Educational and Office Items You Need for Colour Lovers

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Whether you’re a Small business owner or an avid blogger and you want to have practical but fun ways to stay organised and manage your business you may have thought about setting up a small office and you may need some practical supplies. Teacher boards have some fantastic products and I wanted to share my top three. These items are great for educational and study use too for educational needs check out 11plustutorsinessex.co.uk

Rainbow Board

What a lovely name and these notice boards really do come In a rainbow of colours meaning you can literally brighten up your office and have somewhere to put all those important reminders or even use for photography backgrounds if you love a splash of colour. As these are used commercially in schools they are also fire certified so safety isn’t a worry. I love the pink with beech trim it just looks effortlessly cool and I would look forward to checking it every day for a to do list or mind map project.

Bean Bag

Office chairs can sometimes be so boring even if we still need them sometime soon it’s great to create a corner where you can go to just relax and take some t8me away from the screen. The most fun way to do this is to kick back on a bean bag. Sinking into this bright delight may just get those much needed creative juices flowing to keep you motivated and working productively. There are lots to choose from and if your a mommy blogger you can get these in mini too so maybe a great place to park the toddler with some colouring while you get working.

Wooden Standing Desk

Sometimes standing can really work well so this standing desk is a great way of working and standing at the same time. This helps keep you active and productive, however I also think it makes a great pop up desk that can be used on the go or to help create more room to read and write at the same time. I love the wooden finish and the fact it is easy to assemble and store. These are also excellent educational tools especially for home schooling like home tuition singapore. A pop up desk that will not take up a lot of space.

What are your practical office must haves?


5 Ways To Get Your Single Dad Back Into Dating

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Sometimes our parents are so busy being parents that they don’t take time out for themselves and as we get older we may find ourselves with single parents for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason maybe it’s time to help Dad move on and find a new love in his life. Most likely he will be stubborn and say he is fine but maybe he just doesn’t know his options but with your help he can get himself back out there if not only for a bowls buddy or pub quiz pal. Always make sure you have his consent nobody wants to be stuck in an awkward blind date situation and he needs to agree he is ready.

Online Dating

Trying a bit of online dating is a great way for him to test the waters and see how it feels chatting to other singles. He can also see what other people are single and build up a bit of confidence before going on any dates. Getting a feel of what it is like chatting to new potential companions can really give him a taste of if dating is what he really wants or if he just wants to find some new pals. Dating sites are often not just about dating as long as he is clear with the people he chats to about what he wants then everyone is happy.

Dating Agency

If he then thinks that dating is definitely for him then he could try a dating agency . These are great places to go on a few dates and get matched up with people of similar interests and ideals. You can find dating agencies both online or in person and in some senses dating sites are a kind of dating agency that they can be filtered to match him up with people in the area he is looking with key interests and hobbies. If he prefers face to face then there are also lots of very personalised services that can make these matches and also coach along the way which can also help with those awkward situations if the date didn’t go as planned. Having someone or something as a go between can really add a sense of comfort and security.

Speed dating

Speed dating isn’t just for young love and is used all over the world as a quick and snappy way for lots of people to make connections all at once. They may even be holding one at his local pub or favourite golf club. Lots of speed dating places do specialised older dating events and sometimes they even tailor them to themes of interest like sports or music. Speed dating sounds really scary but it’s actually just having a quick chat with some people sometimes as little as under 10 or if he is feeling brave he could go to a larger one to increase the chances of meeting new love. These kinds of events can be a lot of fun and he may just enjoy the experience.

Get dancing

Joining a local dance class or taking up a new hobby could mean not only finding something fun to do but also another way of meeting new people. Many dance instructors run over 40s single or group sessions where other singles go along and learn to dance. If the fear of not being partnered up is a worry then there are lots of fun dancing like line dancing where you still get the fun of meeting new people without the worry that nobody will dance with you. Have a chat with your local dance instructor and they will be able to help you pick the right kind of class for you, they want you to have fun and the extra bonus is it can get your heart racing in other ways too.

Get social

In the same way of joining a dance class getting out socialising naturally will give him the chance to meet new people. It could be joining a local pub quiz team or as simple as taking more walks in the park but being open and friendly smiling and making the effort to chat to people more from bus stops to shops you never know who will be on the other end of the smile. Chatting with new people always makes anyone fell better and well connected you may even find that the lady at the post office with the lovely eyes has been single this whole time. Connections are everywhere and even if they aren’t for love when we are making connections then even if we find love isn’t for us those little budding friendships can really make the world a lovely place.

