Do You Have Trouble Sitting Still?

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The most common complaint these days seems to be that everyone is too tired, stressed and exhausted and they wish they had more energy – or less to do! However, for some people, it’s almost impossible to relax and chill out even when they do get the chance. Like an insomniac who longs for sleep, people who have the urge to do something, or fidget all the time, long to be able to sit still and have some peace. If you’re afflicted with the need for constant movement, there could be a good reason for it, and if you find out why you’re a fidget, you might be able to help yourself change.
The first thing to consider is whether you are getting enough stimulation, both
physically and mentally. If you have a sedentary type of job, it can feel very tiring, but that doesn’t
mean you’re getting the exercise your body needs. Fitting in a workout, exercise class, or a run before
work could do wonders for your health and stop your body clamouring for physical stimulation. If
mornings are too difficult then whatever time of day suits you better will still be of great benefit.
Going for a walk at lunchtime could help you sit still for the afternoon, and the more times you can
get moving during your day, the less likely you are to feel fidgety in between. Your brain needs
stimulation too, and if the work you do isn’t pushing you enough, it can show physically. Finding new
challenges in your job, or considering a change of position can provide higher stimulation levels for
your brain. If you are finding it hard to change jobs or develop your role within the workplace, you
could look at opportunities for mental activity outside of work. For example, studying for a
qualification by distance learning, or taking evening classes. Spending time enjoying your hobbies or
finding a new activity to get involved with will all help occupy your mind and give your body a rest.

It’s not uncommon for adults to be diagnosed with conditions like Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD
(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) later in life, even though they may have been living with the
condition since childhood. If you still feel restless after making lifestyle changes, it could be worth
getting an assessment for relevant health conditions. A diagnosis is nothing to be scared of because
if you understand why you behave the way you do, you can learn to manage your condition more
effectively. You can also get medication for ADHD and other disorders which can help with some of
the difficult effects of hyperactivity and emotional problems. There could be other causes such as
nerve dysfunction or mood disorders, so if your fidgetiness is affecting your quality of life, it’s
definitely worth trying to isolate the cause.

One other factor that can cause restlessness is that of your personal satisfaction. If you feel that you
should be doing more with your life, e.g., have a goal that you don’t seem to be making any
progress on, then acting to resolve this could make a big difference to your fidgeting levels. If you can
find ways to make time for working on your goals and long-term plans, that could be all you need to
get rid of the wriggles.

9 ways to have fun in the comfort of your own home

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If you are a real home bird and you love to spend time in your own space, it is important that there
is plenty for you to do. Otherwise, you could be missing out on all that life has to offer. The fact that
you like to stay in your home shouldn’t be placing limitations on your life. Instead, it should be
opening you up to a world of opportunities. If you are worried that this is not the case, have no fear!
There are so many different ways for you to have fun in the comfort of your own home. Below are
nine suggestions that will fire up your imagination.
Watch your favourite TV shows
In this digital age, it is likely that you already spend a lot of your time watching your favourite
television shows. However, you should put more effort into improving your viewing experience.
Why not update your living space so that it is full of comfy throws, cushions, and footstools? You
could also stream programs from your devices and onto your television so that you can watch your
shows on the big screen.

Listen to a personalised playlist
Alternatively, if you like to spend your time listening to music, you should create multiple playlists.
Rather than listening to the same CDs from start to finish, you should upload them onto your
computer and mix things up. You can put together tracks with a similar vibe, as this will give you
something suitable to listen to depending on your mood. You could even go all out and install a
surround sound audio system in your home.
Take up a new craft
The next suggestion is to take up a new craft. It is an especially good idea if you are a creative
individual who loves to experiment with new and exciting concepts. Whether you take up knitting,
baking, embroidery, or photography, the most important thing is that you are passionate about your
chosen pastime because this will give you something fun to focus on when you are at home.
Furthermore, if you have a spare room in your property, you could set it up as your craft space and
fill it with all of your essential equipment.  
Enjoy a spot of exercise
You could also make use of your spare room by turning it into a gym. If you much prefer spending
your time at home, it is likely that you would also prefer working out in a private space. Instead of
the public setting of an exercise class, you can have fun exercising at your own pace. Or, if you don’t
have the room for a private gym, you could always work out in your front room. Why not invest in a
box set of work out DVDs or watch a free YouTube tutorial online?

