Drink No Evil With Karma Cola

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You may have seen some really stylish drinks popping up in your local Waitrose and all over Instagram. They have quickly become a blogger favourite because of the stylish bottle designs and ethical attitudes. Karma Cola encourage you to say no to food and drink which doesn't look after the world and the people we live in and proves that you can have just as good tasting drinks when you do think more organically. Karma colas fizzy drinks are made with fair-trade ingredients and good sugars. You may not know that white sugars you generally find have been bleached with sulphur to give it that super white look. Lets avoiding adding anything unnecessary into our food. By buying fair-trade you can also support farmers to ensure they get treated with not just the right wages but the respect they deserve. Coming from a farming background this is really important to me.

There are 3 different flavours currently available which we are going to talk about and keep reading because I learnt so much about each one. First up is the Karma Cola a classic cola drink. I was surprised to find out that cola is actually a nut and Karma Cola were the first to start sourcing fair-trade cola farming. Money from every bottle goes back to supporting farmers in Boma and Tiwai  in Sierra Leone, which has meant so many young children have been able to get an education, built bridges and enriched the local communities, All that because you were thirsty! The real question is how does it taste...I was worried it would taste like cheap cola you buy but I was super surprised to find that it tastes very similar to a crazy popular brand so many people love Although carbonated it isn't super fizzy which really allows you to taste the flavours sweetened with organic vanilla and cane sugar.

Next up is Gingerella a kick ass ginger ale which had to be my favourite. This one takes us around the world to Sri Lanka helping local communities grow the money raised so far has gone towards education and hospitals. Having been to Sri Lanka and worked in some schools there the need for more funding is vital. Ginger has lots of natural benefits it fights colds, boost circulation and even helps build your immune system up. I really loved the flavour of this ginger ale not too sweet and just enough kick to have you wanting more. The designs for the label on this on was also my favourite with Gingeralla being a kick ass mother nature foxy brown inspired character.

Around the world again this time landing in Sicily to pick lemons from fair-trade farms that get a huge amount of sunlight producing chemical free juicy lemons. Lemony is the drink with the least ingredients with a lot of the flavour coming straight from the lemons. I found this one to be more like american style sweet lemonade which wasn't bitter at all and so has a really smooth taste to it. So if you find yourself near Waitrose pop in and pick up a few to see which is your favourite they are only around £1.50 and remember where they money goes.

Have you tried any of Karma Cola's drinks?

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Body Positive Lessons To Learn From Frida Kahlo

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It is no secret I am influenced by Frida Kahlo, I featured her for F in the inspirational women series and even did an outfit inspired by her. Today I want to talk about body positive lessons we can all learn from Frida, As a woman who went through so much but still remained strong throughout pushing boundaries and pretty much doing everything the world told her not to Frida is a true inspiration.

Frida Kahlo could be seen as the biggest advocate for the selfie a large portion of her work were self portraits. She painted herself because it was the subject she knew best and by doing this she could overcome and face her insecurities and openly display issues she encountered. From this we should embrace the love for ourselves. If you are someone who hides from cameras start accepting them, the power of the selfie and the use of supportive social media hashtags and communities can really empower you to love yourself more. I am also a big believer that by working on oneself through art you truly get to know yourself and become free, So take a pointer from Frida and paint yourself and accept your beauty for what it is.

Even if you do not know who Frida Kahlo is chances you have seen a picture of her to celebrate that Body hair is beautiful. One of the things I love most about Frida is she doesn't hide the reality, she could have chose to present a filtered version of herself in her self portraits or even shaved off her body hair but she instead included them and didn't alter them because they were her reality. Society has told women for years that body hair is something unsightly and something only men should have. When realistically all humans have body hair and especially for me as a suffer of poly cystic ovaries added facial and body hair is a day to day existence. You shouldn't be ashamed of being human, you can chose to keep or get rid of your body hair but nobody should choose your beauty standard for you.

Fashion is art and Frida's wardrobe was packed full of beautiful colourful and creative clothes. Covering yourself in beautiful clothes can make the world of difference to how you feel about yourself it is almost impossible to be miserable when you clothe yourself in rainbows of colours that make you feel amazing. Take a tip from Frida and experiment with fashion, wear things you normally wouldn't dare to and push the boundaries.

No life is complete without love and laughter and lots of it. The more you laugh the less stressed you will feel and those problems may become more manageable, Instead of cutting yourself down and thinking of all the things you hate about yourself or others spread love instead, I know I must sound like a new world hippy but when you start to accept yourself and not take yourself so seriously the less you care about what other people may or may not be thinking about you, Surround yourself with things that make you smile be it the ones you love or silly cartoons if your laughing and filled with happiness then the love for yourself will follow.

