Primark and Asos Haul Vlog

Check out some great bargains I got my hands on in this new vlog.

Which was your favourite item? What have you bought recently?

Black Bardot Dress Featuring Pink Clove

If you are like me then you will constantly be rocking a cardigan. When Pink Clove asked me if I would like to try out their brand new black bardot skater dress* my shoulders screamed out to be set free. A very vintage 50s rockabilly vibe is a good reason that the bardot style is in this season. Shoulders can be a very sexy and alluring part of a woman and we often forget to display them to the world. Now here is our chance to bare them.

Leopard print belt - New look (old)
Leopard print Creepers - Gift from my boo but Ebay

This dress is really easy to wear and I could have easily worn it just on it's own. Being the leopard print fiend I am though and in keeping with all the amazing leopard new arrivals at Pink Clove I added the belt and the creepers to create a more rockabilly look. 

Bag - Primark

I also scored this great clutch from Primark in the sale which will be in an up coming haul post so keep your eyes peeled for that Vlog this week. 

The dress is a bargain at just £20.00. The material is really good quality and thick enough to keep you warm on these blustery days. It also has a little bit of stretch so is really comfortable to wear and isn't at all clingy. I love the bardot top and skater skirt combo of the dress as it is really flattering and floaty which is both elegant and comfortable. The sleeves are a nice length and I didn't feel self conscious wearing this without a cardigan at all. In fact felt super sassy. The dress is available in sizes 16-28 and is true to size. 

Check out some of the other new arrivals at Pink Clove. I have my eye on an amazing leopard print shift dress <3

*I was gifted this item by Pink Clove but all opinions are my own

Have you tried Pink Clove before? What did you think? Loving or hating bardot style?

What Happens When Tattoos Go Wrong?

Too many people assume because of the way I dress and the music I like that I am going to have tattoos. Sadly they would be wrong! Surprised? Me too really. As a lover of art it seems only natural that I should have some on my body. So what has been stopping me? Mostly money but if I am honest I am glad that lack of money stopped some crazy decisions I would have made. This has given me time to really think about what I would like to get as I love tattoos. Sometimes they can go very wrong though....

Some Poor Person is rocking the not so Golden Girls 
As we grow it is only natural to change as people. Our interests develop and that band that seemed oh so amazing just stops speaking to you as much. Just imagine the lyrics an 18 year old you would be covered in. I have always had a massive love of horror so would be covered in zombies and blood but now as a business woman that doesn't appeal to me so much. I am not saying business women can't have tattoos just that sometimes we can make the wrong decision, Let alone the poor souls who get their girlfriends name tattooed only to break up a week later.

Over the last few years Tattoo removal has become more affordable and available. Tattoo shops sometimes have this market covered but as this is a very sensitive skin issue it is amazing to hear that skin experts Sk:n offer an affordable professional Laser Tattoo removal service. Which starts from as little as £50 for a session.

There are many creams on the market but none have had the same impact as laser removal. I know lasers sounds scary right? It is a simple and safe procedure done by Sk:n professionals. Now for some science *puts on glasses*. It works by the laser producing a light which goes through the layers of skin breaking down the ink from the tattoo into small particles which will then naturally break down.

To find your local Sk:n branch and book your consultation or even just ask some questions jump over to the website.



They are really friendly and know what they are talking about when it comes to skin issues. Recently they set an awesome challenge to help out acne suffers. Understanding that different skin types need different treatments they offered ten acne suffers the chance to receive £1300 worth of treatment. Check out their stories over at Clear Skin Challenge. 

#AlternativeCurves Do Fairy Tales.... Who Am I?

So my beautiful horror sister Kobi invited me to be part of an awesome new movement and fashion challenge. Together with the fierce Margot Meanie who put together the #AlternativeCurves on Instagram the most amazing babes were brought together to push theirs boundaries with some new topics which we need to work our magic on. Today we are serving Alternative fairy tales. I have always been a mega 'Alice In Wonderland' fan but while all the other girls longed to be Alice my heart was won by another ;)

Dress- George
Tights-simply be
Socks-Ann summers
Shoes-Charity Shop
Faux fur shawl- Vintage shop
Head piece- DIY

You got it the one and only Queen Of Hearts <3 I got this dress last Christmas from George they also had it in black but this burgundy Red is just lush. It makes me feel like an alternative princess, so was the only dress fitting to be worn for a fairy tale challenge.

The headpiece is some serious DIY work. Check out the other babes by clicking on this link...