Boomtown Fair Festival Excitement

*scroll down and click a video for some music with your reading*

A week today I will be on a coach with my babe heading to Boomtown Fair Festival and I am just bursting with excitement. I haven't been to this fest before so it is a whole new experience. I have been to countless other festivals like Rebellion, Holidays In The Sun, Reading, Download and more but fancied something a little bit different. My brothers girlfriend raved about a festival which mixes music styles up big time and is full of fun and energy. I put my deposit straight down.
Before I go explaining a video can do it for me so let me cheat and just show you why I am so excited right now. 

It is not just a  festival but a whole town bursting with fun. Before I bang on about the awesome line up I want to talk about what really attracts me to this festival. First CLOWNS what is not to love about clowns? how have I been going to festivals so long that lack clowns? The whole festival is divided up into a town with lots of little areas.Each area has a theme and they don't do things in halves as you can see from the video they literally build a giant town with entertainment of it's own and fancy dress. I just love fancy dress! My only worry is how I will fit it all in as well as bands. I just feel like it has so much more of a magical feeling about it with a chance to just get away from it all and literally live in a fantasy land for a weekend. The inside of my head is pretty much already this crazy so it will be fun to have it sort of  come to life and be surrounded by so much creativity. Lately I have been in a bit of a creative slump so I am hoping this place will get me buzzing again.
Another great thing about this festival is they are pocket friendly You can pay for your ticket in instalments which saved the day for me and meant I could pay slowly rather than one big chunk gone out of my pocket. More festivals should take a note of this as in this climate I think it would make a real difference. Plus they have lots of options for those who prefer a bit of glamping with saunas and showers. Environmentally conscious and clever ways to keep the festival clean are around as well. Pinch me, am I dreaming? Does a festival this cool really exist? I think I could just get lost in this wonderful world of entertainment but then there is still even more. Music of course.

So musically there are so many different styles. Punk, mainstream, dance hall, dub, drum and bass and lots of new styles to discover. If you are anything like me then you just love discovering new music. Already just looking at the line up I have found a ton of new bands I need to see. As well as old favourites. Here are a few bands/Artists I can't wait to check out.

I already spoke about Molotov Jukebox in my last post so get your dance on to a bit more. If I find the face painter at boomtown I will defo be rocking this look.

Hometown Birmingham boy Aries has always played some epic sets when I have seen him at home so I want to go show some serious support for him at the festival too. He never fails to play an amazing set that keeps me dancing like crazy. He keeps true to those old skool jungle vibes me and my brother love so much.

Then there is the amazing NOFX on the punk stage but the one I am most excited for on this stage is Jaya the cat. I missed them when they last toured and they are such an awesome band that grace my headphones all the flipping time.

For More awesome line up check out the website there are honestly way too many bands to mention http://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/

That is all from me for now but expect a full up date on my return. Have you been to a festival this year? Have you been to Boomtown before?

What's In My Ears July

"When I got the music I got a place to go" no truer words ever said. Music is a huge part of my life so that is why I love letting you guys know what music I have discovered, been introduced to or am still rocking after years.

So what is filling my ears this month?
This one isn't a new addition but I haven't listened to them enough lately so have been rectifying that this month with some serious play time in Kitty world. Not only do they have some amazing booty shaking tunes but Patricia Day just screams sex appeal and damn does she have style. Can I like just be her now?

Another psychobilly band that is rocking my world is Zombie Ghost World. I am all about the spooky style and retro beats. Ghoulish romance <3

If psychobilly doesn't rock your world then this next band that my boo found that we will be rocking out at Boomtown to will definitely get you out of your seat and dancing. If you are a Game Of Thrones fan you may even recognise the front woman.

What's in your ears this month?

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor Review

 I recently bought the new Gillette Venus & Olay razor and wanted to share this with you.
I scored it half price at Superdrug so it cost around £5. £10 is a bit pricey for a razor especially when you only get one head. I think they need to throw in another for us to feel like we are really getting value. Although I have used Venus razors in the passed and been really happy with them so when I saw that they had added Olay my legs were screaming to be silky smooth.

