Tips For Saving For Your Wedding!

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Getting married can be super exciting but such hard work in getting all the cash together. As you know I am saving for the happy day myself and I wanted to share my tips with you and I am dying to hear your tips too help a grrrl out!!

Every Penny Counts

Literally ...it is crazy how quickly pennies can turn into pounds. I love setting a goal to save change I got myself this lush rose gold saving pot which you have to smash to open and it is so pretty I almost never want to have to smash it. I try and save anything below a 50p and all £2 coins. I have always done this for rainy days and if you can't afford to save below 50p then even just saving pennies or 5p can build up. I also like to budget for a day or night out and then whatever I end up coming home with can go in the pot so sometimes that extra drink in the bar or the pudding at dinner means you aren't giving up anything huge but a little extra can go a long way.

Banks also have a similar option called saving the change, I bank with TSB and every time I buy something the excess change for under £1 gets swished into a savings account. You can easily transfer it back when you need to or even bank it into a tax free Isa to get that little bit extra interest on top. Little and a lot is by far the best way to save you hardly feel the burn of it and it mounts up.


Weddings mean a lot of spending and if you are going to be spending a lot of money then you may as well get something in return. Make sure you check out cashback sites like Topcashback as they have 1000s of popular retailers with cashback waiting to be earned and it is so easy to do too. All you have to do is open the cashback page, find the retailer and it will open the browser for you and then when you spend you will get cashback credited to your site account which you can then let save up into an extra little pot and take out when you need it most. Just think of that honeymoon you're planning or if you are buying your bridesmaid dresses online. Sometimes there are even discount codes or free shipping offers that you can tap into too. As well as cashback you can use discount codes with websites like dealsdaddy  for some fantastic money saving offers.

Receipt Snapping 

Similar to cashback you can get a tiny kick back for money you are already spending and all you have to do is take pictures of your receipts, These are used by market research companies and they reward you with points that can turn into cash. This could end up paying for your wedding shoes or that lippy you wanted to rock. I love using Shoppix 7BJS6PJ9 if you use my code when you get the app  we both get 200 points so that is a nice little boost.

De clutter

Have a big clear out and sell your items on eBay or in facebook groups. That dress you never wear anymore can become someone's favourite outfit and help you get the most important dress you want. Plus browsing Ebay is always handy for picking up bargains for the big day. I am a sucker for a bargain. Just make sure to keep all your tracking numbers so you have proof of postage.


If all else fails and you have a stable income but just need that tiny boost then a loan could be a good idea. Just be careful to check the interest and repayment criteria to ensure that you can afford this if you can then Zippa loans have some great options available that can help you get that last bit of money for the big day and you can make sure you start the payments as soon as payday strikes.

Are you getting married soon? What are your money saving tips?


Save Money When You're Most In Need

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Sometimes you don’t realise you need something until you are really in need and often we can’t think clearly in those situations and finding the right information can seem impossible. Recently I had a week of fork and so much planned to do with my time and then boom crippling toothache. Suddenly instead of a week of working on the blog or even binge watching twin peaks was out the window. I didn’t even want to get out of bed my head felt like it had turned into a gnarly horror character. Then the panic set in...I hadn’t registered with a dentist yet and with payday still weeks away how was I going to afford even the consultation let alone the treatment?

Panic googling is never a good idea because everything just seems impossible and when you’re in pain you just can’t think straight plus a toothache will suddenly turn into the end of the world. We have all been there that’s for sure and usually this is when a call to mom goes in but we have to adult and stand on our own feet sometimes and I got you covered.

Get registered is the obvious thing to tell you and the sooner you find the right doctors and dentist the better. Before you end up being in an emergency situation scout around and read reviews, ask your neighbours and take the time to register with the right one not just the easiest. I am so pleased with the service I get at my doctors here compared to when I lived in Birmingham because I spent more time asking people the best place to go that suited my family and their needs. If you dread going to your current surgery then don’t settle and try a new one that suits you better because you are going to need to use those services when you’re most vulnerable and in need so it’s imperative that you feel at ease and comfortable.

Know the right numbers to call when you're in need HMRC talk can get you in the right direction. They have a wealth of information on the website and have a catalogue of useful numbers and contacts that may help you out of a difficult situation and also help you save money by providing alternative numbers to the high rate numbers.

