A Promise To My Body

Dear Body (inside and out),

Today I am going to make you some promises and I always keep a promise. Sometimes it is easy to take you for granted and forget how amazing you truly are so this one is for you. 

1. I promise not to compare you to others bodies and strive to be someone else. I will instead appreciate you for every freckle, scar, lump and bump. You may not be perfect but you are my body and I love you. I know this may be a long and bumpy journey we will have ups and downs but it will be worth it!

2. I promise not to hide you away in the summer. When it is boiling hot, legs and arms you will no longer always live in cover. Some dresses are made to flash legs and bare arms. My thighs may wobble and my arms may be scared and not have perfect skin but they make me who I am.

3. I promise to spend time pampering you. Big bubble baths, painted nails and really taking the time to feel amazing. Yoga sessions to make you relaxed and well looked after. Long walks in nature and pretty clothes to compliment every curve. Self love is important and is not selfish!

4. I promise to spend more time naked so that I no longer feel uncomfortable and awkward every time it comes to undressing. Instead I will strive to feel empowered and in love with my body. Knowing that when my partner looks at my naked body he sees the goddess that I am.

5. I promise not to let others shame or make me feel bad about any part of you. Instead of feeling bad I will feel proud that my body is mine and every body is beautiful. Others opinions do not define me and I am important and have self worth.

Love Kitty

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Check out A Curvy Cupcakes video which inspired this post too!!

Also dear readers I want you to know you are beautiful and you matter. You don't need to change to fit societies warped idea of what beauty is. You are perfect. What promises are you making to your body? 

#AlternativeCurves - There's Nothing Wrong With My Face, I Got Character!!!

Hey Drapes,

I always get so stoked about Alternative Curves because it means digging deep into my wardrobe and pulling something fun together. This month is all about cult movie characters. By now you should know I fan girl over John Waters so it wont come as a surprise that I have seen Cry Baby a zillion too many times. What's not to love Johnny Depp, Ricky Lake and even Iggy pop. Plus lots of seriously cool songs a musical with a difference! For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a drape. 

The coolest of the gang that always held a special place in my heart is Miss Mona Malnorowski lovingly named Hatchet face down to her good looks and all. Hard as nails, sassy as hell and oozing sex appeal this loyal drape will have your back in any fight and even help you bust out of jail. So if you don't like it then beat it square because lets face it "Shook up old ladies get cut".

So I broke out a bad wig and my best pink dress to see if I could do this alternative vixen justice. Also gave me a great excuse to break out my frilly white socks. 

Terrible Wig - Ebay 
Belt - Ebay
Biker Jacket - New Look Inspire
Socks - Primark
Black Heels- New look

Make up for Hatchet Face is all about a twist on 50s glam as if you got dragged through a hedge backwards then forwards and then back again. There's nothing wrong with her face she's got character!

I think I am going to channel Hatchet face more because I felt fierce and bad as hell. Super fun doing this challenge. 

Make sure you check out the other awesome Cult Movie entries over on this link code....

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Who is your favourite cult movie character?

A-Z Of Inspirational Women and I is for Inspiration

Hey there my fellow comrades and it is time to celebrate the wonder that is inspirational women.

So we already made it to I. If you haven't checked out the others yet you can click the icon on the left of the screen and catch right up. Today is actually narrowed down to two ladies who look very similar and are in the same scenes but in different roles. First up the beautiful and talented Immodesty Blaize.

This dark haired vixen is a top burlesque dancer, Channelling old school elegance and sex appeal similar to Grace Jones. Starting her burlesque career as a side hobby. Film producer by day and stripping goddess by night. She worked hard and grew in popularity quickly, until she was writing herself. A strong inspired confident woman who oozes sex appeal and glamour. Check her out in action...

The next lady shares a bold streak in her hair which makes me want to run to the hairdressers. Rocking up the charts this Irish charmer has a lot of sass. Imelda May will get you dancing and wanting to rock some of Immodesty's moves. Still bringing the vintage glamour just look at her rock some serious leopard print.

This woman is more than just seriously stylish packing sultry vocals and swinging tunes that she has toured world wide. With quirky videos she will grab your attention as well as having you tap your feet until you just have to jump out of your chair and have a good dance to shake those worries away. Come on lets have a dance...

Can you think of any inspirational I's I have missed out?

#BEDM- Is Tess Holliday A Role Model?

Hey Lovely!

We all know who Tess is right? For those who don't she is a kick ass international plus size model and body positivity advocate. Up to speed? Awesome lets move on...

Today I come to you in video form so grab a cuppa and kick back.

The  last thing to remember about role models is they never asked or intentionally wanted to be a role model....first and foremost they are a human doing their best!

Do you think Tess is a role model?

