3 Ways to Keep The Connection in Your Relationship Alive

3 Ways to Keep The Connection in Your Relationship Alive
In this day and age, your relationship has to withstand so many things. Some include addictive technology, busy schedules, and overwhelming daily responsibilities. Trying to remain connected to your partner in the midst of these things can seem impossible at times. It is, therefore, important that you continuously look for ways to remain connected to your partner. Doing so requires you to make a conscious effort as well as a level of commitment. It is, however, vital that you do so to keep your relationship going. In this post, you’re going to get a few suggestions regarding ways to keep the connection in your relationship alive.

Do Fun Things Together
Laughter, fun, and unforgettable experiences have a way of connecting people on a deeper level
at times. For this reason, you should continuously look for fun and exciting things to do with your spouse as a way to keep the connection alive. What is fun is relative to you and your partner’s areas of interest. You should, therefore, use your interests to determine what you can do as a couple that you’ll both enjoy. If, for instance, you both enjoy sports then you may find that playing a game of basketball is a fun way to keep you connected. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing games and solving mysteries, then going to Escape Room Nashville to crack a case in 60 minutes using clues and puzzles may be a better idea of fun. Whatever the case, look for things that you both find fun to do together a couple. Doing that should renew your affection as well as deepen the connection that you have.
Be Intimate Often
Intimacy is very important in a healthy relationship. It is one of the things that differentiates your
relationship form any other one you have in your life. Finding time to be intimate can be tough
when you're busy or physically exhausted. However, you should look for ways to keep the bedroom
exciting so that you feel close to your partner. Some of the reasons that
sex is important in a healthy relationship are to help bring you closer, heal emotional wounds,
exploredifferent power dynamics, and promote emotional wellness. You should also consider
discussing your sex life with your partner to ensure they feel connected and satisfied as well.
Keep the Conversation Going
Aside from sex, another form of intimacy is communication. No matter how busy your life happens
to be, sending a text a few times a day shouldn’t stop you from getting through your to-do list.
You should look for ways to constantly communicate with your partner and make them feel wanted,
caredfor, and loved. Some ways to communicate better with your partner are making small talk,
sharing seemingly insignificant experiences, and listening carefully. Doing these things should help
make your connection to one another feel more intense.  

A connection in a relationship is as vital as oxygen is to the body. It is, therefore, important that
you’re able to find ways to connect with your spouse on a daily basis. You can do so through some
of the ways mentioned in this article as well as a few of your methods. Relationships take work, but
the benefits that come with a healthy relationship should outweigh the pain of the sacrifices you
have to make.


Call The Doctor Mr!

Hey Cats,

Being British and having a stiff upper lip can have a big downfall on the community
we are kind of brought up taught not to complain and bother people too much unless
it's over a brew or on the telly. This filters into society in so many ways but a big factor
it plays on is teaching men to keep quiet and not ask for help! I was recently reading in
the media about how there is a form of Viagra being put into pharmacies because so
many men are too embarrassed to go to the doctor to talk about their problems, you can

It got me to thinking about why men don't want to go to the doctor are we as a society
failing the men and boys in our lives. We have come so far in breaking down gender
stereotypes and barriers for both men and women but a big factor that is still an obstacle
is knowing it's ok for men to step forward and ask for help. It's ok not to be ok all the time
and recognising and admitting to that is half the battle.

So many men are scared to step forward and see a doctor be it for infertility, impotence,
prostate exams or mental health issues those appointments aren't getting booked. Whilst
yes an issue may be embarrassing to you a doctor is a trained professional who really can
help you tackle a problem which can change your life and even save it in some cases.

I particularly worry about the stigma of mental health and the impact it is having on the males
around us. Men statistically don't seek out enough support for their mental health issues.
Instead a reaction from their peers and family is to man up. If anything could be less stigmatised
I would love to see more awareness around helping men to step forward and face problems it is
so dangerous for issues to go unaided or supported. The more comfortable anyone is made
tofeel about going to doctors even for little things like a check up could break down those
barriers around seeking help when it's needed most.

How do you think we could help going forward?

Planning a Stress-Free House Move

If you plan to move house soon, then spring is a really lovely time to do so. However,
listed behind the death of a loved one and divorce, it is one of life’s most stressful life events.
But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. It can be an overwhelming experience if you
haven’t planned it well and do have to rush around. So have a read through about how you
can make your day as stress-free as possible.

Get a Building Survey

If you are moving to rented accommodation, then this wouldn’t even need to be a consideration,
as your landlord should deal with it all. However, if you are moving to a home you plan to buy,
then before you do so, getting a survey is really important. It will show if there are any flaws in
the home or things that aren't quite up to standard. Getting a quality building surveyor will mean
that the move can run much more smoothly.


After buying a home or having to have found another month’s worth of rent, then there might
not be much left in the budget to do the actual moving. But in order to make it easier and less stressful, then having some money put aside for the move can help a lot. From hiring a van or moving services to do it all for you, it will all cost money. Even the takeaways that you might
need to buy once you’ve moved in and before your kitchen is sorted; it all adds up.

