The Fashions That Will Never Steer You Wrong

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Fashion is a fickle thing. One season a piece of clothing could be all the rage; the next it could be deemed as being as out of date as a piece of clothing worn by the dinosaurs. It truly is difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion, and only those who are seriously committed to doing so would be able to do it properly. But even if you're not the type of person to take fashion too seriously, that need not mean you must always fall behind with the latest styles. No, there are a number of fashions and items of clothing out there that are somewhat evergreen and will never, ever steer you wrong when you wear them.

Shoes that will never steer you in the wrong direction

Footwear is blessed with a number of evergreen items that, when bought and worn, will never steer you wrong in regards to both fashion and practicality. One such item is the classic Timberland  boot; these boots have been a mainstay of fashion for decades, and not just for those who wear them for protection at work. They became a fashion icon thanks mainly to the fact that they are embedded into the hip-hop style of fashion — a fashion that itself has been atop of the world of fashion for well over two decades. However, despite how fashionable and practical Timberland Boots may be, there are comfier options out there. What’s more, there are comfier options out there that will never, ever steer you wrong in regards to fashion.

One such option is the classic Converse design. Coming in an array of colours (but mainly in white), this classic footwear fashion is often cheaply replicated, but is never quite right unless it has the Converse seal of approval on it. And because it is a fashion that has managed to last for well over 40 years (check the feet of the actors in Alien, released in the 70s), it’s probably safe to say it will carry on lasting too! So, get yourself a pair of Converse by Spartoo and prepare to have your finger placed firmly on the pulse of footwear fashion for years to come. However, if Converse really aren’t for you, then why not try Vans instead? They are of similar size, similar style and similar evergreen status to their Converse cousins.

The jackets that will never fall out of fashion

There are a number of jackets out there that could be worn at any time, in any generation, and still look super cool. A jacket that truly embodies this statement is the ever-evergreen jacket known as the Moto. This type of leather jacket instantly gives anybody that wears it an edgy, mysterious look. It also makes them look both trendy, and that they drove here on a motorbike.

But you don’t have to buy a specific jacket to last you through the next few seasons and trends. No, you can do this by paying attention to the colour of the jackets that you look to buy too. And one colour that you should always look for is green. Green really is an evergreen colour; it keeps coming back, winter season after winter season. So, go green!

Keeping your finger on the pulse of fashion may seem like a hard thing to do, but it’s not if you cut a few corners. And what is meant by cut a few corners is buy clothes of evergreen status. When you do so, your clothes won’t ever steer you wrong again. In fact, they might give you the retro look that makes all your friends jealous.

What are your fashion staples?

Beautiful Wedding Invitations Made Easy With Paperless Post

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As you know me and the Mr are in full wedding planning swing which means picking dates and thinking of the important things like who we want there with us and after those big decisions comes one thing...invitations of course. Now this can be a stressful and expensive experience. You want your invitations to give a sneak peak into how exciting the big day is going to be. A lot of brides save money by hand making them all from scratch and while this adds a lovely personal touch can still come in pretty pricey after getting all the materials together. So when I found paperless post I was super happy.

Paperless post works with designers like Kate Spade, Oscar De La Renta and Vera Wang bringing you on trend beautiful pieces. I was blown away with the amount of stunning designs to choose from and anyone with a love of stationary will be in heaven. There are a full palette of colours to choose from and you can choose to have your invitation online or posted. If they are posted then you even get matching envelopes and we all know a theme is important just imagine a pretty envelope falling through your loved ones doors. The customisation on the invitations varies you can play with colours and choose if you want your letters pressed or printed through thermography so the details are really took into consideration. Making every element of your special day that bit more real. Paperless post wedding invitations changes the way you connect with your wedding guests and just look at the work that goes into these gorgeous designs. 

If you haven't nailed out the details yet but want people to save the date there are also lots of save the date themes to choose from. You can even match up your later invitations so they stay along the same theme. You can see the price per invitation which can be handy if you sent out a bulk amount and then realised you forgot to include your great aunt. You can just jump on and manage your mailbox to make sure they were all sent out. Having an online management system is so handy and if you need that extra help with keeping organised you can keep all your stationary needs all in one place. I found it all really easy to use you pick a design change the details over to the ones that you want and you can save and even send out. You have a place where you can put all your addresses in one place which is completely confidential and then you have all your families details stored ready for any birthdays because you can send cards too!

You can even design your menus, bridal showers and programme for the day too. You can choose to keep them all the same style and as your old designs are stored for you to look back on you can easily match them up with the same designer or style. Equally if you change your theme completely no problem everything is easily changed. I love how much control this gives yo over your day and it is so stress free because lets face it you will already have enough on your plate to deal with.