As a UK citizen one if the great things about our country is access to NHS help and even if you're working you can actually go to the dentist when in an emergency and ask for help. I was able to have a tooth taken out in a hurry and kept out of pain all for £56. Yes the things that you can have are limited but ultimately you will be kept out of pain and safe. So make sure you explore your options before paying out money you can't afford.

What are your tips?

5 reasons Wood Flooring Is Great For Your Home.

Hey Cats,

One of the biggest changes you can make to any home that makes a huge difference is changing up the flooring of a room or if you're feeling brave the whole house. We are currently working on changing around the living room and the flooring is the first thing I want to change. Currently we have an ancient carpet that belongs in the 70s and to freshen up the room we want to go with some wood flooring.

Fresh and Easy To Clean

A wooden floor is so much easier to clean than a carpet and you won't have to spend hours hoovering. You can keep it fresher for longer by using a good floor cleaner and it will really freshen up the house. Just imagine the kids spilling cherryade all over the floor with a simple wipe it will be sorted and cleaned in no time. By using a scented product like zoflora you can come home to a lovely smelling house.

Great For Allergies

As an asthmatic I find wooden floors so much easier for managing my condition and it can also really help with allergies. Any stray pet hairs or dust are easier to deal with and can be spotted quickly which can help aid a healthier happy home.

Adaptable Style

As wooden floors are usually a neutral colour it makes decorating a dream. If you are the kind of person who likes to regularly change up a room then having an easy versatile flooring like this helps keep the rest of your furniture muted and go crazy with accessories like bright rugs, pretty lampshades and beautiful candles to give the room a splash of colour and comfort then when you get bored change it all up.

Effortlessly stylish

Wooden flooring makes a home look stylish, clean and well presented it can really brighten up a room and add a warmth that carpet just doesn't capture. A sleek Harwood flooring can upgrade the look of a house and is a great selling point if you're looking to sell your house as it is a hit with most people and can add value to your property.


Carpet can often wear away or lose it's colour fairly quickly and if you have to replace it then you have to replace the whole thing. However with a quality wood flooring it retains the same look and can be varnished or buffed to be kept that way for some time and then even if a part of the flooring gets damaged you can just replace that small piece with ease.

Do you have wood flooring?


Thou Shalt Swipe Right: The Commandments Of Tinder Travel

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Travelling is a perfect way to see the world and meet new people. And, a big part of socialising
and making new friends is dating or casual sex. Yep, it’s a taboo that lots of bloggers won’t
address, but your libido won’t stop because you’re in a foreign country. The truth is it grows and
the urges are harder to resist. Thankfully, dating apps are on hand to guide you through the
process and to introduce you to cute locals. Still, Tindering while travelling isn’t as easy as swiping
left or right. Here are the commandments prescribed by the online dating Gods.

Upgrade Your Passport

Free users of Tinder don’t get access to cool extras like ‘Tinder Passport.’ The way it works is simple: you change your location and start swiping to meet new people from around the world.
At £7 a month, it isn’t an extravagant expense by any means and it allows you to do some
pre-travel research. Forking out for the Plus option lets you connect with matches in advance so
you don’t have to waste time when you land. Thrifty users can start swiping as soon as they hit
the tarmac to make sure Tinder changes the location.

Be Upfront

Admitting that a holiday is a great way to meet matches on a casual basis is a major part of the
battle. Plenty of women find it difficult to say out loud, or in their head, because of societal pressures. Nope, wanting a one night stand doesn’t make you a hoe, or whatever the phrase may be at the moment. So, don’t’ be scared to be upfront on your profile. For example, you may include the length
of your stay to insinuate your dating preferences. Some ladies like to use euphemisms such as
‘here for a good time, not a long time.’

Review Your Pics

What works in one country may not be successful in another. Typically western nations have values that are at odds with less liberal cultures, and you should use this to your advantage. Back home, smoking in a picture may not be cool or attractive for the majority of Tinder users. However, the stats show that cigarettes come out on top in the smoking vs vaping debate outside of Europe. Adding an image where you have a smoke in hand, then, could be a strategic masterstroke. Of course, don’t feel pressured into doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, like following the new vaping trend.

Be Flexible

In this context, it means don’t use online dating apps just to find romantic interests. Abroad, it’s actually useful to talk to matches to find out about the area and gain insider knowledge. For instance, a guy, or a girl, should be able to tell you where to go to find the best nightlife in the city. Following their instructions may end up with you having the time of your life. And, who knows? Maybe a local bar or club is where you locate the love of your life or the love of the trip!