Have a Moving Day Bag

On the actual day of the house move, there will be plenty of things going to the new
home. But the chances of knowing where they are, especially if you need them can be
pretty slim.
So think about the things that you might need to grab quickly on moving day and put them in
a moving day bag. Thinks like toilet roll, light bulbs, first aid kit, medication, bottled water, or
cleaning wipes, for example. Then at least you can settle in and get comfortable, without
having to sort through all sorts of boxes to find what you need.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

One of the reasons people will get stressed is because they are working to a deadline.
They know moving day is a certain date, but they might not get packed up in enough
time beforehand. So as soon as you know when moving day is, plan how long you’ll have
to packup each room. Start with the rooms that are used the least and have things like
bedroom and kitchen last. But if you've got six weeks until you move, and six rooms in the
house, then box and pack up one room a week.

Sort Paperwork Beforehand

Once you’ve moved, you will be taken up with settling in and getting your boxes unpacked.
So having to change to call the bank or broadband provider to change your address is going
to be one of the last things on your mind. So call to change addresses ahead of time. You can
let them know from date you’ll be at your new address, so that you know it is done when it
comes to moving day.


Job Hunting 101: Securing The Interview

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been out of work for a while or you are looking to jump up
onto the next rung of the career ladder, mastering the art of job hunting can seem like a
minefield. You aren’t sure of the approach to take, you don’t know how best to prepare for
an interview and the last time you applied for a job was over a decade ago. Things have
moved forward, and you have to ensure that your CV is strong enough to compete with
your potential job hunting rivals. Take a look at these simple steps to guide you through
the application process and give you the maximum chance of securing an interview.

Be Focused

Just because you are eager to find a new job, there is no point taking a scattergun approach
to the job hunting process. If you are applying for every single position that mentions the
word marketing because this is the field you specialise in, you will soon become disheartened
when you don’t make it to interview after the thirty applications you made in one week. You
need to be nuanced and only apply for those roles that you genuinely want to secure.

Take a look at the essential criteria for every role you are considering and ensure that you
fulfil it. There’s no point applying for a position that requires a masters level qualification if
you only attended two years of college. This will end up being a waste of your time and will
see your CV sitting on the rejection pile without even being considered.

Develop Your Skills

If you are finding that the roles you want to go for require a qualification that you don’t have,
go out of your way to obtain it or work towards it so you can document this on your
application. Employers will look favourably on those candidates who are trying to better
themselves and enhance their professional credentials. By undertaking an
online masters in supply chain management, an MBA or software specific training, you are making yourself more appealing to employers. This is especially true for those individuals looking to progress and seek a promotion.
Application Form

It goes without saying that you need to ensure your spelling, grammar and punctuation on
an application form is perfect. If you aren’t using capital letters and full stops or you have
spelt the name of the company you are applying to incorrectly, this does not create a good
first impression. At the same time, you need to ensure your applications are bespoke to
every position you are applying for. Using a standard template can be spotted a mile off and
looks lazy and shoddy. You need to address a cover letter directly to an individual and show off
your knowledge a little about the company you are applying to and the position on offer. You
need to make yourself such a strong candidate that they simply have to meet with you.

Trying to secure a new job is nerve-wracking, daunting and often a long process. However,
if you can get your foot in the door and secure an interview, then you are halfway there.


Films Every Movie Lover Should See

If you are a fan of the movies and of TV in general there are probably
thousands of titles you wish you see in your lifetime. For the real movie
buff there is nothing more satisfying than being able to switch the lights
off in your living room, open up a bag of popcorn and have your volume
up at maximum for the evening.

Movies are a type of entertainment that bring people together and give us
something to talk about. They are what inspires us to play video games
based on our favourite movies, take quizzes online like these:Factory
Direct Flooring, dress up and visit comic con and buy every t shirt we can
find. If you truly love movies and want to add some great titles to your roster:
here are some films you have to watch this year.

Star Wars IV: A New Hope

Star Wars is one of the most popular and one of the most loved franchises
in the world. It encompasses that feeling of family, adventure and sci-fi which
we all love to see in movies. The first film to be released in the series is one of
the most iconic of all time: as it introduced us to a whole new concept and
gave us a new family to belong to. If you haven’t seen this movie yet in your
lifetime, now is the perfect time.

The Lovely Bones

Based on a bestselling novel of the same name, this film is one of those
which makes you think and gives you a sense of unease as you watch it.
The story is about a young girl who goes missing in her home town, and
explores the story of where she is, who killed her and how her family
copes with the loss. It is a thought provoking and raw film which is definitely
worth a watch.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

If you want one of the most feel good, festive and magical movies you
will ever see in your lifetime: this is it. Harry Potter is one of the most
popular series of books and movies in the world and has a dedicated
fan base of all ages. It is the perfect mix of childhood fun, magic and
adventure that you need to get you through the evening.

Lord Of The Rings

Based on the novels written by J.R.R.Tolkien, these movies are some
of the most enchanting fantasy stories you will ever see on screen.
The amazing thing about these movies is the fact that you never stop
noticing new things and learning more about middle earth every time
you watch them. If you can make the time for a full movie marathon
of these films, it will be well worth your time.

Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze is known for a few feature films in his life, but none
more iconic than dirty dancing. Granted, it isn’t the type of film everyone
will want to see: however it is one which shaped the way we see film
and introduced us to the idea of dancing and singing throughout a movie.
It has some of the most catchy songs, racy dancing and iconic movie
lines of all time.