Super Lush Haul including Halloween

Hey Cats,

One thing that sucks about living in the country is not being able to just up into some of my favourite shops. When Lush released their Halloween I popped to Birmingham but to my horror on the day I went they had very limited stock so I decided to order online. I have always worried about ordering such delicate items online but was not about to miss out on these delicious smelling treats. The website is pretty easy to use but you miss out on the bubbly customer service you get in store. I love chatting to Lush staff and always find them so genuinely friendly and helpful. Digging into a lush box is like searching for treasure.

Although I get that they are trying to keep the packaging environmentally friendly I was a little disappointed that the items didn't come labelled in little baggies as some are for gifts but I got some cute tissue paper to get around that and labelled them up myself. More importantly what did I get? I totally needed the Halloween range so I went a little crazy.

I picked up two of the Monster Ball bath bombs one for myself and another for a friend. They are such a cute design reminding me of Monsters Inc and they smell so good. This bath bomb contains a mix of lime and neroli oils and is a large bath bomb so you get a lot for the price tag. I can't wait to slip into a monster bath of this. I also picked up the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb I love the colour of this one. I am always instantly drawn to green and love that it contains popping candy and patchouli oil. The popping candy helps this pagan inspired bath bomb explode in the water. 

I couldn't resist the adorable ghost bath melt and even though he is tiny I think that just adds to how cute he is and sometimes the best things come in tiny packages, 'Boo' also contains cocoa butter and any Lush product that I have used like this has left me feeling amazing and my skin silky smooth. Have you seen this glittery bubble bar of amazingness? I need all the glittery pumpkins in my life and this fills my glittery needs, \A citrus bubble bar that will add that zing to your day, I don't mind that I will be finding glitter everywhere for weeks. 

The last of the Halloween bath bombs that I picked up was the Pumpkin which promised to bring me a bath of pure pumpkin pie. Literally being able to sink into the smell of home baking just sounds amazing but I am going to hate melting that cute face. I have never used any of the glitter bars from lush and this cute goth fairy has been getting rave reviews A bit pricey for such a small item but I am told a little goes a long way. 

I know I said the pumpkin was the last of the Halloween bath bombs I picked up and that's because although the autumn lead comes under the same section I consider it more of a fall product. It isn't spooky but is beautiful and full of colour, More of a musky smell and a promise of yellows and beautiful reds in the bathroom, 

I also picked up a pressie for the Mr as he was complaining of achy muscles and this massage bar promises to soothe those aches away and is rich in cocoa butter a favourite product of his,

Have you been to Lush lately what did you get?

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How Quitting Smoking Benefits Your Beauty

For a lot of people, having to quit smoking can be quite a difficult task but for those who are successfully able to leave their bad habit behind, they not only get to enjoy a number of health benefits but become more attractive looking too. A number of toxins that are found in combustible tobacco cigarettes cause the premature aging of the skin by affecting its elasticity. When you stop smoking, your skin starts to recover from the negative effects brought by such toxins which ultimately make you look more attractive. You will also notice your eyes getting brighter, lips getting prettier, nails and hair getting shinier, and life getting better!

Why do we find it hard to quit smoking?
Combustible tobacco smoking is equally a physical and mental addiction. According to a survey, out of 10 people who smoke on a regular basis, 7 are always trying to quit but fail because of their nicotine addiction or the fear that they will not be functioning normally throughout their day. The best way to quit smoking is to reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke per day. A lot of people switch to e-cigarettes which offer varying amount of nicotine that can help a user to cope up with his nicotine addiction while gradually reducing its intake.

