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Plus Confidence In You’ is working on creating an explosive, eye opening, breath taking art exhibition which will be held in London later this year. The artwork will be of plus size women and we mean real plus size, not the U.K average size 16. The women are from all walks of life excluding professional models who are sizes 18 - 30 and are providing stunning artistic images to be marvelled at. We encourage the Media world to get involved just as our sponsors have; these include Evans, Yours Clothing, Simply Be, Lush Cosmetics to name but a few! We work with a professional crew of photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists The art we create is just that, ART body confidence movement.


So to celebrate this a number of bloggers are posting today about confidence. I was going to bang on about how I have always been pretty confident but I thought what is more confident than a woman rocking a red dress.

I got this awesome polka dot dress in the sale from Pieces of past some time ago. Sadly they have closed down but you can still go directly to Lindy Bop for some great dresses.  I love the cut and the big cute bow/ collar detailing. Plus I am a fan of longer sleeves but that is just a personal preference. A dress I can wear without rocking a cardigan. It is really comfortable but the fabric is fairly thick so not really one for these hot summer days we have been having lately. Which is why it is being neglected in my wardrobe at the moment.I am not usually a big fan of wearing red as it usually makes me look too red faced but this dress is just perfect.Not to mention a slight obsession with polka dots.
 I always feel much more confident when I am rocking something with a vintage twist to it as it makes me feel super feminine but still major kick ass. Every woman should have at least one 50s style cut dress in her wardrobe especially those with curves as it just makes you proud to flaunt them rather than hide them away.  The wedges are from New look a few seasons ago which I also rocked in another post here. I find wedges easier to walk in than heels as I am major clumsy and can fall over in flats so these with their added height make me feel super sassy and confident.
I can't stop wearing these cat eye glasses I got off ebay, the cute ear rings are Betsy Johnson from Kitty Boo boutique and the Wanda cry baby bow you can read all about here. Big red lips and cat eye flicks are just how I love to rock my make up. The only thing missing is big lashes which always make me feel like a million squillion quid ....when they go on without drama ;)
There are lots more ladies taking part in this just look out for the #plusconfidenceinyou tag and also make sure you check out the kickstarter here to help make this art celebration happen.

What makes you feel confident leave a comment and let me know.

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Suits You - Styling other #psbloggers #1

Another great new link up challenge. This time put together by the lovely Leah over at http://www.thirtysomethingcurvyme.com . You should go check out her blog I have been reading it religiously for a while now. Plus Leah is also putting together an amazing plus size event Style XL. Find out more HERE. Not only is this a fun way to explore fashion but also to introduce other bloggers. Great idea Leah <3

This is a fashion challenge with a twist. Instead of challenging myself to try wearing different things we are instead styling a fellow curvy blogger. Today I am styling the gorgeous Patricia over at  http://whatpattydifusaloves.blogspot.co.uk/ .

This is Patty. I had good look at her social media and over at her blog. I love the fact that Patty seems to like experimenting with fashion. She isn't afraid of bold prints. She tries lots of different styles and actually has a lot of items I actually have. Yes grrrrl you totally have taste.

So the challenge is for me to put together an outfit I think that the beautiful Patty would totally rock. Since we have been blessed with a lot of sunshine lately (which is almost ironic with the rain today) I am basing this look on a sunny day.

 I saw that she shares a love of 50s fashion and I think it really suits her. Especially in this post Here. I am totally lusting after this whole outfit. So with that in mind I have chosen high street lines with a vintage twist.

Lets start with the dress. This beautiful affordable polka dot beauty is from Inspire at New Look. You can grab it now for under £20! Pulled in at the waist to show off Patricia's curves and flatter her femininity. What I love about this dress is it can be worn playfully in the day or dressed up for a bit of glam on a night out.
Now what to wear with it? I loved this cute lace detailed shrug also from New Look's Inspire collection. The lace panel at the back gives the shrug a bit more elegance than the standard black. We all know that summer days in the UK just don't stay that way so this would be handy to keep the outfit looking great without getting chilly. A steal at £9.99.