Do you have any tips to get your dads dating?


5 Things To Do When Visiting Liverpool

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Recently I wrote about saving money and places to see if Liverpool there was just so many things to chose from I started building up a bucket list in my head and thought I would share in case you find yourself on a day trip that way.


I love visiting different shopping centres in towns and you always seem to find a bargain in your favourite shops when you do. Maybe we just have the urge to treat ourselves a little more when we visit somewhere fresh. Liverpool One is a huge shopping centre which not only has all your favourite shops but also plenty of places to eat, drink or even play mini golf. I love big shopping centres as a family you can go and there will always be something for everyone. Grandma can put her feet up in a coffee shop, mom can shop, dad can play mini golf and the kids can scream for toys or go to the cinema. Liverpool one has plenty to do and places to spend your money.

Take A Boat Tour

Liverpool is famous for its Mersey and you can take a riverside Mersey boat cruise which will give you a fantastic tour. This colourful boat gives you the chance to hop on and off at local attractions taking in the sites and learning all about the waterfronts heritage. As part of the tour you also get access to an open bus tour too which will take you to see all the land highlights with an experienced tour guide. A great way to see all the city and learn more about Liverpool.

St John's Beacon

Visit St Jojn's beacon the famous radio tour by taking the elevator to the top you can look down on the beautiful sites of Liverpool from 400 ft. Not one if you're nto a fan of height but just imagine all those lovely pictures you can get in from those dizzying heights. It is said with these panoramic views on a clear day you can even see as far as Wales!

Beatles Tour

If you're a big music fan then you will know that Liverpool is the famous home of the legendary band the Beatles. There are all manner of ways you can take in a tour or even find out the story from shows to taxi tours of popular landmarks all around the city that the Beatles went to. Even if you're not a fan it's worth taking in to hear the city's pride for the band and find out a little more of the history behind them.

Ghost Tour

If spooky is your jam then there are lots of ghost tours around Liverpool's most haunted spots. You can get talked and walked through some grisly tales that will have you needing a stiff drink afterwards. If you love getting scared or are just curious if there is anything in the tales then take a look for yourself.

Have you been to visit Liverpool? What did you do with your time there?


Is No Strings Dating For You?

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We always seem to assume that in the world of dating that all we are looking for love but that isn't always the case especially in a busy world of business minded people who want some of the benefits of relationship without the commitment. Browsing of sex sites has increased and become more open through the years. People are settling down later in life and consensual safe sex is no longer a taboo.

No strings dating isn't for everyone though and how will you know if it is for you? Lets talk about it and find out. First lets get rid of the misconception that dating for sex rather than love means hooking up with lots of different partners. In some cases this may be so and if you are open to that and can do so without forming attachments then that is a great option for you. However sometimes it may be hooking up with on person purely for one reason but it is important to know what the other persons expectations are going into this agreement.

Knowing what you want from the beginning is important go in open minded and sure in some cases no strings can lead to love and relationships but this isn't the place for you if that is what you are ready for that can only lead to heartache. mixed feelings and lots of strings attached on your side without even realising it. Know what your boundaries are and be clear sex dating sites aren't just about hooking up with strangers you can date for sex but have a clear idea of what you want. Using a site gives you a chance to chat first and build up trust and have a bit of fun first testing before you take the jump if this is for you. You don't even have to meet to get your rocks off some people will be happy for some steamy chat.

The most important thing is to be safe in all aspects. If you are chatting to someone you don't know online don't give out too much personal information like your address and be careful when sending pictures as there is the risk they may some back to haunt you so you can do this without including your face, using snapchat or webcam. If you have built up that trust with someone and feel comfortable enough to meet in person then go for it. Let a good friend know where you will be meeting and check in with them. Try and meet somewhere mutual like a hotel room then you can let your friend know what room you will be in.

The most important thing when it comes to any kind of sex is consent and contraception. Be safe make sure you and the person or people you're hooking up with are consenting adults and know what each others boundaries if you don't feel comfortable with trying a specific kink then only you know when it is ok to push those boundaries and when they are firmly in place and let only you make those choices saying no and having safe words is ok! Make sure you are using contraception and if you don't (we all make mistakes) then get regular check ups between partners. Sexual health is very serious and important.