First impressions of the packaging was really positive. Bright and fun looking the golden colour makes me think of sunshine and I am sure my pack had some sparkle on it to lure me in. We all know it is what's inside that counts though.
The head sports 5 blades for a close shave. The Olay is featured in the moisture bars which claim to leave skin feeling moisturised and smooth instead of dull and dry like most shaving can. This is where things get real. When I first used this razor the Olay bar fell straight off which was a massive disappointment. Had I paid full price I would have been really annoyed as otherwise I would have bought a regular Venus razor. Who knows maybe I was unlucky but I will say it has put me off buying the Olay head as a replacement for this razor.

The razor itself is really good and when I use Venus I never end up cutting myself even when used in a rush so I would recommend the regular Venus. Have you used the Olay did you have the same problem?

Suits You- Styling Other #Psblogger #2

Last month I Joined in a new challenge designed by the beautiful Leah over at 30 Something Curvy me. In this challenge instead of styling ourselves we style other plus sized beauties. I styled Patty last month check it out HERE. My awesome cute outfit was chosen by Nikki check out the post HERE.

So this month I get to style Leah herself! I have been following Leah's blog since I first started blogging. She is such a lovely person and always takes the time to reply to comments and chat to other bloggers. She also has an amazing voice check it out.

Talented right? Not only that but check out her awesome style. I have this jacket but it looks so good with this outfit!
Now the multi talented Leah also takes part in pageants and is Miss East Midlands Curve. With all the high profiling this lovely lady does she needs a suitable glamorous gown. For this I think Leah should embrace old school Hollywood glamour with a modern twist. I found so many dresses that would look beautiful but finally got it down to one.
I am not sure if Leah likes a bit of sassy bling but I wanted to show her sparkling personality. This beautiful fitted gown with a mermaid style feel to it will wow any judge. It is from http://www.dariuscordell.com/ who have some beautiful dresses which they can make to measure for extra comfort.

The shall is to give the added glam and can be worn in so many ways I think it just adds a bit of luxury and 1940s style chic to the outfit. There are heaps of these for a sheer steal on ebay. I out the black with this but a champagne colour would looks beautiful too.

Leah has gorgeous curly hair which look fab up or down so this Crown and Glory pearl detail slide would look amazing amongst that beautiful mass of curls.

When that dress gets pulled up to go up the stairs to fetch the winning crown Leah can flash some serious shoe porn with these silver heeled sandals from ebay again. Although the dress is long so she could be cheeky and get away with some flats or wedges for extra comfort.

I hope Leah likes this outfit check out the other stylers at


#FridayFright- The Horror Dinner Party

Today my ghoulish fiends you are invited to a very special dinner party. Pull up a chair and try not to be too scared our guests are not your average kind but they promise not to put YOU on the menu! So there is me, you and hmmm we need 6 other gore loving guests to get this party started. Lets keep it strictly fictional horror characters. Move over 'Come Dine With Me' it is time for 'The Horror Dinner Party'!

First bloody ticket to the party goes out to the one and only Freddy Krueger (Nightmare On Elm Street). I am hoping he gets in early to help me dice up the cheese and pineapple, or you know everyone will straight up leave the party. Freddy brings the cheesy one liners which we all need at the dinner table when conversation dips. Phew for once he will be a life saver. Having been a maintenance man I am sure he could also help out with a bit of DIY around the house. I been meaning to fix that bathroom sink. Plus I hope he lets me borrow his jumper too. Being a dream invader he would have some tales to tell especially if he has been in any of mine!

To add a bit of glamour to the party we need some royalty. Queen Akasha (Queen Of The Damned) can represent the vampires. Not only is she beautiful and sophisticated but she is a kick-ass independent woman. She has been through history and could really give some decent girl advice. Wisdom and tradition all rolled up in a well dressed charm machine. She can use her vampire vixen ways to keep all the guests on their best behaviour. Like all good dinner guests she will take her food rare to really savour it. Although she can be a bit of a conversation killer when it doesn't go her way.  "I've had enough of this discussion. Join me or die!" We've all had a drink now calm down Queenie. 