Embrace your flaws like Frida embraced her facial hair and painted her cast you too can embrace things that are seen to others or even yourself as a flaw or imperfection and instead see them as something that makes up your own perfection. Even all those traits that you think make you strange enjoy them because those are things that make you truly unique and special and if someone hasn't noticed that yet don't worry they will and you will be loved for every inch of you inside and out but first that person has to be yourself.

Despite being ill still worked, created and stayed positive. For most of her life Frida was in chronic pain. After a traffic accident in her youth Frida had to spend a lot of her life in casts or in bed. Instead of spiralling into depression she painted the cast and painted her reality and torment from being ill and strived ti celebrate life as much as possible, Chronic pain and illness is something that in most cases will not go away and becomes a daily part of many amazing creative peoples lives something as easy as getting out of bed every morning can be a struggle for many but remember although that illness is a part of you it is not you and there is so much more. In the same respect when life hots you hard try your best to keep doing things you love and find the positives in every rainy day,

Has Frida ever inspired you?

Bathroom Adaptations For Disability and Chronic Pain

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Yesterday we were talking about breaking down barriers for older people in society and I thought it would be a good time to discuss mobility issues so many people young and old face daily. Some of you may know that recently my dad has been quite poorly. He has just come out of hospital and over the last few years his health has decreased a lot and he is now disabled so requires more support with some day to day tasks, One of the things that helps him maintain his independence is making adjustments to the home so he can still do a lot of things for himself. One of the most important changes is the bathroom the one place where everyone wants some privacy or time to relax a little. Premier Bathrooms have a great range if products for changing a bathroom to encourage more independence and mobility.

When I think of adjusted bathrooms I think of convenience rather than style but I when researching options with my Dad I was really pleased to find that this doesn't always have to be the case. Long gone are the days where you could only get white bars and a seat to help in and out of the bath there are so many more options available now and some of them are so stylish and slick most people wouldn't even realise your home had adaptions.Premier care can work with you to customise the style you want to suit both your decor and care needs. This also ranges from small adaptions such as a hand rail or lower sink to a complete bathroom redesign which will last a lifetime,

The biggest change to any bathroom is a bath or shower adaptation. There are a huge range of baths with walk in features some that allow you to stay seated while bathing and some that offer the option of both. Premier bathing have really took the time to research the needs of those with disability or mobility needs. There are baths with Jacuzzi options and chromotherapy technology to aid the ultimate in relaxation which is often a need to aid muscle stimulation. I had never heard of chromotherapy before it is the art of natural therapy using light waves to help enhance not only physical but also emotional well being. Baths can also feature hydrotherapy which is through the use of water jets adds more buoyancy to the water which can help ease chronic pain, The difference of having these facilities in home can help relieve some chronic pain and help to make it a little more manageable.

If baths aren't your thing there are also wet room and shower options, Showers can often be easier to manage for some people or even a preference. As my Dad can often have operations on his leg and has a lot of dressings sometimes showers are the easier option for his bathing needs. A walk in shower with seating is a must for him as he can not stand for long periods of time and recently he has just came out of hospital after an operation. Premier bathroom offers some really stylish but comfortable designs with options such as temperature control and lower level access. All tiling is carefully designed to ensure non slip to avoid accidents.

In all I was really impressed with the range and adaptions available from Premier Bathrooms. There is something for everyone and the addition of extra options to help aid care and relaxation shows a ot of thought and dedication goes into the designing process it is nice to see a manufacturer caring about the needs of those with disability and mobility issues. If anyone you know needs some adaptations point then in the direction of this caring company.

What do you think of these bathroom designs and adaptions?

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Spotlight On #BreakingBarriers For The Elderly

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Here at Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl we are passionate about breaking boundaries. When I heard about the #BreakingBarriers campaign I knew I had to tell you about it. Bathing Solutions UK have put together a campaign to raise awareness based around elderly mobility and continuing learning new skills. They put together a really fun video which demonstrates that we shouldn't judge anyone from their age. Check it out right here.

With the increase in great medical advances and just general good living people are living longer which is just amazing. A huge 15.6% of the population will be 65 and over by 2050 and we really should be taking care of them and helping increase mobility in any way possible. The government are making great steps with free bus passes which ensure that older people can get out and about more and socialise, not to mention do some serious shopping. After retirement it is important to keep active socially and physically which is why Bathing solutions UK are kicking aside the old proverb of "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" and inspiring us to support the complete opposite. Age is not a barrier to learning new skills so why not encourage the silver haired beauties in your life to pick up a new hobby. Why not sit down with your gran and show her how to get that old photo album digital and yes it may mean some embarrassing pictures popping up on Facebook but also a great way for her to access family at the click of a button when she may be feeling a bit lonely.