Masked Intruder At Bristol Exchange

Hey Dolls,

Yesterday I told you about our date night in Bristol and how we ventured down to see one of our favourite bands. As soon as we heard that Masked Intruder would be touring we booked our tickets and hotel straight away. Sadly they were not playing Birmingham but it gave us an excuse to go on an adventure. Bristol is a beautiful city and so easy to find your way around. I love that there is a park right next to the city centre which is the grounds of an old castle. So chilled out and beautiful while being surrounded by history is pretty rad. The exchange is in Old Market area which is just a short walk from said park.

The venue is actually a great space. The bar prices considering it is a gig are reasonable and there was lots of cider to choose from which is always a winner in my books. The gig area is intimate but big enough so you don't feel like sardines. I have to give the ladies toilets a special mention as it was the most hilarious loo graffiti I have read in a long time. Check out my instagram for the highlights of this.

I am glad we got there early as there was a bonus band that we hadn't seen advertised. For any punk nerds out there you may remember 4ft Fingers from a few years back. A band still well played in my household with catchy sing along anthems. They did a bit of a reunion tour recently which sadly I missed but stoked I got to see The Hook Line Riot which is a new band from the some of the same guys. Ballsy, heart felt punk that you expect from the finest of UK bands. I can't wait to hear more from these guys. Go check out their new album Sirens.
Next up was the billed support band all the way from bonny Scotland the awesomely named Murder Burgers. A young band with lots of energy and a great sense of humour they had a lot of the crowd jumping. They played well and were pretty cool with a lot of energy to give. Plenty of banter to get the crowd hyped up. Show them support and check out their bandcamp.

I felt like a teenager waiting for Masked Intruder to come on,  edging my way to the front waiting eagerly. If there is a punk band that is going to make ladies swoon it is definitely Masked Intruder with their alternative love songs which have quickly become the soundtrack to my relationship. This band has so much personality they have to try and curb it by sporting coloured masks and bringing their own police officer to keep them in check.

Officer Bradford is a force on his own. Getting the crowd hyped up teasing the band and it is your job as the crowd to get him to join in the fun. Shots of whiskey usually work! The interaction from this band is second to none, throwing our high 5's to the crowd, sticking around for pictures, and you can even catch green and officer Bradford down in the crowd for a dance off. A really humble band with a lot to offer. Bursting onto the stage straight into  'Stick Em Up'. Everyone jumping and singing along. 25 to Life was a personal highlight for me and it was just so awesome to see a band I have been listening to almost daily right in front of me with my boo. We even got a few covers including  NOFX's Linoleum. Heart shaped guitar called for a lady in the crowd to give the boys a run for their money and she did us girls proud.  Major kudos for Green who can throw out some serious high kicks.

Even after a huge set the crowd chanted for more and was not disappointed when they returned to play more for us. After joining the crowd to hang out but we shook a few hands praised some tattoos and then left them being showered with praise by the rest of the crowd, Come back soon guys!

Have you been to see Masked Intruder? What was the last gig you went to?

#BEDM - Date Night At The Old Market Tavern Bristol

Hey Sweethearts,

Yesterday me and my lovely boyfriend went to Bristol to celebrate our one year anniversary. One of our favourite bands were playing at The Exchange and we knew we just couldn't miss it. We got dressed up and headed out without a clue where to go and just wanting to wing it we explored Temple Mead area and check out a few pubs. We popped into The Stag And Hound for a drink first, although it looks like an awesome gig venue it was empty and our tummies were rumbling. So after some wandering we stumbled upon The Old Market Tavern. 

I have to be honest we were just going to pop in and have a drink and didn't expect to find such a lovely gem of a place that we did. A stone throw from the venue, we could rest up without having to worry about rushing back at gig time. Greeted with a genuinely friendly welcome, We instantly felt at ease. Advertised as 'Gay friendly' but honestly anyone would feel more than comfortable here even a little poodle. Nobody will complain about the drinks price either they were really pocket friendly. A great selection including real ales and favourites. 

With lots of cosy nooks to hang out in and watch the world go by. The decor is homely and warming you can even grab a board game from OMT's selection. If I lived locally I would spend a lot of time in this wonderful place. They even serve food, there isn't a huge selection but pub favourites at reasonable prices. We went for the burgers I had cheese and Bacon and Neil had chilli and cheese. They were so delicious and much better than most pub burgers. 

In all we had a lovely time at Old Market Tavern we felt welcome and appreciated, if you are going to a gig at The Exchange or in Bristol area looking for homely food in a cosy, warm surrounding then pop in. 

Have you been to Old Market Tavern in Bristol? Do you know of any awesome places like this?

#BEDM- Avobath Bath Bomb Lush Review

Hey Loves,

Everyone loves lush and it always smells so lovely and dreamy before you even walk in the door. I am awful for always picking the same old thing though. If you watch my You tube videos you may remember I posted a haul featuring some lush products, I wanted to try some things I hadn't tried before and the avobath bath bomb was one of them.  