Our next dinner guest would have no problem with a come back to that conversation stopper and would give Freddy a run for his money with one liners. The one and only Ash (Evil Dead). If he starts swinging the chainsaw about then he can use it to carve the dinner. All gotta pitch in at this party. He may be a bit arrogant but something about him just pulls it off and I think with the other guests he may just need it on his side. Plus he is funny and more of a hero than a villain at the table would help me feel a little bit more relaxed. Since he worked in S-Mart he could probably score some discounts or at least tell us some handy hints on getting some. "Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This... is my boomstick! The twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington. S-Mart's top of the line. You can find this in the sporting goods department. That's right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about a hundred and nine, ninety five. It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. That's right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. You got that?" 

Next up is Troma's adorable monster hero Toxie (The Toxic Avenger). He is a full on darling and would bring some sweetness to this sour bunch to balance things back out. I would remind him that despite the bullies he came out better then them all in the end. I think I would probably have to quiz him about how awesome Llloyd Kaufman is too. He could compare burn treatments with Freddy, show Akasha that men can be sweet and hopefully give Ash some gentleman tips. I <3 the monster. 

Oh bloody hell Carrie (Carrie) have you spilt the red wine already? Blood? Oh errrm ok if I were you I wouldn't sit next to the Queen. Carrie is a bit shy and we already have a lot of dominating people at the table. I just want to give her a hug and show her that not everyone in the world is as horrible as they are in high school. Having only been invited to one other party anything that happens at this one has to be a winner for the lovely Carrie. Her mum can stay at home praying for all our souls because after spending and evening with these nutters it may just rub off on her. I think we could create a total monster. She also brings some crazy awesome Jedi mind skills literally to the table which if forget something or need her to pass the salt it is pure sorted. May need to stick her in the shower first though the smell of pigs blood could be a bit off putting and every girl deserves to feel like a princess. Akasha could give her some serious tips that her mum never did. 

Last but totally not the least the remaining gruesome ticket goes to the mad awesome Captain Spaulding (House  Of 1000 Corpses) because....clowns. Clowns make every party better plus he would totally bring chicken which may be needed when I burn the dinner keeping an eyeball on the other guests. Every clown should be like Captain Spaulding! A little bit scary but a bit cool and he keeps some interesting company and owns a freak show. I hope he brings pictures because even if he invites us I think it would be in our best interest to pass. "Howdy Folks! You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature? Well then, come on down to Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Mad-Men. See the Alligator Boy, ride my famous Murder Ride. Most of all, don't forget to take home some of my tasty fried chicken! Ha ha! It just tastes so damn good! "

Well lets get on and enjoy the party we got room for another guest so who should it be?

Vlog better late than never ;)

Debz over at Wannabe Princess is always coming up with awesome projects and this time it was all about vlogging. So prepare to see me all hayfevered up...

I hope you guys liked it and I didn't babble too much. Let me know if you think I should vlog more and what about :)

#MoneySavingMonday #2 The Wishlist

This spending ban is still sort of easy for me because pay day hasn't hit just yet. That is when it will get hard. So second week of spending ban and pay day looms on Friday. What do you do when you are on a spending ban? Dream of all the things you want to buy it would seem! It is like when you go on a diet and all you can think about is food!

First up on my wishlist is this pretty dress by Hell Bunny. I am a big fan of 50s style dresses they always make me feel beautiful. This zombie pin-up print rocks my horror world and makes me want to join their crew. At £45 it can stay on my wish list for a little while unless you all want to chip in and buy it for me.

My heart literally stopped when I saw this next item on my wishlist. I am so in love with this cardigan. Bride of Frankenstein and the monster <3 Pure love packaged in a cardigan. Again this one is from Hell bunny. I just love the super cute bat detail on the sleeves. I think they do it in green too which I think I may live even more.