It is summer so get those pins out Patty and show them off with these versatile black open toe wedges which are also from New Look in the sale now!

Ok, ok lets stop away from New Look but it is great when you can find a whole outfit in one place. So I was pleasantly surprised as lately I have been struggling with the Inspire collection. I think Patricia should wear this with big va va voom hair, red lips and a ton of sassy attitude. Here is a selection of accessories to make the rest of the outfit.

The lolly can be found HERE from Punky Pins

Every retro look needs a beautiful flower. These Orchids from Rock'A'Frilly are mega cute and HERE

I said sunshine too and lets not leave Miss Patty squinty with these stylish cateye sunnies also from Rock'A'Frilly

Well I hope that Patricia Likes this outfit post and don't forget to check out the other ladies and see how they styled each other including how I got styled eek.


#ThisOldThing The Vintage Clothes Show

I heard about this show literally an hour before it was due to come on thanks to a lovely insta/twitter friend. You just have to love social media. I saw the words Dawn Porter and Vintage clothes and I was sold  Dawn Porter is one of my favourite host/reporters. She won my heart with feminist documentary like her famous quest for size 0 to show women everywhere that it is not as glamorous as it seems. This time she is turning her hand to fashion. Lets go vintage <3
The aim of this dynamic new fashion series is to encourage us to "buy less and value more". I have been siting on a post about the rut of fashion where you see everyone rocking the same thing as you. Keep an eye out as I will posting it next week and asking you if you want to join me on a fashion challenge. Vintage is an awesome way to avoid bumping into a zillion people wearing the same thing. I am forever hunting in charity shops, vintage stalls and online for bargains. As a plus size girl true vintage is limited but there is still some out there. It is all about rummaging until you find the perfect item. Most of all though the great advice Dawn gives in which she must have been channelling my inner self if you see something you even like or maybe even dislike enough to stop then TRY IT ON!

Back to the show. It is a little bit like 'How To Look Good Naked' meets 'Project Catwalk' Instead of grabbing girls 'bangers' the lovely Dawn grabs amazing dresses, crop tops and crazy prints. Tempting girls who have never looked vintage into trying it out. I love the Kimono style maxi dress she found in one of the shops. I guess the evil thing about watching vintage shows is you just can't run out and buy things that you see. Although we can be inspired by it and recreate the looks for ourselves.

The thing that makes me burst with joy about the show is all the customising and DIY tips. Again see my upcoming post *hint*. I am not amazing at DIY and sewing but love crafting and practise makes perfect.

There are tips from top designers on how you can give your item a new lease for life and there is even a scarp book with ideas on the website. I will be practically living on this.

 In one episode I learnt how to dip dye a dress, turn another dress into a jacket and how to make a frumpy jacket fabulous. I may just try cutting up a tshirt first though eh? Especially since the downside to vintage these days is as it becomes more popular the items get more and more expensive and who wants to cut up a £60 dress?

Dawn gives us top tips how to wear vintage as everyday wear. The show is on channel 4 Wednesdays at 8pm. Something for us to drool over on hump day and get our creative brains working in the way that fashion really should.

Did you catch the show? What did you think? Or even better drop me a message about an awesome vintage find you were lucky enough to discover.

Make sure you ....

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#Bloggersdoitbetter - Collections

It is all about collections. We all collect something that catches our eyes. I am a bit of a serial collector. I have comics, DVDs, books, piggy banks....None of these things will interest you though. So I will tell you all about my Jewelry collection.Be warned though you are not about to embark on a journey of diamonds and gold. I don't really own any expensive jewellery. I am easily pleased. I am just going to show you a selection of my favourite pieces.

Black   heart Creatives
I am loving Black heart Creatives work. I won the pink necklace which was awesome. Check them out on instagram for weekly competitions and great offers. The Miss world hole necklace I grabbed in the sale for just £5 and I wore it in this post. They have an amazing new range in that I have my eye on that you can check out on the website here. I also love supporting independent businesses so if you know anymore snd them my way.

