British Family Japanese candy and snack tasting (World of snacks review)

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After a Christmas full of food what better time to talk to you about a new foodie subscription box! World Of Snacks are a new subscription service who send snacks from all around the world once a month. Every month has a country theme and this months was Japan. If your family are anything like mine then you love snacking on new things and especially interested in the difference between cultures.

After confirming the box came super quickly in the regular post but it was so nice to come home and find a box full of goodies to try out. We managed to restrain ourselves and wait until the whole family was together to try out the box. Check out our tasting below.


The box is amazing value for money at only £13.99 per box which includes the postage. I was really pleased with the amount of snacks we got in the box it was jam packed with as much as could fill the box and to buy them all desperately would cost a small fortune....that is if you could find the items because lets face it this box is about discovering new fun snacks. I was also delighted with the variety of sweet and savoury. The Mr is more of a savoury man where as me and the little one are sweet fiends.

You can buy the box monthly or pay for a few months in advance or even send as a gift to someone which I think is a really sweet idea. Just imagine having a cruddy day and coming home to find that you had been sent an awesome box of sweets and snacks from across the world to try.

Watch the video to find out which were our favourites and let us know if you have tried any!

Box was gifted for review but all views are our own

Tattoo Removal The Basics

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These days it seems like everyone and their best mate has a tattoo and it is so amazing that the world has become more accepting of people being more diverse. Although I do see people who are tattoo clad getting younger and younger. I LOVE any form of art and body art is the most amazing expression of who a person is however I do think that there is a danger of tattoos becoming a fashion piece and then what happens when the fashion changes?  Think carefully about your choices but also e aware of the options out there.

I am amazed at how far medical advances have come and that now for as little as £70 you are able to start the process of removing a tattoo form your body. A few of my friends have grown out of the tattoos they had in their younger days or simply want to remove a bad memory from their life and have started the process of laser tattoo removal. Check out the video below to find out a little more about the process from pulse light clinic who offer laser tattoo removal in London.

It is amazing how it works using a new laser technology from Picosure during the treatment the laser light is used on the skin to break the ink down into smaller pieces which are then broken down and naturally absorbed by the body. The picosure laser is different from most as it is able to use photo mechanical principles which really help this method work in breaking down even the most stubborn of inks.

Now I am not saying rush out get tattoos just because there is now an option to remove them but I am saying that there are people out there who do need this amazing service and it really does make me feel less nervous about the idea of getting a tattoo myself.

Have you had a tattoo removed?

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Four Freebie Websites Worth A Second (And Third!) Look

Hey Cats,

Consumers love a great deal, and they are constantly looking for products that they can get at either a good discount or completely free. As a result, a number of websites have popped up that help people score great deals. It is important to remember, though, that not all of these websites are created equal. A few of the best are outlined here, including the advantages and disadvantages of using each.

1. Ilovefreegle.org

Freegle has been around for about seven years and is not quite a popular as some of the other sites out there (although it still has about two million members). The site is easy to understand, and it is simple to figure out who has something to offer in your area.

What's good about this site? Freegle is an award-winning site, receiving accolades for the work it has done for the environment. In addition, Freegle notifies members via Twitter if there is something noteworthy posted on the site.

What's not so good about this site? In order to sign up, you either have to have a Facebook account, a Twitter account or an email account with either Google or Yahoo. In addition, there are a few groups where you have to get approval before you can begin hunting for deals.

2. Freecycle.org

Freecycle first popped up in the United States, and the site is very comprehensive. There are millions of people that use this website all across the world. When you log on, you can look through groups that are in your area, so that you can interact with local sellers. Members can either list an item that they are giving away or they can post an ad asking for a particular item.

What's good about this site? First, it's a non-profit, and their goal is to cut back on the amount of waste that is added to landfills each year. They do this by providing a forum for members to give away, rather than throw away, their unused items. in addition, because so many people use the site, there are a lot of items to be found across many different categories. You can search in groups local to you as well as in groups that are not, as long as you are willing to travel to get an item.

It does not cost any money to sign up for this site. You simply need an email and have to choose a password. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook account.

What's not so good about this site? For starters, many members don't put up pictures of the items they are giving away. That means you might go to pick something up, only to realize it isn't want you want or need. In addition, the site earns money through advertising, so you see them pop up as you browse around.

What's good about this site? The freebies in question come from companies and not other people. There are a wide variety of items offered up, and you can sign up to get the newsletter so you know what is offered and when it is offered. The site also gives you information on deals and discounts that you can score at certain stores. Finally, users rate the deals, which is helpful information.

What's not so good about this site? Some deals you can only get through Facebook.

4. Gumtree.com

Gumtree is a fairly popular site that operates a lot like eBay. Members put up items that are for sale, and they can also list items that they want to buy. In addition, it is not uncommon to see listings for jobs or pets.

What's good about this site? There are a wide variety of items that are posted on Gumtree. Are you looking for music lessons? Do you need a copy of an out-of-print book? Chances are that you can find what you need on Gumtree. In addition, there is no sign in required. Simply navigate over to the page, find something that you like, and then email the person that is selling it.

What's not so good about this site? You have to pick up the items yourself, which makes some people nervous. In addition, the site is filling with advertisements which are often hard to avoid.

What are your favourite money saving sites?

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Gift Guide For Him Designer For Cheaper

Hey Cats,

We all have men in our life in one way or another. Dads, boyfriends, Husbands, brothers and many more family members who we write increasingly larger Christmas lists for. I always get stuck with what to buy, everyone says that ladies are hard to buy for but give me a book, perfume or a pretty dress and I am pretty much happy. I discovered a way you can support an independent business while still getting well known brands, Stand Out was created in 2005 to deliver quality designer goods with a fraction of the price tag. All in a one stop shop of a website. They work with over 70 designer brands to choose from with well known converse to Diesel a little bit of something for everyone but most importantly cheap men's clothes. I had a little look around and picked out a few perfect gifts for the men in your life,


A great selection of shirts from a wide range of designers are available that are versatile for all age groups. I loved this check carhartt shirt which even though it is bang on trend is stile wearable for an older gent. Plus who said dad can't be stylish eh? I always get my dad a belt and socks too but from Stand Out you can do it with style.


I am in love with this lumberjack style jacket and especially if your Mr rocks a beard like mine they look lovely while keeping him warm. The Gant boxers are a great gift and you can always get him to model them for you. Every man should own or have owned a pair of converse and they are a fraction of the price from Stand out.


When I think of brothers I always seem to think of younger brothers and I wanted to show you there was a full range of men's clothes for all ages. This G star coat is amazing especially if they were teamed with some awesome socks and a super cool hype backpack.

I hope you have a few more ideas to add to your Christmas shopping while saving a bit of cash on those higher priced items if they are what you want to buy for the men in your life.

Have you checked out stand out?

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