Spring Style: 10 Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe

With the worst of the winter weather now behind us, it’s time to think about those spring
trends. Treating yourself to a few new items and wardrobe updates is undoubtedly one
of the most exciting aspects around this period. Creating a winning plan of action is vital.
So, let’s take a look at some quick and simple tips that will help you strut your stuff in style.
Here’s our perfect 10.

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Always Start With Winning Foundations
Whether you’re building a home or working towards a new career, creating a solid
platform is essential. This should be no different when focusing on your fashion for
the spring/summer season.
A good night’s sleep and finding a great beauty ritual will always serve you well. However,
you mustn’t forget the importance of lingerie. Even when it isn’t being seen, getting it right
can boost your confidence greatly. Besides, your ongoing comfort relies heavily on this
factor too.
Without those foundations in place, there will be negative influences on all other steps.
Keep The Dressing Table Well Stocked
The outfits you wear will always have a huge influence on your look. But the makeup and
hairstyle choices have the potential to take things to an entirely new level.   
This guide to quick and easy hairstyles will equip you with a huge sense of control and
versatility. From shaping your face to colour coordinating clips with your outfits, those
seemingly small steps will have a telling impact.
Above all else, those items can follow you throughout the rest of 2018 and beyond.
Use Colour For Great Results
Colour schemes are a key factor in the fashion trends of any season. While there’s nothing
with embracing your personal favourites, knowing the seasonal trends is key.   
In spring 2018, lilac is a colour set to enjoy a huge resurgence. So, any woman eager to stay
on top of her game should look to incorporate this where possible. For both formal and
informal outfits, this will provide a solid backbone for your style.
For a simple match up, investing in a black pencil skirt will serve you well.
Focus On Footwear
Many women fall into the trap of finding footwear to suit their outfits. However, shoes are
the first thing anyone will notice about your look. So, why not make this the starting point?
Slingbacks, platforms and cushioned trainers will all play an important role. For more insight
and other ideas, this guide is crucial reading. You’ll notice that having versatile options will
count for a lot throughout the coming months.

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As with lingerie, avoiding the temptation to accept the wrong sizes is crucial for your comfort
and posture.   
Appreciate Your Surroundings
Let’s face it; spring style means different things for people in varying geographic locations.
Aside from the climate, you’ll also need to consider the impact of your surroundings.
Practicality is central to looking and feeling the part. When living in rural areas,
stylish country clothing for ladies is essential during the spring season. While those trends
may also suit some city folk too, there’s no doubt that being ready for Mother Nature is

Apart from potentially looking out of place, the wrong choices here can make daily life quite
Don’t Be Afraid To Be You
There’s nothing inherently wrong with high street trends, and those outfits are popular for a
reason. However, embracing your personality is a crucial step en route to unlocking your best
This can be achieved in many different ways. From using independent retailers to getting a
little creative via upcycling, those steps make a world of difference. Even the subtle changes
can make you stand out from the crowd in a positive way. Do not forget it.
On a separate note, sentimental jewellery and accessories are always a great addition.
Go Back In Time
Most women have a clear opinion regarding the retro look. Even if you’ve previously been
against that movement, this might be the season to start embracing it.
Many designers have gone back in time with regards to the presentation of their logos on
t-shirts, bags and other items. Therefore, even if you’re not fond of unleashing the 90s look,
for example, you can at use those simple ideas to great effect.
This is probably best restricted to casual clothes when comfort is king.   