Are you an avid traveller? How do you use dating apps abroad?

Keeping on Top of Your Passions When Travelling

Hey Cats,

If you are someone who loves to travel, then the excitement of seeing the world is something that
draws you from your home every year or so to experience something a little bit different to what
you are used to.

But at the same time, there might be things at home that you are no doubt going to miss, and we’re
not just talking about your friends, family, or pets. These are the things that you do every day and might be concerned that you won’t get the chance to fulfil these needs during your travels.


Hiker in a backpack walks along a narrow bridge in the jungle
There is so much to do when travelling that you might be worried about finding the time to indulge in what you love. This can include things such as reading, writing, art, or exercise, and during your
travels, you might feel uncomfortable doing these things in public - who wants to do their workout at a hostel, after all?

But you will be able to find the time. As hectic as travelling might be, there is also a lot of downtime
in between all of your activities. Taking the opportunity to get something done, even if it is just for half an hour at most will keep you on top of what you love doing, while everybody else takes a nap.


Well-versed travellers know there is a lot of time in between destinations that can be the dullest and most uncomfortable times you have ever experienced. While it isn’t entirely clear why the
transportation from city to city or country to country seems to enter this geographical oddity where
time stands still.

Depending on what you love to do, you can use this passion to help you pass the time. If you are a
gamer, then purchasing the new FF15 A New Empire mobile strategy game to keep you occupied on those journeys and can scratch your gaming itch without having to worry about missing out on what
you really came for. Furthermore, investing in an e-reader and flipping through your soon-to-be-new faves, or listening to podcasts is an excellent way to kill the however-many hours of your journey.


If you find yourself struggling to make the time to get things done in between sightseeing and sampling the local brews, then you might want to look at what you are doing that could be reduced.
If you have been eating out every week, see if your accommodation has a kitchen and choose to
cook instead. This will shave plenty of time from your daily routine and give you the chance to do
something else while you wait for the pot to boil.

Furthermore, while everyone might have some superhuman ability to drink, sleep, drink, and so on, this superpower is not possessed by everyone. Taking a break every now and again will give you the
chance to catch up on whatever you’ve been missing out on and give you an excuse to celebrate the next day.


It can be a massive challenge to keep on top of your passions when travelling the world, but as busy as life might seem, there is always time to be found here and there. Excellent time management is essential for every traveller, so use this to your advantage and don’t get out of practice no matter where you are in the world.

The 2018 Hair Trends You Need To Try Now

Hey Cats,

There’s no better way to give yourself a lift for spring than by rethinking your hair. Whether it’s a
new way of styling it, a change in colour or even shaking up the haircare routine you have and
the products you’re using, taking a fresh look at your tresses can help you to shake off the winter
blues and step into spring feeling energized and ready to take on the world.

Try A Sulphate-Free Cleanser

If you have colour treated hair, switching to a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner could just
give it a new lease of life. Sulphates are the chemical ingredients used to create a lather when
you wash your hair, but they can strip out and harshly damage tresses, especially those where
hair is already weakened by colour treatments and lots of heat styling. They could revitalise your
hair and help you go longer between colour touch-ups, and the formulas are now easier to get hold
of than ever. L’Oreal notably now produce two sulphate-free formulas in their EverPure range, while they can also be found from Redken, Bumble and Bumble and Fekkai.

Get Your Crimp On

The 80s texture is back in vogue, moving the look on from beachy waves to more defined crimps.
Today’s crimps are not all one-size fits all thought – you have a variety to choose from,
encompassing mini-crimpers, deep wavers, triple barrel-wavers and more – this guide will see you

Be a Pink Lady

Pastel pinks have been all over our insta-feeds for a while now, and the trend for pink-lady locks shows no sign of slowing down. Instead of the candyfloss shades we’re now used to seeing though, the hue du jour for 2018 is far more off-beat. A dusky, blush pink fits the year much more while another popular shade will be ‘Awkward Peach’ from Bleach London, that gives a beautiful muted rose-gold tone to locks.

Try Acrylic Accessories

If you buy one hair accessory this year, make it a clear one. The fashion world has a continued
fascination with all see-through materials, and at the Chanel show, models wore pieces of acrylic tubing fixed over low ponytails, allowing the texture and colour of hair to be the main attraction.
Scour the web for clear plastic accessories or get DIY with a length of plastic tubing!