Younger and healthier skin
A person’s skin is a mere reflection of his food and beverage consumption. Same effect smoking has on an individual’s skin, hair and teeth. Heavy smokers can be identified by discolored teeth, skin, and nails, and their hairs also seem to be lifeless which make them look a lot older than they actually are. Smoking affects collagen s in the skin that maintain the elasticity of the skin cells, leaving the smokers with an inelastic, saggy, and lifeless skin. Once you quit smoking, your skin starts to freshen up, your complexion improves, and your skin starts to look fresh and healthy because of the proper supply of nutrients and oxygen. A lot of health experts also link heavy smoking to hand eczema and people who are at risk of developing atopic eczema, smoking can have an intense negative effect on their condition.
Brighter and shinier eyes
Heavy tobacco smoking causes the redness of eyes because of the exposure to a number of toxins and irritants. People who suffer conditions like dry eyes, hay fever and other eye allergies should even avoid passive smoking that can badly irritate the external lining of their eyes. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants can replenish the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body whose absorption stops because of heavy smoking.  
No more yellowish teeth
Nicotine that is found in combustible tobacco cigarettes causes the staining and yellowing of the teeth and nails which make a person very unappealing. A number of gum diseases and oral infections are also linked to heavy smoking. Your oral hygiene will improve, and your teeth and gums will become healthier as soon as you’d quit smoking.
Get More Energetic
As soon as you quit smoking, your blood flow starts to improve and so does you lung capacity which increases by 10%. You will be able to breath, walk, and run a lot easier. After 9 months of quitting, the oxygen levels in your blood will be high enough to engage in vigorous activities like playing football. Your performance at work will also increase because of the high supply of oxygen to your brain that improves concentration.
Healthier sex life
A survey that was conducted a couple of years ago indicated that non-smokers are considered to be three times more attractive as compared to people who smoke. You start to look attractive and smell better once you quit smoking. Smoking also affects the sexual organs and quitting can result in stronger erections in men and greater orgasms in women as the sensitivity of their erogenous zones increases. Sperm count in men and fertility in women is also noticed to increase after quitting.
Stronger sense of smell and taste
A number of harmful chemicals that are found in combustible tobacco cigarettes dull the senses of smell and taste in an individual who smokes on a regular basis. Once you’d stop smoking, your sense of smell and taste will start to work as normal and you will be able to enjoy your food a lot better with your improved senses.
Become stress-free
A lot of studies indicated that the stress levels in people drop as soon as they stops smoking because they do not have to cope with nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms. You might feel an instant relief after lighting up another cigarette but you will be having the same feelings of stress and anxiety in a couple of hours.
How to quit fast?
A lot of people who report quitting cigarettes do that by going cold turkey on their bad habit. But sadly, a lot of us fall back into the vicious cycle because of the craving and missing that hand to mouth sensation that you get from smoking. Another great factor that makes it hard to quit is the nicotine dependency that brings us back to our habit, on our knees. Nicotine gums and patches can help with working out the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and another way that a lot of people prefer these days is switching to e cigs which are now dubbed as a healthier alternative to smoking. The users get to enjoy the same hand to mouth sensation along with a variety of flavors they can experiment with. Electronic cigarettes allow the user to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine and ultimately quitting it without having to deal with any withdrawal symptoms.

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Plastic fantastic with Simply plastics

Hey Cats,

When I am talking plastics I am not about to break into a Mean Girls post, instead I want to talk about something far more creative. A service you didn't even know you needed until right now. I was stoked to find out about Simply Plastics and their service of cutting perspex sheets. If you think I am going crazy let me tell you some of the practical and fun things you may need to use this service for,

Cake Decorations that you can use time and time again. These acrylic sheets are a fantastic way to help create a clean finish for frosting and icing. They are totally food safe and easy to clean for continued use.

At the moment we are on a project to make a playhouse for the little one and were excited to find out that we could get the windows cut from Simply plastics. A much safer and child friendly option than glass windows. Durable and safe as it is completely shatterproof and weather resistant.

you can also get your very own sign made which would be fantastic for an event or wedding. We have been to lots of weddings recently and the table decorations have been cute cut out pieces made of wood but plastic would be just as fabulous and could bring a pop of colour to your table.

Another fun thing you could do is make your own jewellery by getting some interesting shapes and having some friends over for some jewellery making fun. I have lots of acrylic jewellery that I love wearing and again the colours always brighten a day.

what would you use this service for?

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