Kitty Boo Boutique
Another new independent retailer who deals in quirky, cute and fun jewelry. I can't stop wearing these 3 necklaces from them. They have so many sweet pieces in that are a bit different. I really like unique pieces and this lizard always gets loads of compliments. I wore it in my post here. The cat one is so sweet and reminds me of my own cat Mr Theo Noir you can see me wearing this one in my festival post here. Creepy crawly spiders are pretty awesome but I have to admit having a necklace is much more appealing than having a live one. You can check out Kitty Boo Boutique here.They are just stating out so lets show them lots of support so they can bring us more awesome bling.

New Look
These were both gifts but I know there were from New Look as I had been eyeing them up. I love the collars they can make plain outfits look amazing.
If you can't tell I like cute kooky rings. All of these were from new look except the top middle one which was from Dorothy Perkins. The only thing I find is if you are wearing an outfit with pockets these rings can be a bit bulky and hard to get into them. You only need to wear one at a time as a statement. In fact this reminded me I need to wear them more often.Especially the frog he is mega cute. Now if only I had the matching irregular choice shoes.

Super ghetto style bling with this chunky statement necklace. Primark is great for cheap jewelry although that usually means I end up piling it into the basket without thinking. I love birds they are beautiful and I have a lot of dresses with birds on so this goes great with them or just with a nice plain dress.

These are prob my most worn necklaces. The deer has lasted me some time now and is still nice and sparkly. I will be gutted when his time is up. The heart is gruesome and cool.

What is your fav item of jewelry?

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#Shopyourstash - Dresser Refurbished

I love this challenge because it encourages bloggers and our readers to appreciate what they already have. We all know times are hard and we need to cut back on the shopping. Lord knows I am trying. Today I am going to talk about a gift from my Mama but I was so impressed with her DIY skills that I just have to rave about it. 

I  had wanted a dressing table for ages, so that doing my hair and make up was easier and I could store everything in one place neatly rather than all over the place. I really didn't expect to get one for christmas my parents were dead sneaky about it. So the dresser started out like this. 
Not an exact pic this is one similar 
Functional yes but not really much to look at you would agree. My bedroom has a bit of a boudoir feel and my Ma said she wanted to make sure the gift was a perfect fit. She is awesome with DIY and customising things for their own personal touch. So she set to work. She sanded it down and treated it.repainted and varnished. 
You have to agree it turned out amazing! Black to match my room more and the mirror I already had. I also love that she changed the handles to add a little sparkle into my life. These crystal style handles make opening drawers much more fun.
The mirror was also sanded down and painted as it was originally white.The feather boa isn't attached but I have nowhere else to put it and everyone needs some glamour. The leopard print jewellery case was also from my parents but the Christmas before.
I also love this vintage bush and mirror set. I picked it up for just £1. I love the colour and pattern. I always see these in charity shops and think they must have a tale to tell. How many young ladies dressing tables have they adorned before?
I also love this vintage 60s dresser set which I need to start using a little more. I also got this for Christmas from my parents but you can pick them up at lots of vintage stalls. Keep you eyes open.
What do you think? Did she do a good job?

Check out the other ladies stashes here

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#FridayFright "Death by stereo" #Vampires