Most of all relax have fun and explore your kinks finding yourself and the things that get you off can be very liberating and a great thing to know for future serious relationships.

Have you ever entered the world of no strings dating?


5 Festivals From Around The World That Are A Must

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Ever since I went to my first festival I have been hooked, I just love the solidarity and energy of people coming together. I started when I was around 15 when I went to Reading festival and was blown away by how awesome and fun everyone was and that sense of belonging not to mention some amazing music. Since then I have packed in many more music festivals and have explored celebrations in general and then Destination2: Holidays asked me what international festivals I wanted to visit...so lets go exploring together. If festivals aren't your thing then what about New years eve cruises in Sydney?

Burning Man- Nevada USA

Burning man has been on my wishlist forever it sounds like the perfect combination of creative and crazy. Every year people are drawn to this community of self exploration and expression where your inner artist can really unleash. Inspired by summer solstice the burning of the 'man' is a radical expression to open your creative self. This festival had inspired so many others all over the world and I would just adore to explore the artistic world and talent. I love going to festivals where you feel like you're entering a whole new world which is why I raved about Boomtown in the UK as it was certainly inspired by burning man and the creativity that surrounds it. This is not just an event but a culture and a community where anyone can go and feel like they can find a place in the open and welcoming community which is why I would love to go and meet so many wonderful and talented people. 

Holi- Indian and Sri Lanka

Holi is a festival celebrated all around the world by Hindus to represent the end of winter and the colours of spring coming in. Having been to Sri Lanka and loving how kind and welcoming the people there were I would love to revisit for a day of fun and vibrant colour. The traditional significance is overcoming the evil with good and celebrating that with colour. Sounds just perfect to me! It is important to remember that this is a religious celebration and although the welcoming Hindu community encourage people to join in that you must also respect the roots and religious values of the day. 

Carnevale- Venice Italy

If masks scare you then this is definitely not the festival for you but if you love dressing up in decadent designs and exploring your more theatrical creative side then Italy has so many Carnivals you can attend but the most renown and stunning is in Venice. In the traditional sense this is a celebration that takes place before lent having a final party before entering into 40 days of lent. This festival is celebrated around the world and you may know it as Mardi gras popular in places like New Orleans but on less of a drunken scale in Venice and more a celebration of creativity and elegance. The excuse to be able to wear such beautiful clothing is enough to want to go to this festival and such a great way to explore the stunning canals of Venice. 

La Tomatina- Bunol Spain

La Tomatina is unlike no other festival for the fact that it doesn't stem from any religious or cultural inspiration and was born purely out of fun. Back in 1945 during a parade locals started throwing around food and over the years this fun festival has opened its doors to invite people to have fun and get a tomato in the face and ear and well get soaked. This looks like crazy chaos and something I would love to take part in even if it means never wanting to eat a tomato again. 

Songkran Water Festival - Thailand 

If you feel like you need to hose off after the tomato festival then this water festival in Thailand could be for you. As part of the Thai new year and new beginnings thousands gather for a huge water fight the water celebrates new beginnings and is a great way to wash away the year and have a great time in the process. I love how much fun this looks and the significance really is beautiful. 

what festivals are you longing to go to around the world?


How To Change Your Life For The Better

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Are you happy with your life? It’s a hard-hitting question, but an incredibly important one. If you
aren’t happy for most of your day and are constantly counting down the days to the weekend, you
are not living your best life. First, it’s important to note that the answer to a better, more fulfilled life
is not winning the lottery. Winning the lottery is unlikely to happen to most of the world’s population,
and you shouldn’t shape your life around money. While it’s important to make money and not
financially struggle, it’s not the be all to living your best life. If you were waiting for a sign from the
universe before making the necessary changes to live your best life, this is it.

Making healthy choices
The first step towards living your best life is looking after your health. You can’t enjoy life to the
fullest when you neglect your health. Excess junk food and sugar can increase your risk of heart
disease, diabetes; drain your energy among other health issues. Eating a balanced diet and drinking
enough water will help keep your mind and body healthy. It’s okay to eat ice cream and chocolate
every now and then, but you need to learn to manage your sugar cravings. The right food will help
keep your mind alert and maintain your overall health. If you have trouble focusing throughout the
day, you should also consider taking better care of your sleep schedule. You will notice a drastic
difference in your mood and productivity when you take care of your health!