Textured Fringe

Fringes are back with a bang – but instead of the look we’ve seen in years past, where wavy locks
were paired with a poker straight fringe, now messy, textured fringes are shining brighter. To get
the look, ask your hairdresser for a textured, choppy fringe paired with natural textured hair.
Rough dry and add in a texturizing spray to get that perfectly rumpled, undone look.

Find A Scrunchie or a Claw Clip

90s kids will see the return of all their prized hair accessories this season, as retro scrunchies
and plastic claw clips both get elevated into cutting-edge status. Scrunchies initially resurfaced on the Mansur Gavriel catwalk, followed by uber-stylist Jen Atkin released her own line of them at the end of last year. To give the accessory a modern twist, pick a luxe fabric like silk or velvet. Claw
clips are also back in force after parading down the Alexander Wang runway in a slick, logo-ed

Try a Scalp Exfoliator

Scalp exfoliation has really taken off at the end of last year, and it’s a simple step you can add into your haircare routine that promotes better hair health. Taking care of it stimulates circulation, encouraging the hair to grow and also helps any moisturising treatments to benefit the hair more,
as well as preventing conditions like dandruff. And its especially beneficial for those who are big
fans of dry shampoo – removing product build-up from the scalp. Try custom treatment or prepare your own using sea salt and olive oil. Brush through the hair, wet it and then massage in the
exfoliant, working it into the scalp and rinsing out before following up with shampoo and conditioner as normal.

Loop Your Pony

Creating a dreamy looking twist on the standard low pony by simply looping the hair and letting it fall
Simply pull hair once through the hair tie, and only partially the second time – creating a thick look of hair with random, messy ends breaking free. Mist with a firm-hold hairspray to keep the style in place – casual chic at its best.

Try The Sweater Tuck

Similar to the loop trick above, this trend is all about casual, accidental-looking styles being much
chicer than maximum-effort do’s this year. All you need is an unlikely hair accessory – a think turtleneck sweater. Pull the jumper over your head, keeping the lengths of your hair trapped inside, and tag a few face-framing strands free. Pair with some statement earrings, and a shoulder-robed coat and you’ll be looking like a blogger in no time.

Is dating online still a taboo?

Hey Cats,

In this crazy world full of technological advances the dating game has certainly changed and now it seems that dating online has become a norm. Years ago if you had said you were chatting to a guy online and were actually going to meet up then everyone would be screaming alarm bells at you and telling you ‘normal’ ways to meet someone without the Internet. Now the Internet has hugely opened up the dating field. As long as we stay safe online dating can become successful. Yet some people especially those who are senior dating are still holding onto that taboo that online dating is a strange thing to do.

The older you get the more your inner circle gets smaller and smaller and meeting people especially if you don’t live in a city can become more difficult. I was chatting to a lovely volunteer at work the other day and she is above 50 and said meeting people has got older since she got divorced because her circle of friends are all married and she doesn’t really meet new guys and when I suggested online dating she looked horrified. No longer is the Internet just full of weirdos and people looking to con you in some way, sure those people are still around but the sincere are real people are out there waiting to meet you too.

There are so many places now to chose from and when you jump online you can chat to come one around the corner or across the world instantly. Localised dating sites like dating in Cornwall, No strings dating, Northampton dating,or Single men in Bournemouth  are an amazing source for finding new friends and potential matches in your area. Sometimes even just browsing you may see some familiar faces you never would have thought were available the cute postman who comes into work or the lady who goes to the same coffee shop as you and breaking that ice online can make it easier to say hi next time you see them out and about.

online dating is especially good if you don't have a lot of time to waste going on lots of first dates instead now you can have unlimited access right in your pocket to get to know someone on the go. Take your time and chat about varied things try and really get to know them before you arrange to meet up. Not only does that make it safer for you but it can also save you some time or even match you with someone you never would have met in your every day life. Maybe your perfect match has been on the commute an hour earlier or goes to the same pub as you just on a different day so you have just been missing each other all this time.

So step away from the old idea that joining a dating site is hard work and full of crazy people. Step into the future and find love in an easy way from the comfort of your sofa. Don't worry if you're not amazing with computers and dating profiles have got easier to set up. You can even get them on your phone!

What do you think of finding love online?