This Friday my gory fiends is all about those blood sucking liars....no not politicians....vampires.I have to be honest, vampires are not my favourite undead creatures and I like to read about them more than I do watch them. There have been some great classics though. I could have spoke about one of these films. (Bonus points if you can tell me what films they are)
Instead I had to go with one that may be slightly predictable but it is such a damn classic. The vampire for me are The Lost Boys. Before you carry on reading let me warn you...if you haven't seen this film then there are about to be some mega spoilers BUT you should be ashamed of yourself and go watch it now....then you can come back and share in my geek out.
What do you do when not only are you the new kid in town but your brother gets turned into "a goddamn shit-sucking vampire"? Simple.... tell mom and then call in the Frog brothers! There are so many awesome characters in this film I couldn't restrict my fan girling to just the vamps. Don't stress we will get around to our fang bearing friends shortly. So Sammy (Corey Haim) and Michael's mother moves them out to Santa Carlo "Murder capital of the world" to live with their eccentric grand-pop. I could only wish I had an extra granddad who loved taxidermy, being frugal and vintage cars. I also love when films make a little nod to other films when Sammy and Michael open a cupboard of craziness, smiling and saying "talk about Texas chainsaw massacre" makes me want to high five the screen. Yes I am that sad! No I am not doing it now.
The film is full of beautiful one liners like the one above. Which no doubt will be littered across this blog.Not to mention the coolest named dog ever. I know I did this last #FridayFright but that 80s fashion all big bad hair, oiled up men and dodgy shirts. Santa Carlo looks like the place to be full of high energy, fun fairs, parties and comics. Comics are all over this film and I want to read them all. Can someone take me to the Frog brothers shop please? 
Pfft come on Sammy Horror comics are the best kind!
Edgar and Alan frog are the coolest vampire hunters I have yet to see. Van Helsing eat your heart out! He didn't think of great advice like."You'd better get yourself a garlic T-shirt buddy, or it's your funeral". Fashionable and protected it could take on so long as we all get used to whiffing of garlic. When I was younger I used to mega crush all over both Corey's so this film was like a dream come true for me. Corey Feldman could not get any cooler as Edgar Frog. Alan frog also appeared in the Blob a few years later in 1988. Either way you better pray you never need to call them but they could help keep you from being just another missing poster.
Comics and 80s fashion *swoon*
In most films vampires are slick, charming and mostly rich. Give me these cheeky, leather clad, motorbike riding, gang of dodgy mullet vampires any day. They have heaps of attitude and even seems to sneak away with a crazy curly mullet. It makes me feel a little bit better about my own hair disaster as a small child. Now I will just pretend I was part of this bad ass vampire gang with Bill from Bill and Ted and a smouldering (those eyelashes) Keifer Sutherland. Even the little dude is rocking some serious fashion in his military jacket. Maybe being a vampire instantly makes any dodgy outfit cool. There are some days I could really use that so maybe I would be a little too quick to chow down on the maggots and swig on the blood.
You could argue that the film actually makes a string point of teenage peer pressure with how the turn of Michael is handled. Teasing and pushing him to be a part of them just to impress the girl. Come on Michael jump off a bridge, bang on some eyeliner and then you can moodily sulk around your bedroom in sunglasses until it is time to party. There are some awesome scenes that really glamorise these edgy vamps. I love when they rip of the roof of the couple which just shows they mean business and have some serious strength. The thought that a vampire could just rip off the roof of a car scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. 
There is also an amazing motorbike scene which makes you feel like you are a part of it and really gets the confusion and fear of Michael across. I still love the fact that these vampires love riding motorbikes and causing trouble as well as snacking down on the town. 
My only downer is the totally uncool leader who has himself down as Daddy vampire. Come on Mom when a dudes dog chases you down that hard it is time to look for love elsewhere. I do however love the creative vampire killings. Water guns full of garlic, death by stereo and lots of fun action. 
As a film maker I also really appreciate that there are some beautiful artistic shots though out the film. Amazing sunsets, fair ground shots and can we talk soundtrack. I have the CD and listened to it non stop as a teenager there are some serious tunes. Check it out.

"one thing about living in Santa Carlo is I never could stomach...all the damn vampires"

Who is your favourite blood sucker? Let me know in the comments below or even just rave about the curly mullets I want to hear from you!

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You Discovery And Glossy Box June

I am really excited about what I got in my boxes this month. I was just thinking of cancelling one of them to save a bit of cash but I love getting surprises through the door each month.

