forever. But Prague is a city that was left completely untouched so you can see
some of the best historical monuments in the world. You’ll find 8 centuries of history, perfectly
preserved as you walk around this beautiful city. While it has become a popular destination for stag
parties and lads holidays because of the cheap beer, it’s still a brilliant cultural hotspot for architecture

Every single one of these cities gives you the chance to experience a slice of history around every
corner. If you’re interested in architecture, these places should definitely be on your bucket list.