This one isn't Hell Bunny all the way from across the pond Candy strike are calling me with roach dresses and even more important Wanda! You already know my love for cry baby so this Tshirt is so hard on my want list right now.  How hot do these ladies look?
Picture from Candy Strike website
Last but not least this skirt is just amazing. I know someone made this so if I ever find material like this then I will somehow work out how to make this skirt and most likely live in it almost every day. I have a bit of a love for catholic art. I think Frida would be proud of this skirt choice also.

With my wishlist being a little bit impossible I don't feel so bad that I am not spending this month because it reminds me that I really should just save for the things I really want.

Check out the other lovely ladies over at

Kitty Boo's Boutique Giveaway

I am so excited to be doing my first giveaway! Brought to you by the fabulous Kitty Boo's Boutique. Kitty Boo's Boutique is a new independent accessories company who are just starting out.


 I have spoke about them before in other posts where you may have seen me wearing some of their awesome necklaces.

Here I am wearing the quirky cute cat necklace which reminds me of my Theo.

Or this amazing  lizard necklace when I was Frida.

Here are just a few of the necklaces that I have from Kitty Boo's Boutique.
So I have my very first blog giveaway for you all! This is your chance to get your hands on a necklace of your choice from Kitty Boo's Boutique. Just enter below to be in with a chance.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Indulging With Monu-spa Review

I just finished  Monuspa warming ginger massage & body oil. This came in my Glossybox back in April. A 30ml  sample the full 100ml retails at £26. 30ml doesn't sound like a lot but with this oil a little does go a long way so it gave me a good chance to get to know the product.  There is nothing more I love that a big hot bath to relax. So lets break out the candles and really relax.
The packaging is nice and simple which means the product will be doing the talking for itself. I am a fan of ginger in both flavour and smell so I couldn't wait to open it up. First impressions of the smell was that although yes it did have a warming effect ultimately it was a very fresh as it also has hints or orange and lemongrass leaving a refreshing scent.

You use the product by either warming in your hands, massaging into your body and jumping in the shower or you can simply add to your bath.I added a small amount to my bath and was instantly hit by the beautiful smell. While in the bath the mix of warming ginger and citrus helped me relax. If you are not a fan of ginger then you may not like this product but they do also retail this in a relaxing Bali or vanilla which sound beautiful. After the bath my skin felt moisturised and silky and smelled beautiful. The smell that stays is more of a citrus than the ginger I think but as I said it leaves you feeling fresh and relaxed.

Overall I really enjoyed using this product and although the full version is pricey I would consider buying it. I was delighted to hear that Monu are a British brand who work with skin care professionals and are environmentally conscious. To find out more about them check out the website here. 

Same Size Different Shape - The Swing Dress

This is the second post in Same Size, Different shape. Check out the first one HERE. Today all the different shaped lovely ladies who rock the same size are wearing swing dresses. I always thought swing dresses were the 50s halter-necked variety but we are talking a different kind. I actually only own one dress that could resemble a swing dress which I bought off another lovely blogger in a blog sale. I am so addicted to blog sales please nobody put them up in this no spend month! Back on point I am a sucker for tartan so when I saw this dress I snapped it up.

 I am a big fan of tartan and was looking for a cute dress like this!It is super comfortable and easy to wear all day. The skirt on the dress has lots of room and swishes about nicely. The dress is originally from Simply Be.

I teamed it with these awesome TUK tartan creepers and a hello kitty bow. My necklace and earrings are from Kitty Boo's Boutique.

This cheeky monkey wanted in on the action so say hello to Mr Theo Noir..

Check out how the other beautiful ladies rock a swing dress over at
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What do you think of swing dresses?

#MoneySavingMonday Spending Ban

Money, Money, Money seems to b
e one thing I am running out of fast. So when a fellow blogger Abi suggested a July spending ban it was just what I needed. The idea is we can not buy any clothes or beauty products (not including beauty boxes I already get). Forcing us to dig into our cupboards and wear things we already have.