You Discovery Box
So far it has been hard to be disappointed with this box especially since it is only £7 including postage. You have to get in quick though to chose what the two main items will be. I have made the mistake far too many times now of not jumping online on the first of the month and then being like DAMN when I see what I could of had. I do like that the items are limited though it kind of makes you feel a bit more exclusive. So this month I jumped on fast and made my choices.
The surprise items in this box were :-

Montagne Jeunesse-Dead Sea Mud mask.

I love face masks and have used this brand before. I haven't tried this one though so am pretty pleased with this and can't wait to give myself a pamper session. Especially when it is described as "Having harvested the oceans nutrient Rich Seaweed and kelp right from the source-The Dead sea Mud is a satisfying boost for thirsty skin to penetrate deep into pores and draw out impurities". If I didn't have to go to work I would be relaxing with this right now.

Expandable Face Cloth

This cute little heart shape expands to be a face cloth which is perfect for taking off the mask after. Made with a super light soft material. Plus you get the fun of watching it expand the first time. Small things amuse me.

The items I chose to receive were:-

Transformulas- Face Contour & Tightening Creme

This luxurious looking creme comes in a 15ml sample. I love the packaging as it is really appealing. Transformulas are known for their anti-ageing skin care products. As I am 31 now I thought it would be good to try this out and see if it makes any difference. I may even let my Mama try some so I can see the difference on different skins and report back to you guys to see if this product is a good buy. I am happy with this choice and looking forward to experimenting with it.

LoReal - Infallible 24H Lip Colour

I actually originally thought this was a lip gloss and there was a choice of two colours. I was tempted to pick both but then what if I hated it eek! So I went for the brighter of the two and was really excited to find that actually it is a lipstick with 24hr staying power! Just what I need I get bored of reapplying all day so this was a perfect choice for me.

This is my favourite You Discovery beauty box yet and you can subscribe to them here.


I think this is my fourth Glossybox now and this one is a bit more expensive but you get a lot more for your money. The box is all surprises which is what I like about it but I guess that can be a dangerous game. Here is this months box.
So lets break this box down.

Yohji Yamamoto - Femme

This is a Eau De Parfume from Selfridges. The full 100ml retails at £69.99 and the sample was a very decent 10ml. So it is not a tiny sample and will last some time giving a better chance to see what it like.

Advertised as a light fruity fragrance it wouldn't be something I would usually pick out but sounds like a perfect day wear.

Nail girls 3 in 1 base, top coat & nail strengthener

Full 15ml sample which usually retails at £13.50- I was going to buy a clear base/top coat anyway so this saved me buying one and gave me a chance to try Nail girls as I haven't tried them before. So this will be a staple for me in my beauty routine.

So Susan Cosmetics- Universal Blush

I usually use soap and glory blush as I find most blushers too much on me This one says that the chemistry reacts with natural pigments of your skin to give a healthy look. We will soon see if this leaves me Rosy red or with a healthy glow. Full sized sample usually priced at £18

Teeez Trend Cosmetics - Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush

For powder and creme eyeshadow application. Usually 19 euros. This is my second brush in a glossybox. I am new to brushes so this is a big help for me. Plus it is so pretty.

Nip + Fab = CC Eye Fix

Another full size sample which retails at £9.95

This cream/concealer is to help with those dark circles. I already use a product like this every single day so this is the perfect choice for me. Mama Kaos loves Nip + Fab products but I am yet to try them so even if I don't like it she will grab it out my hands.

So this box was very practical for me and well worth the fee. You can subscribe here.

Do you get any beauty boxes? what do you think? would you prefer to keep reading these posts or see them in Vlog form? keep your eyes open for reviews on items from the boxes.

Love Every Body- Chest and Tummy

I know I am way behind with this challenge but I am taking it at my own pace. I am going to do a double whammy here and talk about two posts worth. Which may make it easier to write about the one I want to avoid the most.

My chest there are a million great things I can say about it. I have always been blessed with big boobs which I have always been happy with. Yes sometimes it makes it a bit difficult to be taken seriously when people only want to talk to your chest but then those aren't the people I need to impress. I have a few freckles and a light birth mark on my boob and I love them. They make me unique and special. They remind me of my womanhood everyday a curve I love to play upon when dressing up and down.

