The CowCow dress hype

Hey Cats, 

If you haven't heard the hype already there is a new brand that the plus world are going crazy for. CowCow on Amazon are delivering affordable cute print dresses to that cater from a size s to 5xl! When I first ordered they were only a pocket friendly £5 but sadly since have tripled in price. 

The first print that called to me was this cute night sky with bat. Every dress comes in a range of colour choices which I think is fantastic meaning even if anyone else chooses the same dress as you they may go for a different colour so you can still feel unique. There are a lot of designs to chose from from kooky alternative prints to regular florals and even a shark print one! The variation is brilliant but I found when ordering from the US site that some designs were not available to be posted to the UK which helped me narrow down my choices but did annoy me. I think this is an availability issues as I have logged in other days to see the same designs available. 

The material is super silky and stretchy but kind of reminds me of swimsuit material. However as the dress is designed in a classic skater style it isn't too clingy and seems to fall perfectly. The material washes well and maintains quality, shape and doesn't shrink down after a wash like most cheap dresses. It is super comfortable I have worn this dress to work and out all day and been really comfortable and at ease. For a fiver it is a super bargain. Since ordering this one while they were still that price I managed to snag another print but am really going to have to love the next one as although I think they are great quality they are pretty cheap feeling but fantastic for every day wear! 

Have you tried CowCow yet? What did you think and more importantly which print did you pick? 

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