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Be Ready For All Situations
The spring season is one in which the weather can be hugely erratic. Likewise, the types of
formal events and social gatherings you attend can be varied. Being prepared for them all is
Jumpsuits and rompers suited to all events are essential additions, especially when opting for
halter types. As for patterns, pastel colours are very popular choices. Meanwhile, subtle
designs over garishly bold alternatives are preferred.
Ultimately, an event that starts in the day and ends at night could be very awkward without
those winning outfits.   
Trouser Up For Work
Getting your work attire right is a major concern for millions of women, and the spring season
is arguably the hardest to master. For 2018, you just need two words: trouser suits.
There are a host of different styles on the market. However, nothing beats a tailored suit
that provides a professional look and comfort. That’s not to suggest you can’t ever wear
skirts or alternatives options. Still, a great trouser suit truly is a winner for the spring
When combined with great footwear and accessories, success is assured.   
“Raw” Your Way To Spring
While design choices are crucial, the material selections are incredibly important too.
Opting for raw materials can put you on a far smoother route to fashion triumphs.
Washed cotton, woven leathers and linens with sawn-off edges are all winning solutions.
They’ll allow you to rock the minimalist look in style. Aside from enhancing your appearance
and style, it’ll often save you time and effort in the process.

It’s a simple idea, but it can transform your entire look for the better. Spring 2018 is yours.

Is Your Dream Career Actually Within Reach?

We all have a dream career, something that we wish we could do and get paid for.
This might be singing, becoming a world-class athlete or perhaps being a movie
star. Some of these careers can seem like pipe dreams, but they are actually not
as out of reach as they first seem. There are a few questions you need to ask
yourself before we get into this. Answer them honestly, and you will know whether
you really have what it takes to make your dream career a reality.

First, are you talented? If you are talented, someone unrelated to you will have
praised your abilities. This is all the evidence you need to pursue your dream
career and start thinking of a hobby as a real-life choice.

Second, are you determined? You will need to be to succeed here because you
are going to face a lot of competition on your way to the top.

Lastly, you need to ask yourself what you are willing to take? Rejection is the
biggest roadblock on your route to your dream career. A lot of people can’t handle
the idea of getting rejected multiple times, and it is for this reason that their dream
career never has a chance of becoming a reality.

If you answered these three questions correctly, let’s move on and figure out how
you can make it happen.

Make Contacts

It IS all about who you know in the business world, and this is true in any industry.
It doesn’t matter whether you want to become the next movie star or the next great
marine biologist. You have to know the right people because they are going to help
you find the opportunities that you need to succeed.

These days, of course, it’s easy to network with social websites like Linkedin.
Here, you will be able to connect with the right people and hopefully make the
relationships you need to rise to the top. Don’t be afraid to add or seek people
out either because in the modern age no one else is reluctant to ask for a helping hand.

Market Yourself

No one else is going to do it for you so make sure that you are ready to market and
promote yourself. You should have your own website, a blog and you should be using
your social media to promote your personal brand. You may even want to sell products.
For instance, you might have your heart set on being a famous singer. If that’s the case,
you need to produce and distribute a CD using a service like Nationwide Disc. You don’t
have to be successful straight away, but you do have to show that you have at least some
support behind you when you’re trying to win over someone to represent you.

Put Yourself Out There

Finally, you can’t be afraid of the crowds. You need to be ready to take anything
they can throw at you. You might have been on Youtube lately and laughed at
the people who have no charisma and no ability to grasp an audience. But they
are a darn sight closer to achieving their goal of making their career dreams
come true than you are.

Hen Weekend Ideas For Girls Done With Beauty Treatments and Crazy Nights

Now, let’s not fool ourselves: hen weekends are always fun. If you get a bunch of good
people together, who are intent on having a good time, then there’s seldom little that
can wrong. However, it’s also true that many a hen party falls under the umbrella
of ‘cliche.’ We’re talking about the spa treatments, the debauched weekends in a UK or
foreign city, fancy dress costumes, and the like. There’s no rule that says a hen party
has to be one of - or a combination of - these things. Below, we take a look at a few
hen weekend ideas for those people who are looking for something a bit different
before their big day.

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To the Outdoors

If you’d rather just make your own party, then there’s one obvious
solution: remove all the other people by heading to the countryside!
There’s a lot of joy that can come from renting a house somewhere
remote and beautiful,
cooking your own meals, and then strapping on your
hiking boots and going for a scenic stroll. Of course, you’ll want to factor in
the fitness levels of the attendees; but no matter what their physical condition
is, you’ll find plenty of walking options in the UK. After all, our country is pretty
tame when it comes to wilderness!