If your not getting married or just loved paperless post so much that you want to use it everywhere well they also got you covered for cards, invitations and even personalised stationary. They have a gorgeous Halloween range right now which makes me long to  have a party just so I can send out the awesome invites. I am so excited to start my love affair with this brand and I hope you are too!

Have you checked out Paperless Post yet?


Dating Around The UK

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Have you visited any of the places from my previous posts yet? Well let me add a few more to the list! Lets jump straight in ...


Now this one is close to my heart as you know last year I moved to beautiful Derbyshire even though I didn't meet my Mr on Derbyshire dating site we have has plenty of dates around Derbyshire. There are so many beautiful places to go walking in Derbyshire but if you want a nice scenic stroll the monsal trail is very popular especially for those dog lovers amongst you! You can even rent a bike and have a ride up the trail. You may even get lucky and spot my friends alpacas in their field as lots of beautiful farmland backs onto the trail. The trail leads to Bakewell and you know you can't resist popping into my shop to say hi and there are some beautiful tea rooms I personally love the Lavender tea rooms.


For all those lovers who met on Dorset dating site why not take your date on a forest adventure! Exploring the naturally beautiful forest away from the busy crowds and stunning wildlife like donkeys, ponies and deer to catch a site of. Plus you always seem to stumble on quaint little country pubs on adventure walks or even drives. You can even rent a log cabin and really make a romantic weekend of it. If the forest isn't for you then hit the beach and catch some rays.


Heading north for all those who have been exploring Tayside dating site treat your date like a prince/princess and visit Glamis castle. You can explore the gardens by day and even go on a ghost hunt at night you may get lucky and send shivers up your dates spine and have them running for your arms. Exploring places of great history can always be fun and give you a talking point.

Isle Of Man

For all those Isle of Man dating site visitors there are lots of beautiful places to explore but for those who want to take in some scenery from a different prospective why not strap on a life vest and take your date sea kayaking. Feel more adventurous and get wet and wild work up a hunger and then take your date for some delicious sea food on the coast.


For another historic but super creepy and weirdly interesting adventure then I have just the thing for all those Gurensey dating site fans. Guernsey is home to a an attraction that isn't for everyone but my fellow history buffs will love exploring the German underground hospital. If the date doesn't go well at least you had a history lesson and learnt something new.

Have you ever visited any of these places?


5 Ways To Improve Your Home Film Watching Experience

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We all know I love my films! Especially horror films and these days we can't always get to the cinema to check out the latest movie. If you're like me then you have to watch at least a film a day and that just isn't possible at the cinema just imagine my bank balance. Although when I was in university we did get to have our film lessons in a cinema and lessons were watching films ....I do miss those days. So how can you bring the cinema to your home?


Everyone has their favourite cinema snacks and lets face it wouldn't it be criminal to go to the movies without some delicious food to accompany the film. I have always been a popcorn grrrl and the best thing is it is so easy to make at home and you get to experiment with different flavours. I adore cinnamon or even a spicy flavour like chilli. You can have lots of fun with your friends and family experimenting with popcorn and making up exciting new flavours. I know a popcorn machine is on my Christmas wish list for sure!

If popcorn isn't your jam then you can make the ultimate nacho and hot dog platter and don't forget to keep that ice cream chilled in the freezer ready for afters. We even like to break out the cocktails extra points if you can theme them along with your movie like we do.


If you have ever visited a fancy cinema lately you get to sit on sofas and reclining chairs but you can make your own sofa super comfy. Splash out on a fluffy throw and some cozy cushions and you can snuggle up with your loved one. You could even throw a blanket on the floor with cushions to sit on and have a cosy indoor picnic. This is my households favourite thing to do and it makes sharing nachos easier and a lot more fun.


One of the things that makes a cinema so atmospheric for watching films is the sound! The sound of a film can change everything. Just imagine watching a scary movie with the sound coming from right behind you. Well you can if you get something like the Panasonic Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker you will be jumping into each others laps every time there is a jump scare.

Picture Qulaity

Invest in a decent TV! It isn't always about having a huge TV but a good quality picture will really enhance the viewing pleasure. If you have never watched a blu ray compared to a regular DVD then take the step to check it out especially if you have chosen to watch something with epic depth like King Kong or Avatar. Those kind of movies are made to be bold and bright and really can help transport you into a whole new world.


So you have your snacks, the film is loaded up ready to go and you have the sound ready too....just one more thing you need to do! Dim those lights down maybe light a candle or two and snuggle down in the dark to immerse yourself in a new adventure!

How do you bring the cinema into your home?


#21SelfloveChallenge Let's Do This!