Set up a vaping space
While it is important to keep active in your home, it is also important that you find time to relax.
One brilliant change you can make to your property is the introduction of a vaping space. It should
be a calm and quiet area that you can escape to whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. It could be
positioned either inside or outside of your property, so try a number of different options before you
settle on the final spot. You will also need to visit the best online vape store to update your
equipment. After all, you want to enjoy the greatest experience possible.  
Invite your loved ones over
Your personal vape space will also come in handy if any of your loved ones have a passion for vaping,
as it will give you somewhere to use when you are socialising. However, you should ideally have
multiple socializing areas in your home. It could involve anything from a picnic bench in your back
garden to a tiny snug filled with cosy furniture. Of course, your home should be all about you, but if
you are desperate to invite your loved ones over, it is essential that you give them space to relax and
have fun. If you like fancy events, you will also require a formal area for hosting all of your soirees.
Invest in your education
Another brilliant suggestion is to further your education from home. With so many online courses
available, there is sure to be something that piques your interest. It could be that your course helps
you to progress in your career. Or, it could be that it gives you the chance to unlock a secret passion.
Either way, you should push yourself to invest in your education. If you decide to push forward with
this plan, remember to set up a suitable study space. You will also need to strengthen your Wi-Fi
connection so that you have easy access to the internet.

Enjoy a pamper session

In addition to this, you should use your home as the perfect setting to enjoy a pamper session. Trips
to the spa are incredibly indulgent and relaxing, but they can also be expensive. Luckily, you can
enjoy all of the same perks from home. At the end of every week, you could settle down with a
bubble bath, a face mask, a foot scrub, and a hair treatment. You could also take time over painting
your nails, styling your tresses, and planning your future outfits.
Get out in your garden
Finally, you should set yourself the challenge of getting out in the garden. No matter how small
your outside space is, there is sure to be tons of potential to unlock. Even a tiny balcony should have space for a small seat and a couple of flower pots. Or, if you are lucky enough to have a huge area to play with, you could fill it with a vegetable plot, a small pond, a meadow flower strip, and an outdoor eating space. It might also be a nice idea to use your garden for social events, a spot of meditation, and uplifting outdoor games.

what do you do at home for fun?

Creating a fitness regime you can stick to

Hey Cats,

Creating a fitness regime you can stick to
Let’s face it, sticking to an exercise regime can be easier said than done. Once the novelty of a get
fitkick has worn off, it’s difficult to maintain your motivation. If you’ve struggled with this in the
past, keep reading. The following tips should help you to stay on track with your exercise routine.
Invest in exercise gear you can use at home
Squeezing gym trips into a busy schedule can be tricky, so why not bring the gym to you by
investing in some of your own exercise gear to use at home? You don’t have to spend much money
to do this.

Online retailers such as Hi House offer inexpensive equipment ranging from ab rollers, medicine
balls and yoga mats to resistance bands, kettle bells and lifting bags. Having these fitness aids close
to hand means you don’t have to travel to keep your exercise regime going. Even if you only have a
spare few minutes in the morning or evening, you can fit in a home gym session.

Find activities you actually enjoy
Forcing yourself to do activities you don’t like might work for a while, but over time your routine’s
bound to slip. This is why it’s so important to find exercises that you actually enjoy. If you haven’t
discovered the right activity yet, keep looking until you do. From swimming, to yoga, to mountain
biking, to dance, there’s no shortage of options. By being open minded and testing a variety of
sports and exercises, you should be able to find something that really motivates you.
Make it social
Tearing yourself away from the TV and the couch might be a lot easier if you have an exercise buddy
to help you. Making a regular arrangement to meet a friend, whether it’s to go for a jog, attend an
exercise class or play a sport, can be that extra impetus you need to get out of the house and get
moving. You might even find you build up a healthy rivalry with your health kick compadre that
spurs you on to try harder.
Joining a sports or fitness club is also a great way to maintain your motivation. From a squash
ladder at work, to a local tennis or cycling club, there are a number of ways to make exercise a
more social experience.
Plan ahead

Especially if you’re busy with work, family life or other commitments, forward planning is an
essential part of keeping up a fitness regime. If you don’t think ahead and set aside time for
exercise, you might find that days or even weeks go by and you haven’t done any. It’s probably
not that you’reoccupied every second of every day, but rather that you haven’t managed to
prioritise properly.
On a Sunday before the start of a new week, why not decide when you’ll do your exercises over the
next seven days and get these sessions booked into your diary?
Play the long game
It’s tempting to think that a new exercise routine will work miracles within a few short months, but
in reality it can take much longer than this to see noticeable results. If expect to transform yourself
overnight, you might feel disappointed and disheartened, and this could put you off. As long as
you’re patient and you keep plugging away though, you’re bound to see positive effects. The key
is to be realistic and make sure you’re playing the long game.