Pick up a hobby
If you don’t feel mentally stimulated, pick up a hobby. Hobbies can help improve your brainpower
and can simply make you happy. Whether it’s drawing, picking up a sport, travel or another pastime,
a hobby will keep you engaged. In addition, a hobby can unleash creativity which manifests itself in
other parts of your life, perhaps even during work hours. The very reason people in retirement pick
up hobbies is to maintain their mental alertness. However, don’t wait until old age to pick a hobby.
Perhaps the hobby could even lead to a career change! There are benefits to trying out new activities
as it helps you grow as a person and boosts your mental capacity.

Get advice
Changing your life may require external help or advice. If you are stuck in a sad bubble and don’t
know what to do about it, it’s time to get someone’s opinion. Talk to your friends and family about
the next steps in your life. They can even help you sort through your future goals. In the event that
you suffer from trauma and substance abuse, you will require professional’s help to better your life.
Certain traumatic events can lead some people to turn to substance abuse as an escape, which is
where treatment facilities and professionals can help get to the bottom of the issue and offer the
best possible advice. The sooner you ask someone for help, the sooner you can get your life back
on track and focus on living your best life, one where you are healthy and happy.

Eliminate negativity
Negative people and negative thoughts will further affect your life. When it comes to negative
thoughts, it could be a result of larger issues such as stress or even depression. It’s up to you to
learn how to control your mind and deal with the situation at hand. Albeit, it’s not easy and requires
some practice, eliminating negative thoughts can be done. One great way to do so is by focusing
your attention on something else or learning to meditate. Meditation can help clear your mind when
it is full of a lot of thoughts. The second half of negativity can also come from the people you spend
your time with. The answer here is simple – stop spending your time with negative people. Surround
yourself with people that lift your spirits and make you smile. You will not enjoy your time if your
friends are rude or make you feel anything but happy.

The way you act will drastically affect the type of life you live. If you deal with most situations with
disdain and annoyance, the result of that situation will end the same way. Someone that is trying to
live their best life does not spend their time critiquing others or even being rude. What goes around
comes around, and a great way to change your life around is to be more kind if you are not already.
Kindness is an empowering act that can make someone’s day. Even in the workforce, people will opt
to work for a company that treats its employees well with good benefits and a kind company culture,
over one that makes them go home crying every day. Opt to be kind and surround yourself with kind
people, and your life will drastically change.

One factor that affects everything already mentioned is people’s determination. Nothing will change
if you don’t have the determination to make a change. You will not eat healthily, pick up a hobby,
think happy thoughts or be kind if you don’t have the will to do so. Thus one of the most important
ways someone can change their life for the better is to have the determination to do so. There is no
answer to how you will find this determination, as it will vary for everyone. You simply must come to
terms with wanting to live your best life and taking the steps to achieve it.

Everyone wants to live a happy and good life, but you must also put in the effort to achieve it. The
perfect life will not fall from the sky, the same way you will not maintain your health if you eat sugar
all day long. You must think about the kind of life you want to live and put in the time and
determination to pursue it. Remember, life is short and you should not let it pass you by. Start
taking the steps towards living your best life sooner rather than later.

What are your tips?

How to Keep Your Brain Active

Hey Cats,

Keeping a healthy and fit body is important, not only does it help prevent illness, but it also helps to
maintain a healthy weight and keeps you active even as you grow older. However, just as important
is having a healthy and active brain. Research has suggested that maintaining an active brain can help
to prevent conditions such as Alzheimer’s and improve memory retention. Here are some of the ways
that you can keep your mind active.
Keeping the brain active is more about your thinking and reasoning processes than anything else.
You need to do things that challenge your mind and help you to solve problems. One of the best
ways to solve problems is doing puzzles. When you are presented with a jumbled pile of puzzle
pieces, you are asking your brain to match not only different colors and patterns but also different
shapes. If you haven’t done puzzles for a long time, then you don’t want to be plunging into a
complicated one straight away, take things slowly and work up to the more difficult ones.