Older people have been accessing courses learning anything from knitting to social media. Over on the Bathing Solutions UK website they have a whole host of ideas accessible to all ages. You can also see some behind the scenes footage from the video too. Blogging is a great example of something that can be ageless. I have seen some seriously fierce fashionable above 65s and I know I would check out their blogs if they had one. The older generation have so much to teach us and I really respect that.

Every day I hear people say things like "I would love to learn how to do that but I have left it too late" well I want to tell you that it is never too late to pick up anything. I didn't start blogging until after I was 30 years old and I am only just learning to drive not to mention learning the guitar and I hope that when I am in my 70s I am taking a leaf from the #breakingbarriers campaign and still finding new things to learn. Life is about living and gaining new experiences who knows we may have brand new pensioner rock stars in our future and I think that is pretty cool. Help raise awareness for #BreakingBarriers by sharing this post, the video or taking time to help someone learn new things or experience something different to their norm.

What new skills would you encourage?

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Top 5 Ways To Capture Your Wedding Day

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This year for me is packed with weddings. When you get past 30 it seems like all your friends are getting married or having babies. I am not complaining though because it means I get to share these magical moments with them and there is nothing more beautiful than sharing in the happiness of those you love. This year me and the Mr have three amazing weddings to attend and I am so excited to see what they will be like, One of the things that I find amazing about weddings is how much variation there is now in being able to record the day. I am going to share my top 5 favourite ways to capture the day.

Wedding videos have come so far form the days where a wobbly camera just about managed to capture the bride and groom kiss, In fact it has become a huge business for some people it was even something that I dabbled with myself. Having a video that you can watch of the magical day is something you can watch on anniversaries or share with your children for years to come. Why just enjoy the wedding once when you can watch it over and over.

I have seen some beautiful pictures from weddings in fact I remember being a little girl being a bridesmaid at aunts weddings having to pose in pretty botanical gardens or outside churches. What better time to have a photo of you and the one you love than you are looking amazing and dressed up. Some photographers even offer a video and photography package together or you may even have a talented friend who will come and record your day in all kinds of magical ways. Finding a photographer that listens to you and captures the best pictures of you is vital though so take the time to meet up with them, see their previous work and talk about the style of photography you want captured on the day.

Guest pictures
Technology has come so far now and with the increase in camera phones everyone is a budding photographer, Some of the most natural shots are captured by your guests.There are lots of ways you can encourage this on your big day, There are apps you can get your guests to upload all the pictures to so you have them all in one place like Wed Pics. I love it when weddings go old school leaving polaroid or disposable cameras on the guest dining tables where they can take lots of pictures of each other and the bride and groom. Chances are you will be so busy on the day that you will miss lots of moments but with camera you can catch them later.

Photo Booth
One of my favourite additions to weddings or any event is the photo booth. Have you ever seen grandma rocking out on a blow up guitar or your brother with a chicken head? Now is your chance, A great way for your guests to leave you soe funny photos or even have a momento of the day for themselves. Some photographers will bring a photo booth for you but if you are going without a photographer and want your own photo booth then you can rent one like in the video below from places like OMG entertainment.

Guest books 

A fantastic way to remember your wedding is to have a guest book where all the people you love can leave you messages. There are so many creative ways that you can do a guest book now from typewriters, video messages, signing records or cards Pinterest is full of new ways just being added every day. 

Can you think of any other ways to remember your wedding day?

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Snow Fun at All - A story Of Breaks And Claims

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If you know me in real life or follow my vlogs over on You tube you will know that I am always falling over something but accidents are not always your fault and sometimes it can be down to someone else. Even though health and safety policies are boring to read they are vital to follow and it is every companies responsibility to make sure that they follow them for the safety of their employees. Even in film work I have done it is important to make sure that all the crew and cast and safe and free from harm,

Sadly for me a company I worked for in the past wasn't on top of following their own health and safety procedures, Let me take you on a dramatic adventure...picture this Birmingham covered in a blanket of snow. Sounds amazing right? Not when you have to go to work. I put on my best comfy boots and headed out into the iced wonderland. When I got to the place I was working I had to venture across a car park to get into the main building and when I got to the path suddenly it was all over. I slipped and head my ankle crack. I was in agony and had to be rushed to hospital. The company hadn't taken the time to grit the property to make it safe for workers to get in and out as I worked with children at the time I could only be thankful that it was me that got injured and not one of the little ones.