Sticking to a fitness regime can undoubtedly be a challenge, but following these suggestions should
make it easier.  

what do you do for fitness?

Best Foods That Can Kill Pain

Best Foods That Can Kill Pain

Reaching for chemical-based medicines have become the norm for many people across the world.
However, this does not mean that they are the best, healthiest or most effective option. Although
medications can often be very helpful in improving one's health, excessive consumption can cause
serious side effects in the short or long term and provoke additional health complaints.

If living a more natural and healthy lifestyle is the direction you are heading in, and you are looking
to get rid of pain, many highly effective natural painkillers work just as well as synthetic remedies
but do not trigger any dangerous side effects. Continue reading to find out more.

Getting Rid Of Pain Naturally

Managing chronic pain, first and foremost requires a change of diet. Begin by throwing out junk
food, because junk food makes the pain worse. The modern Western diet with highly refined sugar
intake, along with insufficient fruit and vegetables, blocks the possibility of non-pharmaceutical
means to combat pain. For this reason, you will first need to address your diet. When you have
done this, you can then proceed to the many herbs that actually relieve pain. The substances
following foods have been shown to help with mild pain relief.

Red Peppers
Red peppers contain the active ingredient capsaicin. Capsaicin has an analgesic effect on the
organism. This effect of capsaicin is achieved by reducing a substance that sends pain to the
nervous system. This process can take several days but is very effective.

Cannabidiol Oil
CBD oil is obtained by extracting cannabis flowers, preferably from a particular cannabis strain
which is extremely rich in cannabidiol. As a medicinal remedy, it is often mixed with a high-quality
oil such as hemp oil and is effective against a wide range of diseases. Cannabis extract is reputed
to be a natural painkiller without unwanted side effects. View here for more information about CBD.

Ginger root has been used since ancient times to treat, for example, arthritis and joint pain, as it has
an anti-inflammatory effect. This root also has a strong analgesic effect.

Ginger extract is contained in capsules, tinctures, tea, powder, oils. Capsules provide more benefits
than other forms. And to have the most effective form, you have to have the purest ginger. You can
also take the capsules with food because concentrated forms can upset the stomach. Unfortunately,
ginger tea does not offer enough to affect pain and inflammation. Twice a day, a capsule containing
255 mg of ginger should be enough to produce an impact within about six weeks. Remember, do
not take ginger when taking blood thinning medicines.

Chamomile is a popular sedative and analgesic. This medicinal plant has a fever-reducing effect,
against a headache, stomach pain, migraine, toothache, and rheumatoid arthritis. Even if scientific
evidence of the analgesic properties is lacking, moderate consumption can bring good results.

Cayenne Pepper
Spicy herbs have amazing benefits. As a strong natural antibiotic and with good analgesic effects,
cayenne pepper can help with severe headaches, migraines, sinusitis, neuralgia, and toothache. This
is due in particular to the contained capsaicin, which neutralizes the pain.

This delicious fruit also has a strong analgesic effect and can be used for various ailments. Studies
show that cherries are very good against inflammation and swelling. This is due to the contained
anthocyanins, highly effective antioxidants with sedative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Another natural painkiller that also tastes delicious is pineapple. This exotic and very healthy fruit
contains an enzyme called bromelain, which reduces pain, relieves inflammation and bruising, for
example, after a surgical procedure, excessive physical effort, impact, etc.

Valerian Root
Valerian root is an excellent alternative for people who want to treat pain naturally and refrain from
medicines. This medicinal plant is used to treat muscle cramps. It also works well against insomnia,
anxiety and menstrual pain. For premenstrual syndrome, valerian root is often recommended as it
works very strong and is one of the active ingredients is also used for market painkillers.