There isn't a very strong smell like with other Lush products but the spring green attracted me and I just love avocados, This refreshing bath bomb left my water green without turning me into Shrek. You can smell the lemongrass as it hits the water and it genuinely lifted me at the end of a long day. You can feel the hydrating oils as you soak down deep but I have to admit I do miss bubbles in my bath which is why I usually go for a bubble bar. I have noticed people using lot of bombs and bubble bars together is it just me or do you feel you don't get as much from one as you used to?

My skin felt a bit dry and in need of some love but the avocado and olive oil really left my skin feeling like it had some TLC. I did still moisturise after which I find I don;t need to with some bath oils but then I felt super pampered, At £3.35 it is a bit pricey and although I did love it I think I may stick to bubble bars in the future.

Have you tried this one or what is your fav Lush bath bomb?

#BEDM- My Favourite Life Hacks

Hey Sunshine,

I don't know about you but I am forever pinning or watching hacks. Beauty tips, kitchen cheats and even DIY corner cutters, I think it is the bargain hunter in me because often they can either save you a fortune or simply make life a little bit more organised. I thought I would share a few of my favs with you today.




What are your fav hacks? Would you like me to put together some if my own secret hacks?

#BEDM- Rocking A Spring Cardigan With Wool Overs

Hey Fashionistas

I am going a little off course for #BEDM today instead of talking to you about food I wanted to talk to you about spring fashion. Spring is here but the weather is up and down. One minute you can rock a cute dress and the next you need a coat. What is the solution? I love to pair pretty dresses with cute little cardigans. Wool Overs got in touch for me to check out some of there designs*.

I am a bit of a cardigan queen and need one to go with every outfit. Wool Overs have some great basics and some super cute spring wear. They all come in a wide range of colours so come on ladies lets step away from our usual black and try some sky blue, popping pink or if you are feeling brave yellows.

This cute polka dot pink cardigan caught my eye but as I said it comes in lots of colours and would look fab buttoned up with a skater skirt and vest top, let the polka dots do the talking for your outfit. The pastels of the other two cardigans above gives a really fresh look. They are all made from beautiful materials which have blended cashmere and merino or silk and cotton.

On a super chilly and windy day that has been haunting this spring so far look effortlessly chic wrapped up in a waterfall cardigan. I really like this combination of grey but this also has a lovely purple one too. The soft cashmere and merino knit will keep you warm in the winds why looking elegant. The waterfall design cascading down the finest of curves.

What do you think of Wool Overs? Have you tried their cardigans?

*I worked in conjunction with Wool Overs for this post but all views are my own. 

#BEDM- Fitness At Any Size With Fitbit Review

Hey Sweets

Let's talk fitness...oi come back haha don't worry I am not about to launch into a diet plan or anything. This week is national walk to work week. I  just wanted to talk about the myth that fat people don't exercise. I have put together a little video about my Fitbit flex and my thoughts. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Since you couldn't see the app so well in the video here are a few pictures.

Have you used Fitbit? How do you exercise? 

#BEDM - Wishlist

Hey Dolls,

I hope you are all having a lovely relaxing Sunday. I am blogging on the go from a train home from up North the magic of technology. 

I have been lusting after so many clothes recently and let's be honest they are not really full of spring but then I have never been one to follow the rules. 

The first two are skirt and crop top combos from Miss Guided. I am kicking myself for not snapping up the paint splatter combo when I first saw it as now it is mostly sold out :( 
Seeing the stripy scuba dress on the website at first I didn't bat an eye as I didn't think it was that interesting until I actually saw it on other bloggers who were more my size and shape and it looked divine. If that is not proof alone you should be reading blogs then what is? 

Pink clove are rocking my world with this long duster jacket. As you can tell I love black with another dress from Miss Guided with a cheeky mesh feature.

I am a sucker for these cute clutches. New look keep bringing out adorable and kooky designs. Tiki it up with pineapples, summer ice creams or celebrate with some bubbly!

What is high on your Wishlist at the moment?


#BEDM - A Day In The Life Of

Hey lovelies

I really hope you are enjoying blog every day in May so far! It is definitely an interesting challenge and shows how much hard work goes into blogging every day. Also a great chance for me to bring some new content to you. Today you get to follow me around for the day.

Day starts with waking up early, having a cup of coffee in bed, catching up with you tubers and doing my make up.
Me and my boo went for a walk in our local area.
I bet you didn't know Santa lived in Birmingham?
We also saw lots of lovely flowers along the way. Not bad for the city eh?
Later we went to the train station to make our way up north to go visit the Mr's family.
I got the guided tour of peak dale and even saw some baby lambs.
We played hidden treasure, read stories and had a yummy donut with Neil's son.
We had some lovely dinner with Neil's grandparents and a super early night after a busy day. It was a lovely relaxing day and nice to get out of the city into the countryside!