The Magic Of Washing Machines

Today I am going to talk to you lovely readers about something a little different. Sometimes when we constantly talk about pretty dresses and fashion in general it is can be easy to forget what keeps them staying fresh. A decent washing machine is so important with all the clothes that get worn in my household.

In the UK we take it for granted that every home has a washing machine, It really is a luxury, just imagine have to sit in a laundrette with Dot Cotton folding our draws or jump even further back in time to scrubbing bras in a bath tub,

So when something goes wrong with our machines suddenly we realise just how important they are. Trust me my dryer recently broke down and sent me into a panic. Living in a flat drying washing is just impossible. It got me to thinking what would happen if my washing machine broke down too?

If you are like me when it comes to spending on a big item I really shop around first but I do always go with a brand that I can trust and know well. Panasonic washing machines have a lot to offer and are from a well known brand who in my experience have always delivered on their promises. You can guarantee that you will get great customer service and a warranty if anything does go wrong.  I love the look of the new NA-147BB5 (Pictured below) not only does it look stylish easily fitting with any kitchen but is also energy efficient. 

One of the features that I really dig is the super big and wide door and a big drum. There is nothing worse than trying to squeeze a big load into a little door in a hurry. Being able to get a big wash done all at once and efficiently wins in my book. Doing one wash or using the Eco speed function to do a small quick wash also really helps the environment,,,,not to mention your electricity bill! Saving where we can right now is so important. So if you are thinking of buying a new washing machine check out the website and give Panasonic a go.

Have you got a Panasonic washing machine? What do you think of it?

*This post was in conjunction with Panasonic but all views are my own

February Beauty Empties

What do you think of my first empties post?

Feeling Classy In Voodoo Vixens Penny

Last week I raved all about the Voodoo Vixen party with London Edge and even gave you a sneak peak at this dress. I thought the dress was so pretty it deserved a post all to itself. As you would have already noticed I am totally loving the plus size collection at Voodoo Vixen. I have already bought 2 of the dresses and cardigans so to be gifted a dress at the event was just awesome. I had seen the Penny dress when the line first launched and it jumped onto my wishlist quickly. So when it came down to picking a dress there wasn't a shadow of a doubt which I would grab.

This is the penny without a petticoat exactly how I styled it for the event with fishnets and little black shoes. The cardigan is also Voodoo vixen.

The first thing that struck me about Penny was the colour. The beautiful green is so vivid even with the floral detailed black sheer overlay it still shines through. I got so many compliments about the colour and how pretty the dress was. Below you can see the details and layers to the dress so much love went into designing this, The petticoat was not included but looks amazing with this dress.

The material is fantastic quality, thick without being too heavy and surprisingly had stretch to it. I went for a 3X but think a 2X would have been fine. The stretch leaves plenty of room for bust which is perfect for different body types. The flare of the skirt on the dress is generous which gives a really sassy pin up feel to it which means there is plenty of room for a petticoat. This is the gorgeous Penny looks like with petticoat.

Dress- Penny - Voodoo Vixen
Cardigan- Voodoo Vixen but Bought from Simply Be (No longer available)
Petticoat- Ebay

The dress may seem steep at £69 but it really is such great quality and so classy it is worth the extra pennies. Not to mention the super cute tie detailing on the neckline which leaves a cheeky keyhole. Penny makes me feel like a sassy vamp.

Check out some more of the Voodoo Vixen range over on the website Here. They have a inclusive size range catering from 8-24/26. I got my cardigan from simply be but it is voodoo vixen too. It is so soft and the sleeves are slightly long which is a feature I really like. The rose embroidery is simply beautiful.

Have you bought any Voodoo Vixen yet? What do you think of Penny?

London Edge With Voodoo Vixen

It seems like forever since the last time I went to London, so when Voodoo Vixen invited me to come check out London Edge Alternative trade show I figured it was the perfect time. Plus I would get to meet loads of awesome bloggers that have become friends. To say I was excited and a little nervous would be an understatement! I arranged to meet the queen of wigs Hannah of Fabulously Fat Fashion just to make sure I wouldn't get lost. She was my Savior or I would probably still be wondering around London now! While I was waiting I took a look around St Pancreas station and spotted this beautiful statue.

There was some awesome detailing all the way around the base. I suggest if you are in London to check it out it consumed me with romance a little.

Arriving at London Edge was all a bit of a rush and sadly I missed out on what looked like an epic goody bag from London Edge themselves. However Voodoo Vixen more than made up for it with their hospitality. We had been asked to pick out a dress and since you may remember I already have the Kitty dress I wore to meet Tess Munster. I picked out the glamorous gorgeous green Penny . I didn't manage to get a good picture on the day but I have took lots for a full review which I will post later this week so here is a sneak peak.

All the Voodoo Vixen team were lovely and uplifting. Not only was I gifted a lovely dress but the talent MUA team did my hair and make up. I didn't catch the name of the lady who did mine but she was really friendly and full of helpful advice. It was also magical to watch other ladies reactions to how pretty they looked with their new hairstyle. I opted for victory rolls and was so pleased with the result. I felt like a princess and was even treated to wine.

As if the Voodoo Vixen team hadn't been lovely enough they invited us to a VIP party in Soho. First us bloggers wanted to have a natter and catch up...not to mention some food. I had the yummiest wild hog and pulled pork burger.

Voodoo Vixen had arranged a cool vintage bus for us to travel to the party in which saved getting lost on the tubes. The party was really cool and we even had some awesome entertainment in the form of drag queens and burlesque. Sadly it was a bit full and hard to see so we entertained ourselves with selfies.

First up was the ever glamourous Meth. Then lovely Hannah who I shared a fun hotel with. Keep your eye out as she was filming for a TV documentary coming soon! I also I met this super awesome lady Chrissy who blogs over at Dainty In Doc Martens. She is so sweet and kind not to mention pretty damn kick ass. I think her daisy print dress looked so awesome on and now it has jumped onto my voodoo vixen wish list.

I had an awesome time meeting all these lovely bloggers click on  their name to check out their blogs below :)
Chrissy, Sharon, Hannah, Katie, Sarah, Sam and Me :)

A huge thank you to Voodoo Vixen for such a lovely day! Have you been to a blogging event recently? What was it like?

Raided The Sales #OOTD - Featuring New Look Inspire and Simply Be

Hey Sweethearts, If you checked out my Haul post the other day you will have seen some of these items already. If you haven't and want to check it out you can find it HERE. OK so now I am done with self promotion lets move on to some bargains I nabbed.

Peter pan collars rule my life. I think I own a ton of dresses, tops and just collars. It is my inner baby doll breaking out they make me feel sassy and cute. I had spied this purple baby doll leopard print tunic on Simply Be a while back and it jumped in and out my basket many a time.

The material is super lightweight and not stretchy at all so make sure you go for your size. I went for a 20 it is very true to size but you do have the added extra of choosing a different bust size. More dresses should come like this in both the plus size and non plus size world. If they did there would be a lot of happy ladies. It is pretty short as it is advertised as a tunic but I don't mind my chunky thighs being seen although leggings are my option to prevent knicker flashing while I am picking up things I no doubt drop.

These boots were in the New Look Inspire sale which has some awesome things. I also grabbed some mega cute Dolly shoes for just £3! These boots came in at £15 and promised me wide fit. As you can see they do fit but I have to admit not as comfortably as I would like. They take some work to get on maybe next time I will size up although I had hoped since they were wide fit it wouldn't be a problem. Still I think they are mega cute so kept them to tackle the snow.

Dress- Simply be
Leggings- Primark