This Monday I figured I would go with an outfit post. This is just a quick casual outfit I wore on Saturday. I was travelling so wanted something comfy but cute.
The dress was a £5 bargain from primark. I think it will only last a few more washes but for the price it is worth it. I love the cute cut out detailing that shows a bit of skin but not too much. I teamed it with a denim waistcoat also primark. 
I am also wearing this awesome braclet I got as part of a joyful june blogging swap. I love it so thank you to my secret gifter!

Other money saving honeys

A to Z Of Inspirational Women E is for Empowerment

Stats like the ones above are just another reason why we all need empowering women in our lives. Working our way through the alphabet and on to E we go. 

Lets kick this off with a woman who has inspired me from the day I knew she ever graced our earth. Emmeline Pankhurst is who all us women in Britain need to thank for winning the right to vote. It is women like Emmeline that inspire me to stand up for what I believe in and fight for not only my own rights but those of others too. Dedicating her life to protesting for women's rights after seeing the poor conditions women were made to work in with no say in who leads the country. Women were granted the right to vote if over 30! Emmeline didn't give up the good fight she kept on going and died just a week before the age was lowered to 21. Emmeline and the other women who went out there to get women heard is the reason I make sure I am always at the polling station on voting day! Use that right ladies.

You may well be familiar with Eve Ensler from The Vagina Monologues. Reconnecting women with their own vagina and stepping out to tell us it is important to talk about being a woman and that includes our vagina. Outspoken, passionate, intelligent and pro active Eve is so much more than a vagina empower er. She has used the success of her books and plays to go on and help women who suffer violence. A true activist funds raised from the annual Vday go on to create safe houses for women all over the world. Devoting her life to activism for gender equality, creating movements such as One billion rising which both men and women come together to raise awareness and fight for equality. Read her books, see her plays or even just watch The Vagina Monologues but definitely get a bit of Eve in your life.

Elizabeth Taylor says it all in the picture to the left. Be ambitious and open as many doors as possible. 
Although Elizabeth worked hard at an acting career form a young age, she is most famous for her glamourous adult roles. Although she screams sex appeal that isn't why she makes this list. Elizabeth also worked very hard off screen as an activist. She set up foundation in the early 80s for the research of Aids and HIV. She was the first to host a fundraiser in LA to promote awareness and tackle. She also did a lot of work for Jewish causes after she converted to the faith. So she was much more than just a gorgeous woman. Those eyes though <3

From one Elizabeth to another. My Elizabeth my mama. We have had our ups and downs, lord knows I have been a handful but my mama inspires me everyday.

I know to work hard and if you want something it is not going to just be handed to you on a plate you need to work for it. She has sacrificed and worked her whole life to give me and my brothers good chances in life and is always supportive when I need her You only get one mother so cherish her. Mine is funny, creative, generous and big hearted. Empowerment needs to start at home so to all you mothers out there a big thank you for inspiring us every day.

In case you haven't already noticed from previous posts I am heavily influenced by music. Therefore it would be crazy of me to mention some amazing musical artists who have empowered the industry. It was really hard but I narrowed it down to two artist that I love.

Ella Fitzgerald reflects my love of blues and jazz. Songs fuelled by passion a woman who worked hard to get to the top. This is my Favourite Ella track.

Last but not least for empowering women beginning with E is Edith Piaf. Whenever I listen to her music I am always moved at how beautiful it sounds. Edith like most of the women I admire was a rebel of her time. She was an active member of the french resistance. In this song released during WWII Edith sings a tale of a prostitute who uses music to escape. The song was written and composed by a Jewish composer who she helps flew the clutches of the Nazis.