This spice, which is very popular in various foods worldwide, is also an excellent painkiller to relieve
a headache and toothache. This is due to the chemical called eugenol, which has a soothing and
antibacterial effect, so not only the pain itself but also unpleasant secondary problems can be

Turmeric is very effective against inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, tendinitis and autoimmune
diseases. The recommended daily amount is 400 to 600 mg of turmeric extract in tablet or capsule
form. Both turmeric and curcumin are only well absorbed with black pepper. The full benefits just
become evident after eight weeks.

Frankincense (also called Boswellia) refers to the resin of the frankincense trees. Oil preparations
of frankincense can also be used for pain relief.

Frankincense inhibits various processes in the human body that can cause or aggravate inflammation,
as multiple studies have shown. In this way, frankincense prevents an overreaction of the immune
system, which is the problem especially in arthritis, since this disease is one of the autoimmune

Probiotics refer to a combination of beneficial intestinal bacteria such as. B. lactobacilli (lactic acid
bacteria). At first glance, it is difficult to understand how a mixture of bacteria, which may be able
to build up the intestinal flora, should be able to relieve pain. The condition of the intestinal flora,
however, has far-reaching influence. If the intestinal flora is disturbed, it can no longer fulfil its
protective function for the intestinal mucosa.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
The human organism cannot produce Omega-3 fatty acids, but they are needed for a wide variety
of processes and functions. Therefore, they must be taken with food or in the form of dietary

On the one hand, Omega-3 fatty acids have a potent antioxidant effect; on the other hand, they
also have an anti-inflammatory effect by blocking the formation of pro-inflammatory tissue
hormones. Both ways reduce inflammation, which can cause pain, as numerous studies prove.
Omega-3 fatty acids have proven to be particularly effective in osteoarthritis treatment: Omega-3
for osteoarthritis.

5 Hidden Gems To Visit In Turkey

Hey Cats,

If there is a country that is full of culture and hidden gems then it has to be Turkey. I have traveled to Turkey for both holidaying and business and always had the most wonderful time. There are so many varied things to see. I wanted to share some of these amazing places that you can see on a short break to get the most impact from your trip. Holidaygems.co.uk have some great deals right now on short breaks for Turkey and after this you may want to book yourself in.

Bodrum Harbour

Bodrum is a great location to if you really want to shop in style. If you want a city break where you can shop till you drop or even take a boat ride then this is the place for you. Packed full of shops and restaurants you will be spoilt for choice on where to go and will never run out of things to do. There are lots of eateries on the harbour bay where you can relax and take in the sun while enjoying the stunning views. I couldn't resist grabbing a frappe in Starbucks and sitting outside where the waves literally crash onto your feet keeping you cool and helping you relax and forget all your worries.

 Turkish baths

You just can't visit Turkey without enjoying a Turkish bath of some form. After spending all day in the sun relaxing in a Turkish bath really is a treat. I loved being pampered and went into a family run bath in Altinkum and got the best treatment by a lovely married couple who had been treating tourists to massages for over 20 years. My friends and I spent some time getting covered in bubbles, splashed with cold water and drinking Turkish teas which may not sound relaxing but once you have experienced it you will be going back for more. The best full body massages or mud treatments are available too and they can be catered to your needs. There are so many places to choose from but I especially appreciate small family run places who give the extra touches.

Temple Of Apollo

One of the most awe inspiring reasons to visit Turkey has to be the historical aspect of the country. There are so many stunning places to visit where you can get a running history lesson. There are many excursions you can go on dotted around the country but when I was visiting Bodrum I went to Didim to visit the Temple of Apollo. The architecture of the remaining pieces is breathtaking and to fund out so much about the past really does leave your brain full of rich information. Holidays shouldn't just be about beaches but about learning too.


You will never go hungry in Turkey with so many places to choose to eat along beaches, harbour bays or even with locals try as many different dishes as you can in the short time you're there. I especially encourage you to check out local day trips as some include visiting with small villages or local places of worship where you can get a real sense of community, home grown and delicious food. We visited a small village and tasted fresh dishes made with chilli's we has picked ourselves and we even got to help prepare the dishes too.


This one may take a short flight but even if you visit for one night it is so worth checking out as you can go on stunning hikes and take hot air balloons over stunning landscapes you didn't even know existed in turkey. If heights aren't your thing but you're an early riser then kick back having a Turkish breakfast watching the sunrise and a sky full of beautiful balloons a moment you won't forget in a hurry.

Have you been to Turkey? What did you enjoy there?