Doing Battle

Like to be a little rough and ready when you’re having fun, while also staying safe?
Take a look at paintballing. It’s a ridiculously fun way to spend a day no matter who
you’re with, but it’s even better when you’re roaming through the woods with your
best friends. You’ll play a variety of games, pitting one team against the other. Do
you adopt a “don’t shoot the hen” policy, or not? Our vote goes for ‘no.’ Afterwards,
you can laugh and joke about the day’s events, and gently rib the friend who didn’t
get one “kill” all day.

Inner Game of Thrones

If you’ve ever seen Game of Thrones (and who hasn’t?), then you might have been
inspired by the badass female character, Arya Stark. She’s pretty deadly when it
comes to archery, so why not see which of your friends and family members might
also have a hidden talent from this medieval sport? You can do it at places around
the country. In fact, archery has made something of a big comeback thanks to the
TV and book series. Thankfully, what you’ll be doing will be nowhere near as brutal
as Game of Thrones - you’ll be using foam tipped arrows - phew!

Classy Nights...Kind Of

Now, just because you’re not keen on throwing drunken shapes in one of the country’s
many debauched nightclubs, that doesn’t mean that your hen weekend has to be totally
alcohol-free. But instead of downing shots and too many bottles of wine, why not make your
evening of drinking a more classy affair? Up and down the country, you’ll find microbreweries
and gin distilleries which allow you to enjoy all the good things about fine alcohol drinking
without the chaos of those far-too-packed bars and pubs. It’ll be a classy evening...or at least
that’s the idea. But be warned: craft cider, beer, or gin - it’s not an easy decision!

A New Activity

How do you like the sound of getting together with friends, having a good time, and learning
a new activity all at the same time? Then make the idea behind your hen weekend. There’s
no little to the number of activities you can do; you can try drawing, pottery, learn to horse ride,
or anything else. There’s nothing overly complicated about it: you just contact a place that
gives lessons, ask for a group booking, and then turn up and learn your skill. It might not be
rock and roll, and there are no guarantees that you’re going to be any good, but you will have

Bringing Beyonce

Everyone has their inner diva, their inner superstar, their inner Beyonce. You can let your
inner light shine out by bringing your unique brand of dancing and singing talent to the
weekend. One of the most fun things you can do is have your own backing band as you
belt out all the hits you know by heart. It’s a step up from the karaoke bar, a step down
from being on stage at your own concert. In any case, you’ll have plenty of fun. And if
these really are your nearest and dearest friends, then they’ll surely forgive you if you
can’t quite hit that high note.

Journeying Abroad

Of course, with so many cheap flights available, you don’t have to consign yourself to
these shores. You have all of Europe on hand to help you have a weekend to remember.
You don’t have to do the tried and tested ‘Town Square in European City’ bar crawl type
of thing; you can go anywhere, and do anything. If it’s still winter, then take a look at those
ski resorts. There’s nothing better than a day on the slopes followed by a glass of wine
in front of a roaring fire.

Source: Pexels.com

Staying Indoors

If you’re committed to staying indoors, but want all the luxuries of heading into the
city, then why not consider hiring a private chef for your rental house? They’ll turn up,
cook you a fantastic meal, and will even tidy up before they go. There’ll be no need for
taxis, no waiting, no anything other than enjoying the time you have with your friends
and family. It’s an evening usually only reserved for the rich and famous, but tonight,
it can be your reality.

Ultimately: Go Personal

In the end, there’s only one rule that you need to follow: doing what you want to do! There
are plenty of templates of what’s involved on a successful hen weekend, but if you
think about you (or the hen) really want, then you’ll be able to put together a weekend
that everyone enjoys. It doesn’t matter whether that’s exploring the cities, doing battle,
or a cosy retreat in nature. It’s all about you!