Usually I would be very British about it all and think that I was to blame but then I realised I had made sure that I had appropriate footwear on and now with a broken ankle was going to be off work for some time. I was angry that the company I worked at hadn't taken the time to look after not only the employees but the children and families that used our services. It was then I contacted a solicitor who helped me take action. It is important to do this not just for your own well being to be able to recoup some of the lost money by having to be off work but also so that the company will then revisit their health and safety to ensure that it will not happen again.

If you have had an accident at work then Osbornes can help you assess if there is a way you can be compensated. Don't be afraid to face up to a company because you are worried about losing your job improving safety standards is so much more important,

Have you ever had an accident at work?

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Camp It Up

Hey Cats

The summer is almost here and the first thing that comes to mind is holidays. I have been lucky enough to see a lot of the world but some of the best times I have had have been right here in the UK camping. I love camping the Mr not so much he says he is built for comfort but you can get some amazing deals and see some beautiful places right here on your doorstep and camping isn't always hard work. 

If like me you went camping with school you will remember being crammed into a tent with as many other teenagers that would fit while the rain leaked through the tent onto your clothes that you had to go hiking in the next day. Sounds like a nightmare right? Well don't let those bad memories put you off, camping has come a long way since then.

One of the best camping trips I ever went on was with my best friend Cherry. To celebrate her graduating from university her fabulous parents treated us to a camping trip in the Isle Of White. It seems like a lifetime ago now but I was so excited as other than festivals I hadn't really been camping all that much. We packed up the car with lots of camping essentials tents, airbeds, sleeping bags, even an electric adaptor, I didn't know that camp sites were so swish now you could have an electric adaptor which meant you could still have hair dryers and phone chargers. Not to mention shower and toilet cubicles unlike horrific portaloos at festivals we all dread using, There are so many amazing camp sites scattered around the UK and even Europe which can help make your trip all that more special. 

We stayed at a great site with a private beach so we could get up in the morning and watch the sun rise and have a little paddle. The isle of white is beautiful and with the weather on our side camping was a lot of fun even cooking was an adventure. If cooking on a camp fire isn't your thing you can always go out to eat with the money you saved on accommodation. We went to a beautiful restaurant where I got to try lobster for the first time and it was so good.

We didn't have a camping guide with us when we went but when I recently read the Halfords Ultimate Camping guide I wish we had. It is jam packed full of camp sites across the UK outlining all things to see some even have glamping pods that I am trying to convince the Mr we need to visit. 

Not only does the guide tell you some beautiful places to visit but tips from entertaining kids, beginners camping and even some tasty recipes. The chilli con carne sounds delicious. There are even some festival tips too! You can download a copy free here. So grab yourself some camping gear and get seeing the beautiful country we live in. 

Have you been camping recently?

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Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream

I Hey Cats,

If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed that I bought Glamour magazine and it had a freebie with it. I am a sucker for picking up magazines when they have an awesome free beauty product because you get to read something interesting and try something new so in the words of Charlie Sheen 'winning'. This time it was Balance Me's tinted wonder eye cream. Which usually retails at £12.99. I have never used any products form Balance Me before but was after an eye cream anyway so went for that over the regular moisturiser or hand cream. 

The sample was a decent size at 5ml and actually lasted me for about 6 weeks. I suffer from dark eyes so tinted eye creams are always in my make up bag. I usually use the garner roller ball as you may have seen in my empties videos. I was actually really impressed with the coverage considering it is just a tinted cream it gave me enough coverage that I could happily wear a BB cream. From what I could tell it just comes in one default colour and is advertised as suitable for all skin types. I would say it is for fair to medium skin tone. 

On applying I did feel like it tightened the area around my eyes without being uncomfortable. Once dried it felt light and easy to wear under the rest of my make up. One of the things that really appeals to me about this eye cream is that it is made up of 99% natural materials which is a relief when being used on the eye. I have sensitive eyes so try to keep the chemicals in creams to a minimum especially as they already get irritated by hayfever. 

In terms of seeing a difference in my skin I didn't really see any so wonder cream may be a little too ambitious. I would say if you are looking for an eye cream that has some coverage then it is a great cream and I would consider repurchasing. It has certainly peaked my interest in trying more Balance Me products. Especially as they have a natural alternative to other creams. 

Have you tried any Balance Me products?