However there is one curve on my body I really do not embrace. It makes me cringe and honestly sad. Like most women yes it is my stomach. I know the point of this exercise is for me to look at different parts of my body positively but I can honestly say I find it really hard in this case. I don't lust for a flat stomach like most women I don't mind having a little extra. Lately though I have piled on some extra which makes me feel really uncomfortable to the point I try to hide it in the hopes nobody notices. Above is a picture of me wearing something you can clearly see my stomach in and I hated it. I also have to admit that I feel more comfortable in my skin 2 stone lighter so I will be making an effort to lose that so that I do not have to look at myself with hate all the time. I thought it was best to be honest and open than just pretend that I am cool with every part of myself so sorry for the negative post but thank you for reading.

How do you feel about your chest and stomach?

In My Ears June

Lately I have been listening to a lot of slow jams.

Masked Intruder are way too cool and really feeding the do wop tunes of these secretive harmony singing masked guys. I wouldn't mind being serenaded by any of these balaclava clad charmers.

Another awesome singer that me and the Mr accidentally discovered is the amazing William Elliot Whitmore. Singing straight from the heart as he plucks that banjo. He reminds me of a young Tom Waits.

You all know how much I love female old skool vocals. So I would be fibbing if I tried to say I hadn't listened to any. I have been loving Imelda May. Both her music and style have me swooning.

What has been in you ears?

#FridayFright - Friday 13th

BOO! You wasn't expecting this eh? You lucky fiends get an extra #FridayFright since it is Friday 13th. So watch your step. Instead of being unlucky today, why not call in sick and tuck up with Jason for a Friday 13th marathon? I have always had a little bit of a soft spot for poor misunderstood Jason Voorhees.
I am all about 'Friday The 13th VIII-Jason Takes Manhattan'. When I think of Jason I think of this film. It is the one that sticks out to me the most. Released in 1989 it oozes with that 80s hitting into 90s dodgy fashion, high permed ponytails and shell suits should be in all horror films. Plus "DAMN! we made it we are in New York!" Jason is on holiday this time his victims are a cruise ship full of high school graduates.After killing off a few on the ship he takes chase into Manhattan. 
Setting the film in Manhattan gives it so much flavour and attitude making the characters a lot rounder than in most of the Friday 13th films. You almost find yourself half routing for some of the characters. Lets face it usually in a slasher flick you are just waiting for the dull teenagers to just get picked off. I loved JJ the guitar clad wannabe rock star who is out to make her first music video. She reminds me of something from my all time favourite cartoon Jem
I also totally lost my head for Julius when he has the balls to face up to a one on one fight with Jason himself. See what I mean by attitude? This film has bags of it. 
Jason having Manhattan as his playground makes death scenes much more creative and as a city kid makes the film a lot more relateable. The body count is high coming in at 20 if you include a few suspect deaths which was the highest up until Jason X. This would have been 21 to include a dog being fatally kicked by Jason but the actor refused to do the scene so it was pulled from the script. Even Jason has boundaries. He also has personality letting a cheeky gang of flick knife wielding gang go after they break out with "You're dead meat slimebag" he just flashes under the mask and walks on. Proof that Jason is rocking a cocky sense of humour. 
Another geeky fact watch out for the man in the diner getting attacked. It is actually Ken Kirzinger who is a stunt for Jason in a few of the scenes but you will know him better as Jason in 'Freddy Vz Jason'. In all it is fast paced, full of energy and just makes me feel gooey inside. High death counts and decent gore will keep any horror fan throwing the zombie thumbs up. 

 It's like this... We live in claustrophobia, the land of steel & concrete. Trapped by dark waters. There is no escape. Nor do we want it. We've come to thrive on it and each other. You can't get the adrenaline pumpin' without the terror, good people... I love this town.

Check out the other awesome #FridayFright posts by the awesome crew. Don't forget to comment and let us know which is your favourite Friday 13th film and why?

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