Although hobbies are a great way to use your free time and help you to relax, they are also
important in keeping your brain active. Doing something you love such as gardening, model
making, or painting are keeping you interested while allowing your mind to be creative and free
from stress. If your hobby involves physical activity as well as mental, then this is even better.
While not everyone likes DIY, it can be great for keeping the body and mind active. For example,
if you have work that needs to be done on your car, then you can use this opportunity to do it
yourself. Choosing what kind of OBD scanner you need to diagnose the problem and then figuring
out ways to fix it is great for improving your problem solving and coordination. Another way that it
can help is when you need to research how to do a particular task such as replacing a light fitting.
Learning new things is key to keeping your mind active.
Both relaxing and informative, reading is the favorite pastime for many people. It can also be
good for the brain; it encourages the imagination as you try to picture where the characters are
and what they are doing. It is also one of those activities that you can do almost anywhere, even in
the bath.

Taking part in quizzes not only help you to think and recall information, but it also helps with social
skills and team play. Playing with a group of people is especially fun, and it means you are forming
new friendships. These activities are especially great for older people who want the social interaction
as well as keeping their mind active.
It is never too late to start using your brain and challenging yourself mentally. Try to learn a new
thing every day and do things that interest and encourage you.

10 Natural Drug-Free Ways to Relieve Your Headache

Hey Cats,

Having a headache can be the worst feeling and I think ti is important we don't always
reach for tablets when we are struggling to shift that dull ache. I am all for natural ways to
relieve some pains so give some of these a go first.

Hydrate – Drink water. Many headaches are actually caused by mild dehydration. Make
sure that you are taking in enough water for your bodies needs and add drink some extra
water at the start of a headache. A good rule of thumb is if your pee is any darker than a
pale yellow you need more water.

B-Complex Vitamins – Stress can play a major role in many kinds of headaches and B-
Complex vitamins can help feed your nervous system and help you handle stress better.

Stretch – Slowly stretching your neck and shoulder muscles can help to reduce some of
the tension that can contribute to a headache. If you find you get tension headaches
regularly, make sure you take regular stretch breaks especially if you work at a computer or
do other work that requires you to be stationary for long periods of time.

See a Chiropractor – If you are getting repeated headaches it might be time to visit the
chiropractor.  Spinal manipulation can help relieve stress on the body and scientific studies
have shown many headache patients see improvement with chiropractic treatment.

Take a Bath – Fill your tub with water that his warm to hot, but that will not burn your skill or
make you uncomfortable. Add 4 cups of Epson salt and a couple drops of eucalyptus,
peppermint and or lavender essential oil. Get in and relax. Bend your knees and scoot down
so that your neck, shoulders and head are floating in the tub. The Epson salt will help make
you more buoyant so your upper torso will float. If you don’t float add more salt. You want to
float for at least 10 minutes. The heat and essential oils will help ease your muscles and
increase blood flow and floating will put your neck and shoulders in a neutral position that
will allow your muscles to fully relax.

CBD Rub – CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient of the marijuana plant. It won’t get you
high and is usually legal even if marijuana is not in your area. You can often find CBD in a
cream you can rub into your neck and shoulder muscles. CBD helps to reduce inflammation
which can often be a source of headaches. There are several CBD creams that also have
capsaicin which is a oil in chili peppers that has an analgesic effect and can be effective in
combating headaches.

Almonds – The moment you feel that headache coming on eat a couple handfuls of
almonds. Almonds contain salicin which is a natural pain reliever. Almonds can also be
helpful if you tend to get headaches when it has been to long between meals since they
are a great source of protein. Do be cautious as almonds can be a migraine trigger for
some people.

Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oil – Peppermint helps to increase blood flow which
can help relieve a number of different kinds of headaches. Peppermint is also great at
helping relieve muscle tension and contractions with can cause and worsen headaches.
Lavender is calming and has been shown to help with migraines. Combining the two
essential oils can give a headache sufferer significant relief.

Butterbur – This flower has been used for centuries to help get rid of headaches and there
have been multiple clinical trials that have shown it to be effective for migraines. You can find
butterbur root at any health food store, but as with any herbal supplement make sure your
doctor knows that you are using butterbur since it can interact with some medications.

Ginger – Make a nice cup of ginger root tea and sip it to help with inflammation and pain. It
is also great for nausea, so if you get that along with your headache it is a remedy than might
help both your head and your stomach.

Do you ever try any of these for headaches?