Any Empowering E's you think I missed? Check out the others A, B, C, D

#FridayFright - Super Sized Surprise

This time Friday fiends we are going super sized. Think Honey I blew up the baby. Admittedly the thought of a giant toddler causing mayhem in the city is terrifying but us ghouls can handle more. I did want to talk about Godzilla vz King Kong a pure classic of it's time with the two iconic huge beasts combating but since I haven't seen it myself in some time and can't seem to find it, I didn't think it was fair on my lovely readers. If you haven't seen it check it out for some awesome B movie magic.
Instead I went with a film I have seen a zillion times and it is still awesome. TREMORS! What is not to love about this classic. Everyone raves about the film that made Kevin Bacon being Footloose, I beg to differ! Remember that game you used to play when you were a kid where you jump from sofa to sofa because the carpet was a shark infested sea? Tremors reminds me of that game. If you thought the sand worms in beetlejuice were freaky then this film will scare the bejesus out of you and have you climbing a tree faster than you can say virgin Mary.

Released in 1990 and described as a western monster movie. It went on to not only have a sequel but altogether there are 4 tremor films and a series. I haven't checked out the series yet for fear it will be pure awful. If you have seen it, drop me a message and let me know what you think.

This film is set in a small quirky town with each character coming with their own small town stereotype. The fact this all happens in a small secluded town makes it all the more scarier for me. Just imagine being in the middle of nowhere and there are only so many people to be chomped to death. Your chances of survival become very limited. So you better become or befriend a bad ass pretty damn quick.

I always have a bit of a soft spot for the local army nut who just so happens to have a house full of guns and explosives. They always come with cheesy one liners, tons of attitude and a secret heart of gold. I like the fighting spirit and in this film the resident ass kicker is Burt Gummer. My favourite character by far soz Bacon.
Food for five years, a thousand gallons of gas, air filtration, water filtration, Geiger counter. Bomb shelter! Underground... God damn monsters.
What the hell are they fighting? I hear you ask. I am talking giant, I mean HUGE carnivorous wormy graboids. They may not look that scary but I am pretty sure if every time you seen someone walk across the floor a huge snake like clawing creature swallowed them you would stay up that tree.

The thing about this film is it shows you how much you can do with limited set. There are actually only two interior sets in the whole film. Other than inside the store and Burts basement we only ever see the outside. This meant the whole set could be built in just under 2 months. I doubt the same could be said for the graboids. Impressive humongous blind creatures of death that sense you through vibrations. The feeling of not knowing what is lurking under your feet. I'm off to give this another watch *jumps to next sofa*.

Which film rocks your super sized world?

Bumping Into Your Style Doppelganger And Challenge

You are rooting through those pretty dresses in the shop to find your size when you notice someone 2 hangers away looking frustrated in the same quest. Her sneakers,  polka dot skirt and leather biker jacket. Hair neatly quiffed. Her gaze glances over your almost identical outfit and que two awkward faces. Not sure what to do both glance down, headphones blaring and head in opposite directions. 

Now what should have happened is a high five and a rant about that oh so pretty dress being sold out in your curvy size. This actually happened to me the other day. I see this girl all the time and she seems pretty cool ....er she must be she wears all the same clothes as me ;) Part of me wants to be like "we rock lets just shop together" but I guess it is not the done thing.

As a plus sized alternative girl I have to admit sometimes it is a little pressing to have an individual style at least from high street stores on a budget.  Sure we all wear clothes differently but ultimately the choices are limited.  We all lusted after the Beth Ditto collection and any whiff of a rockabilly range empties my bank account.

 The real answer is to get creative and get crafty. Get those scissors out, add a bit, and cut a bit. Something I loved about uni days was there was always a theme night or bar crawl to dress on a budget for so it was all about customisation. So I am calling out to all of you men, women, craft with me. Every body shape is welcome. I want us to step outside of standard fashion and give it our own twist. You don't have to be an amazing seamstress....believe me I am not at all! The idea of this challenge is to share with others how to make things just that little bit more special, push your boundaries and learn some new kick ass skills. While also sharing tips and being totally green and recycling!

I am totally up for doing this on my own but would be far more fun if some people would like to join me. If you are interested email me at misskittykaos@gmail.com or leave a comment/tweet.