Hey Cats,

You know when something comes into your life and it's like wow this couldn't have come at a better time? That's exactly what happened to me the other day. Lately I have been feeling a bit lost a little misplaced and unsure of who I am and where I am headed. Let me tell you why! 

I have always been secretly shy and massively socially awkward. If you asked anyone they would think you were joking as I have always pushed myself to be louder and funnier but this doesn't always mean that the person who laughs the loudest in the room is the most confident. 

I really felt like I found a place when I started blogging there were lots of amazing Plus Size confident women who looked just like my chubby curves and dressed to kill. I stepped up and pushed myself to share myself more but over the past year I have kind of digressed and  instead found myself sharing less pictures of amazing outfits because well I haven't been wearing them. 

As me and the Mr took the step to become engaged talks of our future and family moved forward including wanting a family and a strong stable home for our children to come. I suffer from Poly cystic ovary syndrome and that means conceiving has been very difficult and meant I took the steps to join slimming world in which I lost 2 and a half stone so far. Amazing right but instead of celebrating I kind of felt like I had to hide it from the blogging world I love. My PCOS symptoms have improved and hopefully we are improving our chances for our future but most importantly I do feel more myself again. 

I have also neglected you guys my readers and not been sharing and blogging enough as I have been focused on my job and not thinking of my career in the bigger picture.

So what happened? I got invited to join a really exciting challenge the #21selflovechallenge from Warren 'Inspire' Ryan an international motivational coach. At first I just thought it would be a list of emails telling me to love myself and that would be it but after only one session so far I am completely blown away. This really is a challenge with a difference the sense of community and involvement is already blowing my mind. There are lots of people taking the same journey and we have been teamed up to help us keep on track. 

We have affirmations to say and tasks to do every day and I am committing myself whole hearted so I can tell you guys if it really makes a difference. 

I will be sharing my journey on my social media and especially Instagram stories. Keep an eye out and join me! 

Have you heard of Warren Inspire Ryan before?

Date Ideas In The UK

Hey Cats,

Time for a spot of dating around the UK again lets see where we are going to visit today! I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoy writing it.

Isle Of Wight

I love the isle of wight it is so beautiful and I went with my bff to celebrate her graduating university we had the best time on the beach and eating sea food but for this date you can't ignore a huge event that happens in Isle of Wight every year! The Isle of wight festival is full of amazing music and is known for being crazy and creative a chance to dress up and be silly with lots of like minded people...got nobody to go with then find yourself a date on Isle of Wight dating site and get down there.


Lets slow down the pace a bit because dating isn't just for teenagers if you are over 50s dating Cheshire style then a festival may not be your taste. Take a walk on the wild side in a different way by strolling round Chester zoo with your date and if you are feeling really adventurous get them an ice cream while looking at tigers hand in hand.


A popular place for over 50s dating Northhamptonshire is a lovely place in the East Midlands. Dating can be a real drama so why not choose the drama to be on the stage. Whisk your date away to the theatre as Northampton is home to the Royal and Derogate theatre share amazing entertainment with your love to be after taking them for a lovely dinner and drinks.


For some more over 50s dating Tayside is the place! Take in a bit of history at Arbroath Abbey have a lovely stroll around the historic grounds and then treat your date to a cuppa and lunch to rest up and discuss the beautiful place and bond you have hopefully created through the day.


If you like the sound of that date and are over 50s dating Gloucester side but Tayside is too far to go then why not check out Gloucester Cathedral with its stunning stained glass windows and beautiful high ceilings you will be in  awe of the work that has gone into such a glorious site. Then it would be rude not to take your date to dinner.

Do you prefer festivals or history style dates?


Rocking The New Retro Look: The Essentials

Hey Cats, 

Are your a retro rockin’ kitty? If so, you may find yourself drawn to the old school 50’s rockabilly look, complete with victory rolls and red lips. But are you getting it right? Keep reading to find out.


Make up

Of course, you need to give any look a bit of your own personality so don't feel like you have to keep to this guide to rigidly. It's just here to help you bring that look together before you give it your own spin.

Now, makeup is a big part of the retro look, it should include a good full coverage foundation that smooth things out and gives you an even base to work with. Then make a big deal of the eyes by following a tutorial that includes a good liquid eyeliner flick and some shaded-in brows. Lastly, you don't want to forget a nice bold lip. Red being the traditional choice, but of course feel free to play with the look a little for a more modern twist and by using brighter or more outlandish colour like silver or orange.



Getting the hair right is also essential to this look. Luckily, there are plenty of online tutorials to show you how to get a faux bumper bangs al la Bettie Page, or even victory rolls. If you are truly rubbish at hair and want to attempt this look, there are even products out there like this that make doing the whole thing super easy. Just remember that to get it to last and achieve the volume that you need you will need to use a strong hairspray and plenty of back combing. Only smoothing over the top to get a neat finish.


Your outfit is also something that needs careful considering when you are rocking the retro look too. You can plump for something super traditional like a -line petticoat skirt and cardigan ensemble. Or, why not rock a modern twist by combining skinny jeans and a retro print halter? Just remember to choose something that makes you feel gorgeous, and you can't go wrong really.



It's not just your outfit that matters either, but how you accessorise it.  Classic retro looks often include a cute set of pearl earrings, as well as wicker or wooden bag to set them off. Luckily, the very 50s vibe seems to be pretty popular at the moment, so there are plenty of places you can get a retro styled bags online. Unless you want to go for an original vintage piece and then it's best to check out sites like eBay and Etsy.


Lastly, you need the right shoe to complete your outfit. Aspiring pin-ups will desire nothing less than some killer stiletto heels to give them that va va voom shape and height, but don't freak out if you are more of a flats girl instead. As a pair of ballet pumps with some cropped jeans or even a petticoat skirt will give the look just the right amount of cuteness as well as comfort so you can wear them all day.

What are your favourite retro must haves?

Get dating around the UK

Hey Cats,

Time for some more date suggestions have I covered your area yet? Tell me about your favourite places to go on dates around the UK.


You would never believe the views and sites you can find in Staffordshire so over 50s dating Staffordshire why not get the heart racing in more ways than one and go for a hike. Breath taking views can send your date dizzy for you and will always be remembered giving you plenty of time to get to know each other.


Oh how I miss this place and if you're Over 50s dating Birmingham has so much to offer. A lovely date would be to go check out the secret gardens at the Birmingham library and take a short walk to the canal side where you can enjoy a canal trip on a barge while having tea and cake.


If you met on Bedfordshire dating site you may already have your claws into someone take them to the Birds of prey centre and get the chance to stroke and hold beautiful creatures. There are lots of beautiful birds to see including owls and it isn't every date where you get to hold an owl. Make some amazing memories and maybe even get that important first picture together.


Over 50s dating Buckinghamshire has never been more fun than with a day out to Bletchley park. There is so much to see and do here you may have to go twice! There is a museum, an on site mansion and a restored war hut that you can explore together as well as grabbing a bite to eat. There are often lots of events on as well from swinging jazz days to vintage recreation so you may even get the chance to dress up and have a dance.


For you lovely folk over 50s dating Wiltshire may have the most historic and best place to visit. Take a day out and soak in some of the past with Stonehenge. A favourite to boho lovers who think there is maybe some magic in this place hopefully you will do a little of your own spell binding and make it to that second date.

Which date would you go on?


Quick Ways To Spice Up Your Look

Hey Cats,

Who doesn’t love to discover new ways to improve their look? If you sometimes feel as if you are running low on those, you might start to wonder where to look. The truth is that there are always things you can do to give your look a new lease on life, and most of them are extremely straightforward. But don’t let that fool you - being easy does not mean that they are not effective, and they are always worth taking on board at any time. Without further ado, here are some of the best and quickest ways to give your look a little something else today.

Find A New Scent

One of the easiest ways to improve your look has nothing to do with your look at all! It is often surprising how easily people completely forget about the importance of scent, but it actually happens to be one of the most useful things you can do. If you want to give yourself a new sense of having an upgraded look, it is amazing how much treating yourself to a new scent can help. Spend your time, try and find one that really suits you. Not only does it make a huge difference to how you feel, but it subtly affects the way that others feel around you too. This can add to a look greatly, so it is well worth considering next time you want to give yourself an easy and quick boost. See http://www.sheknows.com/beauty-and-style/articles/842255/4-fun-easy-ways-to-spice-up-your-look-this-season for more on this.

Take A Look At Your Nails

Whether or not you are aware of it, your nails can say a lot about you. Few people remember to consider their nails when they are trying to improve their look, but it is actually one of the best ways to do so. Part of the fun of nails is that you can do literally anything you want with them in order to improve their appearance. It might mean choosing a funky new design like the ones at http://www.msmee.com/nail-art-designs/oval-nails, or it could mean just painting them for the first time in years. Whatever you do, paying some attention to the nails can help to really finish a look, and it’s worth bearing in mind if you are at something of a loose end.


Brand New Hairstyle

When was the last time you really changed your hair? A lot of people get stuck into certain hairstyles for years sometimes, and it can be hard to be brave enough to get out of that cycle. It is surprising what an effort it takes, but it just might be the best move you have made in ages if you really want to give your look a new lease on life. Of course, you don’t want to rush into a completely new hairstyle, but as long as you take your time and find just the right one, it should really help to make you feel like a new person.